Cleanin out my closet Pt.6 @Its_BeezyBaby & @DJGojabean

Atlanta’s Own Ryan B.Eezy pka Ryan B is back with another mixtape to add to his catalog.

This time he brought along some help from New Jersey’s own @DJGojabean to help with this project.

With bangers like; Gettin My Doe,Okey Doke… Pt.1,Resume & Day After Day its guaranteed to be a 2019 banger.

Download It Here:

#GetSOM Via @DJGojabean

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Yung Spitfire ‘Lurkin’ [Music Video]

Most Artist never leave their city’s some never even leave their block. This Artist is not one of those!! Yung Spitfire has been touring the world and building his empire fan by fan. Today we bring you the latest visual release from Spitfire titled “Lurkin”. The music video is shot on location in Miami and directed by Jc Nova Films, Executive Producer Mayl Machete / CEO Miami Mike. Enjoy….

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Eazy Money – Between Us


produced by Grammy-winning producing team Cool and Dre.

Eazy Money is bringing an exhilarating spirit to modern hip-hop, tying in a multitude of influences to provide one phenomenal sound. With snappy bars and a natural rhythm that one cannot help but to commend, Eazy Money is undoubtedly on his way to industry success. Born and raised in the Bronx on the music of old-school legends such as 50 Cent and Jay Z, Eazy Money has admired the world of hip-hop since his youth. Eazy has been exercising his efforts in the rap game since 2014. Taking a page from the books of these fiery influences, Eazy has been developing his craft and refining his lyricism and delivery.

While traveling between Miami and New York City, Eazy has been hard at work producing quality content and learning from some of the country’s greatest in music production. His track “Trauma,” and a recent piece crafted with legendary producing duo Cool and Dre, “Between Us,” prove his developmental excellence and ability to work alongside hip-hop notables. Available through YouTube and SoundCloud, Eazy’s music is on it’s way to spark a major cultural wave.

BETWEEN US: Eazy Money’s journey through hip-hop over the past five years is reaching a head with his new track “Between Us,” produced by Grammy-winning producing team Cool and Dre. Eazy’s effortless swagger and vocal confidence paired with this legendary duo’s captivatingly catchy beat provides a solid foundation to a record that is expected to reach every playlist this season. Rapping about a life of luxury brought by hard work and a dedication to the game, this New York native bares all, while maintaining a slick flex and anticipation of his rise to the top. “Between Us” is available on a variety of streaming services and online everywhere.

Stay Connected Eazy Money | @eazymoneyup

Cool & Dre Official | @coolcnd

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#GetSOM via @TenthLetterMedia

Sundays are meant to be a chill day before the start of a new week. Alongside Straight Official Magazine, we like to set your week off right with a feature we like to call #NewMusicSundays where we bring you new music from the Hip-Hop sector of Indy and all points abroad.


This week we have a staff favorite in EPHECT hitting us up with his 4th visual project this year from The Nphection album released this year. The producer and songwriter from the Circle City is a vested artist who’s independent movement has helped to shape the landscape of Hip-Hop in Indy.

Ephect- The Nphection EP

The interlude single “Hindsight” is a testament to the trials of life and how we bounce back from adversity with the lessons learned from living it. Check out the dope visual directed by Ephect down below and be sure to cop The Nphection which is available on all streaming platforms.

Ephect-Hindsight Single

We thank you for tuning in to TenthLetterMedia & as we capture the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop and remember, it’s the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!



Facebook: FullenEphect

IG: @Ephect

Twitter: @Ephect

YouTube: EphectMusic


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[Single] Miala – Let Me Go | @Therealmialado1 @unitedmasters @stevestoute

Fresh off the release of her debut singles “FNF” & “Eden”. Canis Majoris Entertainment in conjunction with Diamond Studded Records release Miala 3rd single “Let Me Go”. Miala is set for a breakout career she is a very talented artist.

LET ME GO by Miala

Stay Connected

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Kimbretta Clay “Music For the Soul”

By: Kimbretta Clay

Oooooooo…lalalaaaaa,dada da…DoReMeFaSoLaTiDo

I loves me some music y’all, all kinds of music!
The beat, the way it makes me feel, the way it causes me to remember a particular time period, the way a hard core rap or rock song can make you feel like you’re strong and can beat anybody’s ass! lol….then there’s the message music that makes you say “Amen” or “Hell Yeah” because you was thinking or feeling that same way or it just spoke to your soul…and ooooowwwwweeee, the songs that make you sing out loud with all your heart, because they tell a story that is so close to home.

Fun Fact: I think it is the most adorable, cutest thing to see a Man who “can’t sing well” singing a good old song out loud with no shame.  (my brother does this all the time with his ol non sanging a***)
Sorry, not sorry ladies but I do not get the same fuzzy feeling when you do this. I love you tho

Okay, it’s only so much you can write about music, you really have to hear it. So, I’ll just list some of my favorite songs (no particular order), a couple of snapshots of what I name my playlists and some funny videos (Judge yo Mama)

Speechless- Beyoncé
Any man of Mine – Shania Twain
Slow Motion – Juvenile
Yes – Shekinah Glory
For your Glory – Tasha Cobbs Leonard
Dirty Deeds – ACDC
Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood
Cherry Bomb – The Runaways
Hail Mary – Tupac
Shake You Down – Gregory Abbott
Deja Vu – Avion Elisse feat. Simpo
I wanted you – Avion Elisse
I wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston
Scarred- Uncle Luke
Something About the Name Jesus – Kirk Franklin
Can I take you Home – Jamie Foxx
Ne Me Quitte Pas – Nina Simone

Okay, I gotta stop, because I could go on and on those are just what came to mind while typing.

My leader plug for today…Music is healing, it’s therapeutic, it’s been found to sharpen the mind. I offer you this, make it a part of some part of your day-I bet you feel better. You may not have a need for music daily, which is understandable…heck sometimes I break away from the tunes in my headset to listen to comedy, podcasts or self love videos…BUT don’t deny yourself completely, Music Is….it truly is a continuum and I absolutely love that it’s also a conversation. Hmph, If I send my Guy a song he’d better listen to every word, because I’m talking to him through the power that is music.


Stay up!  Follow me on social media @kimbretta across ALL platforms.

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Straight Official Meets U.N.O.

A month or so ago while traveling abroad I met a very talented artist by  who goes by the name of U.N.O. which stands for “Undisputed Number One”.  He hails out of Baltimore and reps his city to the fullest!  I was glad to get a chance to chop it up with him. Our conversation went a little like this..


S/O: U.N.O. Thank you for taking a moment to speak with us.

U.N.O. : Thank you for having me.

S/O: No problem! So, how long have you been in the business of music and what fueled you to become an artist?

U.N.O. I been doing music for about 15 years, and what fueled me to become an artist is the love I have for Hip Hop and to tell my story.

S/O: 15 years? That’s what’s up! So who are some of the artist that you look up to or that you can say inspired you?

U.N.O. Huge Nas fan, J Cole Kendrick Lamar just to name a few I really like artist who stay true to who they are and tell some real stories.

S/O: What advice would you offer someone who is trying to get into the music business?

U.N.O. Know yourself, stay focused, LEARN THE BUSINESS very crucial to learn that and to stay humble and hungry.

S/O: What is YOUR favorite song to date and why?

U.N.O. I would say One Mic. That’s because no matter how I’m feeling I listen to that and I instantly get motivated.

S/O: If you could work with anyone, who would it be?

U.N.O. I’m open to working with anyone but if I had to choose I would like to work with J Cole.

S/O: That’s a good choice! Now please let the readers know how they can get ahold of your music?

U.N.O SoundCloud, links, YouTube etc. Oh, its everywhere you download music from apple music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google play, YouTube music everywhere. Just type in U.N.O. Motivated and it should come right up.

S/O: So, you’re from Baltimore, right? What other up and coming artist would you like to shout out if any? Yes

U.N.O. Indeed born and raised, Shout to my dude’s Blak Holliwood G, T West, JDP, Profit, Big Reggie just to name a few.

S/O : Thank you for your time, any parting words or shout outs?

U.N.O. Thank you for having me much appreciated, please go ahead and get that album available now, and shout out to Power4.4 radio big homey DJ DEEK , all in one entertainment, enhance vision my dude Gary and everyone that supported me on this journey!


There you have it! Go check his music out. U.N.O. is on the rise!


If you are looking to be featured, hit up @Firstclasse on


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