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All exclusive interview, Prince of the ville “King Jaden”

Only 12 years old, King Jaden is killing the music scene in Fayetteville and surrounding cities, with his high energy performances and charm-like swagg. Already getting praises from artists including Rain910 and Dj E.Sudd, this young King is on his way to becoming one of the most prominent artists out of 2-6 (Fayetteville). Juggling a music career, performances,  school and being a kid, King Jaden sits down with radio personality JC Live for the JC Live Experience podcast.

 What made you want to get into the music business?
My uncle was a rapper I’ve been playing around and one day I was like I wanna to go with u to my uncle he was going to the Studio so my mom said if I want to go I can so I’m here now

What artists inspire you?
Dababy Lecrae fetty wap

Being how young you are, what are some things you learned about the music industry so far?

Never give up and people going hate and hard work pays off a lot

What projects are you working on or what projects you have coming up in the future?
My mixtape will drop in 3 months I got a song with boosie son tootie raw it’s lit

What artists do you want to collaborate with? Fetty Wap, Lecrae

How do you manage to balance school and your music career?
School is 1st then my rap career. My mom always tells me if my grades drop I have to stop rapping

What videos and songs do you currently have out so far?

The two I’m pushing are ‘Mama fussing” and “No hands” and both videos are out on my YouTube therealkingjaden.

What are some things you want people to know about you?

I’m the hottest kid in the Carolinas and I’m just a regular kid.

What advice is the best advice someone has given you about being in the music game?

Tim boss he told me to never give up and Chase my dreams.

Have any upcoming media/radio tours?
Not at the moment but when my mixtape drop we are planning a media run for that.

What is your social media and links where people can download your music? 

Instagram: Therealkingjaden
Soundcloud: Therealkingjaden

Have any shout outs?
My mom, my step dad, my uncle, AB, so loyal910 , Tipsy Twist, and Que.. Everyone who has working and supported me.


You can reach JC Live on IG at JClive99

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[Single] Wayne Dreadski – Highroller | @theyoungdread

Wayne Dreadski drops another smash international song titled “Highroller”. This is sure to be another music classic from recording artist Wayne Dreadski. Produced and engineered by award winning Lo’Getem “Highroller” is gaining traction on various music sites.

“At the risk of sounding like a marketing campaign that targets various people, I recorded ‘Highroller’ about my own experiences, but hope that it empowers women and men who are constantly on the receiving end of unwanted attention to take back some control in small but meaningful ways.”

– Recording Artist, Wayne Dreadski


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@theyoungdread IG
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@therealyoungdread FB


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Ricky Official – The Feeling EP | @rickyofficialmusic @twrickyofficial

Watch the music video to “Off in the night” of the EP here:

An eclectic creator, Ricky Official allows his life experiences and world traveler grooming to influence his content to a beautiful Kee (pun intended). His latest release is a mixture of pop, traditional R&B, dance and more. Never afraid to push the envelope on his sound, Ricky Official is the true definition of the cliché “thinking outside of the box.” Once again his core, “The Officials” have a body of work from their leader that they can be proud of. His latest EP, The Feeling is available via all major retailers as we speak.

Links below.

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About Ricky Official
Ricky Official is a German/Japanese born and raised performing artist in the contemporary R’n’B genre of music. A student of the culture since his teenage years, Ricky Official took to penning lyrics seriously in 2014 capitalizing on a lifelong dream of contributing to the culture. He left Europe behind to pursue his goals, and is now a resident of the hotbed city Atlanta, Georgia. Ricky Official is a musician at heart and in skill set, and has a unique signature sound that some describe as a mixture among the likes of Anderson.Paak, Kendrick Lamar and Bone Thugs and Harmony with which he is sure to grow his brand and enhance his international visibility. Taking his career into his own hands, Ricky has rolled the dice on his self and sought opportunities to grow in and out of the booth as he been afforded the opportunity to be part of many high end projects, all of which will benefit the process of pushing the envelope on his music. His latest music video releases for his recent songs Vibinand Pressure Cooker have received great feedback.His songs are produced by longtime collaborator Brandon Consbruck of Conzbruck Productions and We As One Productions producer James Harris.With the support of his fan base which he has dubbed The “Official’s” he is becoming a voice for his generation both in his native country and the states continuously tearing down stages each opportunity he gets. Promoting self-awareness and authenticity, Ricky instills the importance of ‘being yourself’ in everyone he encounters.

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Slim Hood Orchestrates the Sexy on His New Mix Tape

After his last single Comin’ Over (Da Baby ft. DJ Luke Nasty) hit the billboard charts, super producer Slim Hood makes another attempt at creating music for those “adult hours”, with his new mix tape She Platinum.(click link for download)

The 10 track collective features everything from R&B to trap but all for the grown and even sexier. Slim hooks up with some familiar names such as Dj Luke Nasty (On The Way, Might Be) and Mel Silas (About Last Night, Wan Do) and introduces some new artists such as Ty Cartel and Jae Gee.

She Platinum showcases Slim Hood’s diversity as a producer, with his ability to create everything from love songs to stripper anthems. With no doubt about it, no matter your taste, She Platinum is sure to get you right.

More About Slim Hood….

Owner of Platinum Plus Studio in Charlotte, NC; Michael Warlick aka Slim Hood has made a name for himself as a hip-hop producer. Starting out as a mobile producer out the back of his 93’ Toyota, Slim was able to work his way from $10.00 beats with local artists to industry placements with Bankroll Fresh, RichTheKid, Fetty Wap and more. For more information o

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[Single] R.A.F.V. – Lambo Lindo (feat. A1 & Austin Martin) | @RafaelVera2

20 year old Peruvian Rapper/Singer R.A.F.V teams up with Recording Artist A1 and super producer/artist Austin Martin to deliver a brand new Super Hot Record “Lambo Lindo” right in time for the summer! R.A.F.V reaches into his latin roots with this one. The songs starts with R.A.F.V’s ear catching Spanish lyrics, along with A1’s catchy word play and Austin Martin’s mesmerizing hook & hard hitting 808 track, which bring this song all together.

Stream on these digital outlets

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Instagram – @thegreatraf
Twitter – @RafaelVera2
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[Artist Alert] V.V.S NEW SONG MAC’N

VVS is an acronym referring to “Very Very Slightly” Included, a way of describing the clarity of a diamond, nearly flawless. When deciding on a rap moniker, that’s what Tennessee rapper V.V.S. had on his mind; building a ‘flawless’ career in the music industry. Born BJ Arnold and raised in Haywood County, Tennessee, V.V.S’ first decided to dabble in the rap game at the urging of a childhood friend. Following the blueprint of his influences 3-6 Mafia and Master P, V.V.S built his own recording studio and learned the ins and outs of audio editing. “I always had a business mind so I bought my own equipment so I wouldn’t have to be on a time limit in the studio. I like to cut the middle man out. I wanted to do a mixtape but hosts were charging too much so I learned how to chop up songs just like they did and put out my own mixtape series called Pimp Edition. I hosted every up and coming artist’s mixtape from my area.” V.V.S is currently building up his own promotional company and rebranding his Mac’N clothing line! The single Mac’N (Produced by Asten Rey) is spreading all over the South Eastern region & growing everyday. With his current project “Righteous” doing well on all streaming platforms, V.V.S is working on 2 new project set to release later in the year.

IG: @vvsrighteous
Twitter: @vvsrighteous
Snap chat: @vvs_macn
Facebook: V.V.S
Booking: ‭(404) 694-2458‬

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[Single] Madd Ching – Quicksand [Prod. KCaaz]

Hector Josue Colon known professionally as Madd Ching, is a Latin American (Dominican) artist, singer, songwriter, and music engineer. Born in the Bronx, New York and raised in Broward County, FL. Ching began his hip hop career way before his March 2019 release of his 2nd single “Quicksand”. It’s release resulted on a management & artist development contract w/ MotorMouthMusicGroup. Ching, was always around surrounded by violence, drugs, in & out of county jail on some dumb shit. But, thru love and pain, it has contributed heavily to the versatility in his music, ranging from hardcore rap to soft melodies and R&B music. So welcome this new artist (Madd Ching) to this old game but with brand new sound. Stay Gleeful my friends stay Gleeful.

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Reading PA Recording Artist ILLA JAY Releases His Brand New Track “I’m Back” With A Great Visual To Go Along With The Single. ILLA JAY Recently Took Time To Drop The Single On Straight Official Radio’s The Spins Mix Up Show To Where He said ” I Just Dropped Something Just To Get Things Ready, My Album Coming Later This Year called the story Of My Life & I Just Dropped This To show That I’m Back & ready”.  The Video To The Single Is Making Alot Of Noise Earning Placement In Hood IllustratedNew York Under Ground Radio  & Many Other Major Platforms. You Can Check Out The Single Below & Don’t Forget To Hit Like & Subscribe To His Channel To Keep Up With His Movement.


Watch Here:

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[NEW MUSIC] Kristine Kreska – “Gaslight” ft Tempo Stokes | @faerie_media

Kristine Kreska’s debut single, Gaslighter, is a collaboration with singer/producer Tempo Stokes. Growing up in a Detroit musical family meant that Kristine was surrounded by different forms of live music. She was heavily influenced by rap, hip-hop and punk music in Detroit, Royal Oak, and Flint, Michigan’s underground clubs. She was given a ukulele at 4 years old along with some bongos. By age 10 she started making stop motion films with a Super 8 camera, a homemade push button trigger, and a block of wood. Now an award-winning SFX makeup artist and film producer, Kristine continues to write and produce music tracks as a BMI songwriter. The Buca Tini brand will feature several singers in pop, electronica, rap, hip-hop, and funk music genres distributed on multiple platforms.

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Artist So Loyal making music waves in the Carolina’s

JC Live is back on the scene with the JC Live Experience that highlights upcoming artists. New season and new artists! First up the independent artist So Loyal, from Fayetteville, NC was one of the first artists of the season to sit down with JC Live for an exclusive interview.
Q: How long have you been in the rap game and what made you decide on this path?
A: I’ve been rapping almost four years now. My homie Bird is the reason I started. I’ve always written poetry as a kid which I used as an advantage to talk to girls, I just never recorded a song. I started hanging out at a friends studio and brought a beat for bird, the song was dope so I had to write a verse to It. The song got played at an after hour spot, a club owner heard the song and asked us to perform at his club. The rest is history, I’ve been in love ever since.
Q: How has the music game changed in the last 3 years for you? Good or bad
A: Change has been a blessing. Since I started doing music it’s open plenty of doors for me in many ways. I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel the world. Before music, I barely left North Carolina. I’ve met many different people. Some people I’ve worked with have been very motivating, they showed me things I could only dream of. I use to be in the city with my homeboys, now I’m on the road building with some of the biggest in the game!
Q; What events or performances do you have coming up?
A: As of right now we don’t have any shows. Right now we’re just focusing on a few projects that we have coming up. We have a song plus visual coming out with a known Atlanta artist Euro Gotti And Boosie Artist OG Dre. Plus a major promo for the projects we’re dropping. We’re going hard on the promo billboards in our city! Our ads are In movie theaters, radio ads, ads on buses, and street teams. I also just opened a studio. I’m getting that together and making it the number one recording spot in Fayetteville, along with helping other artists build their brand.
Q: What is more important these days streaming numbers or social media followers?
A: Streams. Streams get you paid not followers. You can have a million followers and no streams which wouldn’t benefit you. Fans and followers are different. Followers are there to watch when fans support and stream your music which gets you paid. Now, if you’re in it just to be known then followers are good.. but I don’t want the fame, I want the money.
Q: What advice would you like to give to upcoming rappers?
A: Save your money up! It’s the rap business and every business needs investments. Either you invest in yourself or find an investor. There’s no way around the financial side of this game. Major labels spend millions on their artists so there’s no way you can get by with washing someone’s hand. Other than that, perfect your craft in every way. From making songs to performing the song. You gotta work on your image and building personal relationships.
Q: If you had the option to get signed or stay independent which one would you chose?
A: I would definitely stay independent. I’d partner with a major label but I wouldn’t sign to one, not unless I’m able to keep my master and my creative abilities.l want to be free to do whatever I want and be able to sign other deals without voiding my contract.
Q: Who inspires you?
A: Not just one person inspires me. Anybody that’s on their grind making moves, taking care of their family. I respect that. That inspires me, but I’m my biggest inspiration. I just love to grind and the way I make things happen only motivates me to do more.
Q: How do you feel about the state of hip hop at the moment?
A: It’s definitely different from when I grew up, but that’s life. Especially with social media. Its easier to connect with people and stay up with what’s going on. But I feel the state of hip hop is changing with generations as it always has. But one that’ll never change is a classic hit.
Q: Have any shout outs?
A: Of course! I wanna salute all the stand-up cats, men, and women. The ones who keep it real and hold it down no matter the situation, they never switch up. S/o to my family, my support, my fans, and everyone who helped me build myself and my career up. Major salute Jc Live, Dj Ruckus, Dj G Moniy, Jane and the whole Foxy Family! Plus the whole 104.5 family as well. The biggest s/o goes to God and my city, Fayetteville NC. Oh yeah can’t forget her if I wanted to, lady love miss Lala
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