[NEWS] Hannibull World Presents First Ever Film Review Comedy Show via @BasquiatLxents


Hannibull World presents the First Ever Film Review Comedy Show hosted by television personalities, Bull and YaYa of the popular show, Quiet on the Set. The first event of its kind incorporating commentary on your favorite classic films transforming it into a live comedy show. Guests will be treated to comedy sets from Melissa Strong, Juhahn Jones, Kamra White, and Davell Taylor. Taking place at the Raleigh Studios located in the heart of Hollywood, the red carpet begins at 7PM Sharp and will include special invited guests Michael Blackson (Comedian), Tika Sumpter (Actress), Alice MacDonald (Actress), and Kristen West (Reality Star).  Longtime friends beginning in Brooklyn, NYC, these two personalities have found a niche bringing their parallel experiences into one accord branding the Bull & Yaya Show to much acclaim. The premise is their commentary on everyone’s favorite films, TV shows, and scenes. For more information, visit:


For Comedy Show details:



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[COMEDY] Dave Chapelle- He’s Back!- Get Hip w/DJ Mos Precious


For a while, we might found ourselves wondering what has happened to one of the most real comedians to be known. Well, he has been planning and raising his family all these years, he has been during shows and recording episodes of his funny moments. I found a fascinating picture of his family all holding skateboards. This undoubtedly assures us that skating is an excellent tool to building family togetherness.

Pictured: Dave Chappelle, Elaine Chappelle, Sulayman Chappelle and Ibrahim Chapelle. Ref: SPL55259 131008. Picture by: Tom Meinelt-Jackson Lee/Splash- Splash News and Pictures

If you think back to his special a few years ago, controversial was stirred then. With his new comedy collection completed with two episodes airing on Netflix recently, the world is surely stirred about some of the more touchier topics such as homophobia, race, and police brutality. It’s pretty normal for his specials, but overall it’s common for all comedians to ruffle feathers on topics they can make jokes about.

I would say that his style of comedy is hard and the real-ist because he speaks facts while he makes jokes about them to add humor. He took this time to express his feelings about some of America’s top media. With his funny face expressions, he made everyone laugh and was shocked when one of his jokes led to the crown clapping.

Comedy has come a very long way and very pleasing to watch all the comedians come and go. His legacy including 30 years of showbiz and is surely in effect because he never stopped even after taken a slight break for a few years. One of his legacies is his sons. It’s a must watch; he has surely been cooking while he as on this hiatus.

One of the most interesting parts of his special was the jokes about gays and the theory titled age of spin. Currently, there has been a lot of uproar about this jokes about LBGTQ. In today media and society, there has been a lot homophobia comedy and subliminal messages that I can see how it would offend that community. Comedy shouldn’t have limitations of what can be said or not, that’s what makes comedy one of the freest professions to speak your rants.



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[MOVIE] Dave Chappelle Netflix Special, Was It a Hit?


As a young teen I watched his shows and was a fan of his work; then he just got up and left. I was very heartbroken by this so when I heard he was coming back to Stand Up, I just knew I had to jump on and see it for myself.  So Let me break down how I felt about this Netflix Special.

First off I was very surprised that Dave was even coming out with anything,  let alone two specials! The first one that I watched was filmed in Los Angeles.  It was fun seeing him back on the stage; The feeling of just watching one of the modern day greats made it a special moment. He talked about different situations, racism, the LGBT community,  OJ Simpson and the biggest punchline of them all, Bill Cosby. Chappelle has a very unique way of bringing up very sensitive subjects and making them okay to talk about. I loved that he is very transparent and just says what he feels. Without giving the special away, he talked about Key & Peele., both of which have followed in similar footsteps as Chappelle. I didn’t get to watch the other show yet. But in summary it is one of in my opinion, the best Netflix specials to date. The execution is right on point, you can tell that he was having fun. The fact is, he’s a great story teller. I really would recommend anybody to see this you won’t stop laughing, It will defintely ring back memories. Hopefully, we get more Specials like this maybe even bringing back The Chappelle Show!? Who knows…

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[NEWS] “The Sprinkle Chef Salt Bae” Internet Sensation



So, unless you have been living under a rock the entire 11 days of this year, I’m quite sure you have caught on to this guy who has the internet going nuts! The videos themselves had me needing a defibrillator. They should have their own section on Food Network as “soft food porn.” When the memes started rolling out, oh my God. Some call him the “Sprinkle Chef”, some call him “Salt Bae”. I took it upon myself to research. So, who is this guy exactly?

Facts about the Sprinkle Chef/ Salt Bae:

He is a super smooth Turkish Chef by the name of Nusret Gökçe.

He co-owns the popular steakhouse Nusr-et, which has many locations throughout Turkey and Dubai.

The Restaurant caters to several celebrity clientele.

What really caught my attention (besides the salt) was how he treats the meat. He rubs the meat, he caresses the meat with butter as if he is rubbing hot massage oil over it, he sensually spanks the meat. A lot of you dudes can take notes! No, don’t go to your freezer and start a mess in the kitchen. Treat your women as such…err, minus cutting her with a knife. Anyway, back to the salt! You can’t deny it..he is ULTRA SMOOTH WITH IT! That final touch…(listens to E-40 as he does.) I really hope my mom hasn’t caught wind of this fiasco. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked. She would be wooing over him like she did LL Cool J..along with other women.

Now, on to the memes. Of course, the internet could not WAIT to turn this smooth fella into a sensation. It seems like a new meme has been posted every 2 or 3 hours on Instagram (literally!). So, for my, ahem, sprinkle on this post, I shall post a few of these memes. Enjoy!

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[FILM] Atlanta-Based Film Featuring LaTavia Roberson, Rodney Perry, Diva Tyler, DC Young Fly Red Carpet Screening January 2017

dirty house arrest

ATLANTA, GA — Producer Daphne Pittman-Hayes will make her writing and directorial debut with the highly anticipated film, Dirty South House Arrest. Best known for her creative work on The Game, The Blind Side and Vampire Diaries, Pittman-Hayes is now honing in on her desire to help youth and young adults change their perspective of life and think critically. Dirty South House Arrest is a story of love, life, and valuable lessons that target the millennial generation.

The Atlanta based film features LaTavia Roberson (Original Destiny’s Child Member and R&B Diva), comedians DC Young Fly, Rodney Perry, Emmanuel Hudson, Diva Tyler and Comic Pierre. “The characters of Dirty South House Arrest live a life that many face today,” says Pittman-Hayes, “We make silly, snap decisions that can change our entire life.” This original film tackles real life issues in such a humorous way that will leave you wanting more. Dirty South House Arrest will also be the feature film debut of Producer Chris Kelsey, known for his work on MTV’s Teen Wolf and Madea’s Big Happy Family.

The screening of Dirty South House Arrest is taking place on Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 6pm at Regal Cinemas-Atlantic Station, located at 261 19th St NW in Atlanta, GA. This will be a Red Carpet event to include many national VIP guest. The general public may RSVP online at

Dirty South House Arrest has been entered into several film festivals and is currently awaiting acceptance. Pittman-Hayes is keeping her creative juices flowing with several documentaries, an episodic pilot and a reality lifestyle show in the works. She is also writing a children’s book. Please visit to learn more about the film and connect with the team. For press or media inquiries, please contact La’Torria Lemon of Lemon-Lime Light Media

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Maronzio Vance Laughmatic


I love a good laugh! So when I ran across Maronzio Vance’s new comedy album I had to check it out! I laughed from the time it came on until the time it went off!!! He’s edgy, blunt and over all funny as hell!!! This CD is such a great investment! This is a early morning CD when you feeling a way about going to work, and need a little pick me up! Turn it on! When you mad turn it on! It will have you rolling!

Twitter: @MaronzioVance

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