If you enjoy spoken work and the sounds of 90’s  hiphop then you should press play! Get ready to become inspired.

1. What is your name and tell us about where you are from? -I’m Timothy Payton, a.k.a. TIMM’S, Mr. Poetry, and I’m from Martinsburg, WV.

2. What is your connection to hiphop and spoken word? I remember at the age of 6 I would listen to the radio, listening to breakdance & at the time, hip-hop was just starting to gain notice, I remember groups like U.T.F.O., Whistle. My favorite song was “Bite It!!! It had these sounds and beat and rhythm that got me hooked!! It amazed me how people would be rhyming over the beats!!! Right then, I wanted to do what I was hearing & rhyme to blow people’s minds!!!!!

3. How can people find you online? You can find me on Facebook under my name Timotht Payton, Payton’s Poetry Productions, Instagram, twitter #allthisworld, also timmsworld76@gmail and

4. What do you what people to get from your poetry? I want people to feel my word’s & for me to touch their lives & family, this is why I always say “Payton’s Poetry Productions- food for the mind, heart and spirit,” because that’s what I represent!!! I’m in the business of changing people’s lives!!! Im a light worker!!!

5. Who inspires you to do music and poetry? In music, KRS-ONE, RAKIM, RUN-DMC and BEASTIE BOYS!!!! Plus many other great legends, I studied there delivery, wordplay & flows, most importantly lyrics & content!!! This is why I wanted to write. Lyrics is poetry too, an expression of words, turnt into art!! I always wanted to have a voice to be heard & felt. So is the beginning of my lyrics and poetry.

6. What do you want to see changed in your community? The community needs a change, a positive change!!! A voice & action for the people to feel!!! Yes there is still good still here, we as people need to unite, help make a difference!! There is a very bad and destructive epidemic of drug’s in the community, mainly heroin and pills, that is and dropping people at a alarming rate, that needs to stop!!!! This is why I do my part, to help, to try to use my words & music to hopeful help or change someone’s mind & life, not just here, but the world!!!! One person at a time.

7. In your own words, what is a hustler? A hustle to me is life, a movement, a pursuit of obtaining a certain prize or possession!! My hustle is poetry, music, the spoken word’s to make a difference & do this till I’m making a living on my word’s & music.

8. What is your dream goal with your poetry and music? My dream or should I say vision is to be known worldwide for my poetry & music & when I pass on, leave a mark & legacy behind so my vision will continue to live on & keep touching lives!!!!

9. Any shoutouts? I have so many!!! My members on p.p.p. & mostly my team, my poetic society!!! Chad Banks and Stephen Smith a.k.a. Aysavvy of Martinsburg, WV. Kasandra, Kay Phoenix of Riverside, Ca. CLARENCE Ferguson Jr., Of Brentwood, TENN. Angela Gurung of Leicestershire, UK,  Lisa C Carroll of Becliff, TX. Helen Povey Wade of Auckland, New Zealand, Shannan Williams of Victorville, Calif. Patrick Daniel Read of Indianapolis, In. & of course!! You Hursh Vick Ricks (DA FRONT PORCH) of Martinsburg ,WV and da front porch radio on tunein!!! And remember!! Payton’s poetry productions, food for the mind, heart and spirit!!! And as always: be humble & stay hungry!!! God bless

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