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One Mans Art….A conversation with Louis Picasso by @DJLayneLuv


When your 20 year old daughter tells you “Daddy you have to listen to this artist….” with all of her enthusiasm, you have no choice but to drop everything and give her your undivided attention. The back story is that she was attending a listening party and she got there extremely early to find a young man setting up stage and lighting. As she engaged in conversation with the young man she became intrigued by his views and outlook on certain things. They ended their small talk without any exchange of names. She gradually attended the party to the progression of the featured artist for the evening. As they introduce the featured artist, she then made the connection with the moment of clarity. Louis Picasso was the gentleman from earlier setting up his own show. She was even more impressed with the quality of his music.

Come to find out, he’s well known in Ypsilanti Michigan and has a commendable following. With his latest single Gold, he’s booked for a few dates across the country including some dates in California.

It is one thing to know a person by their art…but to get to know the authentic person behind the art is something totally different altogether. When I speak to masterful musicians, I am so amazed by their humility and dedication to their craft. This conversation gave me hope for my daughters generation. So much is lost in translation based on age differences that when two people put aside those prejudices, they find they have a lot more in common than not. Speaking to this young man made it refreshing that he is in my daughters circle. And Oh! did I forget to mention she is helping with his artist management now?

Ladies and gentleman… Louis Picasso

OTT: I’m always interested in the inner workings of an independent artists journey considering I’m one myself. So tell us how did you get into music?

LP: As with a lot of musicians, my entire family is involved with music. Everybody sings, everybody plays and instrument, so I was kind of born into it. However, I didn’t start writing music until about 2008. It was like another way to express myself verses being out here doing a lot of wrong, music was my sole outlet.  Then about 2013 I started to take it more serious.  I started learning about music theory and the history of music and different genres of music I wasn’t listening to before…so that’s how it started.

OTT: Because there are limited paths to success in the music business today, I see you’ve taken the approach of a Lamar, Cole, or even names like Lupe and Badass. What brought about your eclectic sound?

LP: My approach to the music always zoned in on lyricism vs the beat which is not the approach most people take. The majority are moved by the beat or the flow. I took a liking to B.I.G. because of his wordplay. Biggie was the first album that I went through and fully dissected and I got that from my dad when I was in middle school. And I just admitted I was feeling my dad’s music so please forgive that crime. (It’s human nature to rebel against your parents music LOL) Yeah but I was really feeling how Biggie put a song together and from listening to more rappers like him and Nas, I noticed how they put different feelings and emotion into their stories. Because you see… when you’re creating, you really don’t know how it’s gonna come out, but through their influence, I learned how to trust my feelings and expression.

OTT: Tell us about your evolution as an artist and finding your own voice.

LP: Well it’s like you said up until 2008, my interpretation of music was from everything that I listened to prior, so in that, there is a lot of mimicking and trying different styles. It took a lot of changing man because you have to be true to yourself and your art, but you also have to produce something your audience will love and appreciate.

OTT: Great transition! Without giving away your business secrets lol, how did you develop your respectable following?

LP: Weeelll…hahaha, I was tired of being told no when it came to my vision. Necessity is the mother of creation and invention so I was forced to think outside the box when it came to my marketing and building relationships. I remember wanting to rock at certain shows and being told no. I remember wanting to record in certain studios and being declined. I got fed up and started doing it on my own. You have to have faith behind your ideas and your craft. Because if you don’t, you’re going to get discouraged and eventually give up. You can put tens of thousands of dollars into your project but without faith you don’t have much. This is why you have the Missy’s and Pharell Williams and Timbalands that are masters at what they do because they took the time to learn everything on their own and they were hungry for that knowledge despite the roadblocks.

The last show I got told no to, it left a bad taste in my mouth so I created what is called a Pop-Up show at Third Rail. That was my very first show and it sold out the first week based on how we promoted it and previewed it. Well before the show, people were impressed with our presentation which made them interested. That’s a key right there. Your presentation has to be so appealing that it makes people want to check it out. The buzz was so real that I just took that formula and applied it to every single show.  I put my all into and keep my faith in tact.

OTT: Being that you are from Michigan, what is your take on the house that J Dilla built and his contribution to your home state and just music itself?

LP: The first time I heard about Dilla was around 2008 and a producer friend of mind  let me listen to him and it took a while to get into my system because I wasn’t really into that boom-bap soulistic style. But one thing about music is you have to open your soul up to it in order to receive it and once I did, I really see the time and effort he took to learn music and develop his sound and it made a huge impression on me.

OTT: Let’s talk about your project now…what is GOLD?

LP: Gold….. I want to describe it as an opportunity. With this project I want Gold to pertain to worth as in worth of self not so much materialistic . I dropped Gold around April 1. I wanted to get a bunch of creators around the area and like put together an orchestra that would display to the audience the worth of these independent artist in the area. That is what I wanted to display on Gold and then again my entire album.

OTT: Lastly, where can old and new fans purchase your music?

LP: Apple Music man, they can purchase the single on iTunes and mostly all of your favorite other steaming companies. Please get the word out and it is definitely appreciated. They can see my videos on YouTube under Louis Picasso and they can follow me on Instagram under @LouisPicasso. Thank you for having me fam.

OTT: We appreciate you as well. Best wishes on all of your music endeavors.








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[NEWS] Learn about “Pinky Promise”


You may have seen us talk to the beautiful fleet model,  Rasheedah; but now we are taking a time out to speak to her regarding her business “Pinky Promise.”

Thank you Rasheedah for speaking with us! So tell us, how did you start your business?

Sure! Pinky Promise was coming about when I was still in trade school, at Erie 1 Boces, to become a licensed nail technician in 2012. I was at work, daydreaming, and the name Pinky Promise came to me. It’s a play on the American idiom to keep a promise, and with Pinky Promise, I do just that when providing nail salon services. I am mobile, so I travel to my clients.

What made you get into the world of beauty but on the nail side?

Funny you ask, I’ve actually been doing nails since I was six years old. My parents encouraged anything I showed interest in, creatively, and would buy me nail kits, and Lee’s press on nails, etc. , and as an adult, I took it seriously and went to school for it.
Now we understand you have a mother’s day special, can you tell us a bit more about that?
Absolutely! I will be one of the vendor’s at the African Heritage Food Co-Op and Black Business Mother’s Day Bazaar on May 13th. I will be doing a Mother’s Day Raffle. Raffle tickets are $5 for 7 tickets and $10.00 for an arm’s length. The winner receives a manicure and pedicure with paraffin wax, a $55.00 value!
What advice or tips can you provide women who get their nails done on a frequent basis to help with maintaining their nails?
Make sure that your salon has everything, yes everything, labeled. If the technician cannot answer questions that you have about any chemical that they are using on you, leave. Also, be careful when getting acrylic nails because a lot of salons use an illegal, cancer-causing chemical, called Methyl Methacrylate (MMA). It can cause terrible damage to your skin and nails, and most salons will not tell you that, but I will. It’s cheaper than regular monomer but dangerous to use, long-term. 
Do you have any suggestions on how to promote nail health? Do the hair and nail vitamins work?

Eat a balanced diet and make sure you’re staying hydrated with plenty of water. Vitamin E and Coconut oils massaged into the cuticles promote healthy nails and give your nails time to breathe and heal between artificial enhancements. Gels, polishes, acrylics, etc., you, Your nails should be cared for like your hair.

Tell us about the workshops you have coming up?
August 12th-14th there is a workshop being held here in Buffalo called The Road To Higher Education with vendors and workshops for licensed nail technicians and students. Visit for more information! It will be a good time. Most licensed professionals are required to take continuing education units (CEU) in order to remain in good standing, aside from a valid license. This comes in handy especially if you plan on moving out of state and continuing to practice there.

What suggestions can you give others who want to enter this field?This is a growing field, and there is always something to learn. The best thing to do is to just go for it and experiment with different me; you may even create your own. The possibilities are limitless. Also, make sure you read your state’s professional licensing requirements available through your state’s department of state’s division of licensing website.

How can the readers contact you for business inquiries?
Readers may visit me on Instagram @pinkypromise_buffalo_ny or shoot me an email at I love feedback!
We wish you continued success!
Thank You!
Now see you guys, Fleet models aren’t just pretty, they’re Business owners & bosses! Stay tuned!
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[FLEET FEATURE] Fleet Model Jas-Lynn



Eye Color: brown

Hair Color : natural brown! But safe to say I’m a blonde now!

Height : 5’8 1/2

Tell everybody your name and where you’re from?

Great question, my real name is Jas-Lynn (Spelled just like that). However I wanted a different last name other then my real last name. My real last name starts with a R. So I wanted my Industry last name to also start with a R. I came up with Ruz! Ruz means In one origin means lipstick and in another origin means popular. It was cute , it fit me and I ran with it.

So Jas-Lynn,  how long have you been modeling and how did you get your start?

I have been doing runway since I was 9 years old. I started because my mom was a model in the NY,Philly, NJ and DC area. Near where I’m from ( Wilmington, Delaware) I didn’t really get into print and other avenues of modeling until about 2009/2010.

What are some of your hobbies or fun things that you do outside of modeling?

I creative direct. I love creating concepts for photo shoots, video shoots and  other projects. I also act. Which is fun to play someone one for a moment.  I also love to dance, travel and create memories.

What would you say is your best feature and why?

 My smile because those braces where not cheap ( lol) and my long legs.

What music is currently on your playlist?

I have been shuffling between Drakes More Life, Rick Ross Rather You Then Me, Carbi B GBMV2, and Kehlani SweetSexySavage.

Being a model, I know you hear corney pick up lines all the time! What is the worst line you have heard thus far?
Yea, I hear them all the time! I just try to ignore them and keep it moving. Especially in professional settings!
Who’s your favorite model?
The Iconic Tyra Banks! For her bossiness! She enter so many different lanes out side of modeling. From executive producing, talk shows , and now a make up line. I love it!

Give us a “Fun Fact” that not many people would know?

I relocated to ATL a couple years ago. With 500$ and car full of whatever I could bring. And fire like no other. And I made it happen. I have accomplished so much.

How can people get in contact with you?

Instagram: @jaslynnruz

Facebook: Jas-Lynn Ruz

Snapchat: @jas-Lynruz

Thank you for your time in speaking with us! Keep up the good work!!

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Exclusive! DJ Layne Luv Chops it up with The Legendary Large Professor

Large-Professor Promo Pic

When you become a journalist, you quickly come to realize that not all interviews are created equal. When I came to know the one they call Large Professor, I’m sure I stereotyped him along with the rest of the world. He didn’t look like Run DMC, Ice T or KRS-One. But he didn’t have to because before his release, The Native Tongues featuring A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul, helped us to embrace difference in Hip Hop. So when we saw the intelligent hoodlum from Queens on our tv set, it made us pause to get past the Poindexter glasses to listen to what the rapper really had to say. Not to mention, with songs like “Looking At The Front Door” “Fakin The Funk” & “Live At The Bar B Que” you couldn’t deny his raw talent. Who knew that he would go on to be a fraction of the dynamic production squad that would produce THE hip-hop classic Nas’s Illmatic. Large Professor is the name you mention in certain hip hop circles when you want to impress high ranking hip-hop scholars.

While watching certain Hip Hop documentaries such as ATCQ’s Beats, Rhymes Life, Memories of Paul C McKasty & Nas’s Illmatic and a host of others, you’ll notice that they don’t get Large Professors inputs because of what he’s heard, they look to get his input because he was there. Right smack dab in the middle of The Golden Era. Right in the midst of New York’s comeback. Right in the midst of the beef between Jay and Nas. He’s always honored as being a dope lyricist and a phenomenal producer. To snag an interview with him is like a Jedi grabbing wisdom from Yoda.

Sidenote: As fate would have it, energy is real, and whether good or bad, it transfers. The day of our interview, I was not having a very good day, but I had already rescheduled the interview the day before, and there was no way I was going to stall The Legend a second day. So I set all of my recording equipment up the way I normally do and wait until Large Pro calls. As we’re going thru the interview, I’m hearing my mixer shorting. I’m sweating, and I almost break down because in all things, I love to present professionalism and I don’t want him to know something is wrong. After 6 minutes, my mixer shorts out completely and I had to go super old school and write everything out short hand. After 11 min we both agreed it was time to take what I had and make it work. Never the less it was a classic interview, and I would have even appreciated 2 minutes with The Legendary Large Professor.

OTT: First of all can I say, what a privilege it is to have an exclusive interview wit da hip hop god, but seriously I want to thank you for all you’ve done for this culture. I want to start off by talking about the love you get overseas vs. the love you get on your homeland. As I follow you on your page, I’m always seeing someone fly you out to do a show overseas. There are many stories of artists like yourself that are rockstars in the UK, Africa and especially China & Japan…why is that?

ExtraP: Well that’s simple. As with anything that is rare is treasured. Those countries didn’t get to see Hip Hop in it’s truest form on a regular basis. At home, you might see me and Mr. Cheeks hangin out on a corner at a bodega or in a club. You have people in America that actually watched us grown from nothing to somethings. Over there, all they have is what they see on tv. They know that Hip Hop started in America, so they pay homage to that. They collect and take care of the records we made that are classics to them. The US is just so used to seeing one artist after another; we can get a little spoiled. And furthermore, we don’t even carry ourselves like that at home. Cats over here might see us in the park and be like “Boom, yo there go Large Professor” and just leave it at that. As to over there, a cat may be in awe because it’s not every day you gonna see a cat like Raekwon just randomly walking down the street.

One more thing, they cherish their history over there. For example, overseas, they keep their historical buildings alive. Over here we can have a monumental building today, and it will be a parking lot tomorrow. But there they keep their traditions alive as the same with Hip Hop.

OTT: With your legendary status in the game, Large Pro…how do you stay so humble? I mean you still touch the people in a way like you never had hit records and like your name doesn’t ring bells in this culture.

ExtraP: Yeah, but see the whole thing about it, with you saying that, be clear, It’s About The Culture! It’s the culture that keeps me humble because this is what we do! Just like families have family traditions to it’s just certain things they do as a family. Nobody’s a star at the family table right? That’s what it is in Hip Hop. In fact, people look at you strangely when you on that. This is what we relay when we’re in a place like Australia. It’s like, I’m no different than you, I just have a story to tell.

OTT: We know you for being in the legendary group Main Source, but you are a legendary producer as well. When you’re are producing, do you get into all the latest gadgetry or do you like to keep it classic?

ExtraP: Akai MPC 1000 is my weapon of choice man. I mean don’t get me wrong, I can still nerd out on you if the conversation calls for that, but if you’re not a producer, then I’ll just keep it simple and say MPC. Hahahaha.

OTT: As I follow your page and Mr. Cheeks page, I see a lot of Queens rappers unifying lately, such as recording, doing shows together and just altogether hanging out. What sparked that?

ExtraP: Whoa! Be clear…Like there was never a time where that didn’t happen. Just yesterday It was me, Cheeks and Nas in the studio building. Through that building can come a session, through that session can come a song or a single. You just never know. We come together for the music man! It’s like wine tasting amongst brethren. It’s like sitting on stoop do0-wopping. We come from the same place, so we’re always going to have that connection.

OTT: Large, you were on the Beats Rhymes and Life documentary. Considering Tribe is from Queens, what are your thoughts on the memory of Phife Dawg.

ExtraP: Dang man….ummmm what can I say. Phife was……Damn man…..Phife was what I call The Perfect Trooper. He the type where you look at him like, you he knows where he’s headed and how he wants things to be. A level headed person. Real cool cat. Phife was my guy. Damn man…The Perfect Trooper that’s all I want to say about that.

OTT: Lastly Large….20, 30 years from now, what do you want your legacy to look like?

ExtraP: I can’t answer that B. I’m still adding to the culture. It would be a different story if I was done but I’m not. Right now I’m still creating; I’m still digging, still doing shows and still building my relationships like no one even knows my history. People can have their opinions about the culture, but if you’re not actively adding to the culture then what’s the point? People can say this and that about what I’ve done and what I haven’t done, but to the people that know me and love me…..I’m just Large P man.










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D.J. NoPhrillz has been on the music scene since 1996. He has won a lot of dj battles during that era, when DJ ing was more than pressing a button, you actually had to have scratch skills. He’s worked with many legends in the hip hop era. He is also the creature of PSP “Philly Supports Philly”. This has become a highly used phrase amongst Philadelphia residents and artist as well.
We took the opportunity to sit down and chat with D.J.NoPhrillz.
SOM: When did you fall in love with music?
Age of 6 …. Mom & Dad Phrillz always had good Music Spinning on there Marantz Turntable and Blasting Good Music thru Them House Party The Movie Speakers.

SOM: How did you come up with your name?
It came from phillys own Legendary Roots … Clones Single album cover clones … The bottom of the 12 inch it Said “No FriLLz ( S/o The Roots ) Philly support Philly!” The Name fits me Because it means 100 Percent authentic No Bulls#*t.
SOM: Ok, That’s dope! So who were some artist that you could say you really enjoyed working with?
There’s a lot that I can say I enjoyed working with but the ones that stand out the most is Ms Jade,Rich Quick, Free-Way, Mac Miller and Meek Mills.

SOM: I briefly touched on it, but tell the readers the true meaning of “PSP”.
#PSP #PHILLYSUPPORTPHILLY  Is a Movement that I started in the Early 2000″s  to unite my city together from music, sports , & Business! It’s working I love my City!

SOM: How did you come up with your slogan, let it play I gotchu? Did you say it one day and it just stuck?
Kind of it came Part From me & other part from my brother … But the bottom line it means I am a Real Certified Dj …So Let the music play  ahhh GotChu!!!
SOM: Ok! You said that with emotion too! Tell us,What projects are you currently working on?
My own Let It Play Music! There will be concerts,a new PsP mixtape and more! I  also have tour dates with Ms Jade. Currently acts such as Rick ROss , yo Gotti , Remy Ma & More are on the bill!
SOM: Nice, please let us now when that tour starts!
Fa sho!
SOM:What was the most embarrassing moment you have experienced since becoming a Celebrity DJ?
During a major concert; I was downloading a well known artist music while on stage! I held the show  up, and the crowd thought it was my fault! Lmao! So eventually  I had to put that artist & his Dj on Blast!!!!!!

SOM: If you could, please briefly explain your motivation behind your method of scratching. Was it something you were able to do instantly or did it take a lot of practice?
Motivation was Philly’s DJ legends Jazzy Jeff  & Dj Cash money!  It takes a lot of practice, I am still practicing! I’m inspired by the Dj Culture now on another level I love what’s going on! One more thing, P.S.A – Phrillz Service announcement;Thank you Klassik,O.S , 215 Dj A and the whole Fleet Organization For the Support!

Please provide all of your social media links and user names for the readers.
Links Sway in the Mornings
          Danny Garci DREAM CHASERS OWN OMELLY & Dj NoPhriLLZ
Meek Mill / DjNoPhrillZ
Instagram/ Twitter @Djnophrillz
FaceBook DjnophrillzMix / Personal Page
FaceBook Fan page / DjNoPhrillZ
Your time is greatly appreciated. 
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Hey y’all this time I’m choppin it up with Fleet Artist T- Quest!

SOM:  So tell us a little about yourself? What’s your name and where are you from?

My Name is Tara T-Quest Little. I’m from Stamford, CT. I’m a female hip hop artist, radio personality, party host, poet, owner of “The GLM Collection”, “GLM Cosmetics” & more! You can call me the Jill of all trades!

SOM: How you first got involved with rapping?

I grew up a quiet child so my words was how I spoke to people & how I expressed myself the most. I would write stories, poems & songs all the time. Grew up singing then slowing turned my words to bars and started rapping in High School. Fell in love with the hip hop world & haven’t stopped since.

SOM: What do you find most challenging about the music industry?

Trust. Never know who to trust. Who’s really in your corner. Who’s really here to help you and not take advantage of you. I came into this industry alone with a pure heart. I learned the hard way that everyone is not who they say they are and you have to really be careful to who you do business with.

SOM: Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while performing?

I’ve met a lot of interesting people. Yes, I’ve met a few celebrities over the years, others have definitely made an impact on my life. To meet other artists as well as see the love & passion they have for their artistry is amazing. Most importantly, meeting new fans at shows are the highlights. Especially the ones who have came up to me after the shows stating how they loved my performance & my songs. I had them tuned into every lyric as I brought the words to life when entertaining. Some have told me they love my confidence & how to see me do what I do and how I carry myself have inspired them to follow their dreams or given them motivation

SOM: What do you do when you aren’t rapping?

I have a whole brand I’m building so when not rapping i’m handling other things on the business side. I’m a radio personality so i’m on air talking about music, entertainment, love life and relationships. I have a clothing line “The GLM Collection” clothes for women, men, children, babies & dogs & a make-up line “GLM Cosmetics”. All can be purchased on my website If I have a moment from working, I’m usually relaxing at the spa or movies.

SOM: How do you keep coming up with dope rhymes? 

I write what’s on my heart & what’s on my mind. The mind is forever racing so I can never run out of things to say. I love to use my every day life and imagination to come up with bars to bring my thoughts to life in a creative way.

SOM: What has been the most challenging moment in your career and why? 

The most challenging moment in my career so far has to be completing projects. I’ve work with producers in the past that has prevented me from releasing work to the point, I had to start over multiple times. I’ve lost so much dealing with the wrong people that everything I tried to start didn’t get done or complete. I’m just so honored to finally have the right people in my life now so that I can finally give the fans what they’ve been wanting from me for a very long time

SOM: Do you have anyone that has influenced you in your career? Who and Why?

No one in particular, life in general influenced me in my career. The trials & tribulation in life is what inspires me to write, create & release.

SOM: Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

I see myself touring the world with my music, with my future books i’m going to release. I see myself speaking at seminars, spreading positive words, advice & knowledge. I see myself taking my GLM brand to such a high level, having my building for my business, staff & more! Life is all about elevating & increasing so that’s what I do.

SOM: Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to?

I would love to give a special shout out to the whole Fleet Nation, Connecticut Fleet Dj’s, & CT’s Fleet Dj Manager DJ Platinum for appreciating my gift &  believing that I would be a best fit to join the Fleet Team as CT’s First Fleet Artist. I’m so honored to be apart of an amazing coalition. I would also love to give a shout out to my family, T-Quest/Gotta Love Me Fans & supporters, they are truly my motivation!

SOM: Let us know what your social media is. How can we find you?

You can find me on ALL social sites  @tquestglm (Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) You can also find me and all that I do on my website

SOM: Anything else you want to drop on us before we get out of here? 

I just want to let everyone know that even though making music & entertaining is my passion, I’m more than a music artist. I do a lot of charity work, involved in youth activities, I use my platform to help better our communities. I am you and you are me. I’m all about communication so I would love for everyone to interact with me, add me on social media (@tquestglm) & subscribe to my mailing list for all updates on my shows, events, new music, merchandise & more!

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[FLEET MODEL] “Rasheedah”


Model Rasheedah


Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5’2″

Bust: 36D

Waist: 28″

Hips: 42″

Tell everybody your name and where you’re from?
Rasheedah, I am From Buffalo, NY

So Rasheedah, how long have you been modeling and how did you get your start?

I’ve been modeling for a little over 5 years now. I started with headshots for plays and promotional work. Urban modeling sparked my interest when I was invited to model for Dana Richie in 2012. I didn’t necessarily start urban modeling until last year after shooting with Darron L. Whitsett. A few months later I shot with IcedUpPhotography, in Louisiana, and the rest is great history in the making with the Fleet Model Team.

What are some of your hobbies or fun things that you do outside of modeling?

Outside of modeling, I’m a busy homebody; meaning I’m always into something but would rather be home with my feet up, snuggled up, watching my favorite shows. However, I’m constantly on the go. I love traveling (favorite place was the Almafi Coast in Salerno), doing nails (I’m a licensed nail tech), cooking, films, D.I.Y YouTube projects, shows, hosting, mixing cocktails, going to plays, reading, dancing, stepping, and “djing” during road trips.

What would you say is your best feature and why?
Best feature would be my figure.  I’m well proportioned for my height.  I love it. #ProudShortie

What music is currently on your playlist?
Aminé, Machel Mantano, Alina Baraz, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Erykah Badu, Aaliyah, Usher, Biggie, Busy Signal, and the list goes on. I love variety.

Being a model, I know you hear corny pickup lines all the time! What is the worst line you have heard thus far?

Why are you so sexy? lol
Who’s your favorite model?
Nerissa Nefeteti

Give us a “Fun Fact” that not many people would know?I do erotic voice-overs for podcasts.

That’s Dope! Now how can people get in contact with you?Booking:

Instagram: @its.rasheedah


Thank you for your time!
You’re welcome, and Thank you!

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SOM: So Tell me a little bit about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you from, where do you reside etc?

My name is Dwayne but I go by DJ Ninjai. I gave myself the name after watching an Anime Samurai Series . Im origianally from Brooklyn, New York.  Later i move to orlando florida in my senor year of high school. Where i become more into the music .a always love listening to music. i became friends there with guys there that had the same love and was also dj ( i didnt know at the time ). started going to some of the party and they reintoduce me back to djing game. they doing some djing here and there wirh them at house parties. they had there connect doing big parties where they introduced me into the bigger things started hooking up the big sound systems in Orlando in the big clubs for the bigger sound boys playing dancehall, hip hop music where i was behind the scene learning more bout the business…..

SOM: Why did you decide to become a DJ?
I got into music cause i always love music. back when i was in brooklyn my cousin ask me to dj a birthday party for him mind you i was very young at the time. i fell in love ever since . started making my own mixtapes from the radio. and everybody use to love them in my neighborhood. then i left Brooklyn and was living in Long Island with my aunt and all that stopped for me. so when i moved to florida my love of music got stronger …….. i met lot of good people that djed in the area. from there i decided that i was gonna become a dj ….. and told my self that when i do im gonna be a different kind of dj….

SOM: Who and/or what motivates you?
i love playing music just trying to get to the next level trying to improve myself and to show all who hated on me coming up saying that i couldnt do it . my motivation is to show them better.

SOM: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?
My biggest accomplishment so far i think is one of my dj friends called me and asked me if i wanted to come out and dj with him to dj street party for the Orlando Predators Street party on to different stages . To my surprise the people like me and what i was playing the asked me back for the next 2 years doing their street party in front the arena.

SOM: What projects currently working on?
currently don’t have any project in works at this time

SOM: What changes would you like to see in the music/entertainment industry?

I would love to see more openness in radio … that is more diversity . more caribbean station on the air waves  or some of these urban radio stations playing more carribbean music ( calypso, soca, reggaeton, reggae, dancehall ) to the people not jus the same hip hop rnb song all day everyday it gets boring at times hearing the same thing all the time. jus mix up the music during the day

SOM: What makes you different sets you apart? 
I guess i can say im different is my humbleness and when i play out lot of people say i play with that WOW factor and i play and keep people guessing on what im going to play, and i am grounded a lot say i have a very easy going attitude

SOM: What crews, company’s are you apart of why did you join the Fleet Djs?
I started my djing for real in Orlando started out djing with King Chalice sound where they gave me my first real break thru. Over the years joined my best friend in his own sound Culture One Sound where he let me be myself and let me open up where i can play all the different genre to a more diverse crowd . i became apart of Fleet Djs because djs in Jacksonville he play and like the way i played and carried myself and ask if i wanted to be part of a growing family . i like huh . but then i went to the conference in Charlotte. and there i was really was like wow these guy are the truth . they showed me so much love and they didn’t give me the “who is you” or ” look down on you like what u doing here look” they knew who i was and gave so much love with open arms .from that i was like this feel right for me ..

SOM: What type of equipment do you use, what other skills/talent do you have? 
i use pioneer ddjs gold editions ( SX & SZ )

SOM: What do you do in your free time? Any Hobbies? 
On my free time I’m doing graphic design , Fixing cars and computers …. But any chance i get try to be at the beach relaxing

SOM: Anything else you want to add/ Any  Shoutouts? your Social Media?
Like to Shout out DJ Kitch (R.I.P), DJ Captain Celsius , Culture One Sound, HangOva Sound, King Crown Sound ( DJ Supa Dane & DJ Quickdanite ), Nipton Hi-Power Sound, & Goldstar Sound for believing in me and my talents …..
Instagram:    dj_ninjai_of_fleetdjs

Thank you DJ Ninjai! and I like that hat 😉

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This week I chop it up with one of the funniest! DJ’s I know CT Fleet DJs own Dj Diamond D.

SOM: Hey Diamond tell me a little about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you from, etc?

DJ: I am born and raised in New Haven, CT My stripper stage name is Black Fruit Punch, my DJ name is DJ Diamond D.

SOM: Why did you decide to become a DJ/ Artist/ Entertainer?

DJ: Started out as a rapper in 78 after hearing rappers delight, started spinning records in 80/81. After hearing Grandmaster Flash, Disco Twins, Grand Wizard Theodore, Reggie Reg, DJ Joey D decided to spin records. Became a stripper last year, lol

SOM: Who and/or what motivates you?

DJ: My mother (RIP), grandmother (RIP), my wife of 25 years, my 5 sons, the great people of New Haven and I am a fan of ALL DJ’S!

SOM: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?

DJ: On NON DJ accomplishment, marriage, being a dad, graduating the police academy. Being a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL working with CHILDREN for 31 Years. As a DJ my major accomplishment is just being relevant since 1981, being successful in radio, joining Fleet DJ’s, AGAIN JUST BEING RELEVANT IN 2017!!

SOM: What projects are you currently working on?

DJ: My Fleet radio show!

SOM: What changes would you like to see made in the music/entertainment industry?


SOM: What makes you different or sets you apart?

DJ: My personality, humor and I am versatile.

SOM: What crews, company’s are you a part of why did you join the Fleet DJs?


SOM: What type of equipment do you use, what other skills/talent do you have?

DJ: 1200’S, Pioneer DDJ SX2

SOM: What do you do in your free time? Any Hobbies?

DJ: WORK, WORK, WORK. As far as hobbies go, I am into Jai-Alai, guns, computers, surfing the web.

SOM: Anything else you want to add/ Any Shoutouts? What’s your Social Media?


Thanks, Diamond! and make sure y’all check out my interview with him on  it’s a goooood one.

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