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Bridgeton, NJ is one of the smallest cities in America and one of the most dangerous. With one of NJ’s highest crime rates, nothing good is expected to come from Bridgeton, but Dazzy is determined to change minds.
Dazzy, born Dazmiere Johnson followed the footsteps of his older brother and started running the streets trying his hand in a life of crime. The only time that Dazzy was able to get some relief from his fast life was through music.
Teaming up with Homay Productions, Dazzy headed out to the Agenda Trade Show in Las Vegas to shoot the
visuals for his first single “Real Fast”.

Now ready to display his full potential Dazzy decided to release full project titled “Black Roses”.

Listening to @Dazzy ‘Black Roses’ using My Mixtapez app

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[New Music] Kissie Lee – It Pours

unnamed (2)
New music from The Cool Club, Kissie Lee is bringing new waves to the R&B game. Her songwriting credits includes artists such as  Keke Wyatt, Tiny of Xscape, and Scotty Atl. Kissie Lee is currently featured on Sy Ari da Kid new album titled “After the Heartbreak”, on Fabulous and Jadakiss “Nightmares Ain’t As Bad”, and received a number one record on Billboard Dance/Pop Charts for Skylar Stecker. Her second EP “No Saint” is anticipated to drop Spring of 2018 featuring the new smash single produced by Twan Da God. It is currently available on digital platforms; Check it out here.
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[Event] Fleet dj’s of Georgia Present “Media Pass” featured artist Jeff Chery

Jeff Chery

The Fleet DJs of Georgia aired their monthly show The Media Pass on February 20th, 2018 that specially featured the upcoming rising star Jeff Chery @JeffChery. He has a new single called “Price Tag” that Fleet DJs Georgia will consistently promote and assist to become a hit!
Jeff Chery, also known as the Haitian Mufasa, is hip hop’s newest
and fastest growing sensation! Having migrated from Haiti to
Brooklyn, NY at age 6, then moving to Atlanta, GA in his early 20’s,
Jeff Chery is boundless and so is his sound. His music is a beautiful
combination of colorful Haitian rhythms, traditional east coast grit
and the melodic bass of the Dirty South. His Haitian roots gives him
a sense of pride, will and determination that keeps him grounded,
while his American upbringing has helped him to develop the
boldness and audacity needed to stand out in this game.
And stand out he has! Jeff Chery is recently being featured on the
new VH1 television series Signed, a show where 3 music moguls,
Lenny S (Roc Nation), Rick Ross (Maybach Music) and The Dream
(Radio Killa Records) work to develop unsigned artists and turn
them into potential stars. The winners will ultimately have an
opportunity to be signed to a record label. Chery’s dauntless
personality, raw energy and overall lyrical prowess got the attention
of Rick Ross, who added a verse to Chery’s single “What You
In the meantime, while the show is airing, Chery is continuing to
work on his music. His latest project, Roam, is not only a lyrical
expression of who he is as an artist, it’s also his verbal testimony,
detailing the hardships, trials and tribulations that most independent
music artists go through on their journey towards success. So please
stay tuned in to the Jeff Chery experience, for it is indeed a larger
than life roller coaster ride; gritty, fun, very personal and drippin’ in

Jeff Chery “The Haitian Mufasa”
Soundcloud: jeffchery
Facebook: Jeff Chery
Twitter: jeffchery
Instagram: jeffchery

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Happy Wednesdy, its your girl NaeNae with #NaeNaeOnTheScene. Allow me introduce you to this dope artist from North Carolina; she goes by the name,
T-Shep. She’s about empowering the black community. Check out the video to learn a little more about this Greensboro native.

Follow NaeNae on all social media: @fieryscorpio81

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Aja Giles a.k.a Go Getta is a female rap artist born and raised in Chicago, IL. Go Getta gained notoriety in 2013 with the release of her first mixtape entitled “ The Gift” hosted by the highly acclaimed D.J. Bamn. She went on to release her second project entitled “Gettas World” in 2016. Go Getta has been the opening act for artist including Cassidy, Trina, Twista, Crucial Conflict and Do or Die to name a few.

Go Getta is known for her fiery stage presence as well as her irresistible bars, she is known to hang with the best of artist particularly the male artist.

As of 2018, Go Getta has trademarked her very own brand “Lipstick on the Mic” a cypher series that features female artist all over the world.

Go Getta is more than an artist, she is a force to be reckoned with.


Instagram: @Gettafromthego

Facebook: soofficial gogetta

Twitter: Gettafromthego2





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[New Music] Al Blaze “Power of Ancestors”


Al Blaze releases a new single , Power of the Ancestors, P.O.A., in honor of black history month. Black history is 365 days; but we must remember where we going to get to where we need to be. We, as Black black people, people of color, have the power, and Al Blaze drops a friendly but powerful reminder of it in the record, P.O.A.. Check it out here…

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Only one way out G.A.N.G Music: JB from DG


There is a senior in high school making a name for himself on the S.C. music scene. Jarrod Lamont Brailey may the name called in the halls  but once 3 o’clock hits please call him JB from DG. A father of one, young JB is driven to continue to pursue his musical career while trying to balance the pressures of school and father hood.  


How did you get into the music business?

Harvey Dent introduced me to rapping when I was about the age of 12. My first studio session was when I wrote my first song – it’s on SoundCloud still just type in – Jarrod Brailey. LOL

Who are your musical influences?

Definitely NBA YoungBoy, Lil Baby and Kodak Black  – FREE KODACK.

What artist did you listen to growing up?

Artist I grew up listening to Lil Wayne , Jay Z , old Chief Keef , and Boosie. 

What do you think your listeners get out of your music?

I want the listeners to feel the pain,  the struggle. Where I really came from in my life. The streets can relate to my music. 

What were you thinking about when the single “G.A.N.G” was finished and started to make a buzz in the streets?

Already knew that song was the one –  I put my heart into it.

What made you want to get into the music business?

 I had a passion for it as a little jit growing up. There where so many times that  I had wanted to quit but, I went  extra hard and now I’m on my way to greatness. 

How does it feel to be finally getting some recognition of your work?

Shoot great bruh – big facts mane. It’s dope to be getting recognized cause where I’m from – it aint nothing and I’m tryna make something. I forever claim South Carolina till I die. I’m from Hartsville and Bishopville at the same damn time…. lol. Mane I was raised in a family so poor – sometimes I had sleep on floor we couldn’t afford a bed at that time.  I kept praying for a blessing and it came so yea it’s feels Great tho – this what I work for.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

I hope to be recognized as the greatest artist to come out of South Carolina.  I hope to make millions, I gotta son to raise – i don’t want him growing up like me and a family to take care of. Then I got my homies who I’m coming up with, I’m breaking bread with them also – I’m a real n****a so u know how that go.

Anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

I wanna thank them for being apart of my life, it’s a blessing to know I have people that believe in me. That’s a big deal to have people who support you in this music business, cause most people where I come from they don’t wanna see you win but I forever keep trucking tho.

How did you get the name JB?

I got name JB because my real name is Jarrod Brailey. So one day Brandon Edwards was like bruh initial it down to JB, plus you know your gang is called Drip Gang  so I put it together – JB from DG.

What major artist you would like to do a song with?

I got to do a song with NBA YoungBoy…. even though bruh like 17 days younger than me; bruh be living the life I’m living and the life I’m tryna live after I make it.

What other artist in your state are out there making noise and you would do a song with?

Artists in my state that making noise … ummmm I’m a have to say JB from DG  sike nah …. Lonnie D .. I think his real name Jalonnie Dinkins, But bruh Good – I like his rap style and bruh got a lil vocals to I’ll like do song with him and Renni Rucci she good also.


Make sure you follow young JB from DG on all social media outlets at

Fb:  Tw:  Ig:

and check out his latest single “G.A.N.G” currently heating up the streets…


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What’s going everyone, it’s your girl NaeNae but I’m not on the scene this week. I’m actually brining you an artist spotlight. He goes by the name B.wize. At only 28 years old, Kanas City’s own, B.wize (born E. Larry Guidry) has already released 3 studio projects; Wizedom Speaks (2015), and two projects in 2017, Midwest Chronicles and Offspring of a Fiasco. But before he became a Hip-Hop MC he started out as a spoken word artist performing on both sides of Kansas City’s borders. B.wize specifically credits two songs with solidifying his decision to transition to Hip Hop MC; Eminem’s Lose Yourself and Lupe Fiasco’s, The Cool.

B.wize was always fond of music, but due to it’s at times harsh content and foul language wasn’t always allowed to play it. Instead, his mother filled his home with a multitude of genres and a variety of artists ranging from Nat King Cole to Otis Redding, to Barry White, to Teddy Pendergrass. On his own, he became fond of and later influenced by both Beethoven and Frank Sinatra. B.wize’s Southern Louisiana roots coupled with growing up in a pious, Midwestern household has always shaped the content of not only his music but his character.


 When did you 1st start rapping?

2015. After being a teacher, Probation Officer I decided to chase the impossible and make it possible.

Writing process? Do you write from personal experience or from other people’s experiences?

Both, I have a unique mental evolution of the literal and figurative language. So depending on the concept and beat I let its frequencies just flow and write whatever comes to mind.

What’s the meaning behind the project, Offspring of a Fiasco’?

I’m a huge fan of the X-Files and in my spare time when I’m not marketing/promoting or writing music I’m watching Mulder and Scully try to bend logic and define truth. Ironically we all search for some truth, and this project, each song defines or pinpoints the questions people want to ask. To find that truth you sometimes have to be a rebel or a fiasco and both my father and mother have always been people who ask the questions no one wanted to ask or answer. I’m an offspring of that seed, and still I seek truth. 

If you weren’t doing music or spoken word, what else would be interested in doing?

I would be involved in sports either coaching or administration like scouting, preferably basketball. I was a college athlete and came from an athletic family and at one time coached at the college level at a young age.

What’s your motto in life?

“There are two significant days in your life. The you were born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

Upcoming shows? 

March 23rdCollege Takover Tour

April 14 – Columbia, Mo

Offspring of a Fiasco – Release between April-June 2018

You can find more on B.wize:

As always, it’s your girl NaeNae.
Peace and Blessings.

Follow NaeNae: @fieryscorpio81 on all social media.


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DJ Jay Erica Intro: Firstly, thank you, Black Stax, for sitting down with me to discuss your music career. It was great speaking with you both previously on my radio show ‘DJ Jay Erica Takeover Hour’. You’ve have had so much progress since our last conversation. I want to ask you both a few questions regarding your career as a music group along with discussing your most recent work.

Jace ECAj (Black Stax): Yes, thank you.

Felicia Loud ( Black Stax): Thank you, DJ Jay Erica!

Q: You’re welcome. I am aware you are both currently based in Seattle as a group. However, can you tell the viewers where you are originally from?

Jace ECAj: Well, yes actually I’m a Seattle native born in Seattle. However, I was raised in between both Seattle along with Richmond, California. I frequently lived in Richmond during the summers growing up.

Felicia Loud: I’m originally from Dallas, Tx; I was born there. However, I consider myself a native of Seattle being raised in Seattle, Washington. I moved to Seattle when I was 4.

Q: When did you find interest in becoming entertainers & musicians?

Jace ECAj: I found interest in becoming an artist at the age of 11.  I originally started off as a lyricist writing spoken word and poetry; following behind my grandmother who was a well know legendary spoken word artist herself. I started taking myself seriously as a hip-hop artist & lyricist at age 16 and never stopped.

Felicia Loud: Myself I started off in entertainment industry performing at the age of 14 in the theater. Then I began song-writing in my early 20’s. I truly started to blossom during that period of my life writing music and singing; taking things seriously as an artist.

Q: How and when did your group come together?

Jace ECAj: Our group Black Stax formed in 2009; our group is the combination of my original group Silent Lambs & the well-known talented artist Felicia Loud. We collaborated our signature music styles to create one sound. We are a group that mixes many different genres such as hip hop, neo soul, jazz, RnB, & even Carribean sounds such a reggae. We’re truly undefined no words can fully describe our sound you have to listen and feel it to really understand what we bring musically.

Felicia Loud: Our first official single ‘I Love My Life’ was released in 2010 after a year of recording our first album ‘Talking Buildings’ which was also released the same year.

Jace ECAj: We just have had a mutual respect for each other from the beginning as not only musicians and creators but just as men and women. Which made the process of creating music together that much easier.

Q: Well that’s wonderful to see and hear. You guys have been making new music correct? Let’s talk about your new single ‘The Hope Dealer’ which is your first single released this year from your upcoming album. Tell me how did that song come together?

Felicia Loud: This record came together during our studio session with music producer Ezy Beatz. We truly wanted to get across a serious message that would touch the people in our own signature music style and Ezy Beatz understood our vision completely. We just flowed back and forth with our producer. I truly enjoy this record because  Ezy Beatz instrumental matches perfectly to the lyrics and vision of the song in which we are now presenting. 

Jace ECAj: I agree our main goal with this record ‘The Hope Dealer’ is to push a positive message and give our listener inspiration from this track.

Q: When will your new album be released and what’s next for Black Stax as a group for 2018?

Jace ECAj: Our new album “ILL- US- TRAIT” Live (West Coast Edition) is scheduled for release March 29. We will be dropping a new single-end month as well Jan. 30 from the album.

Felicia Loud: Yes and along with that we are planning our tour for the late spring Black Stax “ILL-US-TRAIT” Tour (East Coast) for all tour dates and location go to our website; Also for more info & to support follow us on Instagram @black_stax

Q: Great, last question who are your musical influences? Just go through your list with no explanation.

Jace ECAj: Otis Redding, Sela Kuti, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendricks, Early 90’s Hip Hop & Classic Blues music.

Felicia Loud: Marvin Gaye, Billy Holiday, Mavis Staples, Nina Simone, & Al Green.

DJ Jay Erica closing: Love it! Thank you!

Black Stax: Thank you!

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