[FILM] KOPC by Film Premiere in NYC

About a week ago I got a chance to check out this dope short film produced by DL Clark and Joe Puma. Click here to see the full film.
KOPC ORIGINS“, is executive produced by DL Clark and directed by DL along with famed video director Joe Puma (Trey Songz, Fabolous, Dave East). “I don’t expect everyone to be happy with what I’m doing” says DL, “…but its a story I want to tell. There is a lot of embellishment for entertainment purposes, but for the most part the premise of the movie is based off actual events,” he mentions.
In the coming weeks, Triplebeam Worldwide will be releasing the “KOPC ORIGINS EP” featuring songs from the film by hip-hop recording artist DL and many others. Formal invitation to follow.
Every Saint Has A Past.  Every Sinner Has A Future


“KOPC ORIGINS” stars: DL Clark, Jason Lanzar Rivera, Valerie Lora, Tahiry Jose’, Orrin Hunter, Piarry Oriol, Natalie Friedman, Aurea Gonzalez and Cathy Salvodon.
Film Synopsis
Cart Blanche’ has come a long way; his music and business are flourishing but his past continues to haunt him. Faced with new enemies, demons of his murdered girlfriend Thalia, an aggressive police investigation and the continuous cycle of death that surrounds him, Cart’s history has finally caught up when he is confronted with the ramifications of the decisions he’s made. “You never know how things affect you, until they affect you“.
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With a legacy as powerful as his, there was  no way a Tupac Biopic would not eventually be made. The highly anticipated film directed by LT Hutton and Benny Boom starring Demetruis Shipp as the charismatic Tupac Shakur hit theaters yesterday on what would have been Pac’s 46th Birthday. “All Eyez on Me” tells the story of the beloved rap icon and the trials and tribulations that eventually led to his untimely death. Overall, the film kept me entertained I give it a”3 don’t rush to the theatre. It wasn’t that bad but at times it felt like a T.V movie, moving at a quick pace not really allowing you to get into the scene. Aside from the better than expected performance from Shipp and a few others, the casting was less than. There was even a moment in the movie the audience burst out laughing when the characters who played Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre appeared on the screen; it was literally a joke. Speaking of jokes, Shipp did a phenomenal job showing Pac’s funny side, it broke up the monotony.  The romance came with Kadada Jones, Quincy Jones daughter and Tupac’s girlfriend at the time of his murder. Kadada and Tupac’s relationship was short but seem to affect them both deeply. See more below on exactly how Kadada felt about Shakur and what she was told about Vegas and Tupac’s fate.

Pac’s mother Afeni Shakur played by Danai Gurira was also very pivotal in the film and her presence was definitely felt. She soften the plot and reinforced the powerful militant and political influence Pac had throughout his life. The film was a little too long but understandably so as Pac’s life was short but diverse and very complexed. I was pretty much ok with the movie until the ending. The last scene, right after Pac got shot on Las Vegas Blvd and was slowly dying outside of the BMW they played a gospel song that totally averted the mood. Terrible choice; they could have play “Shed so Many Tears” or a recital of one of his poems etc. But instead it left you feeling like you were at the funeral already. It could have instead been a montage of Pac’s life or a representation of such. Shipp, Gurira and Dominic L. Santana  who played Suge Knight pretty much carried the film and the sound track definitely helped move it along. The expectations for this film were extremely high and unfortunately were not met. It was a nice try though – #BooM


I knew we should’ve never gone to Vegas that night. I had a horrible feeling about it. I’ve gone over it in my mind a million times. It wasn’t supposed to happen. We weren’t supposed to be there. It was the worst possible thing that could’ve happened –I still to this day don’t know who shot him. I wasn’t able to say goodbye. It’s not something that should happen to anyone.

We were at the Luxor Hotel and he went to a party. He said, “I’m not taking you. There been a fight with a Crip and it’s not safe. So you stay here.” So I waited in our suite for him to come back. I lay down and was going to sleep when I got a call. They said, “Pac’s been shot.”

I was like, “Okay.” He’d been shot five times before that. I said “Where was he hit? In the leg, an arm? No big deal.” When I got to the hospital they handed me a bag of bloody clothes and jewelry and told me, fusions and he is in the ICU hanging by a string.”

I got a blanket from the hospital and circled the parking lot for nine hours. I said, “There’s no way he’s gonna die. There’s just no way.” I walked around there till the sun came up and I had to keep my head down because I felt like I was going to projectile vomit all over the place. I wanted to explode, just come out of my skin. I was in complete physical shock.

My mom was in New York and she flew down to Vegas. Here’s my white Jewish mom, you know, praying with Pac’s family, the ghetto family for real, you know? She’s doing praying sessions with this conjure lady from Tupac’s family who had called me and Tupac just a week before, telling us, “I see Tupac settling in Vegas.”

I said “There’s no way he’s settling in Vegas.”

And then, a week later, he was definitely settled in Vegas. For good. He died at 4:30 P.M. a few days later. For a while afterward, I didn’t want to be alive. I was on my back, literally on my back for months. My father underestimated how that affected me and shaped and molded me as a human being.  In a way, accepting Tupac was his way of acknowledging- my pain, and my struggle to find myself- and for that I love him.“

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[MOVIE] Dave Chappelle Netflix Special, Was It a Hit?


As a young teen I watched his shows and was a fan of his work; then he just got up and left. I was very heartbroken by this so when I heard he was coming back to Stand Up, I just knew I had to jump on and see it for myself.  So Let me break down how I felt about this Netflix Special.

First off I was very surprised that Dave was even coming out with anything,  let alone two specials! The first one that I watched was filmed in Los Angeles.  It was fun seeing him back on the stage; The feeling of just watching one of the modern day greats made it a special moment. He talked about different situations, racism, the LGBT community,  OJ Simpson and the biggest punchline of them all, Bill Cosby. Chappelle has a very unique way of bringing up very sensitive subjects and making them okay to talk about. I loved that he is very transparent and just says what he feels. Without giving the special away, he talked about Key & Peele., both of which have followed in similar footsteps as Chappelle. I didn’t get to watch the other show yet. But in summary it is one of in my opinion, the best Netflix specials to date. The execution is right on point, you can tell that he was having fun. The fact is, he’s a great story teller. I really would recommend anybody to see this you won’t stop laughing, It will defintely ring back memories. Hopefully, we get more Specials like this maybe even bringing back The Chappelle Show!? Who knows…

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[FILM] “Get Out ” Smashes at the Box Office!


The highly anticipated thriller directed by Jordan Peele yes 1/2 of Key and Peele has taken not only hollywood but the world by storm. We’ve never seen anything like it “White People” portrayed as the villain? Well thats what some folks are saying but It’s deeper than that.  “Get Out” is an American comedy, horror film written, co-produced, and directed by Jordan Peele, marking his directorial debut.

The film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Catherine Keener, Allison Williams, LaKeith Stanfield, Bradley Whitford and Stephen Root, and follows a young interracial couple who visit the mysterious estate of the woman’s parents and quickly realizes everything is not what is seems

The Hip-Hop community has definitely shown their support with Chance the Rapper and Snoop Dogg buying out Theatre’s in their prospective states and others like Christina Milan, TY Dolla and Lil Yatchy in attendance. Black Cinema is definitely making a mark this year and with a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes I can’t wait to see it but I can’t go by myself, don’t judge me ; ) – BooM

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In January of 1992, Paramount Pictures released the drama thriller Juice, written and directed by Ernest Dickerson. The movie itself provided a look into the lives of 4 inner city youths struggling with the environment that engulfed them and the desire to gain the respect, or “juice” needed to survive it. The film was received with great reviews and served as the launch pad for rapper Tupac Shakur’s acting career.

One month before the cinematic release, MCA Records released the motion picture soundtrack to the film with the same name. The 54-minute project featured production from some of Hip-Hop’s élite such as EPMD, Ant Banks, Rakim and Naughty by Nature. While billed as a Hip-Hop album, Juice was in fact a nice blend of both Hip-Hop and R&B.

Tracks like “Don’t Be Afraid”, featuring Aaron Hall provided a sensual backdrop for the intimate post love-making scene with Omar Epps (Q) and his girlfriend. Remember the scene where Q approached the record store clerk in full-on Mack mode? The song bumping in the background was “Is It Good to You”, featuring the legendary Teddy Riley and Tammy Lucas.

The soundtrack featured both East Coast and West Coast artists. I remember hearing the soundtrack and having a debate with friends over whether or not Too $hort had two songs on the track or not. Track #4 entitled “Sex, Money and Murder” was in fact performed by Pooh Man while Short Dog held it down for the Bay with “So You Want To Be a Gangster”. 

I’m telling you, go back and listen to these two tracks separately and see if you are not fooled like I was.

The God MC Rakim was the first artist you heard from the beginning of the film as his familiar vocals ripped the track “Nuff Respect”. We even got blessed to have the female trio of Salt-n-Pepa break down the cause and effect of being a player with “He’s Gamin on Ya.”

I like to think that this soundtrack set the bar for motion picture soundtracks to follow. Before Juice there was Boyz n the Hood, which was good in itself but featured mostly West Coast artists. Before the media-fueled drama between the two coasts, it was great to see artists come together with the result being timeless music.

One of my personal favorites records on this soundtrack was Juice (Know the Ledge). Eric B and Rakim questioned whether we knew the limits of pursuing the respect of the streets. That gritty, pulsating beat with lyrics from Rakim that were just as hard. It’s a soundtrack that complemented the film perfectly.



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Dropping February 3, 2017, Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck has taken the 30 completed pages left behind after James Baldwin’s death in 1987 of the unfinished manuscript, Remember This House. The penned letter to his literary agent was to serve as a personal account of the lives and assassinations of three of his close friends—Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

I Am Not Your Negro journeys into black history connecting the Civil Rights movement to #BlackLivesMatter movement. Questioning black representation in Hollywood, institutionalized practices both legal and illegal, capitalism and the possibility of reconciliation between the races, illustrated with documentary and news footage, vintage photos, news clippings and onscreen text, and narrated by Samuel Jackson.

In Baldwin’s words, “You cannot lynch me and keep me in ghettos without becoming something monstrous yourselves. And furthermore, you give me a terrifying advantage: you never had to look at me; I had to look at you. I know more about you than you know about me. Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

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[FILM] Atlanta-Based Film Featuring LaTavia Roberson, Rodney Perry, Diva Tyler, DC Young Fly Red Carpet Screening January 2017

dirty house arrest

ATLANTA, GA — Producer Daphne Pittman-Hayes will make her writing and directorial debut with the highly anticipated film, Dirty South House Arrest. Best known for her creative work on The Game, The Blind Side and Vampire Diaries, Pittman-Hayes is now honing in on her desire to help youth and young adults change their perspective of life and think critically. Dirty South House Arrest is a story of love, life, and valuable lessons that target the millennial generation.

The Atlanta based film features LaTavia Roberson (Original Destiny’s Child Member and R&B Diva), comedians DC Young Fly, Rodney Perry, Emmanuel Hudson, Diva Tyler and Comic Pierre. “The characters of Dirty South House Arrest live a life that many face today,” says Pittman-Hayes, “We make silly, snap decisions that can change our entire life.” This original film tackles real life issues in such a humorous way that will leave you wanting more. Dirty South House Arrest will also be the feature film debut of Producer Chris Kelsey, known for his work on MTV’s Teen Wolf and Madea’s Big Happy Family.

The screening of Dirty South House Arrest is taking place on Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 6pm at Regal Cinemas-Atlantic Station, located at 261 19th St NW in Atlanta, GA. This will be a Red Carpet event to include many national VIP guest. The general public may RSVP online at

Dirty South House Arrest has been entered into several film festivals and is currently awaiting acceptance. Pittman-Hayes is keeping her creative juices flowing with several documentaries, an episodic pilot and a reality lifestyle show in the works. She is also writing a children’s book. Please visit to learn more about the film and connect with the team. For press or media inquiries, please contact La’Torria Lemon of Lemon-Lime Light Media

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[FILM] “All Eyez on Me” :Tupac Biopic

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 11.14.00 PM

Whether Tupac is in your top five or not there is no denying his influence on hiphop and if you ask me this movie is loooong overdue. The prolific figure was more than a rapper he was an actor, poet, activist and revolutionary. Slated to hit theaters on June 16, 2017 which also what would have been his 46th birthday”All Eyez on Me” stars  Demetris Shipp Jr, Danai Gurira, Jamie Hector, Lauren Cohan and Annie llonzeh and directed by acclaimed music video director Benny Boom. The film documents Tupac’s  rise to fame and untimely death in 1996. It will also highlight his tumultuous relationship with Biggie, his time with Death Row Records and his quest for “Thug life! Tupac’s story is one of music, love, and power should be a good one..

-Nia Boom


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[NEWS] Jacob Latimore Covers The Quintessential Gentleman


(December 8, 2016 – New York) As Singer/Actor Jacob Latimore prepares for the release of his new EP entitled Connection and the December 16th release of his new Oscar-Worthy Film, Collateral Beauty, which co-stars Will Smith. Jacob sits down with The Quintessential Gentleman to discuss not only the new projects he’s working on, but how he has remained humble and relevant through his journey in the industry.

Click here to view QG Capture Starring Jacob Latimore

QG Capture takes pleasure in highlighting figures that embody the zeitgeist of contemporary cool. These entertainers seamlessly alternate between a multitude of artistic realms, while gracefully traversing the obstacles presented in performing such feats.
About The Quintessential Gentleman
The Quintessential Gentleman is a Men’s Lifestyle and Entertainment Digital Publication that focuses on the positive accomplishments of men in our society.

 Check out upcoming blockbuster film, Collateral Beauty, where Latimore stars alongside Will Smith.


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