The Spaceship Ride Wit The New ATLA..iens by DJ Layne Luv

Daz & Gipp 2gether

Ok so I’m working in my office in the official blogging headquarters of WTMH Radio/StraightOfficial Ohio/State Of Hip and I’m in one of those blah moods. All of the sudden my Telegram alerts are lighting up out of control. It’s the CEO of The Fleet DJ’s Klassik and he wants to know if I’d be available to interview Daz Dillinger of The Dogg Pound and Big Gipp of Goodie Mob. He said “Yo! I’m giving this to you because you really know how to put together great interviews…don’t let me down” But that’s not what I’m thinking… My mind automatically goes back to being in Sigonella Italy in January of 1993 and having two tapes in my walkman to get me through a Naval tour. Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and Redman’s Whut Thee Album. Then in 1995,  the month I’m released from the Navy…I’m in the post office hating life and the only two tapes that get me through are Goodie Mob’s Soul Food and D’angelo’s Brown Sugar. So to be able to talk to these guys was more than an honor…they really shaped my young adult life.

It’s 2pm Eastern time and the phone rings promptly. I look on the caller ID and immediately I see it’s a Los Angeles California number. Presumptuous I just answer..”Dat Nigga Daz!”….and in true Long Beach vernacular he replies “Whaddup homie?” I want to continue the conversation but I can’t stop smiling. This is gonna be a true “for the culture” phone call. These two were right in the middle of Hip Hop when it shifted in 1995 from East and West coast prominence to The South Uprising. But to see The South and West collaborate under one groove….DJ Layne Luv is here for this.

SO: Let’s just skip all the propers…how did y’all two muh fuchas decide to get together one day and make some music?

Bigg Gipp: Man Daz jus called me up one morning and said let’s make some music. I showed up..DJ Funky and Cool Dolla and Henry West was in there already cookin.. Then I heard the beat. I instantly loved it man. Daz made the hook…I went outside…when I come back in he had the hook and the verse laid. But I wasn’t ready. So I smoked a blunt..took it home and sat on it for a day or two…came back to the studio. Daz said you ready and I said yeah I’m ready…laid down the verse and the finished product was Type Of Girl. That was the first song we did.

SO: I’m very skeptical when veterans come back and make music because there is a dilemma of walking away from the game holding the hand in the air for The Final Shot…preserving the legacy versus coming back in a Washington Wizards Jersey. But Type Of Girl seems to fit right in with the music we are hearing today. How does feel to still be in touch with what’s going on?

Daz: I’m not gonna lie, it feels great! To still be able to do what you love and the people still respond to it with approval. We just keep thriving. As long as you have a good heart, you breathing and your health is good..from that point it’s about elevatin the game. And staying consistent. I’ve alway been able to be myself no matter where I’m at and I’m grateful for that.

SO: Man when I reminisce on how LA music make me feel and how Dungeon Family music made me feel, it just feels like a good a backyard cookout…blended with a lot of herbal essence as the elixir….does that help with the vibe of the records you all put out?

DAZ: Man we are doing just that right now as we speak (Laughter in the background from all the niggas in the studio hahaha) DJ Marijuana is IN THE HOUSE….(I can’t control my laughter at this point) Seriously it doesn’t help it or hurt it, It’s helps most rappers to relax so the thoughts and creativity and push through. You can smoke weed and still make a wack song, we just happen to be good and what we do and the weed helps with that.

SO: So Daz as good as you are a rapper, you’re also one hell of a producer and you’ve engineered some classic West Coast bangers…one of my favorites being Tupac’s “Got My Mind Made Up” two questions. Who’s producing your music now and tell our audience what it was like working under the tutelage of Dr. Dre?

DAZ: So Cool Dolla is our producer right now but we are working with anyone that got heat for real…

But when you talk about Dre and those years…whew….Man at first I was just puttin shit together that I thought sounded good. And then Dre would walk by the studio and say…I like this…or I don’t like that and I was just in there learning from him. But it all changed the day he said “Here Daz, I’ll let you use my drum machine” I don’t know what happened but from that one thing…it all changed and I created Rat A Tat Tat and all that shit…but seriously Warren G is who helped me get the most out of Dre’s drum machine. But Dre showed me how to put the beat on tracks and put stuff around it to make the beat sound fuller. Dre helped me out a lot.

SO: SO Gipp being that ATL has been a residence in the rap game for more than a decade going on two…how do you feel that your city has had such a long reign in music? It was a time that Hip Hop bounced around every ten years or so, but it seems that ATL has a stronghold on the game right now. How do you feel about that?

GIPP: It feels great, how these kids are taking the foundation that The Dungeon Family started and taking the ball and running with with. You see down south, we encourage growth, so when we see these kids creating, making their own beats and creating their own sound, that’s what keeps the music going for us…and quite frankly…as long as there is STRIP CLUBS…you always gonna hear ATL music. (A Loud laughter in the studio again) You can tell when you got a when them strippers start moving to it. Our music is a music that transcends gender or race. It’s family and it’s hood. I got nothing but respect for these young millionaires Migos, Metro Boomin, Mike Will Made It, Future, Young Thug, South Side, Colli Park they continue to push the culture by taking this music worldwide. I love it.

SO: So Gipp let me take you back to The Source Awards in 95′ . When 3 Stacks said “The South Got Something to say” Did you even guess that those words would be prophetic and set off the ATL revolution?

GIPP: Man to tell you the truth, I was on stage with him and I couldn’t hear let alone focus on what Dre was saying. We was all in fight mode. It was so rowdy and noisy in there, you could feel the tension to the point where any and everything could have jumped off… and we was ready. We was all on the defensive at that moment so I didn’t really hear what Dre said until years later when I saw the tape. But looking back, yes it was prophetic and I’m glad he said it, because the south took that baton and we never looked back.

SO: SO when can we expect the full album fellas?

DAZ: Late winter, early spring…just in time for them coasters and them honeys. ATLA baby!!!

SO: Well I thank y’all for taking time out of yall’s studio session to holler at ya boy. Much success to you both bringing the south and the west together to stir up a good pot of gumbo.

DAZ: Thank you Layne Luv and Straight Official for having us and big shout out to The Fleet DJ’s for playing our music!!! Much Respect!!! Respect The DJ!









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Mixtape Review: True Pax “Identify The Mindset”

Tru Pax 4

A soulful introduction to Identify the Mindset opens the project up with great focus, as True Pax touches on real-time observations such as lack of awareness on societal issues disguised by trending topics that seem to be overly hyped by the persons they were truly intended to blind. Over a steady key, True Pax is candid about police brutality, and diminished compassion that seems to exist in the common man or woman. A great start, before True Pax heads to the next track Vibin Out which plays as the perfect background track to a nice cigar and cognac evening. With his substance lyrically True Pax offers a cool contrast to what’s available otherwise today. It would seem as some of his bars are aimed at his peers while at the same time holding accountable the buying demographic who keeps them in power. Is Tru Pax taking on the sound of today? Is he ready?

With lines like “Subzero Boy I could leave ya ass frozen” he displays his metaphoric prowess. The rest of the single seeks to provide hope that there is a chance at rectifying some of the ills of life, options which he contemplates as he vibes on a daily basis.  The pace is sped up a bit on Trending Topics, which surely when attached to the right hashtag will be a conversation piece amongst the millennials. Intertwined in his diction is a plea to his hometown (New York City) to open their eyes and remember the mecca of Hip Hop resides in the Empire State. Storytelling takes the front seat on Dear Family, as True Pax takes the time to scribe his regrets to his kinfolk, in heart-warming fashion. A must hear for anybody battling with admitting their wrongs, and crediting their love ones for their rights and empowerment.

Thanking music for its therapeutic nature, and the crutch it has been for him, True Pax uses Fallen, to delve into some of his life experiences and the choice he made to focus on harnessing his talent rather than spiral out of control and hit the wall of consequence. Lookout is masterfully sequenced whereby True Pax goes extreme boom bap remaining consciously driven, over a slightly higher RPM. His New York, New York tribute sounds and feels like the Big Apple.

“Respect the hustle, all I really knew/

Man AK for the sandwich and my 100s stay in blue”


Only thing more New York than that is a chop cheese burger. if you ask me.


“It’s some Trues for the jeans,

Forces for the feet

Fitted for the cap,

And a Nike for tee”


Welcome to New York……..

On 9 fears, True Pax teams up with King Midas and gets a little religious and takes aim at the fake-conscious rap sector of MCs. Not sure if this one hit its mark in terms of connecting the content to the title like the previous tracks however it does segue easily from Section Ocho. King Shit seems as though it should have been placed in another slot on the project considering the pace change with Lookout and New York, New York. Not too impressive, I ran to My Mind which took me back to a comfortable setting. True Pax tells a story of a nice young lady he has met and the gamut of their relationship. More lows, than highs it seems but such is life. The project closes with Materialistic. Shooting down the flex, True Pax keeps it real about how hard things were growing up and how great it feels to be able to afford some of the splendor he has today.

“Love Expensive shit but I’d do without it

Lot of yall man could do shit without it

Cracking Cards, N—- what you’d do without it”

Admitting that he is susceptible to material lust as easily as any other, he remains awoke by the gratitude and memories of the struggles yesterday held. Overall a good project, Identify the Mindset is substantive and sounds like a MC who praises the golden era of Hip Hop from Brooklyn, New York. Hats off to True Pax.



Listen to Identify The Mindset


Follow @TruePax

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[New Mixtape] T-Mitch- Let It Be Heard @TMitch0903


T Mitch is a rapper/singer/producer from Ottawa, Ontario. At the age of 7, T Mitch’s mother, a Haitian immigrant, enrolled him in music lessons. It was the right decision because T Mitch exuded an intense, contagious passion for music that his music teachers recognized and fostered. Philippe Duquette, a music teacher T Mitch counts among his mentors, elected T Mitch to lead his school choir. At age 16, T Mitch began producing beats for local artists, which helped him develop his signature sound, which mixes elements of Hip Hop, R&B, Trap and more.



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Florida’s Next Big Rockstar @Johnnyozmusic Delivers A Surprise Mixtape For The Fans!


One of the hottest newcomers right now is JOHNNY OZ… everyone has been eagerly anticipating new music from the kid out of Broward County, Florida. This week he dropped an entire surprise project for his fans, exclusively on SoundCloud! Just coming off a 40+ City solo headlining national tour, Johnny drops off 7 brand new songs, giving you all types of different vibes for the rest of the year. The project included songs with Ray Ali, R Don, Loud Pack Su, Yomi, Jahfi, DJ BJ, & more. The record Shameless is already looking like the fan favorite with over 40,000 plays in just the first few days. But there are a bunch of dope songs on the mixtape & we are excited to see what’s in store for the young rockstar. Follow @johnnyoz to see how lit this kid really is!

Listen now on Soundcloud!

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New Mixtape- Yung Martez – “Struggle 2 Success Reloaded” @YungMartez_

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 8.38.13 AM

Hard work and persistence can not begin to describe Yung Martez. Constantly feeding his growing fan base with Southern hits, this artist is taking no losses. On this day in Hip-Hop the Houston native is releasing his sophomore mixtape “Struggle 2 Success Reloaded”.

Jammed packed with Southern street stars, this project captures the Houston Hip-Hop scene in a way that has been dormant for years. Hosted by HollyHood Bay Bay & Kiotti, Yung Martez has enlisted the support of Scarface, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Lil KeKe, Beat King, Chedda Da Connect, Brian Angel, and Young Dolph with dope features and musical appearances from every last one.

Despite the legendary lineup, it is Martez who steals the show using the original Houston Hip-Hop sound to tell his story. During a time in Hip-Hop where indie artist are struggling to capture there own unique sound, “Struggle 2 Success Reloaded” has an incredibly refreshing touch in each track. It’s clear that Young Martez knows the exact shape of the footprint he plans on leaving within the music industry.

“Struggle 2 Success Reloaded” is available on all digital platforms today!

Also out today is the world premiere of Yung Martez’s latest music video “Never Forget” ft. DJ Xo. Another street classic that reminds us all to never forget where we come from and to remain humble.




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[Mixtape] JED GWOLA – AFNF 2 (Tha Naked Truth) @JedGwola



[Mixtape] JED GWOLA – AFNF 2

Available on Spinrilla
Available on MyMixtapez

Check out the official video for ‘My Dawg’ Dir by Kings Vision

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FB:Jed gwola


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(Interview) JC Live Music Artist Spotlight Of The Week: So Loyal


In the world of hip hop, there are many Independent artist whose sole purpose of trying to get into the music industry is for the perks of signing a deal, the money and fame. Yet, there are some artists who do it from their soul and the genuine love of the game. So Loyal is a prime example of an artist who does everything from the heart including his music, performing at events and his endless efforts to always help others. Grinding daily to push his new single “Trap Talk” and repping Fayetteville (2-6 Ahhhaanntttt) NC faithfully. So Loyal took time out his busy schedule for an exclusive interview about his current projects, fire new music and clothing line he has out now.

JC Live: What is the meaning behind your name So Loyal?
Artist: I Always Been Humble, Growing Up Watching My Great Grand Mother Take Care Of Everyone Plus Some. Once I Became Older I Found My Self Doing The Same Always Taking Care Of Every One And Being There For Them. One Day My Cousins And Home Boys Got Locked Up Leaving Me To Hold All Six Of Them Down For Three Years While Taking Care Of My Business And Whole Family. So I Was Like People Should Be Blessed To Have Me Around I’m Loyal, I’m So Loyal.

JC Live: What are some of your motivations in your career and personal life?
Artist: Success, All Forms Of Success. Small, Big, Mines or Someone’s Else’s. I Love To See Ppl Doing Do Good. And When I See Someone Doing Better Then Me It Makes Me Want To Step It. Plus Wanting Better For My My Family And Friend. Going To Put Myself In Position To Put Others In Position. Those Are A Few Things That Motivate Me

JC Live: What music projects do you have out right now?
Artist: Right Now We’re Pushing Our First Single And Mixtape. Our Single Is Produce By Future, Ralo, Young Scooter Producer ChopHouze. it’s Called Trap Talk And Our Mixtape Is Hosted By Trapaholics , Fleets Dj Os Also Dj Official. It’s titled So Loyal T2G DownTown Finest A Hood Classic. You Find On iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube And Many More. We Also Have Five Videos Out And Dropping Trap Talk Official Video Soon

JC Live: There are so many things that can go wrong when you are in the music industry if you are not knowledgeable about the business side. How important is it for artist to know both music and business side?
Artist: Money Is Business And Business Is Money. Honestly I Don’t Care About Either, I’m A Peoples Person. God Made Man And Woman, We Where Gave Everything We Needed. Man Created Money And Business. But They Made It To Where Money And Business Is More Important Then The People. So With That Said The Artist Must The Business To Prefect There Craft

JC Live: Looking back from where you started from what do you feel is your biggest accomplishment so far?
Artist: To Be Able To Build And Network With Some Of The Top Guns. Putting Myself In Position To Build With Right Ppl. I Also Meet A Few Of My Favorite Artist And Was Able To Build With. Such As Oj Da Juice Man, Juvenile , Boosie, Trapaholics, Ralo, Trouble and Young Scooter

JC live: Do you feel like social media plays a big part in the music industry?
Artist: Yes It Does. It’s All About Streams And Views. Streams Equal Money And Views Equals Success. Most Ppl Are Becoming Famous Of Views. But Not For Talented For Ignorance. While The Ones With Talent Struggle To Stay Relevant. And Labels Look For Streams And Views.

JC Live: Whats some advice you have for other artist who want to get into the music industry?
Artist: Run That Check Up First, But Stay Working On Your Craft, Stay Focus And Never Give Up

JC Live: For people who want to book you and get connected with you, what is your social media/ booking information?
Artist: IG @SoLoyal910 – Twitter @SoLoyalT2G YouTube So Loyal T2G – SoundCloud So Loyal

JC Live: What are the links people can download your music?

JC Live: Have any shout outs you want to give?
Artist: Too All The Real Gods Our Black Woman With Y’all Where Nothing. Love So Loyal


Interview By JC LIVE




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[MUSIC] DeVante Myles Releases Debut Mixtape – Pants Up @DeVanteMyles

Pants up

Hip-Hop Freshman DeVante Myles Issues Free Admission Tickets Into
The Oxford Circus

Imagine, a sonically euphoric musical playground, hidden deep within Hip-Hop. A place that resides in Brooklyn, NY, where lyricism and the heart of Hip-Hop’s true origins live and breathe.

At times it may seem that just like Brooklyn, Hip-Hop is in the midst of a reconstruction period known as gentrification. Losing its way to new audiences and strangers of the culture, it’s as if true lyricists are now the “black sheep” of Hip-Hop. But, if you can make your way to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, not far from Jay-Z’s Marcy Ave, you will find the omniscient Oxford Circus. Conveniently all are welcome; come #jointhecircus as DeVante Myles himself often tweets.

Created by freshman newcomer DeVante Myles, Oxford Circus is more than a movement, it is a way of life for those who may feel like an outsider, or that they do not belong in the current state of Hip-Hop. For the Hip-Hop head who appreciates quality production, lyrics, countless bars, the beauty of punch lines, and music that is way beyond its creator’s years, this is where you want to be.

Releasing his debut album “Pants Up” on October 20, 2017, DeVante Myles has entered the game with a message,

“I want listeners to walk away with a different perspective on situations in life through this music, giving them a solid body of work that they can relate to with a creative bounce.”

“Rectify,” Myles’ first single from “Pants Up,” signifies his drive to “Rectify the Game”. This is the beginning of his rap dynasty as a lyrical mastermind and musical outlier. With over 200 songs written and recorded, DeVante pulls creative inspiration from musical classics that incorporate Hip-Hop’s diamond era known as the 90’s.

With the 18 year anniversary of Mos Def’s debut album “Black on Both Sides” just last week, capture that same exact spirit in 2017 by purchasing the debut album of DeVante Myles’ “Pants Up” available on all major platforms.

IG/TW: @DeVanteMyles

Click Here to Purchase the Album on Itunes

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[FEATURED ARTIST] E-Reign: The Future Of New York by DJ Layne Luv

E-Reign NYC

When a rapper dubs themselves the “future” of anything, best believe they have the confidence to know that the energy they are putting out foretells their success among the masses to come. It’s been a long time since New York City has held the crown as the reigning capital of rap music. Atlanta has held that title for a while judging by the amount of rappers that gets top priority radio spins and project sales. Even though the public may see the likes of Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj and now Cardi B all from New York getting their shine (Shout out to the leading ladies of rap right now)….however, it’s still many miles away… in fact light years from The Golden Era where 80 % of the industry rappers during that time were from New York.

Nowadays the internet has leveled the playing field for both rappers, producers and DJ’s and artists alike. The no longer need “the industry machine” behind them to be successful. Chance The Rapper has inspired so many independent artist to stay independent and E-Reign from Queens NY is no different. His grind is definitely being noticed on the east coast and he’s hustling everyday to become known in other states across the nation. The young rapper has the business savvy to put together independent tours with him as the headliner. From high quality music videos to riot energy live shows….E-Reign will definitely have the masses paying attention real soon.

Ladies and Gentleman… E-Reign.

SO: Glad you could join us man. Let’s just get right into it. On a lot of your promotions I see the slogan “Future of New York” ..for the audience, what does that mean?

ER: My team and myself, are just trying to bring something new and fresh to the table. That slogan is meant to inspire no matter where you’re from. I know some people might see that term as something braggadocio, but I’m not just talking about myself. I’m putting on for my city but I’m putting that energy out there to the world. I’m talking about my generation, my culture. So much pressure is put on us millennials to adapt to what was…and we don’t want to be told what represents us…WE want to establish what represents us and for that to be embraced. I may articulate that in a different way as opposed to someone down in Atlanta, but we are basically saying the same thing…we are the future…hate it or love it.

SO: I’m noticing most successful independent artist have a strong team behind them. How do you keep your team focused and on the same page?

ER: Yeah man, the key to a lot of it is staying true and loyal to those you started from the bottom with. From there I tend to keep a lot of things in-house because the trust has already been established from way back. By learning each other…things gel together, like when you’re playing basketball…if I shoot that pass, I know who’s going to be there to catch it. Honesty, also goes a long way. You can’t have a lot of “Yes” people on your team. There has to be people in place to tell you the truth so you’re not out in public looking stupid.

SO: What other states do you feel like you’re getting traction in other than New York?

ER: We’re definitely making noise down in Philadelphia. North Carolina has shown me a lot of love and our new spot is Miami. We did a show down there and it was crazy so….and we continue to just keep networking with the brand so hopefully you know, by politickin wit you ….maybe we can get it in Ohio too haha. (pun intended)

SO: So what are you working on right now?

ER: So recently I just dropped my new mixtape The New York Times Vol 1., and so the team and I are promoting that real heavy,…. and then we’re also working on a single called “Whatchu Sayin” and we’re going to be shooting a video for that as well. Other than that , just continuing to tear down these live shows to give the people their money’s worth.

SO: Ok here’ s the typical cliche question LOL, Who would you say your music is influenced by?

ER: Tupac of course and Nas….Lyrical storytellers by far that not only cause you to think but through their rhymes you can see vividly the picture they are painting to the listener. And I mean of course the no-brainers being from New York…The Jay-Z’s and The Biggie’s of the world.

SO: Lastly, where can someone find your music?

ER: Very easy, go to or you can find my music on all streaming sites. iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, all the heavy hitters. I just want to show love and get some back you know?

SO: Well thank you for chopping it up with us. We are looking for gigantic things to happen for you in 2018

ER: Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. One.







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