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Philly MC Ace Spitz Drops “Viral Video” with Thee Lovely Lani

Ace Spitz from West Philly drops his new video “Viral” co-starring Thee Lovely Lani. The video was directed by Sess Videoz with Tressa Cook. Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Be on the look out for “Salute Me or Check Me” hosted by DJ 2 Short coming soon!

Follow Ace Spitz on Social Media:
Instagram: @acespitz62
Twitter: @acespitz
Facebook: acespitz

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The (Prince of Queens NY) Artist Young Ye is an upcoming rapper from Astoria Queens NY.  His music has an original feel of UK Drill style to R&B blend.  Young Ye, stated he has devoted his time by working on his craft.  Young Ye made special appearances on television reality shows within the entertainment industry,  some  appearances on shows such as love and hip hop and having music features with big name artists like Remy Ma song (Grind All The Time).

Young Yé  is ready to take things up a notch with his new single “Everything Swish.” Be sure to follow this young phenom as he is sure to be applying nothing but pressure for years to come in this industry.  Music is streaming on all platforms.




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[New Music]Daddy Yankee – Problema

Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee premiered his song “Problema” this Thursday with the collaboration of Panamanian producers Dimelo Flow and BK.

The single comes at a “hectic” moment after a few weeks ago the music producer Rodney Clark, known in the art world as El Chombo, mentioned that reggaeton had died.

Paying homage to Roberto Clemente with his vintage Black & Yellow Pittsburg Pirates hat & Number 21.

This record is guaranteed to heat up the streets this upcoming spring season.

Le dio hasta abajo y se le vio el gistro (Eh)
Lo má’ cabrón que mis ojo’ han visto
Pa’ mí tú ere’ un challenge como lo’ de TikTok
Tú ere’ un problema y yo amo lo’ conflicto’

Y dice, ¡wuh! (Wuh)
Ella le dio hasta abajo y se le vio el, ¡wuh! (Wuh; ¿qué?)
De toda’ su’ amiga’ ella e’ la que má’, ¡wuh! (You know)
No’ pasa po’ el la’o y to’ dijimo’: “¡Wuh, wuh, wuh!” (Sigue, sigue, sigue)

He hit it all the way down and you saw the G-string (Eh)

The baddest my eyes have seen For me you are a challenge like the one on TikTok

You are ‘a problem and I love the’ conflict ‘

And he says, wuh! (Wuh)

She gave him all the way down and you saw him, wuh! (Wuh; what?)

Of all ‘her’ friend ‘she is’ the one that’, wuh! (You know)

It doesn’t ‘pass by’ el la’o and to ‘we said’: “Wuh, wuh, wuh!” (Go on, go on, go on)

#GetSOM Via @DJGojabean @StraightOfficialMag @DaddyYankee #Problema #DYArmy #Reggaeton #PuertoRico #StraightOfficialMagazine

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Kannon Ent.’s Roster Is Heating Up With Two New Music Videos

Talented hip hop act, Roster, drops two new videos for “Wuhan” and “Black Lives Matter” featuring LA natives Deverio and Rozell and RNB female vocalist I.Khan, daughter of the legendary Chaka Khan

 Kannon Ent.’s Roster is looking to help millions of music lovers across the globe start the New Year on a high even as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world as he releases the videos to “Wuhan” and “Black Lives Matter.” Roster offers an artistic expression of his feelings back in March when the pandemic initially hit the world. In a similar vein, Roster is currently working on a project titled “Conspiracy Theories,” where he raps about contemporary issues, including the virus and police brutality.

 The music industry has evolved over the years, thanks to the amazing contribution of artists, music producers, and record labels. The emergence of talented singers has ensured that music enthusiasts are constantly treated to the best of sounds. However, rap, which continues to remain a major part of the hip-hop culture, seems to have lost the features that endeared it to millions of people across the globe. Consequently, Roster of Kannon Ent. is looking to challenge the status quo in the rap game by using his talent to tell real-life stories subtly.

 “I feel that I’m going to bring just genuine energy back to the music business from a creative standpoint having fun while being original and making music that can stand the test of time. I want people to feel good when they hear my music. I want them to learn and grow when they hear my music, ultimately making music that lasts forever,” said Roster.

 Roster was able to use the lockdown period for self-development, stating that the pandemic brought a different level of awareness and consciousness to his thought process of making music. This claim seems to have been substantiated with the release of the videos to “Wuhan” and “Black Lives Matters.”

 “Black Lives Matter” serves as a follow up to the “Wuhan” video, as Roster stayed focused on chronicling the challenging times in 2020 as he aims to use his music as a tool of change. The videos have been doing good numbers across digital platforms, enjoying rave reviews from rap lovers.

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Producer The ATG Presents “Paranoid” Feat. Omar Gooding, GV Prakash, and Sa-Roc

Producer The ATG Presents “Paranoid” Feat. Omar Gooding, GV Prakash, and Sa-Roc

Nature has its own production. There’s a musical orchestration taking place within our bodies: It’s the pulsating rhythm of the blood flow, and the kick and the snare of the heartbeat. It’s the energy, cohesion, sequence, vibe, and mix that intertwines with our souls. It’s the melody, cadence, and eurhythmics embedded in our DNA. Emerging super producer Ashwin Ganesan, professionally known as The ATG, is the personification of music. Hearing a beat by The ATG for the first time is like a borderline outer body experience. His production is cinematic and colossal. He creates musical murals with his tracks. The eclectic virtuoso approaches every note with fearless class.

 The ATG is a certified diamond in a music world full of Cubic Zirconia creators. This music maestro orchestrates cinematic soundscapes and sonic impulses that move the crowd. Music industry insiders are describing The ATG’s production as captivating, dynamic and spellbinding. Equally important, The ATG is abstract and enigmatic with an unquenchable appetite for cutting edge sounds. He is like a scientist when he gets into his studio, which he refers to as his lab. He creates, shapes and molds the music into his vision. When he works with artists, he coaches them to intertwine their soul with the beat so that their voice acts as a second instrument on the track. The ATG cites Dr. Dre, Mozart, and Hans Zimmer as some of his musical inspirations. His production style is cutting edge and versatile.

 The ATG is a musical chameleon. He is most notable for his exuberant, richly orchestrated, fusion of contemporary Hip Hop, Funk and film score verve with a touch of classical music. The ATG has a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. Moreover, he taught himself audio engineering and he has become a master at creating top notch mixes. The ATG’s notable production credits include “Entourage” with Indian Classical vocalist Leslee Lewis and Omar Gooding, Devil’s Night “Dawn of the Nain Rouge,” “Strong Enough” from Swifty McVay of D12, and “You Are Not Alone” from the film AM RADIO featuring actor/rapper/singer Omar Gooding singing on the song.

 Music is an outburst of the soul. Music is what “Feelings” sound like. It has the ability to convey that which cannot be expressed. Music is the universal language and The ATG speaks it well. His willingness to experiment and think outside of the box gives him an advantage over his peers. His production prowess and relentless work ethic put him in a league of his own. The ATG is confident that he has the necessary skills, ambition and perseverance to achieve his goal of making his brand one of the most recognized production companies in the entertainment industry. He is riding high with his current hit single entitled “Paranoid” featuring GV Prakash, Omar Gooding and Sa-Roc. The track is explosive, and it was deftly produced by The ATG. The song is receiving kudos from commercial DJ’s across the nation.

 Written by Jesse Atkinson, CEO of Urban Threshold

The ATG Twitter:

The ATG Instagram:

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[Music Video] Kris J – Keep Going | @imkrisj @Currensy_Spitta @Matt_Barnes22

Georgia emcee Kris J, is already off to a fast start and 2021 just began. He was able to open for Curren$y in Atlanta during the Remedy+ Pop Up Show and was able to get Spitta to throw on and endorse some of his Class Of Stoners merchandise. Specifically the “This Is My Smokin Hoodie” which recently has been going viral because of a co-sign from NBA legend Matt Barnes. On top of killing the clothing game Kris’ music has been taking off as well. He has a partnership between his Class Of Stoners imprint and Playas Club Music Group and today they released a new single and video entitled “Keep Going”. This track was produced by Savannah, Georgia producer Trillmatic and its definitely something you can smoke and slide to. This single is available on all digital streaming platforms and YouTube.

Video Link:

Follow on Twitter: @imkrisj @Currensy_Spitta @Matt_Barnes22

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S. Florida Artist Mezniquee Releases New Music

Mezniquee is an unapologetic, conscious Female rapper / r&b singer with a feminine sexy flare. She makes “black valley girl trap music” with a little touch of South Florida vibe mix with her Caribbean roots in her music.

Follow @OfficialMEZQUEE on Instagram

Click here to Listen to Mezniquee on Spotify and subscribe to Mezniquee’s Youtube here:

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Atlanta Native Don Gritty delivers the visual to his latest single “Waste No Time”

Surviving a past filled with unfortunate situations, Rap Phenom Don Gritty takes to the mic to express his journey and most of all, artistic creativity. Not falling into the statistical reality of his peers, Gritty finds healing in music. Channeling his love of the beat with his will to overcome Don Gritty redefines what it is to be phenomenal. His latest single, “Waste No Time” is from his latest 10-track compilation titled “L.I.F.E Deluxe.”

Falling in love with music at an early age, Don Gritty looked to Hip Hop Greats such as 2 Pac, Jay-Z, and DMX to help perfect his cadence and help mold his artistic execution. Talent by Birth, Artist by Trade, DG shows the world what it is to grow up with Gritty. Hitting the Atlanta music scene from all angles, he uses music as his blueprint for life. Taking his story to the track, he allows his listeners to relate to the man while falling in love with the music. A triple threat in his own right, this rapper, writer, and visual artist is a force to be seen. Make sure you stay tuned to what’s in store to the World of Don Gritty.










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