Artist Tray 8 out of Nashville, TN is one of the hardest working new comers to the game. His  insane work ethic has took Nashville, TN and surrounding areas by storm. Within a 2 year span this artist has shown that he can not only stand on his own as a solo artist but he is also a part of a rare thing in the industry these days.  He is a part of the group named Team Walking Lick too.  I had the chance to chop it up with him for a second about his experience in the industry so far. Find out what he had to say!
Ms. Wells: Thank you for taking the time out to answer a few questions for me! Let me start off by saying that all 2017 I heard about Tray 8. Your work ethic and consistency paid off.  Even had the opportunity of witnessing you perform and record for myself and you have a natural talent when it comes to rapping.  Start out by letting the people know who you are and where you are located?
Tray 8:  I go by Tray 8 and live in Nashville, TN.  I’m one part of Team Walking Lick.
Ms. Wells: How old were you when you started rapping and what got you started in the music industry?
Tray 8: I’ve been doing this for 2 years and just dropped my last project 10/27 on 10/27/2017. The struggle is what brought me to the music. Music is the only way to escape it for me.
Ms. Wells: In the two years that you have been out here how many bodies of work have you created?  Also who are some of the people that you have worked with and places you have performed at?
Tray 8: I’ve created 6 mix tapes and currently pushing the single #Datpod that is gaining a lot of traction. I’ve worked with Snootie Wild and Young Buck and hoping to work with Boosie, Lucci, Future, Gucci Mane, and Ralo in the future. I’ve rocked the stage at The Basement East, Lime Light, Kentucky Chocolate City. I’ve performed in Paris, TN and in Memphis and Atlanta too.  I’ve had the chance to work with some of dope producers like We We, Kell Hell, and Bandplay producers also.
Ms. Wells: Moving around and connecting with a variety of different people is important. What is your plans right now? What are your intentions for 2018?
Tray 8: My goal is produce music that will attract all people not just one target market. I want to reach people around the world through my music.
Ms. Wells:  What are some of the platforms that you are using to accomplish that?
Tray 8: I’ve got my music on all the major platforms. You can find me on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.
Ms. Wells: Let’s switch waves for a second. Talk about some of the challenges that you have faced out here and how you overcame them. A lot of the time people see the videos, pictures, the turn up part of the industry but they don’t see the other side of what the industry brings.
Tray 8: The most challenging thing that I have dealt with is hatred from your own people.  It’s something that you have to be mentally ready for. I used the studio as my escape.  And I know that hard work pays off so my advice to anyone wanting to get into this game is never let anyone block your dreams.  That’s friends, family, anything.
Ms. Wells: That formula has created a level of success for you and is good advice for anyone that is out here pursuing a dream. Well let the people know how to contact you for booking opportunities and how to follow your movement.
Tray 8: I’m definitely looking to work and you can reach me at and make sure to follow my movement on Instagram @Twl-tray8 and on Facebook at TrayWalkingLick.
Ms. Wells: I appreciate your time and make sure ya’ll hit him up and get him on a track!


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