T-Cush defines how a summer vibe should look like with new song “Big Dawg” @tcushofficial

When it comes to getting rich, you only focus on things that will get you to that goal. There is nothing like cash money, women, good smoke and true friends to celebrate with.

Representing Lawrenceville, Georgia comes an artist named T-Cush who at 10 years old started his love for music. Fast forward to 2021 he connected with production company Since Day 1 Records LLC to release the single “Big Dawg”. This song talks about the Rich life, along with living it by having fun, smoking good and everything else that comes with having a good time.

Lyrically T-Cush is selling a vibe, lifestyle, a way of life that anyone who considers themselves a “Big Dawg” should be living. Everything from engineer, production, lyrics and even the official video is on point from start to finish. If T-Cush is attempting a certain vibe then he accomplished, it with flying colors.

Stream the official video for “Big Dawg” now on YouTube.

Social: @tcushofficial

Booking: Antonio Lewis CEO

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Russdiculous feat. Lil B – Phone Tag | @Specter_Smit @russdiculousent @lilbthebasedgod

Russdiculous feat. Lil B – Phone Tag 
Russdiculous Records / Stay Laist Ent presents Russdiculous feat. Lil B – Phone Tag. The song “Phone Tag” was released on July 15, 2021 on all digital platforms. It is produced by KY Engineerin. KY Engineerin is a legendary producer and he has mixed multi-platinum records under his name. This collaboration is going to be amazing. For Lil B, it can be just another track with an artist, but for Russ Smith it means so much more. He appreciates what Lil B has done so far, and now he has a chance to collaborate with him. The fans are eagerly waiting for the official music video to be released until then enjoy the track “Phone Tag” out on all digital platforms!

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[New Music] Jasmin Cadavid – Florida | @JasminCadavid

Jasmin Cadavid – Florida

Female artist Jasmin Cadavid released her new single “Florida”. She is coming back with a vengeance and not here to play games. Independent artist Jasmin Cadavid has a point to prove and is coming with heat. Jasmin Cadavid is multi-faceted and a force to be reckoned with. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Florida” is Florida’s next big thing. Keep an eye on this up and coming star.

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[New Music] Sauvi DuVin – No Tomorrow

Sauvi DuVin No Tomorrow

A humble R&B singer and songwriter with a unique, powerhouse voice, Sauvi DuVin is far from new on the music scene. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Sauvi DuVin began singing at the tender age of nine (9) years old. Her parents and grandparents kept her in church every Sunday, and it was only natural for her to begin using her gift to give glory to God in the church choir. Sauvi idolized many legends, including Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Mariah Carey, and Sade. She won her first talent show at Webb Bridge Middle School, singing “If I Ain’t Got You Baby” by her idol, Alicia Keys. Sauvi later attended Grady High School in Atlanta and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia State University. In 2017, she began performing with a live concert band called “The City,” managed by Jerome Derrickson, formerly of the Zapp Band and the current tour manager for Maze f/ Frankie Beverly. In September 2017, Sauvi, as part of “The City,” opened up for Maze f/ Frankie Beverly and the Isley Brothers at the Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie in Dallas, Texas. After enlisting Ametria Dock as her vocal coach and changing her music director to Brandon A. Thomas, Sauvi began to blossom and came out of her shell. She began using her powerful voice to perform covers by artists such as Corrine Bailey Rae, Estelle, and Ariana Grande. In 2018, she continued to tour with “The City” while preparing herself to launch her solo project. She teamed up with producer Wili Hendrix to take her sound to new heights. In 2019, going by the name “Sauvi DuVin,” with the help of her parents (her dad, an Entertainment Lawyer, and her mom, the founder and owner of the rising shoe entity “Devawear LLC” in Atlanta), she formed her entertainment label, BAM Entertainment LLC. Sauvi released “Luv For You” in November of 2019, along with a music video. She later released a two-song EP called “Say No More,” which included “Too Late” featuring Atlanta artist Yani Mo. Sauvi will release her single “No Tomorrow” in early July 2021.

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[New Single] Vaun1k – ALLADAT

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Since his official 2019 debut, the Atlanta, Georgia-hailing independent artist Vaun1k has amassed plenty of hype around his melodious canter and beats that bring the energy but allow his RnB-inspired vocals to dominate the mix without ever being over-facing. With the flawless production, his enigmatic person and the playful wit in the lyrics, you can consider 1k a triple threat. His latest release ‘ALLADAT’ is the third release from breaking rap artist and vibe alchemist. His music flows in the tides of new wave trap, but even old school fans will want to test the waters in this smooth ride of a release. This goes hand and hand with his energetic performance style and rockstar aura, making him a well-rounded artist you’ve got too hear and see to believe.

Born Javaun Anderson, Vaun1k grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta where his passion for music grew. The influence stemmed mainly from his mother, who was heavily involved in the industry, going on to sing background vocals for Too Short’s ‘Pimp The Hoe’. This alongside his childhood influencers: Lil Wayne, Eminem, 8-Ball & MJG, Tupac, Paramore, etc. inspired 1k to start writing music at the age of 10. Due to year-round sports and school, Javaun couldn’t quite find enough time to work on his craft until mid-2016 when he booked his first professional studio session. The following year he dropped his first single on SoundCloud called Diamonds Bitin’. Juss Russ Radio” gave early recognition to 1k, breaking down the single by saying “he makes energy music, music his listeners just need to feel, creating a profound impact with each piece.” This fuel to the fire ignited 1k to continue to push more music. Fast forward to 2021, Vaun1k is picking up some serious steam, racking up 50k streams on his newest single release in under a month. He says “I’m just getting my feet wet” and by the looks of it, he’s absolutely right.

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Alabama native Bianca Clarke is gearing up to drop her new mixtape “Pretty Thug” this fall

“Alabama native Bianca Clarke is gearing up to drop her new mixtape “Pretty Thug” this fall, following her latest project Queenaveli.! This mixtape will feature a few big names. This Mobile Alabama native says she’s a “Pretty Thug”, she’s giving you the best of both worlds.!

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[New Music] Adonis Ali – PND

Adonis Ali, was born in Long Island, New York, and raised throughout the enter state of New York. For as long as Adonis could remember he found himself drawn to creativity from an early age. Like many others, Adonis Ali’s musical roots sprouted in the church. Throughout his school career, Adonis managed to study 5 instruments aside from vocal training. In addition to learning to play the basics on Drums, Piano, Guitar, Baritone, and clarinet Adonis is also a self-taught Bi-lingual. From a young age, Latin music attracted Adonis’ interest and caused him to learn the Spanish language at the age of 17. Adonis talent for languages has proved to be a great asset as he began to incorporate his multilingual abilities in his music.

Adonis has decided to embark on a career as a professional musician and producer currently enrolled in Audio Engineering school while developing his fanbase by performing regularly and releasing quality music.

Adonis started his career just like many other young hip hop artist by posting his music to Soundcloud. After months of gaining Soundcloud traction he began to build his social media following with a daily posts on Instagram showcases his freestyling ability. In January of early 2019 Adonis, released his first Single, “Dat Nigga.”, he began performing at various venues thoughout the New York area. Adonis has grace the stage at several venues such as, S.O.B.S., N.Y. Music Festival, Colony 274, Social Butterfly, and more.

In July of 2021, Adonis Released his debut single “PND” which is a song about being a flashy, entrepreneurially inclined young black man who is on the come up. With a catchy bouncy backdrop and witty wordplay “PND” is a great introduction for Adonis Ali as he embarks on his journey for industry domination.

PND Smart Link:

Follow on Instagram: @AdonisAli223

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