Social Media & Fashion Influencer Elvisa Dedic set to release Elvisa Cosmetics | @Elvisa32495904 @CosmeticsElvisa

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Social Media & Fashion Influencer Elvisa Dedic set to release Elvisa Cosmetics. Elvisa Dedic has already established herself as a brand ambassador for PrettylittleThing and Fashion Nova among others. Now Elvisa Dedic is set to release Elvisa Cosmetics. I’ve been keeping busy lately with a passionate project as the CEO of Elvisa Cosmetics. What you see here, represents a lifetime of hard work and dedication.


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Featured Artist: Suavio Da Don

  1. What is your Stage Name? Please tell us where you’re from and what first got you interested in the entertainment industry? Suavio Da Don, Little Rock Arkansas
  2. Who and/or what inspires you to create?  What got me interested in the industry was hearing too short rap
  3. How would you describe your sound? Life and family inspires me to create
  4. What is your creative process like? My sound is original
  5. What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with? My creative process is I roll up let’s the beats play and I just speak my mind
  6. If you could open a show for any artist who would it be? I would like to collaborate with bankroll Freddie and
    2 Chainz
  7. What is one message you would give to your supporters? I would tell my supporters to keep supporting
  8. What is the most useless talent you have? People don’t know that I can play basketball
  9. What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music? If I wasn’t rappin I’d be cuttin hair and running my own clothing line
  10. Who are some artists you admire and why? I admire Barak Obama because he is the first president of the USA and I admire Muhammad Ali Because of his resilience
  11. What is the best advice you’ve been given? Best advice I’ve been given is to never give up
    If I could change anything about the industry
  12. If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be? It would be the fake ness and clout chasing
  13. What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself in the next year? Next for me is starting my label Big Drip Gang Ent.
    I see us at the top of the charts by next year
  14. What is your social media? How can people get in contact with you?
    My social media is @suaviodadon
    For all inquiries
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Introducing the innovate upcoming street fashion, ‘Screwedhybrid’ Clothing Line

Screwedhybrid is a innovate upcoming street fashion brand. Which brings an insight into the culture, and youth of today’s underground street fashion in society. Developed in Fall of 2019 by the CEO and founder Chloe Taylor. Whom had been inspired of the street wear of NYC and Houston Texas. Being amongst multiple designers and artists, she created “Screwedhybrid” which is a line that helps you express yourself through each piece vividly, and gives you an opportunity to stand out in a unique fashion sense. With Hybrid being two concepts into one, Essentially SCREWEDHYBRID means calm yet able to adapt through anything.

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Rapper Clay James and Fashion Designer Darius “KD” Graham link back up to launch Bliss Clothing Company’s “Black Collection“ | @WhoIsClayJames

Rapper Clay James and Fashion Designer Darius “KD” Graham link back up to launch Bliss Clothing Company’s “Black Collection“

Bliss first launched in 2007 by Darius “KD” Graham as a skate company, because KD was heavy into skating and graphic designing. These two things provided him with his BLISS, which by definition means perfect happiness; great joy. The logo consists of crossed skate wheel trucks with a yellow halo on top accompanied by wheels in green, purple, red, and blue. Green represents money, purple is royalty, red signifies power, and blue stands for loyalty. In 2010, KD linked up with Clay James and the two became business partners. Together they’ve had placements on the tv show X-Factor, BET, VH1, and MTV. Some notable people to wear the brand have been MGK, Mary Mary, Travis Porter, Roscoe Dash, Domani Harris, Malaysia Pargo, Bambi, K.Camp, Sy Ari Da Kid, & many more. The brand took a short hiatus because Clay was pursuing his music career and KD was operating a thriving graphic design business called DNA Customs, but now the two have relaunched the brand with a “Black Collection” all of their top selling items have been released in black for a limited time only.


IG: @WhoIsClayJames

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Introducing ‘U Slept On Me’ clothing, a Premium Athleisure Wear

Get styled with USOM| USleptOnMe

Premium Athleisure Wear. We took the feeling of being underrated and turned it into empowerment via our fashionably stylish activewear! U Slept On Me LLC was established in Los Angeles in 2016 by co founders Erica Bigger and Melanie Powell, from Baltimore, MD. OUR MISSION STATEMENT: USOM is a lifestyle brand that stands for empowerment. The acronym USOM stands for U Slept on Me, meaning you counted me out, but I’m still here. The USOM clothing brand brings life to the words via its athletic/fashion forward designs that are classic, fresh, and stylish. As a lifestyle brand, we aspire to encourage, uplift, inspire, and motivate a growing athleisure based culture of individuals who are gravitating to a non conforming, health conscious fashion and beauty based lifestyle promoting self love, fitness and a heart for the community and those who are particularly feeling underrated, left behind, undervalued and/or overlooked. ORDER NOW:

U Slept On Me LLC
Call (323) 682-8551

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Best Scents for the Summer

As we all know, being inside the house for a long period of time can be a little draining. We oftentimes use great scents as a tool to adjust our moods like candles, incents and more. Nothing can get rid of the quarantine blues like the smell of a great fragrance. Here are a few spring and summertime fragrances that are sure to brighten your mood.

Versace’s Bright Crystal is a sweet and fresh scent that is perfect for both the spring and summertime. This fragrance includes notes of musk, iced accord, yuzu, pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus flower, acajou, and vegetal amber. Bright Crystal contains a light fruity scent that gives the fragrance a very youthful vibe. The wear-time on this fragrance is about 5 hours with 4-5 sprays. This is the perfect daytime scent for those warm summer months.

Amazing Grace Magnolia by Philosophy is a beautiful floral scent with a mix of sweet and woody notes. This fragrance is light enough for the day time but still deep enough for nighttime wear. The notes in this scent include bergamot, nectarine, sweet magnolia, violet, warm musk, solar amber, and driftwood. This fragrance has a wear-time of about 6 hours with 7-8 sprays.

Escada’s Miami Blossom is a fun and flirty fragrance that is guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention. This tropical scent will have you feeling like you’re on an island vacation even if you’re just sitting in your living room. Miami Blossom contains notes of watermelon, orange, blueberry, pineapple, tiare flower, sandalwood, jasmine, tuberose, and musk. This fragrance has a wear time of 6 hours with 5-6 sprays.

Burberry Her is a sophisticated floral perfume that is perfect for the office, church or any type of social event. It is a luxuriously bold fragrance but not overbearing. This scent has notes of musk, amber, jasmine, red and dark berries. This fragrance has a wear time of about 8 hours with 4-5 sprays.

Even though these fragrances can’t help the quarantine end any faster, they can help you feel good and smell good while you’re home. If you have any favorite scents that have lifted your spirits during the quarantine comment them below.

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[Fashion] Introducing “Rich Thoughts Poor Habits Clothing”

Rich Thoughts Poor Habits Clothing” is not only to be recognized as an clothing company, but as a movement branded in the community by enRiching the minds with knowledge on self-improvement, positivity, and motivation. So many of us have thoughts and desires to be RICH, whether it be financially or thru achieving realization of our true self-worth, unfortunately most of us also practice daily poor habits. The Rich Thoughts Poor Habits Brand is about taking something negative and making it positive and motivating. You have to think RICH, if you want to become it.

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