Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime Set

In 2003, Grammy Award winner Beyoncé told Reuters that she had come to dislike the word bootylicious, the title of the Destiny’s Child hit from the group’s 2001 album Survivor.

But Beyoncé put her differences aside Sunday night when performing the halftime set at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. “Bootylicious” is the first song she performed during her Destiny’s Child reunion with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

“To be honest, I hate the word,” she told Reuters in 2003. “I wrote it because I was gaining weight, and I felt like for all the people that feel like I do right now … But now everywhere I go, everybody is saying, ‘booty-this’ and ‘booty-thyat’ and it’s really irritating.”

More than 10 years since the release of the song, the trio looked even better. In the “Bootylicious” video, they were dressed in bright colors and Beyoncé even wore a gold tooth. Sunday night, they each sizzled with form fitting leather leotards.

Seven minutes into Beyoncé’s pyrotechnic heavy, dance-filled routine, Destiny’s Child members Rowland and Williams emerged, propelled from below the stage, debunking rumors that their reunion would not happen.

Rowland and Williams had a commanding presence on stage with Beyoncé.

Surprisingly, they only sang two Destiny’s Child songs, “Bootylicious” and “Independent Women,” shattering talk of a performance of “Nuclear,” their subpar new song from their recently released album Love Songs.

Rowland and Williams did help Beyoncé perform her hit “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” each snagging solo parts, in traditional Destiny’s Child style.


Otherwise, aside from Beyoncé’s introduction on a pillar and the impressive, flame-traced silhouette in her likeness, her Pepsi-sponsored set is best described as a teaser clip of her past tours and award show performances.

The opening song “Crazy In Love” capitalized on her trademark, runway walk. For “End Of Time” she highlighted various sections of her all female band, and for “Baby Boy,” she revisited the concept of her 2011 Billboard Music Awards performance where she danced in synch with projections on a screen behind her.

After “Single Ladies,” she kneeled at the edge of the stage to sing “Halo” to her audience, as the high-powered stage fans blew her hair.

While it was entertaining, it didn’t live up to all of the lead up hype, $50 million deal with Pepsi, post-inauguration lip synch backlash, rehearsal footage previews or press conference a cappella.

It would have been great to see Jay-Z join her on stage for one of their songs.

In the week leading up to the Super Bowl performance, Beyoncé offered some insight into what she would deliver on stage.

Beyoncé made it clear that she had every intention to sing without a backing track as she did at President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

“I will absolutely be singing live,” she said during her Super Bowl press conference Thursday. “I am well rehearsed and will absolutely be singing life. This is what I was born to do. What I was born for.”

Though Beyoncé was hesitant to confirm that Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams would be joining her on stage for a reunion, she did talk about recently recording together the song “Nuclear” for the group’s album, Love Songs, that was released Tuesday.

“It was so exciting to hear us together again,” she said. “I just kinda dropped on the floor and kinda felt like a little teenager again when I heard us harmonize. There’s nothing like our connection and the sisterhood we have, so it’s always such a pleasure to be around them professionally and personally.”

Beyoncé will premiere her documentary, Life Is But A Dream, on HBO on February 16.


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[box_dark]What is your name:[/box_dark]
King Vega

[box_dark]Where u from:[/box_dark]

Ny, Cusetown

[box_dark]who inspired u to rap:[/box_dark]
I started rapping at 12, me my cousin Larry (rip) and another child hood friend started a group. I was the last to join
My cousin Larry, who was killed in 97 inspired me to rap

[box_dark]Who are some artist u want to work with: Artist Id like to work with[/box_dark]
Cormegea, T.I., Linkin Park, The Weknd, R. Kelly

[box_dark]When u listen to beats how do u pick your tracks:[/box_dark]
I select my beats based on the feeling it gives me. If I dont get a chill when I hear it, I dont want it.

[box_dark]u bring from the south how do u feel about south music:[/box_dark]
Im not from the South, but I feel the souths music is a new wave that has progressed over recent years, and I salute it and them

[box_dark]what project’s are u working:[/box_dark]
Im working on a project called Checkmate, a mixtape Im doin with another Don Status artist named Black Sinatra

[box_dark]What’s next for u:[/box_dark]
Whats next for me is Gods plan, however my goal is to be signed to a company, after “Checkmate” who believes in me 100%

[box_dark]What would u tell somebody about the music biz that’s trying to get in it:[/box_dark]

I would tell someone that the music biz is a LOT of hard work, its not easy, and its a sacrifice to your body, and 90% snakes

[box_dark]Let the world know the crazy thing a fan has done to u or for u: [/box_dark]

The craziest thing a fan has done is strip for tickets to my show… On camera

[box_dark]we going to close this interview like this . give shout outs and whatever u want the world to know about u: [/box_dark]

Huge shout out to Frankie Coney, Tampa Mystic, Black Sinatra, The whole Don Status, My movement is OO7, I wanna shout out everybody in OO7, its a bajillion of us, too many to name, my city, Cusetown, my hood, Brick City, and I want everybody to know that I do my best with this, and I will never stop, or change who I am, for nothing

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[box_dark]What is your name? [/box_dark]

Toni Valli

[box_dark]Where you from?[/box_dark]

Flint MI

[box_dark]How did you start rapping?[/box_dark]
Well my pops can sing as well as my sister. But in 03 my brother started a indie label “Outburst Music” that’s when my magic happened, it went from battle rapping at school to hit making.

[box_dark]Who inspired you to rap?[/box_dark]
My biggest insperation was MC Breed simply because he’s my fam and the biggest thing to come out of flint mi on the rap tip

[box_dark]Who are some artist you want to work with?[/box_dark]
Im interested in workin wit everybody that feels what i do.

[box_dark]When you listen to beats how do you pick your tracks?[/box_dark]
No particular way im versatile i love all types of music

[box_dark]How do you feel about south music?[/box_dark]
I like some of it not all of it but its the only thing they putting on so you have no choice but to rock with it.

[box_dark]What projects ate you workin on?[/box_dark]
Im currently wrapping up spazzin 2 set to release in april. In between time i have new music videos dropping more singles, and launching Toni Valli Gear.

[box_dark]Whats next for you?[/box_dark]
More music, video, clothinf line, maybe even movies lol.

[box_dark]What would you tell someone trying to get in the music biz?[/box_dark]

First thing i would tell them is it takes hard work and dedication, then i would tell the to go get what they deserve. Thats how i did it i realize my talent perfected it and went and took what i wanted out the game
Let the world know the craziest thing a fan has done? Wow where should i start lol the most clean one i can speak on is getting flashed like madi gras im a end that one there. Dont wanna make the interview x rated lol.
I wanna give a shout out to god first and for most cuz he blessed me with this talent. Shout out my brother ‘BIG’ and his wife/ my manger ‘San’. Shout out to My label Outburst Music, SDC,CPE, all my loves ones you know who you are.



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STATZ 441 Wut Evah

[uber_audio id=”7″ accent_color=”#28b6ed” second_color=”#cccccc” playlist=”2″ ui=”light” width=”500px”]

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Grand Daddy IU, Smooth Assassin (1990)

Golden Era rap label Cold Chillin’ Records was generally associated with Queens and the Juice Crew but Tyrone “Fly Ty” Williams’ imprint had other acts, too. A product of gritty Hempstead (hometown of Prodigy, and the birthplace of Method Man), the dapper, baritone-voiced Grand Daddy I.U. had a pair of minor, R&B-flavored hits with “Something New” and “Sugar Free” but Smooth Assassin tracks like “Nobody Move” and “Behind Bars” showed that Strong Island MCs could get just as gully as their city peers. And to think, this project almost never happened! When album producer Biz Markie initially called I.U., the rapper thought he was bluffing and brought baseball bats to their meeting before wising up.

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Supastition The Blackboard EP

Supa know how to make a re-entrance into the game! Coming off his quitness with a BANG!!!!! This Blackboard EP has been itching for the album!!! If you a pure hip hop head. Your going to love this project. Music Crack!

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Don’t Leave Me Lonely

So I got a new video/Short Film from LyfeLong. He’s been doing his thing in the QC for some time now. But he’s expanding his brand into film, dir, producer etc.
So this new short he did for his song Don’t Leave Me Lonely is just crazy. Take a second to check it out.

Don’t Leave Me Lonely (Short Music Film) from The Michael Foster Experience on Vimeo.

Want to know more about this artist. Make sure you check out his website. and follow him on
twitter @Lyfelong Major S/O to Mr Bluz I saw you doing your acting thing in the vid!!! You better do it lol. @MrBluz

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Tabi Bonney

So, I feel music is my drug, and there is nothing better than getting that next fix. Odd I know but it is what it is. I love running across indie artist with a new sound. So, when I ran across Tabi Bonney I just knew I had I had a new favorite artist. I get the late pass, and if you don’t know about him then you get a late pass too. But it’s crazy how much music I still have to go through. His catalog is bonkers. I promise I find a new video like every day. His videos are so creative, colorful and full of style. He is really someone you need to add to your iPod. Check out LoveJoy Park link is below. And the Love Menace video from the LoveJoy Park EP. Music Crack.


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