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(Interview) JC Live Music Artist Spotlight Of The Week: So Loyal


In the world of hip hop, there are many Independent artist whose sole purpose of trying to get into the music industry is for the perks of signing a deal, the money and fame. Yet, there are some artists who do it from their soul and the genuine love of the game. So Loyal is a prime example of an artist who does everything from the heart including his music, performing at events and his endless efforts to always help others. Grinding daily to push his new single “Trap Talk” and repping Fayetteville (2-6 Ahhhaanntttt) NC faithfully. So Loyal took time out his busy schedule for an exclusive interview about his current projects, fire new music and clothing line he has out now.

JC Live: What is the meaning behind your name So Loyal?
Artist: I Always Been Humble, Growing Up Watching My Great Grand Mother Take Care Of Everyone Plus Some. Once I Became Older I Found My Self Doing The Same Always Taking Care Of Every One And Being There For Them. One Day My Cousins And Home Boys Got Locked Up Leaving Me To Hold All Six Of Them Down For Three Years While Taking Care Of My Business And Whole Family. So I Was Like People Should Be Blessed To Have Me Around I’m Loyal, I’m So Loyal.

JC Live: What are some of your motivations in your career and personal life?
Artist: Success, All Forms Of Success. Small, Big, Mines or Someone’s Else’s. I Love To See Ppl Doing Do Good. And When I See Someone Doing Better Then Me It Makes Me Want To Step It. Plus Wanting Better For My My Family And Friend. Going To Put Myself In Position To Put Others In Position. Those Are A Few Things That Motivate Me

JC Live: What music projects do you have out right now?
Artist: Right Now We’re Pushing Our First Single And Mixtape. Our Single Is Produce By Future, Ralo, Young Scooter Producer ChopHouze. it’s Called Trap Talk And Our Mixtape Is Hosted By Trapaholics , Fleets Dj Os Also Dj Official. It’s titled So Loyal T2G DownTown Finest A Hood Classic. You Find On iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube And Many More. We Also Have Five Videos Out And Dropping Trap Talk Official Video Soon

JC Live: There are so many things that can go wrong when you are in the music industry if you are not knowledgeable about the business side. How important is it for artist to know both music and business side?
Artist: Money Is Business And Business Is Money. Honestly I Don’t Care About Either, I’m A Peoples Person. God Made Man And Woman, We Where Gave Everything We Needed. Man Created Money And Business. But They Made It To Where Money And Business Is More Important Then The People. So With That Said The Artist Must The Business To Prefect There Craft

JC Live: Looking back from where you started from what do you feel is your biggest accomplishment so far?
Artist: To Be Able To Build And Network With Some Of The Top Guns. Putting Myself In Position To Build With Right Ppl. I Also Meet A Few Of My Favorite Artist And Was Able To Build With. Such As Oj Da Juice Man, Juvenile , Boosie, Trapaholics, Ralo, Trouble and Young Scooter

JC live: Do you feel like social media plays a big part in the music industry?
Artist: Yes It Does. It’s All About Streams And Views. Streams Equal Money And Views Equals Success. Most Ppl Are Becoming Famous Of Views. But Not For Talented For Ignorance. While The Ones With Talent Struggle To Stay Relevant. And Labels Look For Streams And Views.

JC Live: Whats some advice you have for other artist who want to get into the music industry?
Artist: Run That Check Up First, But Stay Working On Your Craft, Stay Focus And Never Give Up

JC Live: For people who want to book you and get connected with you, what is your social media/ booking information?
Artist: IG @SoLoyal910 – Twitter @SoLoyalT2G YouTube So Loyal T2G – SoundCloud So Loyal

JC Live: What are the links people can download your music?

JC Live: Have any shout outs you want to give?
Artist: Too All The Real Gods Our Black Woman With Y’all Where Nothing. Love So Loyal


Interview By JC LIVE




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[Single] AB Baby – Hello HOE (HATERS.OF.EVERYTHING) @ItsABBabyy

image1 (3)

Hot New Comer, AB Baby, releases video for hot new single “Hello H.O.E (Haters.Of.Everything).”

The single was released in September of 2017 and is available via iTunes and all social streaming platforms. AB Baby is a San Diego, California teen native who broke the internet with his unique style of cover song videos, he began posting on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube back in 2014. Those videos helped him gained worldwide attention, which includes 1 of Atlanta/Detroit’s hottest Producers/Manager BiggVon, Owner of We Got Hits Productions.

AB Baby and producer Jrob created this single to introduce his own distinguished style to world before the release of his upcoming mixtape, which is scheduled to release the top of 2018. The video is directed by producer/manager @iambiggvon and shot by @derwynnwho . Make sure to check out ABBaby YouTube Chanel to watch the video. Press play and stay tuned for more from AB Baby.

Single Available on Soundcloud


Stay Connected
Facebook: Anthony Bugl
Twitter: @itsabbabyy
Instagram: @itsabbabyy
YouTube: ABBaby
Snapchat: lifeofyoungab
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[Single] Leon L. – Victoria Secret @thernbsavior @DJSeizure

Leon L- Victoria Secret ready

Victoria Secret is the ladies anthem for 2017. Leon L. Combines soulful vocals, Creative lyrics over sexy rhythms by the Th45z sound which will make the ladies make the summer of 2017 even hotter and the fellas searching the secret. Leon’s wordplay stands out and will have the ladies feeling sexy and strong with the fellas focused on making the ladies feel sexy. This is a song to have in your collection if you love RnB.

Download Link:

Connect w. Leon L.:

Twitter: @thernbsavior
Instagram: thernbsavior

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[Mixtape] YLyric – Summer Lion @YLyric



Fresh New Hip Hop. Late 90s Early 2000s Feel. Great lyrics accompanied with great production, this southern artists takes you on a great ride with a variety of different vibes and flows. Theres a little something for everybody. Kenneth ‘YLyric’ Jones was raised in the Red Apartments located in Kenner, Louisiana. His great aunt, who was responsible for taken care of him and his cousins, raised Kenneth Jones to become the young man we have come to know as YLyric. As a young child reared by his great aunt, Kenneth’s mom was off to college studying for her nursing career, with a grateful appreciation that her child was in good hands. Kenneth always excelled and stood out from his peers. Family and friends describes YLyric as an over achiever. Wanting to channel his energy and enthusiasm, his family encouraged him to play football. In time, he excelled and became an all around athlete, amassing several accolades in the sports of, track and field, and football. Kenneth eventually moved with his mom and brother in the Lincoln Manor area of Kenner, Louisiana, as his mom worked toward finishing medical school. Throughout his middle school days, YLyric began focusing on improving his musicianship. At a very young age, he started recording local artist from a desktop computer, as he help produce solo tracks and duo mixtapes via karaoke machines, from a room closest. The experiences as he described it included childhood friends. As time would reveal, this young inspiring artist began to show a greater interest in music through the art of hip-hop rapping. Intrigued with his newfound interest, his older sibling presented him with a music track to write lyrics too, and the story begins of YLyric. In his senior year, YLyric decided to put down his cleats, and pick up the mic full-time. Having already dropped three mixtapes with local artist, Ylyric would describe his dissatisfaction with his progress in the music industry as leisurely. Despite receiving recognition of his success, he decided to take his journey as a full-time goal for becoming a well-known rap artist. YLyric found his artistry at a standstill because of a 7 ½-month incapacitation period and constant turmoil in his personal life. YLyric has utilized the mic as an outlet for success and have not looked back since. His success includes owner and operator of PlatinumWaxxxEnt. Having done multiple shows and appearances, He is currently gearing up for the road to push one of his Hit Singles “Waterfalls” Prod. By Grammy Winning Producer Sirclef. Out Now On All Major Download & Streaming Networks. Platinum Waxxx Entertainment 512 Webster St. Kenner, La 70062 504-931-0471

Stay Connected
Twitter & Instagram: @YLyric

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Master Class: Duane DaRock by DJ Layne Luv

Duane DaRock Long Way

Napoleon Hill goes on record with his book Think And Grow Rich telling the reader the very day he was sent on a mission to seek out the most successful people in the nation at that time, and develop a formula for how they became that way. The proposition was set by steel giant Andrew Carnegie. The two things I took from that fateful encounter is that successful men act quickly and change their minds slowly. 2nd, is belief,  will take you further than you can ever imagine. My point is, had Napoleon Hill let the knock of opportunity pass him by, by not recognizing a jewel (opportunity) handed to him from greatness, he might have robbed the world of some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time inspired by his book. In July of 2017, in a conference room in Raleigh North Carolina, filled with DJ’s and radio personalities, I also felt the knock of opportunity when I heard the story of Duane DaRock…as told by Duane DaRock, and my journey has not been the same since. When he told the story of being homeless, I was at the time on the verge of being homeless and I didn’t know how I was going to get to North Carolina, let alone eat while I was down there. But one week before his breaking point…his life changed. One chance meeting with a legendary rapper solidified his place in music history. Ladies and Gentleman… Legendary Producer Duane DaRock.

SO: Mr. DaRock, so glad you could join Straight Official today. When you spoke at the Fleet Music Conference this past summer, you had something different to say vs, just talking about the music business itself, you wanted to drive home positive energy and vibrations. What made those things the forefront of your message?

DD: Well I’ve known about the power of vibration since I was 4 years old and the gift that came with that was being in tune with the vibrations of the universe and whatever you think about you bring about. The game changer for me was when my grandfather died when I was 12, that’s when I jumped in the music business which makes 32 years being in the music game. I will solely accredit the things I’ve accomplished in this business based on it being all about positive energy, good vibrations.

SO: So where did determination play a factor in your will to make it in the music business?

DD: Like I said I knew at the age of 12 what I wanted to do, so I let nothing or no one take me off of that path. So in 93′ I started producing records with the help of a man by the name of Steven Brown. He was a jazz musician. What happened was, I couldn’t find anyone to make beats for me being that I was from the Boston area. So I learned what I could until eventually I became self contained until the fateful day I met Big Daddy Kane. From there I started producing beats for Digable Planets, Kool Moe Dee, Rakim, LL Cool J and the list goes on.

SO: I know the story , but for those that need to hear this, tell the inspiring story of how you met Big Daddy Kane.

DD: Ok so I was homeless. My girl kicked me out and I was bouncing from place to place and I was starving. I was starving to the point my homie said I needed to go get some food assistance. I got all the way there and something came over me and I said NO! I’m dope…I’m dope. I went home to make some rice because it’s all I had to eat….as I’m pouring the rice in the pot, a jar from the cabinet falls and breaks into the pot of rice. I pick out the big pieces but mind you the little pieces are still in there, I literally ate glass that night. This sparked not only a fire but a fearlessness in me. About a week later, I went to the Big Daddy Kane concert on a mission to let Kane hear my beats. I tell the security that I’m one of Kane’s dancers. Security wasn’t having it. So as fate would have it, a fight broke out distracting security and so I ran. I didn’t know where I was running to, but I ran right into the back of Big Daddy Kane. I told him what I did and he listened to the beats. While he’s doing this, I can see security coming to get me. And in true Kane cool fashion. He gives this look to say, “Can’t you see he’s with me?” The very next day I’m in the studio with Kane and I’m officially in the music business. But let’s be clear…I’ve been homeless even two other times after that. I’ve made money, lost it, made it again. It was a clear lesson from God to stay humble. The Lord giveth and he taketh away.

SO: You and Jadakiss seem to have a trusting working relationship. How did that come about?

DD: I met Jadakiss through the actor Duane Martin. I did a song for a movie called Hustle and Heat. Duane Martin and Jadakiss both played in that movie, so through working together, we just kept building until eventually we ended up doing the song Letter To Big with Faith Evans which ended being the main song on the Biggie movie. But let me backtrack. I met Faith one night because I was hungry and I listened to my craving and went to Fat Burger. What I thought was a craving, was in fact that I was being guided by the vibrations. When I saw her, I told her about my studio, she came back and heard a couple tracks and that night I penned the hook to Letter To Big.

SO: What do you say to the theory that people sell their souls to get into the music industry?

DD: First of all, your soul is not for sale, so you can’t literally sell your soul. But I will say that when you go against who you are to gain some sort of stardom or unearned favor, you are then going against who you are morally and that’s why you see the heavy drugs and heavy drinking because some people in the industry have made deals that compromise who they were, so they drink to escape their now reality. You can be in this business without succumbing to the tricks of people trying to tap into your inner core of who you are. But thats why you have to operate on a high vibration so you can recognize and avoid that trap.

“When you link with demonic forces for superficial gain, you go against the will of God and that’s what selling your soul means to me.” -Duane DaRock

SO: Who’s responsible for how you ethically move throughout the music business and keep your integrity?

DD: HAHAHAHA make sure you put this in there. And put my laugh in big bold letter too. There so many artists today that wouldn’t have gotten where they are without the people they shitted on, pimped and played. A lot of ghost writers and ghost producers will never see the light of day. They receive no credit and are getting robbed regularly. But these are they same people responsible for the success you see in today’s artists. A lot of people at the top…stole their way to the top. There are a lot of wolves in this industry, but I consider myself a lion. A Lion moves gracefully and knows it rules that land. A Lion commands and takes what he wants when he is hungry. A wolf plots, plans and preys on anything weaker. A wolf is constantly looking to devour, a Lion attacks only when necessary .

SO: What’s your final word for today’s up and coming musicians?

DD: When you’re tapped in to your inner guidance, it will tell you what you need to do. Stop saying “I’m chasing my dreams.” If someone tells you to “Chase your dreams” smack the shit out of em. Anything you are chasing is obviously running away from you. The words you want to use is that I’m attracting my reality…I am manifesting my dreams. You’re talking about the guy that was homeless three times yet Kevin Hart used my song about struggle to be the main song for his movie. It can happen for you if you believe in yourself. I’m Duane DaRock and I stand by what I’ve said.













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