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Young and Talented- Bless brings a new soulful look to St. Louis.. Missouri


TheCompany Presents… Bless, a young R&B singer from St. Louis who has worked with many artists and has performed at some of the biggest venues located in St. Louis,MO. He wants the world to know him as a talented artist with a great voice.

He is currently shooting is new music video for his new single titled Emergency.Bless wants all the people in relationships to cherish each other

Bless- Emergency.

Emergency is a love ballet, that encourages love to remain.

If you will like to see some of Bless performances and his Promise Music Video, please stop by today

Bless- Promise

Bless Youtube Channel



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SMG/ Universal Newest Artist- Mos Precious – Let’s Talk Truth Ft REP & Just Calvin

Check out the  Let’s Talk Truth MP3 Below

Mos Precious, Rep, Priceless & Just Calvin – Let’s Talk Truth (Prod. by StevieNick)

Mos Precious- Lets Talk Truth Music Video

Check out St. Louis Hottest new female artist. She has been working hard for more than 5 years.
If you will like to network with Mos Precious please contact her via twitter @mvpradio10 @idavisionaire @mostpreciouspro

Please stop by DaVisionaire Blog and check out some of the concerts that have stop thru St. Louis in the last month
DaVisionaire Blog

DJ Mos Precious Biography

1 and only Mos Precious
National Talent spreading throughout the world like running water.

Born July 20th, 1988 on the North side of St. Louis,
Missouri. Mahogany “Mos Precious” Henderson
was destined to be a trendsetter. Both parents were hard workers
and provided the moral support for her. She was very academically
successful and love writing. At the age of 11, her life changed
forever. She her dream wasn’t to be a big recording artist.
But to be a role model successful living a positive life.
But When, her big brother asked her to try to
rap to a Bone’s Thugs and Harmony record
back in late 1990’s. She started rapping real
energetically and fast just like them. The more
she listened to hot hip hop music such as Tupac, Nasir Jones,
Twista, LL Cool J, and Lil Bow Wow the more fell in love with
rapping. Instead of going to record her songs in a big studio
she would record on a tape player, while karaoke machines
were the household name.

Throughout her musical growth creativity expanded. She wrote hundreds of songs before she stepped in a studio for the first time. She worked with many local boy groups and raged the title of First Lady. Now as her music takes newer creativity highs opportunity opens up. From, performing in many venues throughout St. Louis and surrounding Midwest regions such as Wentzville, Kansas City, and Chicago. She dropped 3 underground mixtapes titled; Diamond District (2010), Entrance Door (2010), Not Gon’ Tell Lies (2011) on her only indie label MPP Music Group established in 2009. Each mixtapes sold over 1000k copies locally and few hundred nationally. Many great ventures were presented in the lovely year of 2009.

Mos Precious found her next musical invention. She started an underground radio show called MVP Radio, whose purpose was to provide a less stressful outlet for other artists looking for exposure and inexpensive promotions. In 2012, she was invited in to successful DJ Coalition by the names of Fleet Djs and Blok Club Djs. Media and radio has always been her passionate and goal for her musical career. Outside of songwriting, she manages a small number of upcoming talents associated with her label. In the last few years she has often planned and hosted events to support her brand and directing visual productions. One of the original founders of Show Me What You Got Fridays, Word 4 Word Thursdays, and a Benefit concert for local homeless shelters in 2011. Pursuing music is a strong goal, that she’s works 24/7 to accomplish. She is truly a multi-talented individual and it’s afraid of getting her hands dirty. One day at time and ten steps a minute. She is currently planning to release her 1st LP entitled, “Late Night Thoughts” and touring different cities.

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