TampaMystic sits down with Chingy Jackpot

With a decade of hit records under his belt, Straight out of St. Louis Platinum Recording artist Chingy brings you his newest EP, Chingology ‘9 Year Theory’. This EP offers something for the ladies, along with something for the club and more! You can find it exclusively on

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chingy and talk with him about his new project, and upcoming events.

[box_dark]TampaMystic- What’s up Chingy! Let everyone know what you’ve got going on.[/box_dark]
Chingy- I have a new EP called Chingology I’m dropping jus for the Chingy fans to give them some music to jam to. The 6 song project is produced by Sam Rotman my 16 year old producer who’s really hot when it comes to beat making.

[box_dark]Brand New EP ‘Chingology 9 Year Theory’ is about to release, tell us about this project and the meaning behind the name?[/box_dark]
The name Chingology jus means life transformation, basically transformation in my characteristics from 2013-2060 in a more spiritual, positive way though. Innerself realization, knowing thy self.

[box_dark] It’s been a decade since you released your Platinum selling album
‘Jackpot’, what keeps Chingy motivated to continue creating good music?[/box_dark]
What keeps me motivated to make music is knowing what it took to get to this point, where I’ve been in the game professionally 10 years. Hard work, staying focused, and positive towards myself and my true fans.

[box_dark]Over the last 10 years, tell us what has changed for Chingy Jackpot as an artist?[/box_dark]
What has changed Chingy as and artist is knowing myself, growing and maturing enough to know I don’t need drugs and negatively around me to be happy and live life. Basically jus becoming a real man and finding happiness within.

[box_dark]Do you have upcoming shows, tours or events you would like to share?[/box_dark]
I’m always traveling. I have a tour in Australia coming up, as well as in New Zealand, and I’m always doing spot fates and shows in the US as well.

[box_dark]Tell us about Full Dekk Music Group.[/box_dark]
Fulldekk is my label, but it’s deep meaning behind the title Fulldekk. Fulldekk means mind or brain. I always say in life you have to “play your cards right” so you need a fulldekk, and when you look at the logo the black spade that’s split down the middle represents the left and right brain. It’s jus all about having a brain and being aware of that an using your brain to accomplish lives obstacles to reach happiness.

[box_dark]Please give us your social media and where everyone can find your new EP & videos?[/box_dark]
Hit me up at | Twitter @Chingyjackpot | Instagram: @ChingyJackpot

[box_dark]What message would you like to leave everyone with, the floor is yours![/box_dark]
Jus live life and transcend to be the best you can be. Find your higher self and let no-one discourage your path to love, light, and transcendence. Never put others before you, cause life begins with you and reality isn’t made without you.


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