(Music Interview)Reime Schemes Gears Up For New Single

Reime Scheme sits down and talks with DJ Malone about his new single the book of rhymes off of the new album ryemageddon that he had just put out and now is on all media platforms. The two talk about his upcoming songs and his plans for this upcoming spring and summer also breaking the new single the book of Rhymes he breaks down the emphasis of this song check out the full interview

Hear the Full interview With DJ Malone and Reime Scheme On Chi Town Urban Radio



Also, Check out the NEW VIDEO of His “Book of Rymes”

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CHICAGO, IL, April 7, 2017– Entrepreneurship and small businesses are a growing force in the urban communities throughout the US, and according to Black Enterprise, small businesses will account for 70% of job growth in their communities. DJ Fred Malone started Chi-Town Urban Radio over 4 years ago, and it has grown into a powerful outlet for local business owners. The Fleet DJs regional manager has developed a multi-media platform for emerging artists to broadcast their endeavors. The only question isn’t if, but more so when will the next Kanye West or Chance the Rapper appear on DJ Malone’s airwaves. Check out the latest interviews on Chi-Town Urban Radio:

With his Latest interview with Javi Westbrook the upcoming Westside Artist talks about, How coming From Playing basketball to Rapping, He talks about having support from His family, Also his new song problems   And Must a hear  CALL in From a guest

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