[TV]’Insecure’ Season 2: “Hella Great” Recap

Season 2 of Insecure, our new favorite sit-com, kicked off last night (Sunday, July 23rd) with the premiere of episode 1 “Hella Great.” If you haven’t been on, let me put you on. Insecure is the HBO series by Issa Rae, also known as “The Awkward Black Girl,” that has been keeping fans like me on edge every Sunday for the past year. The series started in 2016 and we all fell in love with Issa and her friends as they are all revolutionary in their own right. Insecure illustrates the modern-day young black professional and the daily tasks that are faced in the workplace and social life. By tasks (italicized for emphasis), I mean dealing with micro-aggression’s, relationships, and dating.  In season 1 there are hooks ups, break ups, quick read’s, random freestyles, and those “laugh my ass off” moments that trigger memories. Now that we’ve been blessed with a second season and, spoiler alert, the premiere gives you all kinds of life, we get to see what happens after that cliff hanger of a finale from season one.

Already, season two, episode one, takes your emotions on a ride, a roller-coaster ride. One minute

you’re thinking, “Yes, they worked it out, love exists!” Then the next minute you’re engulfed with a relatable freestyle. All while trying to figure out what this season holds after the steamy season betwixt former lovers Issa and Lawrence, and boom; just like that the end credits start rolling. Will Issa and Lawrence get back together? Whatever happened to Daniel? Is the cute bank teller bae, Tasha, just Lawrence’s rebound? Will the counseling help Molly? There is so much given in the first episode that by the end of those, commercial free (Thank God for HBO on-demand), thirty-minutes, you’re deeply in your feelings.

Without saying too much, i’ll give my five (5) predictions, and i’m hoping that the series, finger’s crossed, doesn’t become predictable.

  1. Lawrence and Tasha will not last. She’s everything that Issa is not. She is something new, supportive of Lawrence’s start-up, supportive of the grind at Best Buy, and playful, however just a rebound. Tasha is really into Lawrence but Lawrence is fresh out of a relationship that ended like a near fatal car crash. Lawrence and Issa’s relationship is in intensive care right now as we speak, so don’t get too excited about bank teller bae.
  2. Molly is going to find love but in an unexpected way as she opens up in counseling. We get to see more of her story.
  3. Daniel and Issa have some serious unfinished business that may or may not spill over into the finale. (wink, wink)
  4. Tiffany’s husband is going to come out sooner or later and/or she’ll at least get suspicious and start to wonder if he’s gay. We see all of this in the first episode, watch closely, and in episode 8, Kelly playfully hints around to it. Just watch.
  5. Sorry, but I don’t think Issa and Lawrence are going to get back together. Here’s why: they’re both at two pivotal moments in their lives where exploration is the healthier option. Lawrence has a a great job opportunity and Issa is making moves in her department at the non-profit. If they were truly meant to be, then Issa wouldn’t have cheated, Lawrence would not have any interest in the bank teller, and we’d all still be back for Insecure Sunday’s at 10:30pm. The last scene in episode one was an itch that needed to be scratched.

Catch up with the cast below and make sure you tune in every Sunday at 10:30pm EST. on HBO to find out just what happens with Issa and her friend’s.

Also, are you #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence


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[TV] Watch “REBEL” on BET

We have a new Shero! “Rebel”, a new drama series starring “Danielle Mone Pruitt” as Rebecca Knight  produced by the one and only John Singleton is a story about a military trained Oakland detective who has solved more murders in her first 3 years than anyone else on the force. She is a well respected, no nonsense bad ass!

Ive been hooked since the first episode. It’s captivating, action packed  and sexy this new series has all the elements to be great. My only hang up is the story lines need some pep. They could use more twists and turns and more sex scenes with Method man aka Clifford Smith aka Rebel’s estranged husband 🙂 Have you seen it? leave a comment what do think? and don’t forget to catch Rebel Tuesdays 10/9C on BET.  #SupporttheReal – BooM






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[TV] “The Get Down” Season 2

Yaass The Get Down is Back! The popular Netflix Series set in the late-1970s South Bronx focused on six gifted kids at the forefront of the hip-hop revolution. As Hip-Hop Legend  Grandmaster Flash serving as an associate producer, the second season is set in 1978 with the same all-star cast featuring  Jimmy Smits, Justice Smith, Shameik Moore, Herizen F. Guardiola, Skylan Brooks, Jaden Smith, T.J. Brown Jr. and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.  The colorful multifaceted coming of age story highlighting the DJ culture premieres April 7th! – BooM




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[MUSIC] “Wordz That I Manifest” by DJ Layne Luv

It has become the cliche to say “I Rap” among today’s Hip Hop youth. In my opinion, this was best explained by The Notorious B.I.G. when he said: “Either you slang crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot.” In those lyrics, he was breaking down the limited opportunities to make it out of “the hood.”  However, back in those days, microphones and studio time were not easy to come by, which meant it was probably simpler to play sports or sell crack than to make it out by being an MC.

Nowadays, with technology advancing by the millisecond, it has become relatively easy to become a force in the music industry. In my line of work, I have interviewed dozens upon dozens of aspiring rappers and singers.  In this vast sea of wannabes, there are a few chosen ones that understand what it means to be a storyteller. I came across one. His name alone lets you know that he is in tune with the old saying…”What’s in a name? They’re not all the same!” His name is Trek Manifest. I interpreted his name as a journey one works diligently to bring about or what one has brought about. Either way, when you listen to his rhymes, you know that this young man is on a mission to be heard.

He’s from The Magna Media Group out of Columbus Ohio….Ladies & Gents…here is Trek Manifest.

OTT: What have you been up to?

TM: Chillin man, literally. LOL, It’s cold again 16 degrees bruh. Sheesh! No, but seriously, I have a single out right now called Drummer Some off of my project entitled Trek For Short. The video is crazy which all of your followers can go to Youtube and check it out. I’m a drummer myself. I’ve been playing a real long time, so I felt it only right that I showcase an instrument that I’m very fond of.

OTT: I notice you don’t market yourself like other aspiring artists. Your marketing seems very patient and calculating. Why so?

TM: Music has become a fickle market. You’ve got so much of it coming at you from every angle. My marketing is more personal and transparent. I don’t do this for the fee of “Likes” I don’t want to deal with the machine if I don’t have to. I prefer a more grassroots following because over time those fans will be more loyal than whatever hot song is out. While any artist wants to be successful, I’m not out here chasing hits. I honor my craft. And a big shout out to my group Magna that gives me that creative freedom.

OTT: Great segue way! What is March Magna?

TM: Our group was on our grind really hard for fall and winter of 2016, so when we had a collective meeting about release dates, we realized we all wanted to release our projects in March 2017. AU’s album was to be released Mar 3; my project was March 24th, Larue & Wordz projects were to be released in March as well so we all decided to floodgate this month to our fans, pushing nothing but Magna projects. It’s for the people that love our music whether you’re a Day One or Day 20. It’s an appreciation month for those that support Magna. By the way, the play on words was my idea by the way…put that in there. LOL!

OTT: I’ve watched a number of the Magna artist grow throughout the years. There are sellout numbers at your shows. People really do purchase the music, and you get great media coverage. Is it an insult or a compliment that people are shocked that your music is that good, and you all have that great of a following?

TM: It’s Both! As an artist, it takes a great amount of work and sacrifice to not only be true to yourself but to also connect with the people. So as an artist bringing the content we have to the table, some people don’t realize the sleepless nights, the time away from our families, and the money we can’t readily spend for the sake of putting out quality work. So when you have people that come with a bunch of pointless criticism, it’s liable to get you ignored or worse, get you hurt because we take our music very serious. But for the people that are new to the Magna experience, we welcome open and honest feedback and hope that we can compel you to follow and purchase our music.

But the thing we focus on is the people that do rock with us. The reason is that their passion of support comes from an honest place and in time, they turn other people on to our music.

OTT: I hear that you teach for a living. Do you hold yourself accountable for the content you put out?

TM: Maaaan! I used to be very conscious about that, but there is freedom in transparency. I teach special needs children, but I work with all children. I don’t think true art can come from restraint. I look at typical kids, and they can get on my nerves worse than the kids I deal with. You almost have to come at them a certain way because they don’t understand nor do they respect a passive approach. But at the end of the day, they can see care and compassion behind those words you speak. I look at music the same way. I could talk to Sup (Super Natra), and a lot of words can come flying out my mouth that people wouldn’t believe. That’s who I am. But when I talk to a parent about their child, that’s also who I am. I will not let you, or anyone else put me in a box. I’m just Trek man.

…..and let me say this. I used to be the type to get at you real quick about my views and where I stood. Being married and having children of my own, life has helped me to see things differently, and now I have confidence in who I am without saying a word.

I’m sorry I keep going man, but let me address people that want to criticize today’s music, whether it’s trap, trendy or the music we put out. “If you don’t like it. TURN IT OFF!” There was a time for Flash n nem; we honor that. There was a time for N.W.A., and they were majorly criticized, but now they are in the Rock N Roll Hall of fame. This is OUR music, and it speaks to US! You don’t like the music; I get it. Next question is what are you going to do about it? I am for balance, but I’m also for the music.

Ok, I’m done. LOL!

OTT: Well, we here at Straight Official love your image and the message you are putting out. Lastly, what is the name of your project and when is it going to be released?

TM: Ok Ok my latest project is called Spring Seventeen to be released March 24th. It will be available on all streaming sights iTunes etc. Please go pick up my previous project on all streaming sites as well Trek For Short where you can pick up the banging single that’s out now “Drummer Some”  you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for having me today fam, I appreciate you!



Youtube: Drummer Some




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[Web Series] DJ Samore Top 5 Live From MidTown

Check out the latest Episode from The DJ Samore Top 5 Show via the Innovative Black Station. DJ Samore picks her top 5 records of the week;  according to the urban radio charts, what’s hot in these streets, and what’s that next record to look out for. This week spotlight tracks are records from TJ the sauce kid and Taylor Girlz; and you can’t forget about  “Hot Spots In The Streetz” segment. Watch the episode here .


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I don’y play games, no seriously, I dont play video games, but what I’ve heard from some of my friends that game, the comments from other players on vitual battelfieds can have “frequent slurs on homosexuals, Asians, Hispanics and women.” Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands now allows you to escape some of the bullshit with a […]


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[NEWS] Jay-Z, Tidal and Sprint Strike a Deal

“I not a businessman, I am business, man!


Words of the incomparable Hov and that’s not lying. Two years ago, the Roc Nation leader bought Tidal, a small streaming service, for $56 million, and now he has now reportedly struck a
$200 million deal. The partnership will give 45 million Sprint users access to Tidal and exclusive content from the platform. Sprint copped a little over a third, but itTidal worth over an estimated $600 million?

As part of the deal, Jay-Z and the group of artist owners who helped introduce Tidal, including Beyoncé, Madonna, Kanye West and Alicia Keys, will continue to run the service, and Marcelo Claure, the chief executive of Sprint, will join Tidal’s board, the companies said. As well as including the creation of a “dedicated marketing fund,” which a source says will have an annual budget of $75 million solely for the artist initiatives and exclusives.

“Sprint shares our view of revolutionizing the creative industry to allow artists to connect directly with their fans and reach their fullest, shared potential,” Jay-Z said in a statement. “Marcelo understood our goal right away, and together we are excited to bring Sprint’s 45 million customers an unmatched entertainment experience.”


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If you’re like me you have been anxiously waiting for Mary Jane Paul to return to the small screen and thank God our wait is almost over. The popular BET hit series featuring award-winning actress the beautiful, talented Gabrielle Union is about to enter its 4th Season.  “Mary Jane” the successful Network TV news anchor with enough problems to last 20 seasons has been on quite a roller coaster and with the new season taking place in New York City we are definitely in for an even bumpier ride. From finally breaking it off with her long time on and off boyfriend, David to her best friend committing suicide to the real life drama involving a 3 million lawsuit with BET (which she won) and the replacement of longtime producer and creator of the show Mara Brock Akil, this season is sure to keep us on our toes.

This season also brings in fresh meat in the form of Michael Ealy, and guest appearances from Harlem Rapper Dave East and even Love and Hip-Hop Star Cardi B! Being Mary Jane is one those shows you just cant get enough of because of its raw delivery and evident effort to bring relevant and controversial content. So grab your glass of wine or shot of Tequila lol and tune in this Tuesday January 10th  as Mary Jane Paul gives us more of what we want drama, phenomenal quotes and an undeniable soundtrack.Check out this teaser till then 🙂



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