[Web Series] DJ Samore Top 5 w/ @kingjamesworthy


Check out the latest episode of the DJ Samore Top 5 from the Innovative Black Station. This week episode DJ Samore does her countdown of the top 5 songs on the radio, based on the radio media base charts, the streets, and she also spotlight new records. Her guest this week is grammy nominated , super producer turned artist James Worthy. Check out episode 63 of the Dj Samore Top 5 Show.

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[New Music] Canada’s Next Superstar Devontee – releases “Jewler” @youngdevontee


Young Devontee lives his life without boundaries or limitations, dominating his craft every step of the way. The Jamaica West Indies born actor turned rap artist translates his musical passion into innovative lyrics over fresh beats, making him a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop. Catch him on Big Heff’s Streets Most Wanted Tour in the west coast starting in June 2018.

Born in Jamaica West Indies now a citizen of Canada residing in Toronto with Vancouver ties, Devontee initially flourished as an actor, but soon felt he needed another avenue to purely express his creativity. “The difference between rapping and acting begins at its origin. Acting is stimulated by the mind, rapping is stimulated from the heart and transferred to the public unselfishly,” says Devontee.

In 2010, the lyricist creatively incorporated social media into his hit single “YouTube Girl,” by starting a contest to find the hottest women in and out of the country, giving them the spotlight in his music video. Drawing attention to beauty is just one side of the multi-talented artist. His lyrics paint vivid pictures of the struggles of becoming an entrepreneur in a world of recession, a real life topic both his male and female listeners can relate to. “Rapping is a huge part of my life,” admits Young Devontee aka AirCanada as he reminisces about his childhood performances for his family, dancing like Michael Jackson when he was just 4 years old. “Yeah, I was that kid that used to get paid off my moon walk,” he laughs.

Now, with the attention of a national crowd, Young Devontee prepares to release his new mixtape “While You Wait”. Devontee will turn heads with a hot new sound guaranteed to make his loyal fans proud and garner new supporters. “While You Wait” is the new, next big thing. I’m just focused on music right now. No features on the project, because too many people depend on others,” notes Young Devontee, regarding featuring too many other artists on a body of work he’s worked so hard on.

Devontee makes it clear he doesn’t want to change the game but add to it as a living example of a new generation of creators of music. Taking a step behind the scenes, the Toronto resident is now co-directing all of his music videos, putting his acting knowledge to use for his music. Signed to Forever Young Entertainment and pushing the “Young Devontee” brand. He is knocking down his competition one opponent at a time. With an undeniable, multi-faceted talent and skills that supersede the recording studio, Young Devontee is truly the total package. Prepare to be impressed with his new single “Jewler” and his Ep which will drop sometime after the summer titled “Summers Over”.

Instagram @youngdevontee


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[Music Video] Lil Donald (@iamlildonald) Do Better


Check out the official video for Lil Donald “Do Better”. It’s an uplifting song for the ladies. There is no need to settle for less, you can do better. I defintely salute Lil Donald for such song. The message is powerful, and it totally factual we all need to, can, and should want to “Do Better” . The song is heating up the streets, and impacting radio. Check out the official video for the song and share you opinion on it.

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[New Music] Layton Greene “Myself”

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Known for her viral hip hop remixes of popular mainstream artist songs to charting Billboard Top Hot R&B chart. Leveled Up Music Group Artist Layton Greene is the next big R&B Star of our millennial generation. Check out her first original song “Myself” produced by G-Styles on the track. The future of R&B is here. Listen Now.
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Alyze Elyse: First Black Independent Female Filmmaker to Have Generated Over 25 Million Streams on Amazon Prime


Actress, writer, and film maker Alyze Elyse, from Greensboro, North Carolina, is considered the first Black female independent filmmaker with a proven number of over 25 million movie streams on Amazon Prime and counting. Her first break came with the release of her first independent film entitled “Innocent”. Since then she has broken barriers for females in the independent entertainment industry, both music and film alike nationwide, with theatrical release distributed through major platforms such as Netflix, Redbox, Walmart, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Video On Demand just to name a few.

Through her company, Soul City Films, Alyze has executive produced, wrote, and created a total of 7 film projects consisting of 5 Dramas, 2 Animation Comedies along side her long time partner, producer, and director, Jarrell Crump, and has sold thousands of her films all across the country direct to consumers at mall kiosks. Alyze says she wants to continue to grow and bring different stories that captivate her growing audience. Alyze explains why it mean so much to let people know her story,

“Like any other creator, I want the people to know the story that is sometimes untold. It’s a lot of great talent in the world that works just as hard as I do and I represent their existence. I’m a success story and I will continue to believe that I’m living the American dream in a time when people feel dreams are destroyed daily but I believe my journey to success will continue to inspire many to believe even when the odds are against them.”

In what always seems to be a male dominated business, Alyze Elyse is doing things her way and is an inspiration to all young women whom desire to “beat the odds.” Check out Alyze’s film releases on Amazon Prime.


LATEST RELEASE OUT NOW!!! [Available on Amazon Prime]

Titled Release “Flowers” Featured on Amazon Prime

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[New Single] Porter Rich- No Hook @younglye


Porter Rich aka YL is next up out of the BX, a borough that has a historical past and a promising future. With a lot of talent coming out of his side of town, Porter Rich is determined to break through the clutter with a unique sound that incorporates a modernized bounce and traditionally well-written raps. “No Hook” is a testament to his pen game, displaying his lyrical prowess by not using a chorus, but still engaging the listener. This track is sure to gain traction in the city where it was initially premiered by DJ Drewski on Hot 97 and will continue to buzz through the boroughs and eventually on a national scale. Check out “No Hook” below and look out for more work from Porter Rich.


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[NEW SINGLE] Mike Baggz- Wah Yuh Dip Fah @MikeBaggz


Mike Baggz is a talented and versatile artist most known for his rapping ability, but this time he delivers on an Afrobeat banger. “Wah Yuh Dip Fah” has a lot of bounce and a lot of energy that is perfect for the summer and we’re sure there is no coincidence behind the timing of this release. Baggz is coming out of Brentwood, New York and he carries the torch from legendary hip-hop acts such as Keith Murray, EPMD, LL Cool J, & Craig Mack. Baggz is well known for his 2016 single “Running” with Snoop Dogg that really gave him a stamp of approval in this game. With an experienced pen in the rap game, Baggz is now experimenting with new sounds and he is really making a flawless transition into afrobeat. Check out “Wah Yuh Dip Fah” below and look out for more from Mike Baggz and expect the unexpected.

Twitter: @MikeBaggz

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