[INTERVIEW] Get to Know Chicago Artist “JusKool”

Chicago Native JusKool, An upcoming Southside Artist,  Making a lot a noise. We got a chance to Catch up with JusKool

She was at the Back to School bash performing for the kids, and Just Perform with Houston’s own MONEY Made Bugzy !


Where Does Your Name come from

JusKool  -My childhood Rap Name Kool-Aid.


When did you take music seriously? 

JusKool – After I graduated high school in 2009.


If you can work with anybody who would


JusKool- Drake, Rick Ross, or Missy Elliot. They are Gold minds when it comes to this music and Hits.


If you can perform anywhere, Where would it be? 

JusKool- Madision Square Gardens in New York, or at the BET Awards, or iHeartRadio Awards.


What is your social media

Twitter: JusKoE1, Instagram: JusKooL1, YouTube: JusKooL, DatPiff Mixtapes: JusKooL, SoundCloud: JusKooL


What songs are you pushing right now?

Hold On and Slim Fast

Please check out everything she has going on!




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