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What Up SOM Fam! we recently got a chance to talk to Philly’s own Sharod Starks Check it out below!
SOM: Please tell us where you’re from and what first got you
interested in the entertainment industry?
SHAROD STARKS: I’m Sharod Starks, I was born in Perth Amboy, N.J. but I was raised in West Philadelphia. I was inspired by Jay-Z ‘s “Can I Live” to start rapping at a young age.
SOM: Who and/or what inspires you to create?
SHAROD STARKS: Life’s experiences motivates me to create. A lot of times I can get inspiration from a certain conversation & before I know it I turn something I said into a song.
SOM: How would you describe your sound?
SHAROD STARKS: Energetic, relatable, Music.
SOM: What is your creative process like?
SHAROD STARKS: Sometimes I write my lyrics in my phone to make sure I don’t forget my thoughts. Other times I write in my head to create songs.
SOM:What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?
SHAROD STARKS: Kevin Gates, Tory Lanez,  or Mo3
SOM:What is one message you would give to your supporters?
SHAROD STARKS: I would want to tell all of my supporters that I really appreciate each & everyone of them.
SOM:What is the most useless talent you have?
SHAROD STARKS: I dont think I have a useless talent. Talent is generally something you’re really good at compared to other people’s ability to do the same thing. If I’m that good at something, I’m going to find a purpose for it
SOM: What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music?
SHAROD STARKS:  Doing something working with my hands like engineering or maintenance.
SOM:Who are some artists you admire and why?
SHAROD STARKS: I admire Jay-Z because on top of being the best rapper, He knows how to reinvent himself time after time. Along with being a great businessman. I admire Kevin Gates for the fact that he bleeds on a record, meaning whatever he feels he says he doesn’t hold back.
SOM:What is the best advice you’ve been given?
SHAROD STARKS: Keep God first & never give up.
SOM: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
SHAROD STARKS: I would change the way artist get paid & try to create more ways of revenue especially for the starving artist.
SOM: What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself in the next year?
SHAROD STARKS: What’s next for me is to stay consistent. I would wanna see myself on the billboard charts next year.
SOM: What is your social media? How can people get in contact with you?
SHAROD STARKS: @iamsharodstarks on Instagram & Twitter. I also have an website
LISTEN NOW!!  Can’t Break Me
Thank you Sharod! for chopping it up with us and Special thanks to DJ No Phrillz for the link! Make sure you follow Sharod and keep up with everything Official.

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Kendrick Lamar “The Butterfly Effect” [NEWS]

Kendrick Lamar


     Fans have been anticipating the release of ’ Kendrick Lamar’s biography, The Butterfly Effect, which will detail the Compton rapper’s rise to fame drops October 13. Although it is unclear, whether or not the book with include reflections from Kendrick himself, it is clear that it will feature interviews from people who knew Lamar during his childhood. Kendrick Lamar

Some may think it’s too soon for the rapper to have a biography. However, Kendrick has made a lot of accomplishments during his time young time as a musician. In the last two years, Kendrick has dropped his platinum-selling album titled, DAMN took home four Grammy’s for the album. Kendrick has also executive produced the number one selling soundtrack for Marvel’s “Black Panther”

Kendrick was also the first non-classical or jazz artist to win the Pulitzer Prize for music. “It details how his story directly connects to the charged spirits of art and revolution. Ultimately, the biography explores the broad global impact of Mr. Lamar and his work,” Moore said.


-Nia Boom

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