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Marko Rack$ a Chicago Native has been performing and writing music since 2001. Most would consider him a starving artist. “Determination is my pilot to the top” -Marko Rack$. One day the right person will hear this talent and will be willing to invest into his already promising career. Ambition and faith are two things Marko have at the moment, but it’s not enough. Still giving it 100% Marko never plan on quitting music. PRESS PLAY. I can guarantee you that you’ll be satisfied. Starving Artist A.K.A. Marko Rack$, he has amazing hits on his hands, to name a couple “Bread” and his New Single he will be releasing soon called “CheeseCake”  Prod. NICODEMUS LEGATUS




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Mixtape Review: True Pax “Identify The Mindset”

Tru Pax 4

A soulful introduction to Identify the Mindset opens the project up with great focus, as True Pax touches on real-time observations such as lack of awareness on societal issues disguised by trending topics that seem to be overly hyped by the persons they were truly intended to blind. Over a steady key, True Pax is candid about police brutality, and diminished compassion that seems to exist in the common man or woman. A great start, before True Pax heads to the next track Vibin Out which plays as the perfect background track to a nice cigar and cognac evening. With his substance lyrically True Pax offers a cool contrast to what’s available otherwise today. It would seem as some of his bars are aimed at his peers while at the same time holding accountable the buying demographic who keeps them in power. Is Tru Pax taking on the sound of today? Is he ready?

With lines like “Subzero Boy I could leave ya ass frozen” he displays his metaphoric prowess. The rest of the single seeks to provide hope that there is a chance at rectifying some of the ills of life, options which he contemplates as he vibes on a daily basis.  The pace is sped up a bit on Trending Topics, which surely when attached to the right hashtag will be a conversation piece amongst the millennials. Intertwined in his diction is a plea to his hometown (New York City) to open their eyes and remember the mecca of Hip Hop resides in the Empire State. Storytelling takes the front seat on Dear Family, as True Pax takes the time to scribe his regrets to his kinfolk, in heart-warming fashion. A must hear for anybody battling with admitting their wrongs, and crediting their love ones for their rights and empowerment.

Thanking music for its therapeutic nature, and the crutch it has been for him, True Pax uses Fallen, to delve into some of his life experiences and the choice he made to focus on harnessing his talent rather than spiral out of control and hit the wall of consequence. Lookout is masterfully sequenced whereby True Pax goes extreme boom bap remaining consciously driven, over a slightly higher RPM. His New York, New York tribute sounds and feels like the Big Apple.

“Respect the hustle, all I really knew/

Man AK for the sandwich and my 100s stay in blue”


Only thing more New York than that is a chop cheese burger. if you ask me.


“It’s some Trues for the jeans,

Forces for the feet

Fitted for the cap,

And a Nike for tee”


Welcome to New York……..

On 9 fears, True Pax teams up with King Midas and gets a little religious and takes aim at the fake-conscious rap sector of MCs. Not sure if this one hit its mark in terms of connecting the content to the title like the previous tracks however it does segue easily from Section Ocho. King Shit seems as though it should have been placed in another slot on the project considering the pace change with Lookout and New York, New York. Not too impressive, I ran to My Mind which took me back to a comfortable setting. True Pax tells a story of a nice young lady he has met and the gamut of their relationship. More lows, than highs it seems but such is life. The project closes with Materialistic. Shooting down the flex, True Pax keeps it real about how hard things were growing up and how great it feels to be able to afford some of the splendor he has today.

“Love Expensive shit but I’d do without it

Lot of yall man could do shit without it

Cracking Cards, N—- what you’d do without it”

Admitting that he is susceptible to material lust as easily as any other, he remains awoke by the gratitude and memories of the struggles yesterday held. Overall a good project, Identify the Mindset is substantive and sounds like a MC who praises the golden era of Hip Hop from Brooklyn, New York. Hats off to True Pax.



Listen to Identify The Mindset


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This year I had the honor of meeting talented performer, singer-songwriter, poet, actress, & model Denae Joi. In October I did a radio interview with the rising star which was syndicated on many radio platforms including Straight official radio. Denae Joi has ended the year of 2017 with a bang. She released her first official single ‘Shake It’ a record produced by DJ Nicki Nice & Ebrill to iTunes, Spotify, & more worldwide. Since then her single has been picked up by various radio stations across the country with positive reviews; building momentum towards her much anticipated EP ‘Misfit’ due for release January 2018. I recently sat down with Denae Joi once again for a fun QA regarding her life & music career. Check out our Q&A interview below!

DJ Jay Erica Intro: Firstly, thank you, Denae Joi, for sitting back down with me again to discuss your music career. It was great speaking with you previously. You’ve have had so much progress since our last conversation. I want to ask you a few more questions regarding your career as a rising performer and discuss your upcoming EP project ‘Misfit’ if that’s ok?

Denae Joi: Of Course it’s okay and thanks so much for speaking with me again today.

Q: You are welcome. Can you firstly tell the viewers where you are from?

A: I’m originally from Orlando, Fl. However, I currently reside in Atlanta, Ga.

Q: How long have you been in Atlanta & what was it specifically that made you decide to relocate from your hometown?

A: I’ve been in Atlanta for about a year and four months now. I decided to relocate from my hometown due to there being more opportunities for me to progress as a performer in the city of Atlanta.

Q: Can you specify exactly what you mean?

A: Orlando is a small city and there aren’t as many opportunities for performers such as myself to pursue a career in the entertainment business successful. The networking space is limited, unlike Atlanta which is a much larger city with a bigger entertainment scene to network and progress as an independent artist.

Q: How do you like Atlanta?

A: I love it. It has been very conducive to my growth as a performer & person.

Q: How so?

A: Personally, I feel the environment has allowed me to be more expressive artistically due to the various networking events with people of similar & different walks of life; which has given me artistic inspiration overall developing me to who I am today and whom I’m continuing to grow to become. I’ve learned more things about myself because I’m out here on my own. Specifically, I grew up very sheltered so moving to Atlanta has allowed me to explore myself more then I have before because I had the family to depend on prior to me moving on my own. So now I do everything on my own and have now further developed as a woman through me relocating alone and depending solely on myself. I’ve learned who I am as a woman and accept myself and who I’ve grown into and not trying to be. I’m not so focused on trying to fit in an image of what the world finds acceptable for me or wants me to be.

Q: Well that’s tough sometimes being an artist your often under the watchful radar which can make you a direct target for rumors & criticism negative criticism more so I’m speaking of specifically. How do you handle that?

A: I’m still learning how to deal with it. However, I love myself so much so I understand I cannot control what others think or say about me be it negative or positive comments or criticism. As long as I know the truth about me I have no need to even address rumors put out  there.

Q: Ok, Now let’s get back to the music because that’s the main reason you are here; tell me Denae Joi how long have you been pursuing your career as a performer and when did you start taking it seriously?

A: I’ve been pursuing my career as a performer for about 3 years now. I started taking it more seriously after completing college around 2015.

Q: Whose your influences?

A: I’m a fan of old school RnB. Sade, Xscape, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston & Lauryn Hill. New up to date artists I’d say; Drake, Sza, DJ Khaled & Jhene Aiko.

Q: Ok nice selection.

A: Thanks!

Q: Let’s talk about your music. Let’s talk about your new single ‘Shake it’ that has hit the airwaves a few months ago and it has been picking up steadily landing you appearances at different events & being interviewed on the various stations since our first sit down. What was the concept & inspiration behind the record ‘Shake It’.

A: The concept behind ‘Shake It’ was to just have fun. I really wanted anyone who heard the song to have a good time and get lost in the music. (Stream now on iTunes, Spotify, & Everywhere worldwide)

Q: What’s coming for next year starting out 2018?

A: You’ll get the release of my new EP entitled ‘Misfit’ coming January 2018.

Q: Ok, so that’s truly top of the year like next month. What are you bringing fans musically with this project?

A: Musically, I’m going to be sharing a lot of my ideas the way that I think. My fans will also get a taste of my signature that I’m bringing to the table when it comes to my writing style.

Q: What else is in the works for you artistically any acting roles or performances coming in 2018?

A: Yes, Actually in 2018 I will be performing at the Fashion Gala Awards in Orlando Fl. Acting wise I will be starring in a play with a feature role entitled ’12 Women in the same black dress’ also due out in January 2018.

Q: Wow you are on the roll entering 2018 with a bang!

A: Thank you (giggles)…

Q: Where can the public find you on social media to continue supporting you and everything you do?

A: You can find me on social media worldwide @denaejoi & for bookings send emails to!

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Flick Me Up came about due to Instagram. Most men and women when going out to Club/Party etc ask for his or her Instagram and watch it do numbers. (Numbers) mean the most LIKES, VIEWS, SHARES, and we as FDF: BOP FLEXMASON SKEENO Took that picture too be taken. To put on and made it into a banger FLICK ME UP is fun with Strong Energy for the kids and adult.and made it into a banger FLICK.

Video Shot WD Productions aka#TheVisionaryWDP


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[FEATURED ARTIST] E-Reign: The Future Of New York by DJ Layne Luv

E-Reign NYC

When a rapper dubs themselves the “future” of anything, best believe they have the confidence to know that the energy they are putting out foretells their success among the masses to come. It’s been a long time since New York City has held the crown as the reigning capital of rap music. Atlanta has held that title for a while judging by the amount of rappers that gets top priority radio spins and project sales. Even though the public may see the likes of Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj and now Cardi B all from New York getting their shine (Shout out to the leading ladies of rap right now)….however, it’s still many miles away… in fact light years from The Golden Era where 80 % of the industry rappers during that time were from New York.

Nowadays the internet has leveled the playing field for both rappers, producers and DJ’s and artists alike. The no longer need “the industry machine” behind them to be successful. Chance The Rapper has inspired so many independent artist to stay independent and E-Reign from Queens NY is no different. His grind is definitely being noticed on the east coast and he’s hustling everyday to become known in other states across the nation. The young rapper has the business savvy to put together independent tours with him as the headliner. From high quality music videos to riot energy live shows….E-Reign will definitely have the masses paying attention real soon.

Ladies and Gentleman… E-Reign.

SO: Glad you could join us man. Let’s just get right into it. On a lot of your promotions I see the slogan “Future of New York” ..for the audience, what does that mean?

ER: My team and myself, are just trying to bring something new and fresh to the table. That slogan is meant to inspire no matter where you’re from. I know some people might see that term as something braggadocio, but I’m not just talking about myself. I’m putting on for my city but I’m putting that energy out there to the world. I’m talking about my generation, my culture. So much pressure is put on us millennials to adapt to what was…and we don’t want to be told what represents us…WE want to establish what represents us and for that to be embraced. I may articulate that in a different way as opposed to someone down in Atlanta, but we are basically saying the same thing…we are the future…hate it or love it.

SO: I’m noticing most successful independent artist have a strong team behind them. How do you keep your team focused and on the same page?

ER: Yeah man, the key to a lot of it is staying true and loyal to those you started from the bottom with. From there I tend to keep a lot of things in-house because the trust has already been established from way back. By learning each other…things gel together, like when you’re playing basketball…if I shoot that pass, I know who’s going to be there to catch it. Honesty, also goes a long way. You can’t have a lot of “Yes” people on your team. There has to be people in place to tell you the truth so you’re not out in public looking stupid.

SO: What other states do you feel like you’re getting traction in other than New York?

ER: We’re definitely making noise down in Philadelphia. North Carolina has shown me a lot of love and our new spot is Miami. We did a show down there and it was crazy so….and we continue to just keep networking with the brand so hopefully you know, by politickin wit you ….maybe we can get it in Ohio too haha. (pun intended)

SO: So what are you working on right now?

ER: So recently I just dropped my new mixtape The New York Times Vol 1., and so the team and I are promoting that real heavy,…. and then we’re also working on a single called “Whatchu Sayin” and we’re going to be shooting a video for that as well. Other than that , just continuing to tear down these live shows to give the people their money’s worth.

SO: Ok here’ s the typical cliche question LOL, Who would you say your music is influenced by?

ER: Tupac of course and Nas….Lyrical storytellers by far that not only cause you to think but through their rhymes you can see vividly the picture they are painting to the listener. And I mean of course the no-brainers being from New York…The Jay-Z’s and The Biggie’s of the world.

SO: Lastly, where can someone find your music?

ER: Very easy, go to or you can find my music on all streaming sites. iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, all the heavy hitters. I just want to show love and get some back you know?

SO: Well thank you for chopping it up with us. We are looking for gigantic things to happen for you in 2018

ER: Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. One.







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[NEW ARTIST] Meet Izzy Brinks!


Everybody loves some good Chicago music, I recently had the pleasure of meeting the artist who goes by the name Izzy Brinks, who actually makes really good music. I had the pleasure of  being one of the judges of a showcase she won. When I say she took the crowd by storm; I was amazed at her talent and energy . “Izzy Brinks The Phenom, The Up And Coming Artist of Chicago is a hard pill to swallow when it comes to the music scene because you don’t know what Izzy Brinks you gonna get in that moment.She has a way of captivating the crowd every time.

        Growing up on the west side of Chicago in Humboldt Park at the age of 11, Izzy started her love affair with music partly because her brother’s group, Empire Armada which she was also apart of, They would let Izzy dance on stage for them sometimes which is when she grew to cherish the moments of life with music. Izzy was raised on such Artist as Outkast, Common Sense, Twista, Mos Def and  Crucial Conflict. Then came artist like Eminem, that showed Izzy its ok to be different and get a little crazy sometimes. She began to get out there showing her own creativity coming up with catchy vibes such as Trap & Go, and a beautiful vibe entitled “Blaze” That’s when she linked up with Yung Blak Executives Media Group LLC. In the summer of  2017, she took her career to the next level and is currently promoting her single “Blaze” Produced By Nicole Moore. 

Check Her On Social Media!

Facebook @imizzybrinks

Instagram @im_izzy_Brinks

booking for features or shows or call 872-222-8739 or DM @ybemediagroup

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Earlier this year I featured Charlotte area model Diamond Young as my model of the week on a popular model site. Little did I know, she’s also an amazing independent artist. Decided to do an interview with her to discuss her new single and accompanying visual entitled “Time”.

The majority of your model work is very sensual. Have you always been confident with your body?
“Absolutely!! I feel that in this day and age you have to be. If you’re not comfortable with yourself how can anyone else be?”

Do you write all of your material yourself and if not who are some of the writers you’ve worked with?
“I’ve written all of the songs that I’ve put out!”

What would you label your style &/or genre. Also who are some artists who’ve influenced your sound?
“I don’t know how to label my sound, honestly. I just sing. I’m obsessed with SZA’s style of singing and writing. It’s different and crazy dope.”

Which do you feel you’re most comfortable with between writing, recording or performing?
“As of right now, my writing. I’m still finding myself as an artist so I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to the performance aspect of my music.”

Do you feel that the Charlotte music scene is encouraging for indie artists and why?
“I feel that it is in certain aspects but it could be BETTER. A lot better. It just takes all of the artists here to come together and put it on the map! There’s so much talent here but I don’t feel that we get the recognition we deserve.”

What project are you currently promoting and who are some of the people who’ve helped you get to this point?
“I’m dropping my single “Time” and the Music Video today..there’s so many people who have contributed to helping me with my music, I’d get lost trying to list them all lol.”

Who are some of the current popular artists you’d like to work with in the future?
“Definitely Sza, Kehlani, Elhae, and Xavier Omär.”

What are the most difficult things you’ve had to face as an independent artist up to this point of your career?
“Trying to do everything alone!!!! I’m very headstrong and I LIKE WHAT I LIKE. Lol. I’m very particular about things so I’ve had to find people who I can work well with and vibe with. Honestly, these past few years have been very hard trying to push my music by myself. But at the end of the day this is what I want and I won’t stop until I get it!!”

What’s next for you after the release of “Time”?
“I’m going to start working on an EP and maybe even a visual project so just stay tuned. 😘

Thank you for taking out time to sit with us and good luck on a very successful music career in the years to come.

Booking Email:
Instagram: @DiamondYoungOfficial
Twitter/Snap: @TheRealDiamondJ


For feature consideration email your EPK and two or more high-res images to:


Instagram: Adrian_Zeno

Facebook: ZENtertainment1

Twitter: ZenoAdrian


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@BSMITHYNIC has teamed up with one of the hottest Djs in the south, @IamDjCoop, to bring his case forward to the streets. Check out the lead single from the YNIC artist’s latest mixtape STREETS ON TRIAL titled “Set The Record Strate” Shot By @FlackoTheProducer

Follow on IG/Twitter @BSMITHYNIC For Booking YNIC4T@GMAIL.COM




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