Shanaya Coley New Jersey Mom Missing

24-Year-Old Shanaya Coley left her home to go to work Dec 7th, 2017 and was last seen outside of her apartment on Colonial Ave. in Patterson. According to Shanaya Coley’s father Willie Coley, he stated Shanaya kissed her 3-year-old son before leaving for a late shift at a nursing home in Wyckoff. He said that she had her son’s Christmas gifts hidden for him in her car.

Willie Coley said after Shanaya left, he and his grandson finished watching “Paw Patrol” and once it was over his grandson went to bed. Willie said less than an hour later there was a knock at the family’s door. There were an officer and other law enforcement stringing up yellow crime scene tape.

Willie stated that as he walked over to the parking lot that he saw blood on the ground near the parking space that Shanaya regularly parks her car. Officer’s found Shanaya’s glasses on the ground, that’s when he realizes that something was wrong. Less than 50 yards from her home Shanaya had been attacked and abducted in her own car.

Authorities have only released a few details pertaining to the case. Authorities have not said rather or not if Shanaya was taken by someone who knows her or if it was at random. There was a report made by a neighbor who called 911 and stated that there was a violent altercation.

Willie Coley states that Shanaya recently got a restraining order against a man who had been stalking her. Which authorities told him the man’s name, Willie does not know who the man is.

They suspect used Shanaya’s 2013 Nissan Altima as a getaway vehicle. Authorities have released the license plate number of the victim’s car: R74-HRX. They are asking anyone with information to call 862-849-6019 or 973-321-1120.


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Ocean Wright’s Family Is Seeking Justice

On June 15th, 2017 Ocean Wright’s mother Sassidy Curry sent her 2-year-old daughter to Hawaii which was court ordered, to get to know her biological father Chris Whitting. Ocean Wright resided in Las Vegas NV with her mother Sassidy Curry and her stepfather Marcus Wright and her 2 older siblings. Sassidy Curry thought it was only right for Ocean to spend time with her father Chris Whitting so that she could get to know her dad, so she decided to let Ocean go alone so that she could spend time with him. Sassidy Curry had visited Hawaii once before with Ocean for a few days and everything worked out well during the visit, so she felt that it was ok to let Ocean visit with her father by herself. While Sassidy Curry and Ocean visited Chris Whitting in Hawaii, he was very loving and happy to be with his daughter Chris Whitting was in the army and seemed to have his life on the right track.

Just a few weeks of Ocean being in Hawaii Sassidy Curry found out that Chris Whitting was in a relationship with a woman name Tihani Bowman-Martin, which at the time Sassidy Curry thought was odd because during her visit Chris Whitting never mentioned that he was in a relationship with anyone, nor did she know that Tihani Bowman would be around her daughter Ocean Wright.Apparently, Tihani Bowman was upset at the fact that Ocean Wright was visiting her dad, and would not let Sassidy Curry speak with her mother when she would call to speak with her. When Sassidy would try to contact her child she was given excuses that the phone wasn’t working properly or her calls would just simply go unanswered.

On August 18, 2017, Sassidy Curry received a phone call from Chris Whitting’s mother Shirley Wright who resides in Florida. Shirley Wright told Sassidy Curry that something was wrong with Ocean, and stated that Ocean had an allergic reaction to something. Which Sassidy Curry stated at that time that her daughter wasn’t allergic to anything and asked what was wrong with Ocean. Shirley Wright told Sassidy Curry that Ocean Wright had been found face down in the shower and that her skin was falling off and that they thought Ocean had a chemical reaction to something. At this time Sassidy Curry tried contacting Chris Whitting and got no answer, Chris Whitting’s mother contacted Sassidy Curry to tell her to stop calling because she’s upsetting him by trying to get a hold of him to find out what exactly happened to Ocean.

At that time Sassidy Curry took to the phones calling every hospital in Hawaii to try to find her daughter, after calling multiple hospitals Sassidy Curry found that her daughter Ocean Wright had been admitted to the hospital and that she was in the burn unit. The doctor’s informed Sassidy that Ocean’s Wright father Chris Whitting had brought her in and said that he found Ocean next to a plug outlet and that she had been electrocuted. Sassidy Curry finally was able to reach Chris Whitting to ask him what exactly happened to Ocean, which at the time he stated that he wasn’t at home and was out with friends at the time of the incident. Chris Whitting also stated when he came home that Ocean was laying on the bed wrapped in a cover and seen her skin falling off. At that time Sassidy got on a flight to Hawaii and was with Ocean in a matter of hours, and Chris Whitting was no longer able to come to the hospital to see Ocean because of the many different stories that he told and foul play that had gone one.

Doctors washed Ocean’s skin off and we’re able to tell Sassidy how the burns were caused, the doctor’s said that Ocean was burned with “Boiling Hot Water”. Ocean sustained burns over 100% on her face and 22% on her legs and arms, the doctor confirmed that there was something poured over Ocean’s head. The doctor also stated that Ocean had also been forced to stand in Boiling hot water as well because her toes were almost burned off.

Ocean was in for the fight of her life and had to undergo many surgeries, due to the damage caused by the boiling hot she was no longer able walk or stand and could not speak or open her eyes. Ocean had been put back on baby formula in order for her to eat. Chris Whitting called CPS and put his other 2 children into their care because he didn’t feel that they were safe around his girlfriend.

Tihani Bowman was arrested for child abuse against Ocean Wright and Chris Whitting, Ocean’s father bailed her out. Sassidy Curry was contacted by the father of Tihani’s 4-year-old and stated that Tihani Bowman had been known for abusing kids. Tihani also had previous CPS cases for her own child, which she was never charged for because she had moved to Hawaii. After finding out this information Sassidy Curry went to court to get a restraining order against Chris Whitting. During which time Sassidy also was informed that Ocean had been in the hospital previously for a number of reasons.

On July 27th, 2017 Chris Whitting took Ocean to the hospital for a fractured eye, she sustained from being hit hard in her face. Sassidy Curry was taken back by this information because she did not understand why she was not contacted by CPS about this matter. When Ocean was undressed by CPS and the Doctor’s they witnessed marks on her butt from being hit with objects very hard, Ocean also had bite marks on her stomach and her hair had also been cut off.

Ocean Wright had been tortured for weeks by the hands of Tihani Bowman. The courts questioned Tihani’s 4-year-old about what had taken place with Ocean and the 4-year-old stated that her mother and father are always was mean to Ocean and would hit her with a green stick and would also take her outside to wash her down with a hose. Tihani Bowman also stated that she never hit Ocean Wright and that she would just hose her down outside when she used the bathroom on herself.

Ocean Wright was in the hospital for 5 weeks during this time she slowly started to come back to her old normal self. She started eating on her own and talking and playing, which brought her mother Sassidy and family so much joy to hear and see that she was feeling better. Which at the time doctor’s didn’t expect her to survive past one day due to how badly burned she was. Ocean lungs were so bad and she had a number of other problems due to the burn’s and from her being beating.

On September 25th, 2017 Ocean had skin graphing surgery done on her face, hours later her heart rate drop, doctors tried everything they could to bring her back to life. Ocean Wright passed away at 4:30 pm Hawaii time she was only 2-years-old. Sassidy Curry said she was heartbroken and devastated, Ocean was a beautiful and a happy baby who never got a chance to live and enjoy her life.
Sassidy could not believe nor did she ever think that when she sent her daughter to Hawaii that she would bring her home in a body bag. Ocean Wright’s was laid to rest October 5th, 2017, Sassidy Curry said this was the hardest thing looking at her daughter laying in the casket. Chris Whitting did not show up to his own daughters funeral he sent his parents to attended in his place. Days after the funeral Sassidy Curry found out that Chris Whitting had taken out a life insurance policy on Ocean without her knowledge nor approval. As of today Chris Whitting and his girlfriend Tihani Bowman have not been charged and her and Chirs Whitting are living there lives as if nothing ever happened. Sassidy Curry is pleading for help and asking for justice for Ocean Wright was killed by her father’s girlfriend Tihani Bowman and nothing is being done about it.

Sassidy Curry and her family are seeking legal counsel in the state of Nevada, to help them get justice for Ocean Wright. If any law firm would be willing to work on the case please contact Miracle Watson via instagram at


If you would like to donate you can do so just click the link provided below:


Ocean case has been listed as a homicide now  8087233642 this is the number to The detective Makasaku Who has the case Call and ask when will Ocean wright Get justice.

#justiceforOcean #MakingAWaveForOcean #StopChildAbuse !!



Posted by Miracle Watson on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Posted by Miracle Watson on Thursday, October 19, 2017

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