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Drag-On “Choppa Tree”

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[MUSIC REVIEW] Jerrel Breaks Down ‘Nas Can’t Play’ – Speaks To His Son After Death

Mixtape: Nas Can’t Play @Spinrilla – http:_spnr.la_N4DxomJV

If you haven’t already read the review on Jerrel Moore’s latest mixtape, you need to definitely go check that out now, but you’re still in the right place. Here we are breaking down each meaningful, well-written song and diving into this rising artist’s mind, music, and personal life.

Jerrel recently released his mixtape Nas Can’t Play, a tribute to his son after his own metaphorical death. An album which reflects on his current, future, and future’s past experiences. He touches on his death, his grind, women, and fatherhood in a way that is not only extremely personal but relative to his audience.

How does he do it? By crafting each song as a message to his son, Nas, and rapping as if he is speaking directly to him, yet it resonates to any listener young or old.

After hearing his mixtape, not only was I impressed, but I also wanted to know the inspiration behind his creative wordplay and dedicated lyrics. That’s why we met up face to face for an overview of his mixtape song by song, and now, I’m here to send along his meaningful message behind his project!

Keep on reading if you want to dive deeper into the mind of this artist, lyricist, and father.

#1 “If I Die”

This song is the opener to the project. It starts strong beginning at the end, Jerrel’s death. He explicitly details the acts leading up to a robbery where his assailants murder him in front of his own son. That isn’t where it stops though, like mentioned before, he is speaking to Nas, almost in reflection of the story. He speaks to his son on revenge, family bonds, and what’s really important in life. Even touching on gang affiliation, letting his son know that, indeed, his family is the set he needs to rep.

This track starts the project off strong and keeps us listening for more. You can watch his latest video for the song below, then keep it pushing through the rest of the project with me!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


#2 “Nas Can’t Play”

Coming in second on the tracklist is “Nas Can’t Play.” A song where Jerrel dives into the obstacles he faces as a father in the lifestyle that he lives.

The hook pretty much sums the title up and sets the tone.

“Nas can’t play, there’s too much drugs in the house. I got crack, I got weed, I got mud at the house.”

This is where Jerrel really opens up about the pull between fatherhood and his everyday life.


#3 “Insight”

“Insight” is, of course, a story for his son, but one of the most audience reaching songs on the project. Here Jerrel takes us to the club, and into Nas’ teenage years, to preach to all of us the knowledge of women and their provided distractions. Picture this: You’re in the club, you see one of the baddest chicks in the club, and you, yes YOU of all people, gets curved. Now to the average young man, this might be disheartening, but to Nas, to us listeners, Jerrel lays it all out on how we should really feel; not pressed. He coaches us into personal confidence with this one, letting us know there’s somebody out there for all of us and to keep it moving to the next one.


#4 “Coney Island”

Keeping it consistent on female drama problems, Jerrel takes us to New York, on track 4, “Coney Island.” No, he may not really have a side piece in the beachy town, but that’s what makes this entire project so good; the stories told and the future acknowledged. In this song, he describes a more detailed relationship than the one in “Insight” and how to maneuver through it. Jerrel actually gave me some exclusive personal details about the woman in this song, but you gotta move on to the next song description for that!


#5 “World In My Palms”

Good! You stuck around to find out more about this mystery woman he is referencing. Well, in this song, track 5, we are visually sucked into an entirely new situation. Taken from the Boro to the tropics, Jerrel has us follow him through his personal experience with his main since before he made it. The catch is, the “main chick” from this song is really the same girl from “Coney Island,” just a different aspect of her. Almost as if in the past, Jerrel has dealt with a major struggle in a meaningful relationship, and now, in order to save his son and us from the same hardships, he gives us a little game on these females.

Here he wants his son to remember two major things, “always wil’out while you’re young” and “if you smooth, you can float your way through anything.”

#6 “Iverson”

When it comes to what this song describes, it’s a little more self-explanatory, title wise. Yet, Jerrel Moore puts a personal spin on a classic comparison to the famous NBA player, Allen Iverson. Unlike many, Moore skips the common place lines about ballin’ and getting money like Allen, and acknowledges the major grind the pro-baller put in to make it.  Jerrel feels like he’s one in the same when it comes to his hustle in the music industry.

He has been through ups and downs through his journey towards success. Between multiple car accidents and just general hardships life can bring, Jerrel has stayed on top against all odds, like Iverson. Not only has he overcome obstacles and put in time and effort, but unlike many, he has actually put his money up in belief of his own aspirations. As a message to his son, this couldn’t be any stronger: do what you gotta do to make it, “even if you don’t get the ring!”


#7 “On A Mission”

Originally the last song on the mixtape, “On A Mission” talks about those trials he overcame in before he made it in “Iverson,” before the clout.

Although each song is relatable, this is another that stands out as something we’ve all felt and been through. Each of us has had that moment where we can only count on ourselves, a time when everybody is on some bullshit and there’s no one in your corner.

Speaking to Nas, Jerrel pictures himself spitting some game to his son, after his passing, while his son deals with the same feelings we’ve all felt, needing some strengthening words to make it through. Here he lets us know our will power and God will take us where we need to be in life, a message every son needs to hear from their father, especially once they’re gone for good.


#8 “Enough For Me”

Playing off the last track, Jerrel continues to instill in all of us that, indeed, we can get there alone. He touches a bit on spirituality in this song with my favorite line being, “If your soul isn’t level, you exposed to the devil.”

The lyrical and raw talent of this artist is refreshing. He gives us more to think about than the average trap rap artist, making him stand out from his competition. After listening to this project, you’ll understand where I am coming from, but let’s continue on to the last two songs of the mixtape.


#9 “I Can’t Hold You”

This interlude type piece comes in second to last and as one of the more personal pieces on the mixtape. A flashback to the beginning, Jerrel describes this piece as the moment Nas realizes his father’s gone. Imagining a scene in the park, Jerrel reflects on how he doesn’t have the option of “babying” his son.


#10 “Circumstances”

Finally, he made it! But wait, we all thought he was dead?! Well, he fooled us all, including his son, Nas. An alternate ending to the story, Jerrel switches up the script, moving from death to success instead.

In the final song, he is walking in a mansion and realizing, “I’m tripping, I’m here. We good!” From his untimely death in track one, through his life lessons and experience, Jerrel manages to see his death only metaphorically, bringing us full circle on a journey of losses, gains, and ultimately success.


Clearly, after reading these song by song descriptions, you are ready and eager to hear the tracks.

You can find his music on Spinrilla now. The mixtape is just over 30 minutes making it an easy listen and trust me it’s worth your time!

<iframe width=”100%” height=”450px” style=”border: 0″ src=”” allowtransparency=”true”></iframe>

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Benny Fame of Worldwide Reality ENT. is gonna take you on a swerving journey  with “SEXY OUTTA SPACE ,” produced by Doug Grigsby (Michael Jackson, Levert, Teen Marie and more), “I DO IT” and “V.I.P.” just to drop you a few game changers from HATE TO LOVE exclusively on DATPIFF.

The full project is produced and arranged by Benny Fame. He style is vicious and smooth. My personal two favorites are “STORY OF MY LIFE” and  “FLY GIRL.” Below is a self-produced music video for “I DO IT.”

Get to know Benny Fame on this one on one for STRAIGHT OFFICIAL MAG.

1.What is your name and where are you from?

Benny Fame from Philadelphia…I have lived in Florida & Texas.

2. How would you describe your music?

A mix between 2Pac and Chris Brown.

3. What is hip-hop to you?

A full expression of one’s feelings at the moment…good or bad.

4. Can you tell us about your past projects and what you are currently working on?

Currently on Datpiff I have “”Hate to Love mixtape…I am working on new Ep coming soon.

5. What’s a hustler?

Person that gets thru any situation.

6. How can people reach you online?

Email instagram:@Benny_fame

7. What do you think will make you stand out as an up and coming artist?

I produce all my own music and I am a walking encyclopedia of music from the 50s to current music and in all genres from rock to rap…I feel this will reflect in my music and help me stand out.

8. Any shoutouts? Shout out Da Front Porch …Noble Prince Hart…Worldwide Royalty…and my mom


Booking info:

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Kill a Butterfly

MANY might recognize his name from all his battles and fights for justice throughout the Ferguson uproar and the killing of unarmed young man “Mike Brown” a few years ago. T-Dubb O might be described as a street thug with all this tattoos and agreesive lyrics but this young man is very educated and recently started his journey to get his degree in polictial science from the historic black university Harris Stowe. 

When many might think he is done with making music, he is in the studio cooking up bangers for all of us. He has strong presence in overseas and his battles are some of the top ranked to this day. He don’t express this but I will “Put some respect on his name”. One of the few putting on for my hometown of St. Louis, MO. 

T Dubb O is no stranger to lyrical combat. His latest release responds to Kendrick Lamar’s latest assault on the rap game in the spirit of HipHop. Dubb respects Kendrick and the entire TDE movement, but he’s clearly out to prove somthing.

Take a listen here

Follow @TDubbO to get familiar with his music and battles.
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[Featured Artist] Yung Optu Is Taking The Industry By Storm


The rap game is always looking to recruit new players and Yung Optu is coming for that spot. Straight from Pittsburg to Charlotte, this artist has made waves throughout the city. With over 9 years of experience in the game, Yung Optu A.K.A. Yunggin isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

A triple threat, Yung Optu isn’t only an artist and energetic performer, but a producer as well. He produces most of his music in the studio which shows his dedication to his craft and fully understanding each part that goes into creating his vision. His love for music started 10 years ago in a school cafeteria where he was best known as the class clown. He learned his flow and style through joke rapping and it took off from there. He began to start writing his own music, which he still does to this day, and hasn’t put down a pen since.

Although he produces close to every track he puts out, his hit ‘Lotto’ was produced by Dez Wright and Iceburg which turned into a fan favorite in his city. With recognition from Charlotte’s most reputable radio station, Power 98, Optu earned the title of Carolina’a Street Artist of the Week for the street banger along with his talent and persistence. The song came off his 5 song EP ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’ on which he produced 4 out of the 5 songs on his tracklist. You can stream ‘Lotto’ and the whole EP, plus more, on Soundcloud and Pandora right now.

He has put in work with locals and big names in the industry like K Camp, Soulja Boy, Sy Ari Da Kid, and Lil Cap, but doesn’t only find inspiration from other hard working artists. His biggest inspiration to keep going is his fans. In a recent interview with Queen City Bullies Magazine, in regards to his fans, he said, “They mean more to me than they’ll possibly ever understand, just 1 tweet from them on a bad day can keep me going.”

He hasn’t done it all on his own, though. With the help of Neil Harp and the 646 Entertainment team, Yung Optu anticipates 2017 will be his best year to date. He has 2 performances coming up in the next week with many more to come and recently performed for CIAA. He has a new project in the making, ’Sorry I Overslept’, which will also be released in two weeks. Yeah, most of these new artists are only on Soundcloud, but before the end of April, you can also find him on iTunes, Pandora, and Google Play. He will be releasing a new video to his unreleased single ‘Easy’ in the coming weeks as well.

The self-described ladies man stands out from the rest in many ways. Aside from his out of this world grind and sickening work ethic, Optu has created a bridge between his audience and music, producing a sound that close to anyone can relate to. He blends the different vibes of struggle, partying, and intimacy to generate a style that is sure to be new to your ears. When he hits the stage he brings his cocky exterior, yet remains humble day to day making him one of the most relatable artists in the game right now.

To keep up with this artist and stay on top of his new work, follow his networks and stay linked in!

Yung Optu’s Youtube Channel

Follow Yung Optu On Twitter

Listen To Yung Optu On Soundcloud

Like Yung Optu’s Facebook Page

Follow Yung Optu On Instagram

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IMDT Cover

Sometimes as a DJ, I might reminsce on those moments when I check my social media and email to fine pure talent and good music. It feels like forever since the last time that has happen.

Recently, during one of my Get Hip with Dj Mos Precious’s Web Series, I was honored to interview Sachhi from Tha Goonez Production team out of Kansas City, KS. We talked about some of his personal achievements which led to me meeting this very talented artist by the name of GrittySound from North Carolina.

GrittySound has one of the most amazing musical talent that I am not ashame to vouch for and push to the lovely readers of I have so much positive feedback for this brother, that I have to tell you all how i feel. Very rare, one of the most diverse sound I have heard since like forever. I love coming across music that has a consistent sound but yet so non-consistent. Teaming up with Tha Goonez for his last album release, I think was a very smart and stragetized move because you can feel their chemisty.

Sometimes, I think artists forget how important and crucial it is to have a good working relationship with producers versus getting leases off line. Not that I am knocking that hustle some producers choose, I am strictly highlighting that artists with a good relationship with a producer will help produce one helluva of a concrete project with a sound like none other.

Check out one of many classics titled “Cindrella” from upcoming artist {GrittySound} right here!!! I got you a exlcusive listen first!!!

Follow : @grittysoundmusic 

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[MIXTAPE] 2Lettaz OZ, Drops New Mixtape: “Free Me”


NEW MIXTAPE ALERT!!!! This independent artist has hit the scene with a few things under his belt to stand out from the rest! First and foremost, he has talent. It’s hard to deny his poetically formed trap lyrics that no one can measure up to. If he were to be compared to anyone, it would be Lil Boosie, but he can’t because even his sound is unique to itself. Now, the artist has released a new project, and it isn’t something to overlook.


South Carolina rapper, 2 Lettaz OZ, is not someone to miss. Known for his hit single, “Trapped in the Trap,”  he is hitting the industry hard with the release of his newest mixtape “Free Me.” If you haven’t already downloaded it, it’s on Spinrilla and available now! (His hit song is also featured on the mixtape, “Trapped in the Trap” #15 on the tape.)

This new mixtape features songs with rappers B.A., YoungKey, OffTop Sav, and Young Dolph, but he has included many solo songs that focus on him and shine a light on his true talent. Some favorite hits on the mixtape are by far “It’s Gone Cost Ya,” “OH YEAH,” “Nigga Like Me,” and “Ain’t No Hook Bihh.” Yet, that is such a hard decision! There is something for everyone on this 18 song mixtape, “Free Me.” So download on the app or listen below, either way, trust me and thank me later!

Although this artist is from South Carolina, he also considers Charlotte home and has sure made a name for himself! He has major support from many different big names in the Charlotte entertainment scene, and he proves it with drops on the tape from Deejay Trap, Greg Money Man Jones, and 20 Vision. He also gets support from many radio personalities, one of them being Streetz 1033’s very own, Mario the Micman.

This mixtape boasts an album feel not only with song choice, but overall production. 20 Vision, Deejay Trap, Willy Frank, Tevee, and MJ Nichols are just of few producers to be involved in this project. You can tell that this mixtape has heart, hard work, and dedication as you listen, which has created a great foundation for itS success.
Overall, 2 Lettaz has opened up and put everything on the table with this one. Lyrically, he is a savage and it shows in every song. I referenced “Ain’t No Hook Bihh” already, but this song speaks for itself on his talent. In a time of Hip Hop where it seems as though it’s hard to find good music, this artist changes the game.

You can follow him on Instagram @2Lettaz_OZ

Below you can stream his mixtape in entirety. Comment below and let me know your thoughts and make sure to support this independent artist by downloading all of your favorite songs!

“Free Me” – 2 Lettaz OZ

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