Rosalia’s Con Altura Hits 1 Billion YouTube Views

The rising Spanish singer’s hit “Con Altura” featuring J Balvin and producer El Guincho has notched up one billion views on YouTube.

Helmed by Director X, the “Con Altura” video sees the trio start a party on a plane and its star shows off some of her signature flamenco moves.

The clip hit YouTube late March 2019 and has logged 28 weeks on the video streaming platform’s global list of most popular music videos.

In late August, “Con Altura” went on to win a brace of trophies at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, in the choreography and Latin categories, making her the first Spanish winning-artist in VMAs history.

Rosalía photographed on Sept. 3, 2019 at The 1896 in ­Brooklyn.

It’s currently Number 3 on YouTube’s Top Music Videos, making it the most successful video by a female artist in 2019.

The Catalan pop artist has enjoyed overwhelming critical acclaim for her contemporary, urban-music twist on flamenco. For a feature article published in Billboard Magazine, Ron Perry, chairman/CEO of Columbia Records, which signed Rosalía in the United States, described the artist as “a once-in-a-generation talent.”

Rosalía photographed on Sept. 3, 2019 at The 1896 in ­Brooklyn.  Styling by Samantha ­Burkhart Michael Kors Collection dress, Piers Atkinson headpiece, Pleaser boots with Amy Shehab jewelry, Bvlgari earrings, ring and bracelet.

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The Notorious B.I.G & Whitney Houston Nominated For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has announced its nominees for 2020.

Sixteen artists are eligible for the honor, nine of which have been nominated for the first time: The Doobie Brothers, Pat Benatar, Whitney Houston, T. Rex, Thin Lizzy, Dave Matthews Band, Soundgarden, Motörhead  & The Notorious B.I.G.

PHOTO: Notorious B.I.G. and singer Whitney Houston are among the 16 acts nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fames 2020 class.

Rounding out the ballot are Todd Rundgren, Depeche Mode, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Nine Inch Nails, Judas Priest, Kraftwerk and MC5, all of whom have been nominated at least once before.

Of the first-time nominees, glam-rockers T. Rex have been eligible since 1994, along with both The Doobie Brothers’ & Thin Lizzy’s first year of eligibility was 1997.

German electronic group Kraftwerk has received 5 previous nominations.

For eligibility artists need to have released their first “commercial recording” at least 25 years ago.

Starting today and continuing through Jan. 10, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. ET, you can vote for your favorite nominees at, via Google by searching “Rock Hall Fan Vote” or any nominee name, or at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland.

The five artists with the most votes make up a “ballot” that will be counted with the voting committee’s ballots.

The 2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, presented by Klipsch Audio, will be held at Public Auditorium in Cleveland on May 2, 2020.

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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air spin-off is in the works

Get ready for some fresher “Prince.”

Will Smith, currently starring in the new action film “Gemini Man,” is revisiting his “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” roots and working on a reboot of the 1990-96 NBC series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Westbrook Inc., a new media company founded by Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, is developing a “spin-off” of the sitcom, which still pays syndication and streaming royalties to its star. The Reporter offered no further details about the project.

Rumors of a reboot have popped up in the two-plus decades since the show went off the air, as the cast still stays in touch and reunites on occasion. When E! asked Smith about a potential remake in 2016, he quickly shut down the possibility, saying, “I don’t think ever, like pretty close to when hell freezes over. Like we’re going to leave that one alone.”

But he was more coy in 2017 when UK talk-show host Graham Norton asked him about the possibility, to which Smith replied, “Man, I’d have to be Uncle Phil in that one!” — referencing the well-to-do relative (played by the late James Avery) who took in the teenage, fictionalized version of Smith on the sitcom.

Still, the reboot news may not surprise his fans: He recently did another “Fresh Prince” money grab by releasing a jazzy new line of athletic wear inspired by the show. But you better shop fast: items are only available through Monday.


Check Out Some Of The funniest Moments

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A Nipsey Hussle Biography “The Marathon Don’t Stop” Is On The Way

Nipsey Hussle biography is in the works, according to Complex (Oct. 8).

 The book takes a deep dive into the life of the late Nipsey Hussle, who was murdered outside his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles earlier this March, and will be written by VIBE founding editor Rob Kenner.

The Marathon Don’t Stop: The Life and Times of Nipsey Hussle is due to release on March 24, 2020.

There will be commentary from Nipsey himself and interviews with those closest to him featured in the biography.

“The last time I spoke with Nipsey Hussle, he told me, ‘I ain’t outside giving out jewelry or dropping off bags of money on people, but I’m giving out game,'” Kenner told Complex. “This book is my attempt to help fulfill that intention.”

“Although the biography was not authorized by Hussle’s family, portions of the proceeds will be donated to Nipsey’s estate” says Kenner.

“He was one of the most fascinating artists of our time, as well as an important activist and thought leader, but he received relatively little acclaim during his lifetime,” Kenner.

“I wanted to do my part to help set the record straight.”

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#GetSom via @LovelytheVixen writer of #GritHouse @straightofficialmag

X-Raided took to Instagram a few hours ago to announce that he has major projects in the works. X-Raided’s fans have proven to be loyal as they were dedicated to his music even while he was incarcerated for so many years. Now that he is out, his fans have been patiently waiting to see his next move. X-Raided is about to deliver in a major way with “Psycho Analysis” I think his projects are sure to engage his audience and draw them in with his personal experiences and adventures through his physique.

His Instagram post was written as fallows


#Repost @officialxraided1
I’ve decided to take it all the way back. I am presently re-creating, re-producing, re-recording, remixing and remastering all of the classics starting from the beginning of my career. The project is called “Psycho Analysis.”
🔹 “psy·cho·a·nal·y·sis
: a system of psychological theory and therapy which aims to treat mental disorders by investigating the interaction of conscious and unconscious elements in the mind and bringing repressed fears and conflicts into the conscious mind by techniques such as dream interpretation and free association.”
We are about to study my life and career together through my music. I will be releasing the project as series of albums 12 songs at a time, chronologically listed. The songs are in the order that I wrote them to give clarity on my state of mind during each period of time. This will allow for discussion surrounding the environmental influences that created the specific psychological atmosphere within my mind to cause these particular lyrics to come out of me.
These are the first 12 songs we will be examining:
1. Everybody Killa
2. Every Single Bitch *
3. Still Shootin’
4. Use Yo Nina
5. LIquor Niggas & Triggas
6. Wanna Get High
7. Witta Mask On
8. Checc Yo Bitch *
9. Deuce-Five to Life *
10. Hell Razor *
11. Deadly Game
12. Macaframa **
*Found beat
Artwork by: @mistahrain
This is not the final artwork. I’m not sure what I want on the cover yet. Still want to see what @dikulz has in mind.
I’m working with @pyramidmusicgroup @venezistudios and @wave_freqz to make this project a reality.
So far I have amazing beats from: @rozayxbeats @illmindedmusic @brainofblapgang @prod_by_kyle_keith and of course @joeyy_mystro. I’m listening to what everyone else can come up with too. Tag a producer you feel deserves a chance.
I’m doing a docufilm, video diaries (performing and breaking down the songs), plus videos for each song with @rickthedirector @420ambassador and @infgang
I’m completing a biographical lyric and picture book for the project as well with @imrobertrand
I’m 100% focused. This is not a test and I’m not gonna change my mind. Psycho Analysis is coming soon.


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Tyler Perry open studioin Atlanta

TYLER PERRY OPENS STUDIO IN ATLANTA – Tyler Perry is the first African-American to own a studio outright. The studio has no proprietary partners or corporate backing….

It’s owned fully by Perry the first-ever of its kind! Not to mentioned the sound stages were built on what was once a confederate army base in what Perry calls “Poetic Justice”

Perry is the creative director behind 22 movies, 20 plays, and eight TV shows. But that’s not all: the 50-year-old writer, director, and actor just built a 330-acre movie studio complex in Atlanta, featuring a dozen sound stages named after black Hollywood icons. The Star studded grand opening attended by everyone from Oprah to Halle Berry was the epitome of black excellence.

“You know, the studio’s gonna be what it is,” Perry said. “I’ll tell you what I’m most excited about next is pulling this next phase off, is building a compound for trafficked women, girls, homeless women, LGBTQ youth who are put out and displaced, somewhere on these 330 acres, where they’re trained in the business and they become self-sufficient. They’ll live in nice apartments. There’s daycare. There’s all of these wonderful things that allows them to reenter society and pay it forward again; That’s what I hope to do soon.” To learn more about Perry’s studio and the opening click on the link below!

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Bill Clinton and Bow Wow Tyler Perry Studios

Colin Kapernick and Nessa
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – OCTOBER 05: Colin Kaepernick and Nessa attend Tyler Perry Studios grand opening gala at Tyler Perry Studios on October 05, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paul R. Giunta/Getty Images)
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Three Arrests Have Been Made Over Mac Millers Death

Three men have been arrested during the investigation into rapper Mac Miller’s deadly overdose last year have now been charged with providing the drugs that killed him, US prosecutors said Wednesday.

A grand jury indictment that was unsealed in Los Angeles accuses the men of conspiring and distributing cocaine and oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl that caused Miller’s death in September 2018.

Cameron Pettit, 28, of West Hollywood, California; Stephen Walter, 46, of Los Angeles; & Ryan Reavis, 36, of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, were previously charged with drug-related offenses.

Wednesday’s charges add the allegation that their drugs led to Miller’s death.

Miller, 26, died of an accidental overdose of the powerful opioid fentanyl, along with cocaine and alcohol. Fentanyl has contributed to an epidemic of opioid abuse in the US that has claimed thousands of lives, including those of other musicians, such as Prince.

The men face a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years in federal prison and the potential for life without parole if convicted of either of the charges related to Miller’s death.

Attorneys for Pettit and Walter declined comment. It’s unclear whether Reavis has a lawyer.

Pettit and Walter, who was also charged with being a felon in possession of ammunition, were scheduled to be arraigned on the new charges on Oct. 10. Reavis, who was arrested last week in Arizona, does not have an arraignment date set yet.

The indictment alleges the men continued to distribute drugs through August 2019.

Miller’s beats and rhymes, with their frank expressions of drug use and depression, made him a beloved and respected figure among fans, including some of the biggest names in hip-hop.

The Pittsburgh native, whose real name was Malcolm James Myers McCormick, was in a two-year relationship with Ariana Grande that ended earlier in 2018. After his death, the pop star posted a loving video of him on her Instagram page and released a song, “Thank U Next,” that affectionately mentioned him.

The indictment alleged that Walter supplied the fentanyl and cocaine that Pettit sold to Miller and that Reavis, who lived in the Los Angeles area until earlier this year, acted as a middleman for the fentanyl sale.

Pettit on Sept. 5, 2018 sold Miller cocaine, Xanax and 10 blue pills that appeared to be oxycodone but contained fentanyl after the two had exchanged text messages a day earlier, according to the indictment.

In the texts, Miller proclaimed his love for oxycodone, or “percs” for the brand name Percocet, and also asks for “bars” of Xanax and a “ball” of cocaine, according to a previous court filing. Miller also asked Pettit, “When can u get em?” according to previous court filings.

Two days later, Miller’s assistant found him dead at his Los Angeles home.

In another set of messages included in the indictment, Reavis worried in a text sent in June about undercover police buying drugs.

“People have been dying from fake blues left and right,” the message said, “you better believe law enforcement is using informant informants and undercover to buy them on the street so they can start putting ppl in prison for life for selling fake pills.”


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#GetSome via @lovelythevuxen writer of #Grithouse

Diddy has decided to build a deeper connection with his fans. He has posted a video on Instagram explaining his idea of buying a phone dedicated to staying connected with his fans. In this post he gives out the number of the phone. For all those fans who are with his movement, you can now stay connected with him via telephone!

Via @diddy
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Jeezy Launches Sports Agency

Since the release of his latest album, TM104: The Legend of the Snowman, Atlanta rapper Jeezy has expressed this may be the end to one career and the beginning of another.

But he has already begun his journey on to bigger and better business ventures.

Jeezy is planning to launch his own sports management agency called, Sports 99.

There is no official launch date just yet, but the agency will be representing both NFL and NBA players, announced by Yahoo Sports reporter Chris Haynes.

Jeezy recently announced why he wants to launch a sports agency and elaborated on what there is to be expected on his latest venture.

“I want to help athletes accumulate real wealth and life skills needed to invest in their future,” Jeezy explains on his recent Instagram post.

He has built his music career off of creating motivating and inspiring music, and through representing a lifestyle of integrity and forward-thinking, Jeezy intends on spreading that legacy through his agency.




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Rohan Marley Plans To Open Marijuana Dispensary In NJ

The son of reggae legend Bob Marley is looking to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Montclair,NJ partnering with Lightshade, a Colorado-based dispensary.

The application by Rohan Marley and Lightshade could be one of several granted by the state.

Opening a medical marijuana dispensary was made easier in May, even as efforts to legalize recreational marijuana stalled in the state Legislature.

If the application is approved, Marley would help with marketing efforts and help with hiring for the Montclair dispensary.

Marley’s roots in New Jersey and Essex County run deep.

He has raised his five children in South Orange.

“My families roots have been advocating the medicinal benefits of marijuana and its many pathways to treatment well before its medical and recreational legalization into the U.S.” said Rohan.

Bob Marley, who died in 1981, was a devoted adherent of Rastafarianism, a religion that regards cannabis as spiritually important.

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