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Snoopy Badazz has just released his new visual for “Messiah of the Westcoast”. It was shot in Los Angeles by @voice2hard. The video starts in the middle of the night in front of an old Rustic Catholic Church and fallows up against a graffiti wall with him and his crew rocking his Angelo Mafia Gear. The video is the perfect visual to match his cut throat lyrics in the song. Snoopy Badazz has been labeled not only as the “King of Compton’ but also as the “Messiah of the West Coast” His style and flow are bringing back the golden area of hip hop which is

considered the roots of West Coast hip hop. Snoopy Badazz astonished the world with his amazing album “Pick of the Litter”. He is soon to do the same with “Pick of the Litter 2” and “Messiah of the West Coast” is just a taste of what is to come. Make sure you follow his Instagram at @snoopybadazz for all his music updates and how to purchase his Angelo Mafia Merchandise.


Written by @dahlia_koca


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[Music Video] Chantae Vetrice – Run To The Money (RTTM)

Chantae’ Vetrice is back with something pumping for the ladies, new track ‘Run to the Money’(RTTM) is set to empower all the female moguls of this world. In a time where Women are
dominating the Rap and RnB industry, Chantae’ makes her mark with what some may call the female hustler version of ‘Run the World’ (Girls!).

‘ RTTM’ is filled with energy from the start as well as motivating lyrics that fans can find strength in. Chantae’ says “ Run to the Money (RTTM) is not just about money in the physical sense
but the idea of being a female hustler. Not letting life get the best of you and keeping laser-focus on what you want out of life. It’s about being a badass chic”. Her interpretation
of the track shows her style as an artist, not only to break the boundaries that come with being a Woman in music but to inspire others too.

The fast pumping beat behind ‘RTTM’ has a pop-feel to it yet the swag and style of Chantae’s verses still gives us an element of Hip Hop, it’s certainly in its own lane and is catchy. Similar to her latest single ‘Vain’ which was a successful track as the video gained over 200k views, Chantae’ is confident, clear and direct in her vision to be powerful in the industry.

Chantae’ Vetrice is available for press opportunities. Please email:

Social Media:
IG: @chantaevetrice
Twitter: @chantaevetrice


Official Music Video (VEVO link):

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[MUSIC VIDEO] Relm Diggie Releases “Here We Go Again”

California native, Relm Diggie joins forces with Fedarro to release the new single “Here We Go Again”. The video puts a spotlight on all the adversities in the black community dealing with law enforcement. In 2019 Relm Diggie released the Ohio State Buckeye anthem “Im A Buckeye” during the championship. Relm Diggie shot a mini movie of the trauma black male motorist go thru “DWB” (Driving While Black). Song available on all streaming sites. The Song produced and features Fedarro. The “Here We Go” video is directed by Artrugroup, and features actor Michael Furlough.

IG- @relmdiggie
Facebook- Relm Diggie

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[New Video] Grandaddy Purp – WestSide

Purp’s new Single Westside is more of a reminiscent freestyle with the sweet sounds of the great lauryn hill helping the vocals pierce through the heavy 808’s laid by Kiev Beats! Don’t blink you might miss something! Blood Brothers Drops Halloween on all DSP’s!

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Directed by: Golden Coast Films

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[Video] A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth – Your Side (Feat. Suni MF) | @PimpSweetTooth @SuniMF @LaketaAwls

A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth just released a visual to his song “Your Side” featuring Suni MF. Both of the Playas Club Music Group representers have been making waves as of late: Suni co-wrote Keke Palmer’s latest single “Sticky” and Sweet Tooth recently went viral on Tik Tok gaining over 2 million views and 68,000 followers. This track was produced by Mo Diggidy. The video was shot in Los Angeles with a special cameo from up coming actress La’Keta Awls. Listen to “Your Side” on all digital streaming platforms and watch the video on YouTube. Catch this video premiering soon on BET Jams.

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