JC Live Spotlight: Independent artist Day Uno

Making radio waves in Fayetteville, NC, Independent artist Day Uno stops by the JC Live Experience podcast to talk about his new album, music career and his upcoming performances.


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Insight on one of the top Dj’s in NC: Dj G-moniy (Uglyest Brotha in Radio)

One of the top Dj’s in NC, sits down with JC Live for the JC Live Experience. G-moniy talks about his background being a Dj and his career in radio. He also gives insight about the up’s and down’s of being a DJ.



Where did you get the name G-Moniy from?

Back in the neighborhood, I grew up in (Shout Out Glen Reilly!) all my friends had a nickname. Some stuck with them and others didn’t. I was given the name G-Money from New Jack City. When I was in high school years later I had to create an email and I didn’t want my email to be so I made a creative decision to spell it G-Moniy.

What was the moment in your life you knew you wanted to be a DJ?

Hard to say because I’ve always loved music plus little known fact, Legendary DJ & Pioneer The Late Great Jam Master Jay is my second cousin on my mom’s side so I was inspired from a young age. My dad claimed he was a DJ when he was in the army so I’ve always been around the music. I guess it wasn’t until I was a few years in college when I realized I could actually become a DJ.

Have any mentors who help mold you to becoming one of the top Dj’s in the city?

Absolutely, I feel like every DJ has something to teach…even if it’s what not to do. My biggest influences were The Goodfellas whom I worked with at Foxy 99: DJ D-Rocc (the main one), Tommy Gee Mixx, DJ Tone, DJ Chilly Q, DJ Remedy, DJ Official, DJ Scooby, DJ Ruckus and others like Izzy Nice, EJ Tha DJ, etc. Those guys have all given me great tips and even though I feel like I’m mostly self-taught I’ve learned a technique or a thought process from each one of them.

Do you feel like Dj’s don’t get enough credit in the city?

I honestly don’t sometimes. I think that the profession of DJing isn’t taken as seriously as it should. Your party, event, wedding reception etc doesn’t pop without a DJ. Your club isn’t a club without a DJ, it’s just a gathering of people. DJs (at least the good ones) create experiences, moments in time that you will always remember. That’s one of the things I strive to do. Another thing is, just like with rappers, everybody thinks they can DJ now so it becomes an issue separating the real from the imposters.

Since being a DJ what is the craziest or funniest experience you have had?

I’ve only been DJing 7 years & I think I’ve suffered through all the DJ nightmares from my computer crashing in the middle of a set, to my controller overheating on the very first college night of a new semester. I have so many experiences it’s hard to choose the funniest but I like to think that something better than everything I’ve previously encountered will happen.

Would you be interested in working with artists in the city to do any mixtapes?

I am and I have worked with artists in the past. I don’t do too many mixtapes but the last one was a  couple of years ago I did a compilation mixtape called “The Moore County Mixtape Vol. 2” with some of Moore County, NC’s best artists.

What is the biggest accomplishment you have since becoming a Dj?

The acknowledgment when I do a gig and people praise my work, whether it’s in the club or a wedding, or whatever. I always appreciate the fact that people enjoy my hard work. Being invited to join the Fleet DJs was major for me. I had a run at WZFX for about a year as the Prime Time DJ, spinning twice a day on air for 5 days a week. That was pretty dope as well. I get lots of compliments and it’s always great when people show love.

What equipment do you like better turntables or controllers?

I learned how to DJ on Turntables but I prefer controllers…actually one specific type of controller. The Numark NS7 series, I’ve owned 2 NS7i’s & I currently use an NS7ii. I’m actually transitioning to a mixer and turntable combination.

What project do you have coming up in the future? (talk about events you have coming up, podcast and where people can catch you djing like Aqua and college night, etc)

I have multiple DJ gigs coming up from weddings, quinceaneras, high school and middle school functions, club events etc. When school is in I do a “College Night” for Campbell University on Thursday in Lillington, NC I’ve been doing that for 3 years. I do Saturday nights at Aqua Night Club in Hope Mills, NC I’ve been doing that about 3 years. I have a boat party coming up in August that’s gonna be dope. I have all kinds of events going on.

I’ve also started 2 podcasts. The first is called “Smash The Mat” and it’s all about Pro Wrestling which I love even still to this day. I teamed up with my friends Jay5 and DB and we like to share our opinions on all the wrestling we watch, if your into wrestling it’s a must listen it’s available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Spotify, Tune In Radio, Stitcher and almost anywhere you can listen to podcasts.. The second is called “Everything About Nothing” with my co-worker and my bro Slim City and my buddy Cookie. That one is explicit, it’s raw, it’s 3 friends talking about everything and nothing at the same time. They’re available at just hit the search bar and type in “Smash the Mat” or “Everything About Nothing” and they’ll pop up. They’ll be on iTunes really soon as well as SoundCloud and a few other platforms. I also was added to the cast of the “Spoiler Alert” Podcast a show where we talk about movies and television shows. I was asked by the cast (Charles, Brandon, & Jesse) to guest star on a show or two on season 2. Afterward they decided to add me as a permanent cast member for Season 3 and moving forward. That podcast is available on Google, Apple, and Radio Public.

I also started making beats and I’m going for music licensing other than actual songs so in the future you may be enjoying a tv show, movie, or video game and my music will be on there.

If you had any advice for Dj’s coming up behind you, what would that be?

Don’t let anyone try to rain on your parade, I started training to DJ and eventually DJing in my late 20s. Most DJs I know started in their teens. So there are guys like a DJ Scooby whom I may be 8-9 years older than but he’s got about 8-9 more years experience on me. Damn near every DJ I know has way more experience than me. Even starting out I didn’t let that stop me. If you love the culture of DJing it’s never too late to learn and if you’re trying to make some extra money, the money is out there to get. You don’t have to step on any toes or try to down the next man or woman to get your chance. Everything that I’ve obtained DJing gigs and whatnot I never had to throw dirt on anybody’s name or downplay someone’s skills. I was patient and things happened in my favor. Also to up & coming DJs…WORK ON YOUR TRANSITIONS!!!! I cannot stress that enough, everybody wants to scratch but it’s hard work, learn to beat match, work on your blends, get the scratching and beat juggling down after you learn some basics. You can do a party with no scratching and good blends and it’ll be good. But if you can’t blend and you’re trying to scratch everything plus the fact you’re not great at scratching either…it’s gonna be a trainwreck and a long night. Get your hands on some turntables. I use a controller and it’s cheaper to start with but don’t pass up the chance to feel some vinyl. Lastly, don’t be afraid to step out of your box musically. Nothing pleases me more when I’m doing a gig and I can play Top 40, Pop, even some Rock and turn heads with the music. I love it.

Have any shout outs?

I want to give a shout out to my Foxy 99 Family, to everyone I’ve worked with past and present, they’ve been a huge influence on me. To the Fleet DJs, I’ve met so many great like minded DJs and people because of them. My Aqua Night Club Family, My County Seat Crew, K.O.U The Kingdom Of Ugly my bros for life. The Get Wet Gang “G Dub G BABY!!” My Fayetteville State homies, My Westover Homies, DJ Butta, DJ Smoke, DJ Spin, My Bowling Crew, and most importantly my family, my mom, dad, sister, nephews, my lady, my godbrothers & godsisters. That was entirely too many shouts and somebody gonna be mad I left them out. Also to all my social media followers.

What’s your social media so people can follow you and get in contact with you?

Speaking of Social Media you can find me on IG & Twitter with the same name: @G_Moniy I have a Facebook Business/Fan Page “G-Moniy” my personal page is G-Moniy Johnson. I’m on Twitter & IG a lot plus if you’re into wrestling like me I always Live Tweet during the shows. I also have a Facebook Group for wrestling fans called “Smash The Mat” and the twitter is @SmashTheMat1.


In Closing I just wanted to say I am the Ugliest Brutha In Radio G-Moniy with an i not an e and I appreciate you taking the time to read a lil something on me. You may be hearing from me soon if you haven’t already because I plan on strapping on the Jetpack and shooting for the moon. That translates to, I’m just tryna do big things…


Peace & Chicken Grease…


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