[Video] Ali Da G (aka G-Baby) “Your Highness” | @Alidag_Gbaby

Forever Flyy Ent / The Dope Academy releases new video from artist Ali Da G (aka G Baby) “Your Highness” #WatchNow !!
Artist Bio: Ali Da G (a.k.a. G-Baby) is a rapper/singer/songwriter. Born and raise in South Memphis TN. . He wrote his first song at the age of 15, and By 19 he began expanding his brand through Jacksonville, Florida writing and performing after leaving the U.S. Military. After Going through the ups and downs of life he commuted back to Memphis to pursue his dream of being in the music business independently. He has worked with many reputable artists and is now working with a strong producer from the PTE label by the name of “Snap Da Truph”. He has recently dropped his new smash hit “Your Highness” [Prod. by Snap Da Truph] on all major platforms. With his straight forwardness, captivating Lyrics, heart touching melodies, Blazing Drums And Melodic tones, G-Baby is sure to earn a spot on your top playlists.



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Ig: @gbabymemphis

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[Single] FB MONEY MO – “FAKIN” | @Fbmoneymo





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[Single] Vain ft Vin Keaton – Smoke @ITSVAIN

Vain is back with one of his Hottest Tracks to date “Smoke” produced by Joe Millionaire and featuring newcomer Vin Keatin.
VAIN who made his mark collaborating with the likes of Jim Jones, Red Cafe, Tony Yayo, Slim of 112, Lil Mo and DJ Jazzy Joyce never ceases to amaze!
This Sexy Track with a surprising Sample of “Soul Glo” from Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America” exhibits Vain’s musical genius once again! Club listeners will get a Natural High listening to the way Vain gets lit on this “Smoke” track.
This track is ready for Prime Time with Fully Mastered Dirty, Clean and Acapella versions that will have the whole club Lit and in the Mood!

Check it out on these streaming platforms


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[EP] Feel Jas – Dirty Poetry | @FeelJas

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the Atlanta metro area, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the talented female duo “F.E.E.L”. They’ve been performing on Atlanta’s underground scene quite some time as well as making waves on the net. With a series of dope releases as a group and solo acts, Bri Feel and Feel Jas never disappoint and seem to get better with every track they release. Today, we have a submission from group member Feel Jas entitled “Dirty Poetry”. This 7 track project has guest appearances by Bri Feel, Ako Slice, XIV, & Ari Chi. As well as production from Xavier “EKS” Hayes, DJ Wes, and Feel Jas. You can find this project on all digital streaming platforms.

Spotify Link:

Stay Connected: Twitter: @FeelJas / Instagram: @Feel_Jas

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[Single] Bri Feel – 85 | @Bri_Feel

If you’re familiar with the Atlanta Underground music scene I’m sure you’ve ran across the name F.E.E.L. This is a soulful duo consisting of two beautiful spirits Bri Feel and Feel Jas. They’ve been on the grind for quite some time and this year is going to be a big year for the group. They release music together as well as solo acts. Today we have a new submission from Bri Feel entitled “85” produced by Z. Will for Blu Majic Beat Co. This track can be found on SoundCloud as well as all digital streaming platforms.

SoundCloud link:

Social Media: @Bri_Feel

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[New Single] Dooley KP- IGNANT @TheRealDooleyKP

Growing up as a youngster in the city of Valdosta GA, a small city in the southern region of the state, there were not too many options to make a name for oneself other than sports. The city was well known for football and other sports championships. Dooley KP was a youngster who loved to write and loved music. He started writing poetry for friends for girls and later had a poem published.

Knowing that music was not recognized as an art or outlet in the south at this time, he hoped to play sports to provide an opportunity. As a youngster he was introduced and adapted to street life very early. While living with his older brother and his older family friends, they turned him on to the life of crime, hustling, drinking, smoking, and parting. He would live a double life of an honor roll student and a pistol toting, weed smoking, drinking and partying street kid.

Going down the path of destruction, he was saved by a coached that believed in his potential on the basketball court, he began to play on a travel league basketball team and his life slowly began to change.

As he entered high school, he began to gain the love for football. Dooley KP became a player who gain noticed and would begin playing varsity as a sophomore and became a starter in junior year. He was apart of state championship football team and was noticed by college scouts.

After a torn MCL to his left knee, Dooley KP decided to continue writing and pursue a college in English to become an English teacher. He also decided to create a record company and do what he felt what was always apart of him, music. He recruited a few of his friends from his high school and neighborhood and began recording. They created an EP and begin shopping the music. Due to lack of financial backing and limited resources, the artist went searching for advice. After a lot of middlemen and interference the artists went separate ways. After his freshman year of college, Dooley KP joined the military to help get financing to help launch and get his label off the ground. After a back injury in the military, he decided to go back to college.

While in college, Dooley KP continued to write music and look for artist to bring aboard and help build the label. He started working with someone who inspired him and introduced music to him and his partner. They welcomed him to Southern Greezy. The duo became a trio and with the help of the knowledge, hard work, and persistence of Dooley KP, the group began to generate a buzz and began to do shows. Egos began to take affect and the group fell apart. They would do music with each other from time to time, but never fully reunited as a group.

Dooley KP began to get frustrated and almost gave up on something he always has passion for. With things moving slow and financing being a problem to fulfill his dream, Dooley KP went back to what he knew and what he was taught at an early age, hustling. He would again live the double life of college student and street hustler.

After a converting back to the streets, Dooley KP begin to invest in his label and began making moves to noticeable company. While making moves and starting progress, trouble would find his way. Dooley KP was arrested for possession of illegal substance and possession with the intent to distribute.

After trouble came his way, Dooley KP vowed to work harder. He joined forces with Madega Jackaval Beats and began make his first solo project. While working on solo project, Dooley grabbed 2 child friends to create The E-Team, which would be the first group off the label. Later they would travel to FL where they would grab more artists to fill the roster. With all the talent the company began working on mixtape to introduce the talent the world. With Dooley KP opening the door and a talented roster behind him, Dooley KP would create an opportunity for his label to land a distribution deal. With lack of hard work ethic to create material, the deal went sour. Due to this situation, the artists all parted and the Dooley KP went back to ground zero.

After the situation was over Dooley KP focused more on school. Wanting to be a high school English teacher, he pursued his degree. While in his last year and doing his student teaching, the state of GA increased the statues and stated that one must have a degree in Education as well as its concentration to become a teacher. Dooley KP became irritated and earned a degree in Behavior Science a Psychology major.
Knowing it would be tough to get a job in that field, Dooley KP decided to give music another run. Once again facing the lack of finances, Dooley KP went back to what he knew. The street life would once again come into play. Dooley KP began get involved in brawls and gunfights in which almost lost his life. He then caught a trafficking case in which the judge wanted to give him 20 years on a $1.5 million bond. After six months of jail time, once released, Dooley KP vowed not to go back to that life and only work hard to live out his dream.

After coming home, Dooley KP got a track from Rockwilder and hit the studio to record the street anthem “Hit Tha Trap”. The track made a buzz for Dooley KP once again and he began to create a buzz for him. While gaining momentum from the track, Dooley KP went to into studio to record more music as his hunger came back. He then released follow up album “The Mission Statement”. Knowing that the city of Valdosta was not going to be an outlet for music, he began to take his talents to the Southwest and moved to Arizona.

Dooley KP relocated and continued to thrive after greatness. Within in a month after his relocation, Dooley KP was booked for his first show in Phoenix AZ. Dooley KP begin to network and then made his acting debut on the big screen in the movie “Spoken Word” which appeared at the AZ AMC movie theater. Dooley KP then continued to push but felt time was running out. On the verge of quitting, a co-worker who wanted to pursue a music career asked Dooley KP for guidance. Dooley KP then wrote a song for the co-worker, but the artist could do the song, as it did not come out right. Dooley KP then recorded the song “Walk So Nasty” which is one his biggest songs to date. With the buzz and networking of Dooley KP, he gained recognition from Don Mega and Mega Music. Don Mega liked the sound and wanted to work with Dooley KP. Dooley KP then flew to Miami as he hooked up with Don Mega and created great works.

Instagram:https: @dooleykp


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All exclusive interview, Prince of the ville “King Jaden”

Only 12 years old, King Jaden is killing the music scene in Fayetteville and surrounding cities, with his high energy performances and charm-like swagg. Already getting praises from artists including Rain910 and Dj E.Sudd, this young King is on his way to becoming one of the most prominent artists out of 2-6 (Fayetteville). Juggling a music career, performances,  school and being a kid, King Jaden sits down with radio personality JC Live for the JC Live Experience podcast.

 What made you want to get into the music business?
My uncle was a rapper I’ve been playing around and one day I was like I wanna to go with u to my uncle he was going to the Studio so my mom said if I want to go I can so I’m here now

What artists inspire you?
Dababy Lecrae fetty wap

Being how young you are, what are some things you learned about the music industry so far?

Never give up and people going hate and hard work pays off a lot

What projects are you working on or what projects you have coming up in the future?
My mixtape will drop in 3 months I got a song with boosie son tootie raw it’s lit

What artists do you want to collaborate with? Fetty Wap, Lecrae

How do you manage to balance school and your music career?
School is 1st then my rap career. My mom always tells me if my grades drop I have to stop rapping

What videos and songs do you currently have out so far?

The two I’m pushing are ‘Mama fussing” and “No hands” and both videos are out on my YouTube therealkingjaden.

What are some things you want people to know about you?

I’m the hottest kid in the Carolinas and I’m just a regular kid.

What advice is the best advice someone has given you about being in the music game?

Tim boss he told me to never give up and Chase my dreams.

Have any upcoming media/radio tours?
Not at the moment but when my mixtape drop we are planning a media run for that.

What is your social media and links where people can download your music? 

Instagram: Therealkingjaden
Soundcloud: Therealkingjaden

Have any shout outs?
My mom, my step dad, my uncle, AB, so loyal910 , Tipsy Twist, and Que.. Everyone who has working and supported me.


You can reach JC Live on IG at JClive99

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[EP] Aristotle – 3 Da Hard Way | @301aristotle

Maryland rapper, Aristotle began recording at the age of 14. With so many thoughts and ideas, music has always been a therapeutic method of expression. With a limitless frame of mind, range of sounds, and word bank all playing a large part of each track, Aristotle’s love for the ever- so-changing music industry challenges him to keep creating.

Aristotle recently released an EP called “3 Da Hard Way”.
Check it out on Spinrilla!

IG: @301aristotle

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[Video] Nick LaVelle – Motion 2.0 ft. Vedo | @itsnicklavelle

When it comes to intimacy and fantasy women want a partner that can make those visions into a physical feeling. Someone that knows how to handle them and their body through an inviting experience.

Landing in Detroit Michigan we run into a Dope R&B artist name Nick LaVelle that lives up to those fantasy’s by teaming up with fellow singer “Vedo” for new Single “Motion 2.0”. Focus on deep sexual encounters both Nick and Vedo describe why specific motions with their female counter parts will have her hot all over.

Sounds of love making, can put you in that mood, where you must fulfill that urge. Nick and Vedo show you what they mean with the Official Motion 2.0 video where they mention “Love it when I go under, Love when I use my tongue down, it’s all about the motion. The beat sets the mood, the lyrics get you in your feelings and the video makes you put your thoughts into action.

@itsnicklavelle1 instagram
@itsnicklavelle Twitter
Booking info:

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