PRETTY DIJ is the Name of this Queen, when you think of the Brooklyn Drill scene, the first artist to come to mind is probably not a woman. Pretty Dij is putting a stop to that.  Pretty Dij is Brooklyn born, Brooklyn bred, and fully credits Brooklyn for giving her the necessary grit to pursue such a male-dominated industry.

Pretty Heavily influenced by Lil’ Kim, and often compared to her,  One of her favorite quotes is; “There’s no success without struggle” and living by that she hustled, paid her dues, and built a buzz that resulted in Brooklyn fully getting behind her. Eventually, several people reached out to Hood; of Feed the Family Entertainment; who was impressed by Pretty Dij’s hard work which ultimately convinced him to back her. Understanding that many artists build their names on publicity stunts and plays for notoriety, Dij isn’t taking that route. She remains genuine and presents herself as such, unabashedly.

Pretty Dij has performed at SOB’s opening for Mulatto and Kai Cash and at the B.I.G.  Block party in Brooklyn. She’s been interviewed and featured in The Source (2019), (2020), and (2020). Her latest single ‘SMD’; released on 11/28/2020 and available on all streaming platforms is being played by DJ Enuff, DJ Drewski, and DJ Wallah on Hot 97 and DJ Clue and and DJ Self on Power 105.1. While 2020 was a reality check for everyone, the downtime allowed Dij to be more introspective and gave her the ability to perfect her craft.   Pretty Dij is happy that the industry is growing in favor of women and would like men in the industry to show respect and give credit where it’s due. She also wants to make it very clear that she is making a space for women in Drill, whether or not the men choose to approve or accept it doesn’t concern her.

Pretty DIJ  has a New Record featuring recording artist Mr. Chicken called “RUNWAY” streaming on all platforms Spotify, Apple Music and More.  You can look forward to videos releasing soon. You must stay tuned in and follow NYC’s own Pretty DIJ on all social media platforms @iamprettydij

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Meet the Artist: Lil Haiti

Born in Haiti and based in New York, Lil Haiti has been a part of the music industry since the age of five. His work includes singles dating back to 2015 such as “Good Vibe“, his albums The New Haiti (2017) and Trust the Process (2018), and his newest song “Where The Cap At” featuring Flipp Dinero

Lil Haiti’s music travels in time and tells stories of his life. In his new single, “Where The Cap At,” his lyrics, “If you talkin’ money, drop your Cash App,” refers to a time during the pandemic when he was providing financial support to his followers and fans via Instagram. He believes that music isn’t the only way he can help people, which is why he continues to work a 9-5 job on top of his music.

“I’m for the people. I’ll use my 9-5 money to feed whoever I need to feed and give back to the community. I want them to know that this is not from my label, this is from me.”

Lil Haiti

We even discussed his upcoming giveaway for single mothers that includes a day at the spa, a nice dinner, a meet-and-greet, and $300. “Whether you’re a nurse a teacher, any job, single moms need some time to themselves. Being a single parent is not easy and I wanted to give them a great time to have fun and relax.”

Lil Haiti has been helping others since he was a kid and will continue to do this for the rest of his life. His support doesn’t stop at the community but also includes other artists in the industry. One of his next career goals is to create his own label that will act as space for up-and-coming artists to gain the experience that they need to succeed. He believes in giving opportunities to young artists, especially those with similar backgrounds. 

“I feel like some people think that needing to work hard for so many years means you can’t help others in the process. But I think that knowing how hard it can be should give you even more reason to help others in similar situations. Give advice, make it easier for them. You don’t have to give the entire plan but at least help create the blueprint to start their own journey.”

Lil Haiti

With his years of experience, Lil Haiti has a few key strategies to succeed in music. He uses the analogy of building a house and says that much like a house, the music industry requires time, patience, and a strong foundation to make it to the top. 

“The music industry is not a fast cash, get-rich-quick scheme. Build a foundation so that when you have that one hit, you have nowhere to go but up because you already built something,” Lil Haiti explains. 

Lil Haiti is living proof that you can succeed in music and still stay true to yourself. He has a strong purpose to help his community while simultaneously living the life he wants. 

“I want to bring hope to others and show people that it’s possible to make it to the top by staying consistent, humble, and patient.”

Check out his new single “Where The Cap At” featuring Flipp Dinero and all of Lil Haiti’s music on Spotify and Apple Music! You can follow him on Instagram at @thereallilhaiti

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New York, NY: Brooklyn native and unique talent, Paul Gee brings something fresh to the table with the release of Awethentic (Geemix) record and visuals today. This next-level rollout will feature a revamped version of the song Awethentic (co-produced by Double A), accompanied by an experience-enhancing music video, featuring subliminals visual effects. 

“I wanted to provoke the minds of my listeners and inspire people to live freely while being true to their authentic selves.” -Paul Gee 

In collaboration with 9 other creatives hailing from Massachusetts to Hong Kong, Paul Gee was able to produce and direct the Awethentic (Geemix) music video all from his Brooklyn apartment. It was very important for him to work with a wide array of talent like Chris Fequiere @chrisfequiere, who’s done animation for industry giants like Netflix, and Christian Jeric @seejeric, who has produced video content for Complex and Billboard. 

The music video also features clips from his most recent benefit concert, GameTime, which raised $40,000 to help serve underprivileged communities and drew a crowd of over 1000 people. Long time supporters and new fans alike will find the music video to be multifaceted and engaging due to the multimedia effects and thought provoking messaging. Paul Gee’s refined and original sound also shines through in the revamped Awethentic (Geemix) record, which along with the music video can be streamed on all major platforms here:

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“Love Me Now” by Kyna DaNina is dropping this Friday @ 12AM on Apple Music!

“Love Me Now” by Kyna DaNina is dropping this Friday @ 12AM on Apple Music! In the meantime, stream “Temporary Time” by Kyna DaNina, streaming now on ALL platforms! Her other work such as “What It Seems” & “Get Right or Get Left” is on SoundCloud as well! Kyna is an upcoming artist from Savannah, Ga! To keep up with Kyna DaNina and her music journey, make sure you follow her on Instagram & Twitter @_kynadanina!

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UK Rising Star Divita Releases “Diamonds”

Another fine addition to the artist’s discography, Divita now takes his talents to a fiery rap single, starkly contrasting his first release which was drill. A consistent flow over the beautiful beat conveys the message perfectly; to lay down the love for money for eternal life and greater blessings. Produced by ‘byscorez’, the beat utilises drums, a harp and perfectly tuned string instruments carrying the weight of the beautiful message Divita raps. This single taken from his upcoming EP is just a taste of Divita’s 2021.

From the electric first verse to the more vocal chorus, a constant theme of laying down the love of money and focusing on the important things, especially within the context of a relationship with God is displayed clearly. The rapid-fire bars and flow in combination with wordplay and interesting lyrical choices makes it stand out as more than just another Christian rap single but a song to be heard, a song to be taken in and ‘digested’ as well as the message to be thought about constantly. Throughout the verses, Divita constantly puts forward the concern that many are throwing away their lives for money and the misplaced burning desire for it, as well as presenting the contrasting benefits of chasing God rather than money.

Taking time out of releasing music, Divita took a large break between Kingdom and his upcoming single ‘Diamonds’ to re-focus on the quality of his art. Writing almost daily and practicing frequently while constantly experimenting in the studio has led to the large improvement that is ‘Diamonds’ so listeners of Divita’s music should anticipate a change in the pace of his art, especially in this new year of 2021, a lot more consistency and should note that Divita is an artist to keep your eye on this year, as you never know what he could release next. Potentially a project, more singles and most definitely some music videos are on the way from the artist.

More about Divita:

A bold upcoming artist, Divita produces music that defines his lifestyle heavily influenced by gospel. Born in Glasgow and raised in Birmingham, school and church were the most prevalent things in his life – he saw potential to do more. Growing up in a household where music was unavoidable; from the sounds of African gospel and Motherland classics to the sound of Pop and Hip-Hop: it was inevitable that Divita would take in such influences. Divita first picked up a pen at the age of eight for more than just music; poetry and such caught his interest. Now at the age of 18 after the successful release of his debut single ‘Kingdom’ his music career officially starts after constantly writing freestyles, and refining his rapping skills and sound: fusing together ‘ice-cold’ wordplay, flow and lyricism in his music while staying true to himself and his message with the gospel.

Contact Divita:


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Kingcess takes another step toward the rise to royalty with her new single “14”

Kingcess takes another step toward the rise to royalty with her new single “14”

Hitting over 19,000 views in one week, Kingcess is already doing numbers with her latest single and visual “14”. Kingcess’ “14” narrates how she’s been grinding to get her queen and her seat on the throne since age 14. The youthful and fresh basketball court focused visuals marry the nostalgic vibe of the track. 

Kingcess is a rising young rapper based in Connecticut. The name Kingcess (royalty) collated from the mixture of a king and a princess (LGBTQ). Since her start in 2018 she has opened for Coi Leray and has her eye on manifesting future collaborations with A Boogie, Drake, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby and Trey Songz. With relatable songs that discuss her everyday struggles and feelings about the world, Kingcess is all about spreading good vibes and raising awareness about the issues she finds most important.

After releasing her album  “BEFORE THE ROYALTY”, supporters knew she was aiming to earn her crown. Hit songs include Winner’s Circle, Coin, Pour It Up, Money Up. 

“What makes me unique is not only am I female, but my very strong work ethic and my drive and will-power to make things happen stands out! I’m very friendly, everyone around loves me which helps me connect well with others! I rap about things people can relate to but also the truth about how I’m living/feeling and so forth the people around me as well.” 

Find music from Kingcess on all major streaming platforms. 

Connect with Kingcess on IG Here

Watch Kingcess “14” Here

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GI the Joe Release New Album

Hailing from Houston Texas, GI Tha Joe has been making music since he was 8 years old. After spending 12.5 years in prison, he turned to music to express himself and titled his new album “You Can Chain Me But You can’t Break Me”.

“You can chain me but can’t break my heart or soul”, he says. Listen below and follow GI Tha Joe on social media.
Reverb Nation

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