One Mans Art….A conversation with Louis Picasso by @DJLayneLuv

When your 20 year old daughter tells you “Daddy you have to listen to this artist….” with all of her enthusiasm, you have no choice but to drop everything and give her your undivided attention. The back story is that she was attending a listening party and she got there extremely early to find a young man setting up stage and lighting. As she engaged in conversation with the young man she became intrigued by his views and outlook on certain things. They ended their small talk without any exchange of names. She gradually attended the party to the progression of the featured artist for the evening. As they introduce the featured artist, she then made the connection with the moment of clarity. Louis Picasso was the gentleman from earlier setting up his own show. She was even more impressed with the quality of his music.

Come to find out, he’s well known in Ypsilanti Michigan and has a commendable following. With his latest single Gold, he’s booked for a few dates across the country including some dates in California.

It is one thing to know a person by their art…but to get to know the authentic person behind the art is something totally different altogether. When I speak to masterful musicians, I am so amazed by their humility and dedication to their craft. This conversation gave me hope for my daughters generation. So much is lost in translation based on age differences that when two people put aside those prejudices, they find they have a lot more in common than not. Speaking to this young man made it refreshing that he is in my daughters circle. And Oh! did I forget to mention she is helping with his artist management now?

Ladies and gentleman… Louis Picasso

OTT: I’m always interested in the inner workings of an independent artists journey considering I’m one myself. So tell us how did you get into music?

LP: As with a lot of musicians, my entire family is involved with music. Everybody sings, everybody plays and instrument, so I was kind of born into it. However, I didn’t start writing music until about 2008. It was like another way to express myself verses being out here doing a lot of wrong, music was my sole outlet.  Then about 2013 I started to take it more serious.  I started learning about music theory and the history of music and different genres of music I wasn’t listening to before…so that’s how it started.

OTT: Because there are limited paths to success in the music business today, I see you’ve taken the approach of a Lamar, Cole, or even names like Lupe and Badass. What brought about your eclectic sound?

LP: My approach to the music always zoned in on lyricism vs the beat which is not the approach most people take. The majority are moved by the beat or the flow. I took a liking to B.I.G. because of his wordplay. Biggie was the first album that I went through and fully dissected and I got that from my dad when I was in middle school. And I just admitted I was feeling my dad’s music so please forgive that crime. (It’s human nature to rebel against your parents music LOL) Yeah but I was really feeling how Biggie put a song together and from listening to more rappers like him and Nas, I noticed how they put different feelings and emotion into their stories. Because you see… when you’re creating, you really don’t know how it’s gonna come out, but through their influence, I learned how to trust my feelings and expression.

OTT: Tell us about your evolution as an artist and finding your own voice.

LP: Well it’s like you said up until 2008, my interpretation of music was from everything that I listened to prior, so in that, there is a lot of mimicking and trying different styles. It took a lot of changing man because you have to be true to yourself and your art, but you also have to produce something your audience will love and appreciate.

OTT: Great transition! Without giving away your business secrets lol, how did you develop your respectable following?

LP: Weeelll…hahaha, I was tired of being told no when it came to my vision. Necessity is the mother of creation and invention so I was forced to think outside the box when it came to my marketing and building relationships. I remember wanting to rock at certain shows and being told no. I remember wanting to record in certain studios and being declined. I got fed up and started doing it on my own. You have to have faith behind your ideas and your craft. Because if you don’t, you’re going to get discouraged and eventually give up. You can put tens of thousands of dollars into your project but without faith you don’t have much. This is why you have the Missy’s and Pharell Williams and Timbalands that are masters at what they do because they took the time to learn everything on their own and they were hungry for that knowledge despite the roadblocks.

The last show I got told no to, it left a bad taste in my mouth so I created what is called a Pop-Up show at Third Rail. That was my very first show and it sold out the first week based on how we promoted it and previewed it. Well before the show, people were impressed with our presentation which made them interested. That’s a key right there. Your presentation has to be so appealing that it makes people want to check it out. The buzz was so real that I just took that formula and applied it to every single show.  I put my all into and keep my faith in tact.

OTT: Being that you are from Michigan, what is your take on the house that J Dilla built and his contribution to your home state and just music itself?

LP: The first time I heard about Dilla was around 2008 and a producer friend of mind  let me listen to him and it took a while to get into my system because I wasn’t really into that boom-bap soulistic style. But one thing about music is you have to open your soul up to it in order to receive it and once I did, I really see the time and effort he took to learn music and develop his sound and it made a huge impression on me.

OTT: Let’s talk about your project now…what is GOLD?

LP: Gold….. I want to describe it as an opportunity. With this project I want Gold to pertain to worth as in worth of self not so much materialistic . I dropped Gold around April 1. I wanted to get a bunch of creators around the area and like put together an orchestra that would display to the audience the worth of these independent artist in the area. That is what I wanted to display on Gold and then again my entire album.

OTT: Lastly, where can old and new fans purchase your music?

LP: Apple Music man, they can purchase the single on iTunes and mostly all of your favorite other steaming companies. Please get the word out and it is definitely appreciated. They can see my videos on YouTube under Louis Picasso and they can follow me on Instagram under @LouisPicasso. Thank you for having me fam.

OTT: We appreciate you as well. Best wishes on all of your music endeavors.








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Fashion has always resonated within Hip-Hop for as long as the movement has been around. Iconic brands such as Cross Colors, FUBU and Karl Kani were born during Hip-Hop’s renaissance period and helped to coordinate the swagger and bravado that the genre embraces.

SEVIN FIGURES CLOTHING is the next brand that is quickly becoming a household name here in Indianapolis. Founded in 2016, the brand was designed for the élite with class and originality as well as for those who desired wealth. On the eve of its one year anniversary, SFC has not only affected the fashion scene in Naptown but also the community itself.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Taz “Stuntman” Fox who is the visionary behind the brand. Fox is both a vested artist and businessman in the Circle City, serving as the CEO of Stuntman Entertainment, LLC and founder of the popular I N HALE TV series. We caught up on old times within the confines of his “workshop” to find out more about this venture and what’s in store moving forward.

For anyone who knows him, Taz has always been about his business with only his passion for music coming in at a close second. “I’ve always been a grinder and have been telling folks that I would be a millionaire. I go one figure at a time and I’m on my way to the seventh, trust me.”

When I asked him about the influence behind SFC he expressed the desire to be both marketable and relative to the community as a whole. “When coming up with a clothing line, I wanted to provide something that has no limits in terms of demographics or culture. This is something that anyone, no matter race or culture can wear.”

Fox and his business partner John Grice have spread SFC across the city and have opened doors for those who cannot do it themselves. The philosophy behind the name of the brand is solid. “In order to create millionaires you have to support executive decisions, and Sevin breaks down in an acronym to Supporting Executive Visions Is Necessary.” The brand provides affordable, stylish clothing that ranges from T-Shirts, Polo’s and an upcoming denim line.

To celebrate the success of Sevin Figures Clothing, the brand will be presenting the 4th annual Gemini Bash, hosted by the newest viral comedic sensation Jeremiah Phillips. “I throw a birthday bash every year and this year is also a celebration of success as well as a visual launch of the clothing line. It’s gonna be fun man so all my Gemini’s need to show up and TURN UP!!

Check out the rest of our interview by clicking the link down below and you can find Sevin Figures Clothing via their Facebook page, where you can also order directly from the page and stay tuned for the launch of the official website for Sevin Figures Clothing coming soon.

Interview w Sevin Figures Clothing founder Taz Fox

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[FEATURED MODEL] Meet Fleet Model Giovanni!

Eye Color


Hair Color









Tell everybody your name and where you’re from?

Giovanni Hawkins I’m Baltimore born and raised.
So Giovanni, how long have you been modeling and how did you get your start?
11 years. I began by walking in the Baltimore Fashion Week Show at Artscape. Artscape is the largest 3 day arts festival in the world.

What are some of your hobbies or fun things that you do outside of modeling?

I enjoy laser-tag, working out, and I love books lol (yes, I’m a nerd)

What would you say is your best feature and why?

My best non physical feature has to be my personality. I’m a fun person. I love to laugh.

My best physical feature I’d say is my smile

What music is currently on your playlist?

Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, TattedupLeo
Being a model, I know you hear corny pick up lines all the time! What is the worst line you have heard thus far?
Hey beautiful!God took his time on you
Who’s your favorite model?
Me of course! Lol sike I’m crazy about Naomi Campbell
Give us a “Fun Fact” that not many people would know?
I’m shy and have great anxiety.. Atleast, until I warm up to you.How can people get in contact with you?

To book an interview or send music besosradio@gmail
Giovanni Gigi Hawkins

Thank you for your time in speaking with us! Keep up the good work!!
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[INTERVIEW] Gamal Brown: “Dance To The Music”: DJ Layne Luv

There are several names that rattle off the tops of peoples heads when famous dance companies are mentioned across the country.  Alvin Ailey, Alonzo King, American Ballet Theatre and so many more. However, because of stiff competition, most dancers may not ever realize their dream of dancing for these prestigious companies. Thanks to inspiring people like Gamal Brown, aspiring dancers can still live their dream through companies just like his in their communities. The name of his company is called Onyx Productions of Columbus Ohio. Instead of the brow-beating strict discipline like most of his east-coast mentors, Brown takes on a more available and nurturing role when it comes to teaching his students. But don’t let any of that fool you because he can be just as tough and critical as any New York performance arts instructor.

Besides my fascination with music, dance comes in at a close 2nd as I am a die hard fan of the late great James Brown, Michael Jackson, and The Temptations. I’m also a fan of newer artists such as Usher Raymond, Chris Brown and Janelle Monae. My transparency will also have me to admit that Fame, All That Jazz, and A Chorus Line were some of my favorite movies. I say Admit because in the Hip Hop world, sometimes “sophisticated culture” is frowned upon and I wanted Gamal to shed a little bit of light on what it truly means to be a part of the dance culture.

OTT: Ok Gamal so give us a little bit of your background.

GB: Well I was born and raised right here in Columbus. I studied in Ballet Met for a number of years. After I had graduated high school, I went on to Dayton Ohio where I attended Wright State University. While I was there, I attended the Jeraldyne School of Dance. I worked out with a few other dance companies and then received an opportunity to go to Africa and study with the ballet masters in Senegal. It was really amazing , And I must say, anyone that visits the motherland, it is a life changing experience.

OTT: How do you balance teaching what you know, while still developing as an artist?

GB: Hahaha there are long days and even longer nights…but that’s just it. You never stop being a student in this culture but make no mistake about it; you have to want to be here. You have to want to learn. People have their misconception on what dance truly is until they encounter a master at this craft. That separates the real from the fake, real quick. My undergrad is in business economics so when I view an opportunity from a high level, I have to make sure it’s worth my time and investment, and this is also what I try to get my students to understand. Mastery takes time, and you have to be willing to put in the work.

OTT: I’m an extreme advocate for saving the lives of urban young males in America. Being that their manhood is tested on every level, a number of them may view the cultured arts as soft or become downright homophobic of the art of dance. How can we get them to view this in a different way?

GB: Oh yeah…but just think about it Layne, you’re in this field where you’re always in tights. You’re in this field where the assumption is that you’re doing these effeminate movements, but the reality is..the strength and training that it takes to do what we do are second to none. If you’re partnering with someone and she weighs 145 pounds solid…there is nothing feminine about that. That takes a strong man. Are there a number of gay menin this particular culture? Yes, but that’s true in any culture. But I’ll have a straight person look at it like this, what other place can you find some of those most gorgeous women, bodies stacked and you get to engage in the most sensual, intimate movements for a living? It seems like that’s where I’d want to be hahaha.

But before you ask the next question, let me say this, it takes a certain level of mental strength to do ballet and modern dance. People will always criticize, accuse you or try to judge you and put you in this box. We come from this masculine community where you either play football, basketball, baseball or run track. It’s time for us to view the arts as something more than this effeminate culture to where you have to be a woman or gay. The arts are for everyone.

OTT: Since Social Media is at the forefront of gaining an audience, how to you think it has effected the presentation of dance?

GB: Wow now that was a great question! You’re a great writer I can tell, but to answer your question, we’re in a microwave generation. People want to be on stage right now. Aspiring dancers want the followers and acknowledgment now. I don’t think they realize the steps it takes to become a professional dancer. Don’t get me wrong, when I look at certain videos I see great movements but no training. I don’t even give a pass to these Hip Hop freestyle dancers either, because I’m thinking about the next generation behind them is going to be injured often because they have not been taught how to properly train. What are you teaching them? This is why it’s stressful to teach dancers, because it’s hard to get them to unlearn what they’ve been doing all along. It’s hard to watch people molesting the movements of the art to where professionals like myself will say  “I need you to stand in acudapie’ and hold that position” but they don’t understand that language. And each level you go to, you have masters that will hold you accountable for not mastering your craft. The craft has to be honored if we’re going to be craftsmen.

OTT: Last question. What can people expect when coming to an Onyx production?

GB: It’s nurturing, It’s fun. We tells stories of love, pain, and protest. I’m happy to see more men in my productions. It’s a movement. My next production is March 18, it’s entitled Roho which is swahili for spirit. It’s a snapshot of my life presented in 8 pieces. I was working for another company and found out that my voice was being muffled so instead of sustaining that relationship I made the decision to form my own mission. My mission is social justice advocacy. I have to tell the story according to the way I see it. I encourage you and anyone on this post to check it out. You will walk away with an experience.

Please visit Onyx Productions at:


Follow Gamal Brown on Facebook.





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[News] Bey and Tina Recreate ‘Formation’ Flip Off

Or let’s just say they did.. Bey and her mother Tina  shot some flicks behind the scenes at the Grammy’s that makes one wonder. Formation recreation of f*ck her #AOTY loss to Adele?

“Sorry,”—”Middle fingers up, put them hands high…”

Before Bey stepped on stage, her mom gave her a swanky introduction: “Ladies and gentlemen, with a mother’s pride, my daughter, Beyoncé,” Lawson said.

There are more dope pics of the whole family looking as luxurious as ever. Check them out below!

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Chi-Town Urban Radio show is taking their brand of urban entertainment and taste making to a whole new level this year. They are set to launch their own brand of apparel. To start they have a string of advertisements with spokes models sporting their t-shirts circulating social media. With a new season and new co-host Ebony Kiara, Chi Town Urban Radio is taking indie radio to where it’s never been before. The show is now airing 4 times a week by has picking up a new slot on 16080 AM radio. New year bringing new opportunities to indie artists throughout North America. Facebook Page Chi-Town Urban Radio website IG: @CHITOWNURBANRADIO Chi-Town Urban Radio covers the hottest events, spins the best music, and keeps you in the loop with all entertainment news. Mixing the top Hip-Hop and R&B hits with new music. Chi-Town Urban Radio is real and what you want to hear. Let’s get it

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Schoolboy Q  stepped onto the red carpet at the 59th annual Grammy Awards with his daughter at his side, rocking a pink hoodie with the words “Girl Power”  across the front coordinating with his daughter who donned a pink suit. Speaking on their choice of attire, Q stated:

“I see a lot of stuff going on with women these days and I’m here to support them. I could go out and protest and all that, but me having a little girl, I think it starts right here — to let her know what’s going on, how she needs to be treated and the respect she needs to be given.”

Q was nominated for Best Rap Album for Blank Face LP and Best Rap Performance for “That Part,” featuring Kanye West.

Check out the photos with his daughter and his recent interview with Zane Lowe about fatherhood below!

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[BEAUTY] Life Hacks, While Saving Money

In a world where beauty is forever changing, I decided to put together a few life hacks that have stuck around the last couple of years. If given the option to change one thing about your appearance for little or no cost I am sure over 50% of women and men will have a couple of things on the list. What if I told you can change a few things without breaking your bank or making them permanent. There are a million different ways to enhance features and I am going to let you in on a few of them.



The most talked about is the trend…

Highlight & Contouring.

I can have that cute little button nose or my dark spots can just magically disappear. Not only does it change your facial appearance it also can help out with the cleavage as well as a few abs for our non-working out people who want to give the illusion of abs.




Next on the list will be the Waist Trainers, now this neat piece of attire tighten the abdomen region,  lifts the chest and slim the waist giving us that Cocoa-Cola bottle shape or as I say Mermaid shape.








Now my last hack may surprise a lot of you all, but I swear by it. Baby oil, now before you turn up your face like I just said something disappointing hear me out. Have you ever seen a person and they have this glow about them, automatically you are going to think its glitter highlight, but let me tell you for $1.99 at your local Wal-Mart you to can have that shine? Do you want your legs to seem overly sexy add some baby oil to it the next time you decide to put them heels on and check the difference?  Think you have a two pack of abs put some baby oil on it and “BOOM”, you have a six-pack.

Image by © Luca Tettoni/Corbis


With all of this being said changing your appearance can be temporary or permanent, but the love of self is forever.

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[FASHION] First Look: Our Own Thing Apparels

Our Own thing Apparel has announced its plans to launch for early 2017,  actualizing a passion for fashion. Our Own Thing Apparel company is seeking to move the industry forward by returning the trend to individuality and empowering of people’s self esteem. . Finding a niche at the moment in graphic T’,Our Own thing Apparel has provided solace for those who fear most the reality of looking like everyone else, by offering limited edition threads. Check out some samples below:
Follow @OurOwnThingApparels
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[NEWS] “Black Ice” Kyrie 3.

Nike and Kyrie Irving have officially introduced the newest edition of his signature line, the Kyrie 3. The new integrated forefoot band with Flywire cables, enhancing the wearer’s forefoot motion and maintaining a lockdown fit. The Kyrie 3 also features two dope traction pods on the forefoot of the sole to enhance traction. JBY “Just be yourself and H + H “Hungry and humble” are seen on the shoe’s tongue, reflecting the mottos Kyrie lives by.



According to Nike:

Hidden references to Irving’s late mother, Elizabeth include roman numerals VIII and XIII mimicking tattoo’s on Irving’s left and right wrists that are on each sockliner and visible each time he laces up. Its Irving’s family-first philosophy that also pays tribute to his young daughter Azurie on a small frame around the visible Zoom Air unit in the heel.

Check out Kyrie’s introduction to his new signature shoe below.

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