[Video] T-Smuv ft Vancle – Pain (Dir By @DirByKarter) @TheRealTsmuv


With his fusion of soulful, r&b melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Georgia artist T-Smuv delivers with the Official Music Video to his new single, “Pain” ft Vancle and directed by up and coming cinematographer Kartersworld. Be sure to check this out and more from T-Smuv’s latest ep “While I Was Home” now available on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music and all other online distributors. Also be sure to add Smuv’s official iHeartradio channel as well as his new T-Smuv station on Pandora.

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Earlier this year I featured Charlotte area model Diamond Young as my model of the week on a popular model site. Little did I know, she’s also an amazing independent artist. Decided to do an interview with her to discuss her new single and accompanying visual entitled “Time”.

The majority of your model work is very sensual. Have you always been confident with your body?
“Absolutely!! I feel that in this day and age you have to be. If you’re not comfortable with yourself how can anyone else be?”

Do you write all of your material yourself and if not who are some of the writers you’ve worked with?
“I’ve written all of the songs that I’ve put out!”

What would you label your style &/or genre. Also who are some artists who’ve influenced your sound?
“I don’t know how to label my sound, honestly. I just sing. I’m obsessed with SZA’s style of singing and writing. It’s different and crazy dope.”

Which do you feel you’re most comfortable with between writing, recording or performing?
“As of right now, my writing. I’m still finding myself as an artist so I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to the performance aspect of my music.”

Do you feel that the Charlotte music scene is encouraging for indie artists and why?
“I feel that it is in certain aspects but it could be BETTER. A lot better. It just takes all of the artists here to come together and put it on the map! There’s so much talent here but I don’t feel that we get the recognition we deserve.”

What project are you currently promoting and who are some of the people who’ve helped you get to this point?
“I’m dropping my single “Time” and the Music Video today..there’s so many people who have contributed to helping me with my music, I’d get lost trying to list them all lol.”

Who are some of the current popular artists you’d like to work with in the future?
“Definitely Sza, Kehlani, Elhae, and Xavier Omär.”

What are the most difficult things you’ve had to face as an independent artist up to this point of your career?
“Trying to do everything alone!!!! I’m very headstrong and I LIKE WHAT I LIKE. Lol. I’m very particular about things so I’ve had to find people who I can work well with and vibe with. Honestly, these past few years have been very hard trying to push my music by myself. But at the end of the day this is what I want and I won’t stop until I get it!!”

What’s next for you after the release of “Time”?
“I’m going to start working on an EP and maybe even a visual project so just stay tuned. 😘

Thank you for taking out time to sit with us and good luck on a very successful music career in the years to come.

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Get Hip W/DJ Mos Precious: Bo Dean

SUPER HEROES, are they real or fictional? Well to the defense, SUPER HEROES are real based on our personal beliefs and imagination. From the history of Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Marvel Comics days, SUPER HEROES ARE STILL TAKEN OVER. During the times of Ferguson, and Police killings within the past years alot of super hereos revailed themselves to the world. This article is a sure addition to the fight to justice for the unjustly performed crimes on the citizens of any race.

BO DEAN TEAMED UP WITH BeastUp Films and UPCOMING ACTORS AND ACTRESSES WITHIN THE BOARDERS OF ST. LOUIS, MO, to create a amazing masterpiece. This work of art is the official kick off to yet another dope visual  for his highly respected song [TGIB] This visual is one of the many ideas based off of BO DEAN unique imagination. Very polictical and educational, THANK IM BLACK (Black-Man & Super Sister Episode1) The Movie has taken over the social media world strongly.

Being a personal fan of his, I am so proud to see that all his hard work is panning out for him. Check out the movie here first below. #getpreciousonem

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[MUSIC VIDEO] Tuck drops official video for “Money Mission”

Tuck 12



Defined by the authenticity in both his music and persona Trenton, New Jersey native Tuck is slowly climbing up the ladder of East Coast MCs. Having already conquered the support of his hometown he now looks to solidify his standing nationally galvanize those who are looking for organic hip hop and story telling. The Block Life Entertainment captain has already scored big with quality visuals all summer long and now has the right look to take him into the Fall, leading up to his #BlockTober campaign. Watch the Mogul Monopoly directed video for Money Mission below:



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You hear it walking down the street, blaring from car radios, at the club, in the store “You Can’t F*ck with Me If you Wanted To!! It’s infectious, intoxicating and at first listen you cant help but start singing it. From Love and Hip-Hop to worldwide superstar Cardi B’s has HIT it on the nail with her latest song “Bodak Yellow”

🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴OK NOMORE

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Rising up the Billboard charts the last several weeks to landing on #8! Cardi B has made history as the highest charting female rapper since Nicki Minaj in 2014. With over 70,000 in sales since Aug 3. and 20,000 this week alone “Bodak Yellow” is most definitely an undeniable smash hit! Cardi has even released a Spanish version featuring latin trap star “Messiah” Cant wait to hear the follow up.



Thank you #Momaps1 and thank you everyone for making #BodakYellow #1 on APPLE MUSIC

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[ARTIST] Gros Dinero “Night And Day”

gros 3

When asked to reflect on his music as a universal element, Gros Dinero explains that the aim of his music is to appeal universally and relfect the diversity that his core listeners appreciate. With the melting pot nature of the current state of Hip Hop,  Gros Dinero finds himself ahead of the trends.  His foundation in Hip Hop is built on his studious approach and reverence for legendary acts such as Slick Rick, Biggie, Scarface, and 2Pac to name a few.  His goal has always been  to give the people what they want from show to show as well as track to track. Currently campaigning on the release of his third mixtape, Trifecta, as well as promoting his role in web series #BumRush 2nd season,  Gros Dinero has been putting in real footwork.  Featured on the cover of the latest release by “1212” Magazine, Gros Dinero has followed up with the release of his latest visual Night And Day. Watch it below:



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Patrick Phanor – “Death Row” (Video) @PatrickPhanor

ppdeathrow (2)

As his Sorry, No Apologies album circulates on the web, Patrick Phanor looks to keep his momentum at a high for this quarter with “Death Row.” Perhaps inspired by the new 2Pac movie, or the actual label Suge Knight created, Patrick pays homage to the clique. Get in tune!

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[NEW VIDEO] Manny Tha Sapper X Lil Kemo XxTra

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.26.23 PM

In anticipation of their upcoming collab project titled “Another One” – Nexx2None artist, Manny Tha Sapper is giving you a taste of what’s to come in 2K17 with his new debut entitled “XxTra” featuring Lil Kemo.
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Directed by Chicago Filmmaker Tracy Gardner better known as Passport Trace.
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[Video] Halo “100 Miles” (Dir by Tino Smith) @RealLife_Halo


Halo Declares His Vision In “100 Miles” Music Video

New Visual Released Off The #LetsHaveFun Mixtape

June 30, 2017 (Montgomery, Alabama) Rapper, Halo releases his brand-new music video 100 Miles off his mixtape entitled #LetsHaveFun. Being from Montgomery, Alabama, Halo wanted videographer Tino Smith (Twitter/IG/Snapchat @CheckTinoOut) to capture some scenes of his hometown to show his vision in new music video.

#100Miles is me declaring my vision to the world. What I want, what I see, and how I move. I’m really trying to get a 100-mile money pile.” – Halo

When Halo was eight years old, he studied how to play the percussion, then later in high school transitioned into writing rhymes and poems to the beat of his drumming. This ignited his love for music. After high school, he was recruited by the air force and had the opportunity to travel the world. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Military Police Officer, and while he was there he perfected his craft as a rapper. Born as Edrikus Kywan Brown, he got his rapper name “Halo” after a fellow soldier noticed when Halo rhymed dark lyrics, his delivery made the subject matter glow as if a halo was above it.

Watch Halo demonstrate this side of him in new music video 100 Miles here:


Download/stream Halo’s mixtape #LetsHaveFun, which features the single 100 Miles on Spinrilla:

#LetsHaveFun with Halo by staying connected with him on social media:

For all inquiries, contact Stay Focused Music Group via phone (708) 522-2769 or via email

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