Chris Brown Arrested For Assault In D.C.

Chris Brown is back in trouble with the law after being arrested early this morning in Washington D.C. for felony assault, reports TMZ. According to the report, Brown got into a verbal altercation with a man outside of a hotel, which later escalated when Brown allegedly began punching the unnamed male. Brown was taken into custody around 4:30 a.m. The victim in the incident was taken to a nearby hospital and is reportedly claiming injury.

Brown is still on probation from the Rihanna assault case and could be facing up to four years in prison in found in violation. The Virginia crooner escaped possible jail time earlier this year when charges were dropped against him in a alleged hit-and-run case

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Twitter said to be considering killing off its #Music app

The app, which launched just six months ago, is seen as part of the social network’s plan to transform itself into a media platform.
Just six months after launching its #Music app, Twitter is already said to be singing the blues over the music-discovery app.

The social network is “strongly” considering ending support for the music-discovery app, AllThingsD reports, citing multiple anonymous sources described as familiar with the matter. The app, which launched in April, helps Twitter users discover new music through artists and songs that are trending on Twitter.

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As a DJ, we have to fight for the longevity of hip hop because we are one of the main pioneers that started such genre. We have to fight the commercial music that is released to corrupt the minds of the weak and young. So DJ Mos Precious along with a host of hot Djs fight to keep the craft alive.










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Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Album Pushed Back

It looks like we are going to have to wait a little bit longer to hear Drake’s new album. According to Amazon and Best Buy, ‘Nothing Was The Same’ has been delayed for a week and now has a release date of September 24th. In other news, Drake announced this morning that he will be performing at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

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Evidence found in ‘flop house’

Court documents indicate that the search of a secret “flop house” leased by former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has turned up what police say could be key evidence in the murder case against him.

Police say they learned about the apartment from Carlos Ortiz, a friend of Hernandez’s whom prosecutors say was with the ex-player the night he allegedly arranged the shooting of Odin Lloyd.

They then searched the $1,200-a-month apartment in Franklin, Mass., on June 26, according to search warrant records at Wrentham District Court. Among the findings were a white hooded sweatshirt and a cranberry-colored cap in a bedroom, the documents said.

Surveillance video showed Hernandez, 23, wearing a similar sweatshirt the night Lloyd was killed on June 17, the records say.

He was wearing the cap in a picture shown on a local news station taken outside a nightclub June 14, the Friday before the killing, the documents said. Prosecutors say Hernandez was upset at Lloyd for talking to certain people at the nightclub.

“The white sweatshirt could be used … to assist in linking Hernandez to the scene of the crime,” trooper Michael Bates wrote in an affidavit in support of one of the search warrants.

“The baseball hat could help provide the whereabouts of Hernandez on the Friday night before the homicide.”

The search also turned up several boxes of ammunition, including .22-, .45- and 7.62-caliber ammunition.

Lloyd’s body was found in an industrial park near Hernandez’s North Attleborough, Mass., home. Prosecutors say Hernandez, Ortiz and another man drove there with Lloyd that night, though they haven’t said who shot Lloyd.

Hernandez’s attorneys say the evidence against him is circumstantial and that he’s eager to clear his name.

Sources told NBC Connecticut that Massachusetts investigators believe Ortiz and Ernest Wallace went directly to Hernandez’s uncle’s house in Bristol, Conn., after leaving Hernandez’s house in North Attleborough the night Lloyd was murdered.

In another development, Alexander Bradley, an East Hartford, Conn., man who in a civil lawsuit has charged that Hernandez in February shot him in the eye outside a Florida nightclub, was served an interstate subpoena Tuesday to appear before a Massachusetts grand jury investigating the Hernandez murder case, the Hartford Courant reported.

Bradley’s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, wouldn’t comment Tuesday about the nature of the alleged dispute between his client and Hernandez. He said the two flew to South Florida together before getting into a dispute at a Miami club.

The attorney said that Bradley, who worked for Stanley Steemer before the shooting, had done some work for Hernandez and that the two also hung out socially a few times and had known each other for several years.

“Whether or not Hernandez shot him deliberately or accidentally only Hernandez can tell us, and right now he’s not doing too much talking,” Jaroslawicz said in a phone interview.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, meanwhile, reiterated on Wednesday that he won’t allow Hernandez to marry his fiancée while he is jailed on his murder charge.

“We’re not going to revamp our entire security system to perform marriages inside our prison. If you want to get married, what you do is, you stay out of jail,” he told the NFL Network on Wednesday in an interview with the “NFL AM” show, adding he’s taken away many privileges from inmates, such as weights, televisions in cells and coffee.

We’re not going to revamp our entire security system to perform marriages inside our prison. If you want to get married, what you do is, you stay out of jail.
” — Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson

By law, Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, who is also the mother of his 7-month-old daughter, would not have to testify against the former Patriots tight end if they were married. Prosecutors said last week that investigators had been speaking with Jenkins until she received a telephone call from Hernandez telling her to stop talking to authorities.

Hernandez is acclimating well to jail and was moved Monday from the medical unit, where he’s been closely watched since arriving, to a different unit. Hernandez will remain in a cell by himself, but now instead of having one hour a day outside that cell, he’ll be allowed three hours. In part because of his notoriety, Hernandez won’t have contact with other inmates for at least another week.

The jail’s gang intelligence unit has finished its evaluation of Hernandez, and Hodgson told ESPN on Monday he’s not as concerned as he expected to be when he saw the number of tattoos on Hernandez’s body. Hodgson told the NFL Network on Wednesday that they are now monitoring how other inmates react to Hernandez in Phase 2 of their evaluation.

“Now he’s in a unit where the inmates, although only one person in that unit can be out at a time, he would still be, for example, in the common area where inmates can walk up to their cell door and see from inside their cells through a glass window and can speak through that door.

“We want to see what reaction we’re going to get from those inmates in that unit and how he reacts to that.”

Hodgson said Hernandez won’t be able to walk up to cell doors to have a conversation with other inmates, “but he could hear them if they decided to yell out.”
Also, police in his hometown of Bristol, Conn., said Tuesday that Boston police asked for their help with a double homicide investigation linked to the former NFL star.

Bristol Police Lt. Kevin Morrell said the request was based on evidence developed through the investigation of Lloyd’s slaying. He said police were asked to search the same home in Bristol for both investigations, and they seized a vehicle at the address Friday.

NBC Connecticut reported Wednesday, according to sources familiar with the investigation, that Hernandez’s family told detectives that the Silver SUV recovered from Hernandez’s uncle’s house in Bristol belonged to Hernandez and had been in the garage at the house for “about a year,” untouched since Hernandez dropped it off.

Two men died in the shooting in Boston’s South End on July 15, 2012, and a third man was wounded. Witnesses reported seeing gunfire coming from a gray SUV with Rhode Island license plates.
Authorities said 29-year-old Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu and 28-year-old Safiro Teixeira Furtado were killed, but police didn’t identify the third victim. Boston police have declined to comment on whether Hernandez is being looked at as a possible suspect in that case.

Over the weekend, a man who is married to Hernandez’s cousin was killed in a car crash in Connecticut.

Thaddeus Singleton III, 33, of Bristol, was driving the car when it went airborne early Sunday and crashed into the wall of the Farmington Country Club, becoming lodged 5 feet above the ground, police said. They said the car was registered to a man, reportedly Hernandez’s uncle, whose home has been searched several times, most recently on Tuesday, and from which another vehicle was seized on Friday. A 27-year-old female passenger was injured.

Authorities said the investigation into the crash would take a significant amount of time, but Farmington police said they had no knowledge that it was linked to the Hernandez case.

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Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta…Holy Grail’ Cover Art Revealed!

check out the newly released cover art for Jay-Z‘s highly anticipated upcoming album Magna Carta… Holy Grail!

The album cover art was revealed in the UK at The Salisbury Cathedral, which houses one of the four surviving 1215 Magna Carta documents, according to Jay-Z‘s site Life and Times.

The album will be available to the public on July 9, and to Samsung users on July 4 with the appropriate app.

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Swizz Did a Painting of Basquiat & Jay-Z Bought It

Jay-Z recently purchased a piece of art by Swizz Beatz that portrays the image of iconic artist Jean-Michel Basquiat painted on a Mercedes-Benz hood. I understand all of the proceeds from this and a bunch of other pieces Swizz has created will be donated to a charity that benefits kids. Which is cool.

Some of the other pieces Swizz is selling also feature the likenesses of highly recognizable cultural icons, including Muhammad Ali and of course, the ever marketable Bob Marley. I grew up doing graffiti and SAMO was always one of my personal idols, long before his name became the default signifier for people looking to evoke an air of artsy counter-culture chic.

One of Basquiat’s paintings sold earlier this week for $29 million. Back in May, one of his pieces sold for a staggering $49 Million. His work can now be found emblazoned on sneakers and t-shirts. And there’s nothing wrong with any of that. Whoever controls Basquiat’s estate should get that money. And while I can appreciate that his art is being increasingly embraced by a wider and younger audience independent of the art community, sometimes I have to wonder if everybody out there dropping his name really understands the legacy or if they just want to soak up some of that cool long associated with his brand.

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Ausar Walcott arrested Tuesday

Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Ausar Walcott was arrested Tuesday and charged with attempted murder for allegedly punching a man outside a club in Northern New Jersey.

Authorities told The Bergen Record that Walcott punched Derrick Jones in the head just after The Palace Gentlemen’s Club closed early Sunday morning.

Police say Jones, who is from New York City, is in critical condition. Walcott, 23, is held on $500,000 bail. The Browns said in a statement that the team is “aware of the situation.”

Walcott was signed by the Browns as an undrafted free agent out of Virginia last month. In 45 games for Virginia, he totaled 128 career tackles, 1.5 sacks, four passes defensed and one fumble recovery.

This isn’t the first time Walcott has been arrested. In January 2011, he faced charges of assault and battery from a fight while he was at Virginia. Walcott was suspended from the team but was reinstated after charges were dropped.

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Aaron Hernandez arrested

NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. — Aaron Hernandez was arrested Wednesday morning, more than a week after an acquaintance of the New England Patriots tight end was found dead in an industrial park near his house.

Less than two hours following his arrest, Hernandez was released by the Patriots, who initially announced the transaction on their Twitter account before formalizing it in an official statement.

The Bristol County District Attorney’s office released a statement announcing Hernandez’s arrest, although charges were not disclosed. Hernandez was arrested by Massachusetts State Police, who obtained the arrest warrant, and was booked at the North Attleborough police station.
The Massachusetts State Police announced on its Twitter account that the charges against Hernandez will not be revealed until his arraignment Wednesday at Attleboro District Court.

Wearing a white V-neck T-shirt, long red athletic shorts and black sneakers, Hernandez was led around 9 a.m. ET from the front door of his mansion with his hands in handcuffs behind his back inside the shirt and placed into a police cruiser, which quickly drove away. He casually spit into some bushes on his way to the car.

Hernandez remains at the center of an investigation involving the shooting death of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd.

The Patriots extended their sympathies to Lloyd’s family in the statement announcing Hernandez’s release from the team.

“A young man was murdered last week and we extend our sympathies to the family and friends who mourn his loss,” the Patriots’ statement said. “Words cannot express the disappointment we feel knowing that one of our players was arrested as a result of this investigation. We realize that law enforcement investigations into this matter are ongoing. We support their efforts and respect the process. At this time, we believe this transaction is simply the right thing to do.”

The NFL also released a statement Wednesday, saying that Hernandez’s arrest is “deeply troubling.”

“The involvement of an NFL player in a case of this nature is deeply troubling,” the league’s statement said. “The Patriots have released Aaron Hernandez, who will have his day in court. At the same time, we should not forget the young man who was the victim in this case and take this opportunity to extend our deepest sympathy to Odin Lloyd’s family and friends.”

ABC News on Friday reported that authorities were expected to execute an arrest warrant at some point for Hernandez on charges of obstruction of justice.

The arrest warrant was prepared last week after police discovered that the security system at Hernandez’s home, along with his cellphone, were destroyed, sources told ABC News.

State police officers and dogs searched Hernandez’s home for more than 3½ hours Saturday.
Michael Fee, an attorney for Hernandez, released a statement Monday night that read:

“Over the past week, our client, Aaron Hernandez, has been the subject of a relentless flood of rumors, misinformation, and false reports in the media. These include the repeated publication of a supposedly confirmed report that an arrest warrant had been issued for Aaron, a report that was exposed as untrue.

“None of these false reports come from official sources and we appreciate the professionalism and restraint shown by the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office to date with regard to its public statements while its investigation is underway. Out of respect for that ongoing investigation, we will continue to refrain from commenting on its substance.”

Surveillance video from the neighborhood shows Hernandez with Lloyd and two other people hours before Lloyd was killed last week, sources confirmed to ABC News late Thursday.

Reporters have been camped out for days at Hernandez’s sprawling home on the Rhode Island line, not far from the stadium where the Patriots play.

The Patriots drafted Hernandez, who is originally from Bristol, Conn., out of the University of Florida in 2010. Last summer, the team gave him a five-year contract worth $40 million.

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