[MUSIC NEWS] IamStylezMusic Releases “Back To My Roots”


IamStylezMusic just released his single “Hey Mama Africa” and accompanying video July 21st as the perfect momentum builder for the release of his full album Back To My Roots which is available via iTunes. In less than a day the digital download has come out on top, hitting the number one spot on the iTunes pre-order chart in the reggae genre and fifth on the list in the best-seller category. This is big, and possibly even bigger than it seems given the significance of a success like this.

A few years ago iTunes changed their own rules for determining the performance of sales, and specifically how each purchase is categorized in terms of their positioning in comparison to others. At present day the way it works is that singles are a critical component of success as they are now used to help influence album pre orders directly. Essentially by organizing the debut in such a way IamStylezMusic’s newly released single is counted in the numerical tabulation used for assessing the chart position
for the album release.

These days it’s not just about sales, streaming services like Apple music run their own record keeping that serves many purposes when comes to monitoring analytics. That being said, it’s worth noting that above all it does help the artist see how they stack up when it comes to the amount of times a song is played or listen to with or without an order. When you think about it IamStylezMusic grasp of the business aspect of the industry reiterates his abilities go beyond songwriter and performer.



Purchase Back To My Roots here

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Cassandra Quinonez (Red Velvet) is an inspiring model/ actress with a story to tell about survival in the streets of Miami.

With what your eyes have seen, what do you want to teach all the girls?
I would love to teach the young girls and young ladies coming up in this generation to always keep your self-respect & remain humble with a heart full of love! Create your own path, your own route in life….never let other people cast their failures and fears upon you..what God has for you will always come to you with no effort!

What message do you have for guys that use vulnerable women in weak moments?
Men that use women at their most vulnerable moments to me are actually not healed themselves! & weak..the way you treat a woman in those times of vulnerability means everything to us…we feel comfortable, with our insecurities that others will never see or know about execpt for that one guy that we trust, but when a man can turn that into a time to manipulate us and use us to submit to you because they know it would be a little easier, not only submit to sexually, I mean in every aspect… becuase we as women sometimes long for any type of comfort in those moments…sometimes we’re blind.. I have no respect for a man that can play with a womans feelings especially when she needs him out of all people the most!

When is your birthday. My birthday is December 15th.

What color represents you?
The color red represents me the best.

Tell us about the struggles in your life?
In my life, I’ve seen more pain than peace..I was adopted at birth, birthed by a woman named Daisy Quinonez, a crack/cocaine addict. But to me she’s a woman who fell short and decided to give me to safety, someone who would raise me.. The level of respect I have for this woman is raised high regardless! I was in foster homes and group homes until the age up 8. That’s when Courtland & Linda Bullard adopted me and gave me a home, a real life.. The system is what made me strong..actually growing up under the supervision of the state/dcf was a tough one, but as a kid all we think is that it’s normal until holidays came around…imagine a group home full of boys and girls crying, wondering why nobody showed up with gifts, wondering why nobody hugs us like the little kids in the movies. That pain runs deep and sticks with you your whole life…right after graduating high school I went straight into the strip clubs, modeling. I just wanted my freedom. I didn’t want to listen to rules. Iwent down the wrong oath. I was homeless sleeping on everyones couch, I slept on the trains all day, I starved, I’ve slept on baseballs parks, etc. I’ve been abused in relationships, mentally and physically.. I started escorting and stripping to support myself. I’ve done drugs that could’ve killed me. Ive faced 8 to 15 in prision..It really messed me up mentally…It broke me…I’ve recently lost my best friend Sarina Crawford (Bubbles). That is a real soft spot for me. She was my go to! It broke my spirit. Her death and all of the pain I’ve been feeling has been a roller coaster. But I had to pick myself up. It all gave me motivation to gain stability, grind hard and get this money. My focus is different. My aim is different.

What is your dream goal?
My dream goal is personal…my dream goal is to meet my biological mother and hug her for the first time! Other then that my dream goal is to be a humanitarian!

How can people find you online?
I’m building up my social networks right now..but for now I’m on facebook Briana redvelvet Bullard and IG redvelvet_miamI

Where does your confidence come from?
God gives me confidence over all! My past struggles is what pushes me….to become a greater and greater woman day in day out.

With all the pain you’ve endured, why do you keep hustlin?
Why with all the pain I’ve endured. The reason I keep hustlin is because I know God loves me and I have a purpose. I had to get through all the bullshit first to get to the treasure..pain don’t last forever..I have a whole life waiting for me plus I deserve everything coming my way. And to prove all these haters wrong…

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Life Expectancy: Money, Health & Hip Hop by DJ Layne Luv

Hip Hop Health Picture

How Can We Make A Healthy Lifestyle Cool In Hip Hop? 

In the United States, being a young & black guarantees a person born under those circumstances a significant amount of obstacle & struggle. Not only is the African American still inferior economically, the race’s environment has a high percentage of being subject to, poor diet, questionable healthcare (which means they can’t afford adequate treatment for disease), and violence (whether it be amongst each other or by the hands of law enforcement). Even in a time where the life expectance for the average human is 75, throughout time, a lower number has always been the case for the African American male. This is because the African American race has always had to survive under the most stressful conditions dating back to slavery. But my question is, why isn’t health and money for healthcare brought up more in the Hip-Hop community? How Can We Make A Healthy Lifestyle Cool In Hip Hop? Is it because it doesn’t weigh in on the “cool” factors to talk about? Is it because dying or the threat thereof  has become the ultimate badge of honor? Why are we still having to do fundraisers and benefits for disease treatment and funerals? What financial plans are in place for rappers, DJ’s and B-Boys when they get sick or expire?

These are tough questions, however most of these issues could be solved with the proper funding and education around the matter of Hip-Hop and Health. We just recently lost Prodigy of Mobb Deep who battled sickle cell all his life. Sean Price of the group Heltah Skeltah passed away in his sleep in 2015. Heavy D died from a blood clot in his lung but it was later found out he did in fact have heart disease. Big Pun actually died of cardiac arrest.

I’m from Columbus Ohio, so even though this is a national publication, I want to honor an iconic rapper from my city who was special to us in the #614 and recently passed away… Sheron “Neswordz” Colbert  #RIH

Now let’s stop for a second, because I don’t want to get into the rappers that died at the hands of violence because that’s not where I’m going with this blog.

This is my point:

Hip Hop will be 44 years old this year. This means that the pioneers of Hip Hop are either senior citizens or on their way to being senior citizens. This means (God forbid) we may be losing a lot more Hip Hop icons in the “hopefully” distant future. But I’m noticing the mortality rate decreasing in age within the culture and I wanted to bring awareness to it in this blog.

One thing I loved about our last presidential administration, Big Up Obamas!, is that the Hip Hop community put them in office and President Barack and First Lady Michelle made it their business to bring awareness to healthcare and education directly to the minority in America.

How Can We Make A Healthy Lifestyle Cool In Hip Hop? 

How can we make LIVING cool in Hip Hop? How do we celebrate Life instead of Death? And most important, how do we put Financial well-being and Health together in this culture?

It definitely takes money and good decisions to be healthy. And maybe that’s why a healthy lifestyle isn’t cool to most young adults. Because Hip Hop from the beginning was all about taking the risk. Living on the edge. The new Rock N Roll. While Jay Z’s new 4:44 album is a great album to raise consciousness, the radio still bellows “Percocet, Molly Percocet” in regular rotation. Twerking videos and Drug money to the ear still resonates among adolescence. I get it! A safe lifestyle is a boring lifestyle. But yet, after the facade is lifted, and something tragic happens, all of the sudden we see that the rapper with money to the ear doesn’t really have sustainable income to treat the calamity.

Here’s this…The hardbody has always been the thing in Hip Hop, but what you don’t realize is Will Smith, LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Fantasia and Ashanti live very healthy lifestyles. They don’t engage in Marijuana, Alcohol or any other recreational drugs. Rumor has it that rapper Future…lol….doesn’t drink Lean or pop pills…but he advertises it to the youth in his music. So from that standpoint, what’s being fed to the public may appear to be a cooler lifestyle, trust me, eating right and adding exercise to your lifestyle will increase your chances of living a long and productive life.

Am I the old head in the room? Probably. But that doesn’t mean I can’t put this On The Table (Pun Intended) If you are one those people that just so happens to want to pursue or are pursuing a career in Hip Hop. Please take your health seriously. Black N Milds look cool until you get lung cancer. Sleeping with Twerk video models are cool until you get HIV. Living reckless with a bunch of beefs looks cool until we have to bury you and someone has to pick up those expenses. Live for today but plan like you will live tomorrow. Put a financial plan in place so that if anything does happen, you have your family taken care of.

It’s a new day! Taking care of yourself and your family is the “New Gangsta”

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According to Pounds of Sound, Fantasia Barrino’s  brother Ricco has been doing more than just “getting that work from California” he’s also been putting in that work in Blac Chyna’s sweet box. Ricco is making headlines this morning after a trusted snitch has confirmed that his name is being brought up by Rob Kardashian’s lawyer, Clarke Logan Young, referring to Ricco as Side D! and partially blaming him for the countless relationship problems which ultimately led to the demise of the relationship entirely.

We don’t know if this confirmed it but…Whoaaa peep this tweet!

The two were spotted exiting a Hollywood night club holding hands and driving off in an all red Ferrari Independence Day weekend. 

Chyna has yet to deny this rumor and is currently gearing up for the biggest legal battle of her life.

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When thinking of a top music engineer in Miami, The Formatt always finds his name into discussion. He’s been doing this 13 years.

The Formatt recently received his first plaque. A double-platinum album plaque by Xantos Music for the song, “Bailame Despacio” in Spain. Trust me, with his insight and love for original and creative music, sound and structure, it was only a matter of time before this accolade headed his way.

In 2015, Matthew “The Formatt” DeFretias purchased a three-studio facility from subsequent owner and Grammy Award winning producer Marco “Infamous” Rodriguez-Diaz, renaming it Bay Eight Recording Studios in Miami, Florida.

The Formatt is more than just an engineer for local and up and coming Miami artists, he is also a teacher. He helps artists put records together properly while teaching the ways of “completing” a song.

These are some of the known clients for The Formatt/ Bay Eight Studios:

Jay Electronica
MIke Will Made It
Styles P
Masspike Miles
David Banner
Lil Jon
French Montana
Pleasure P
Beth Neilson Chapman
Leslie Grace
Sony Music
Gangsta Boo
Gudda Gudda
Yung Simmie
Johnny Cinco
Lil Lody
Freeband OG Double D
Young Breed
Reazy Renegade
Denzel Curry
Universal Music Group
Mev The Renegade
Leroy Romans
Roberta Shapairo
Big Kuntry King
Red Eyez
The Kid Daytona
Snootie Wild
2 Chainz
Chief Keef
TM 808
Fat Joe
Tony Sunshine
Flo Rida
Jessica “Dimepiece” Dime
Drumma Drama
Compton Menace
Disco Rick
Dizzee Rascal
Mark Johns
Cardo Got Wings



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[ED-OP] The Facts About Coast 2 Coast Live Artist Showcase

Lil Fats



Is Coast 2 Coast Live A Scam?

The Facts About Coast 2 Coast Live Artist Showcase

It seems there are people out there saying that Coast 2 Coast is a scam. From what we have seen, this seems to be mostly coming from competing companies looking to get artists to spend money with them. We have also seen this from disgruntled artists who have lost one of their showcases and can not accept the loss or take constructive criticism. In this article, we look at evidence that proves that this showcase is definitely not a scam, it is a powerful tool for artists to use if they see fit.

Coast 2 Coast LIVE Interactive Events is an event company that has been in business for over 10 years. They host 30 showcases every month in over 50 cities and 8 countries around the world. You can see tour recap videos and videos from all thousand plus events here:

They have videos that show many celebrities have hosted their mixtapes and performed at their shows. Coast 2 Coast LIVE has actually toured with reputable artists such as Red Cafe, N.O.R.E, Cyhi The Prynce, Freeway, Tone Trump, Crooked I and more. There are hundreds of Platinum Producers, Radio DJs and Major Label Executives who have judged their showcases. Check out this video to hear from a few of them:

They do shows during events such as The Core DJ Retreat and SXSW. Coast 2 Coast has brought out some of Hip Hop’s finest including Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods, Too Short, B.O.B, Scotty ATL, Freeway, Gunplay, Tracy T, Zoey Dollaz and more. Here is a video of Wiz Khalifa speaking to the independent artists in the crowd at a Coast 2 Coast show:

Coast 2 Coast is all about giving big opportunities to indie artists. Artists who have performed on Coast 2 Coast stages on their come up to success include YFN Lucci, 2 Chainz, Snootie Wild, Tone Trump, Colonel Loud, Cool Amerika and more. Artists looking to do entire tours with Coast 2 Coast have also done so to expand their brand. This is a recap from an indie artist from Trinidad who tour with Coast 2 Coast:

The Largest Artist Showcase In The World has stood up to its name and reputation as a great outlet for independent artists to be heard as well as gain feedback on their performances. If you want to check out a Coast 2 Coast LIVE show for yourself, you can see their full event schedule at

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Believe it or not this project has been a long time in the making. Originally set for a May release then Jun 9th the project experienced several unwanted delays but is now finally ready for release. This will be MC Eiht’s 14th studio album. The duo have been long time friends since collaborating on Eiht’s 1992 release “Death Wish”. “Which way is West is executive produced by Dj Premiere and he also produced 5 out of the 15 tracks on the project. 

The project is set for release June 30th and is Eiht’s his first full-length solo album in 10 years. With the collab of Preemo, the quintessential New York Hip-Hop Producer, this East coast West coast mash up is sure to keep fans of both intrigued. Check out “Compton Zoo” below and also check out my Interview with the legendary MC Eiht at – #BooM



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I’m inspired and blessed to introduce you to a young black women creating positive changes in the lives of kids. Get to know Tiana Johnson.

1. What’s your name?  

Tiana Johnson

2. Where are you from?

I’m from Chicago IL.

3. How can people reach you?

You can reach me on iG @jvst_ana on twitter @jvst_askAna on snapchat @ti.aannaaa or by personal email

4. Please tell us about the non-profit business you are supporting? The non profit business that I’m not only supporting, but the CEO and one of the founders for is called “le don généreux” which means the generous gift in the French language. LDG is a performing arts academy that specializes in stopping the socio-economic hardship in poverty stricken areas. We target 11-18 y.o that have a talent in the performing arts, I.e., dance, music, theatre, art, and computer engineering. We wish to bring them in and make them more marketable to the corporate world. Since the children of these areas might not have the funds to join a performing arts school we wish to offer the services for them. I could go on and on about the things we have in the works and our mission statement but I suppose you all will get tired of reading… we are based out of Gary, IN but wish to captivate the inner talents lying beneath the hard exterior of all inner city youth who are from the poverty stricken areas. We want the children to know that their starting predicaments does not have to be and will not be their ending ones!

5. How can people help out with the non-profit? As everyone knows, non-profits run off government funds. As I said, we are just starting so we’re working extremely hard to get grant money and do different fundraisers just to start getting equipment and basic necessities for our building that will house LDG, so any form of help is appreciated. Networking connections, tips and ideas, bringing awareness, reaching out to me and my partner to just give sound advice, financial and moral support alike are our big ones. We’re only 20 years old so we don’t have it all figured out. Support is our greatest asset!

6. What goals are you working on? The goals in the works are no secret, but maybe a little on the hush and hush because nothing is set in stone. We’re working hard right now on a YouTube channel because we want to partner with MTV to get a tv show out about young African American entrepreneurs trying to build something and give back to poverty stricken areas when all you have is hardly anything yourself. My partner and I both work 9-5, I myself am full time college student as well. So we just want to show people the journey of starting the business as well as the journey of the children’s lives we will touch in the process. Also after we bring out LDG in Gary, we will be partnering with the surrounding cities, I.E Chicago and Detroit to get an organization housed in one of those cities as well. We want to partner with Chance (chancetherapper) and his organization in Chicago and hopefully raise awareness and recognition that way. A lot of people share our same ideas, it’s just a matter of working together to get our cities back to the limelight that they once were… it takes a village to raise a child.

7. What would you tell some one who needs a push of inspiration? Someone that needs a push can always hear from me, “Success takes pressure!”

8. What is a hustler? My definition of a “hustler” is someone that takes life as it comes to them but no matter what happens, they keep pushing and grinding to make sure that they reach the goals they planned in reaching. That no matter what happens in life or what tries to knock them down, they continue to strive for their goals and know that the sky is the limit as to what they can accomplish. A hustler is someone that never stops going until they feel like they can’t progress anymore… and there’s always room for progress

9. Any shouts or last words? To everyone who is actually taking the time out to read about our goals and dreams and aspirations here at LDG, we thank you! It’s not easy coming into the entrepreneur world because not everyone is going to be on your side and it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistency to make sure that your hard work pays off. I want to thank God first and foremost for using me to do his work and for giving me the strength to continue going on after so many no’s and naysayers. I know what we’re doing is going to be big, I’m just waiting on everything to be revealed! Thanks again for reading guys! ❤️


All the Best

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I was searching on Facebook for inspirations and stumbled up Motivational Aspirations by my friend Alicia Fleming.

In today’s society, mentoring services are needed more than ever. I’m calmed from the choice Alicia made with her choices in life to be a voice and productive person in society.

Below is general info.


Mentor Program
Empowering your mind, body and heart!
Empowerment + Motivation + Support =
Positive Change


Communication skills
Relationship Building
Balance work, life & family
Goal Clarity​
Career Planning​
​Strategic Planning
​Self Confidence
​Learning Skills
Life Coaching
and more….


Mentoring Program to empower and inspire all individuals to pursue experiences that make a positive change in their personal lives.
I will be touching various topics and issues to address the needs and interests of people while in the process empowering their mind, body and heart. I plan to impact individual lives, goals, aspirations and ways of communicating with others.
Here are a few important points that will be included in the mentor program:
Understanding personal desires
Acknowledging conflicts of interests
Addressing open questions
Giving insightful feedback/offering advice when needed
Building confidence / positive relationships
Sharing personal obstacles
Increase in overall communication
To get involved in Motivational Aspirations mentoring program sign up by contacting me via email, Facebook or here


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[SPORTS] Jordan Horston: Livin’ My Life Like It’s Golden By DJ Layne Luv

Jordan USA Gold

It’s one thing to represent your neighborhood, it’s also one thing to rep your city and even representing your state is remarkable, but representing your country on a world stage is nothing short of extraordinary. Ladies and Gentleman, meet Jordan Horston the 6’1 16 year old from Columbus Ohio currently attending Columbus Afrocentric Early College playing at point guard for The Lady Nubians and well on her way to becoming a basketball phenomenon. Horston left CMH for Buenos Aires Argentina June 7th and came back to Columbus a gold medalist competing in the 2017 FIBA Americas U16 Championship.

Whoever said “Don’t believe your own press” was not talking about Horston. You can look at her and tell she is not here for the hype but for the sheer love of the game. When asked how she is dealing with all the press she replied “I like it, but that’s not my focus. I actually deleted all of my apps because I knew all the attention I was getting. Once my goals were accomplished, I slowly started adding the apps back on my phone, but that was only to thank the supporters and fans for wishing me well.” Most of the people in her circle say that Jordan is the most humble person they know, you wouldn’t even know she is as great as she is by the way she carries herself. “Just a fun-loving and down-to-earth kid” her aunt Sabrina Whitney says.

As I recall, I met Jordan about 6 years ago and I don’t ever remember a ball not being in her hand at some point of the day. I’m also friends with her mother Malika Horston on Facebook and there was not a week that would go by that you wouldn’t see the proud mother videoing her daughter in their family driveway playing a pick-up game with her sibling Jazmin or even tougher competition with her father Leigh Horston. And in true father form, you would witness Leigh making the 11 year old work for all her buckets.

Leigh has been accredited for Jordan’s work ethic, coaching her since she was a small child. However, word is Malika Horston is the true task master when it comes to Jordan’s will to win. When asked by Malika’s friends how Mrs. Horston was as a sideline parent… they replied “Yeah you would hear it from Malika if Jordan did not put 110% in a game hahaha” Jordan says “It’s truly my family that keeps me grounded.”

The Lady Nubians themselves have a knack for winning. They’ve made many appearances at Value City Arena for the OHSAA Girls Basketball Tournament. I caught up with Head Coach William Mckinney to find out what their formula was. He stated “The Lady Nubians started out as a blue collar team. We go above and beyond to outwork everybody. We bring a high level of high energy every game. Everyone is held accountable to do their job. 

Jordan says her experience in Argentina was unforgettable. She states “The hardest part was getting over the nerves. Observing other countries, you could tell they spent a great deal of time and effort working on their skill. So from that point you have to determine you are the better team and that you deserve to be there. Surprisingly, The USA team gelled together pretty quickly as a family by looking out for one another, which in turn really helped win us the championship”….”No matter what stage you’re on….It’s just basketball at the end of the day”

Jordan says going into the 2017-2018 school year, she’s willing to step up as a leader and face the scrutiny of being put in the spotlight. She says “Of course, when you’re playing at this level, people are going to play you harder because they have something to prove. But while they’re resting, I’m working. I know what’s ahead of me so I just try my best to prepare myself mentally and physically.”

Expect great things from this future Lisa Leslie (By the way, rumor has is Jordan can dunk a basketball) Follow her on ESPN and USA Olympic Team websites. Jordan was one of two people from Ohio representing the American team. And we expect many more accolades to come from this awesome young lady. Let it be known….Columbus Ohio is #TEAMJORDAN





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