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[Single] Future ft Vain & St. Laz (Drip Boyz) – Bye Ho | @ITSVAIN

VAIN made his mark collaborating with and featuring Artists on his tracks and videos such as, Jim Jones on “Show Off, “ Red Cafe on “All Ghetto,” Tony Yayo on “Monster Bars 3,” Slim of 112 on “All the Good Girls,” Lil Mo on “Break Up to Make Up,” and Legendary DJ Jazzy Joyce on “I Love It.” Vain released his solo singles “Hello,” and “Ain’t No Nigga Like Me,” and began touring and videotaping with the Legendary Big Kap (R.I.P.) and performing with the infamous Snoop Dogg.

Vain whose music has become a staple for the best DJ’s in the country never ceases to Amaze and Up his Game!!! He is back with a new track that DJ’s across the country are Cutting, Scratching and Bringing Back Again and Again!!Dancers from around the World are challenging each other on Social Media to a #ByeHoChallenge Dance Competition! See Video Below!! Enter by uploading your dance video to #ByehoChallenge and #ByeHo on Instagram and DM @itsVain. Put you video on Tik Tok as well!! The winner will be featured on Worldstarhiphop!!!!

ByeHo will surely play out to be one of VAIN’s most Infamous Collaborations yet, as he features the prolific wordplay of FUTURE!!! “ByeHo,” with VAIN, FUTURE and ST. LAZ is that Banga all the DJ’s are Spinning and adding to their Tracklists in Clubs, on Mixtapes and in Mixshows!!

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[Single] Deseree Simone – Money | @Desereesimone_

Available on Apple Music

Meet Deseree Simone

Deseree Simone Jenkins is an American entertainer often referred to as “lightskin.” She’s young but if you listen to her music, you’ll realize quickly she innately found her passion in music. Deseree was born and raised in Houston, Texas, in the Missouri City area. Growing up in such a prominent area for music, she found songs to be relatable and soothing. Deseree is no stranger to hard times and loss so she found peace in telling her story in a verse. Deseree came from a single parent household and her mother suffered from bipolar disorder. She experienced a lot of abuse growing up, so she needed an outlet. She somehow found happiness and a way to laugh through her grandmother and 3 little sisters she helps raise. She also felt motivated by them to branch out and be great. Fearlessly, she began to find beats and freestyle; realizing she did not just have a passion for rap, she was good at it. Rap is not just fun and games for Deseree, in the past year she has made a major mark in the Houston area. She’s conquered challenges and traveled with legends such as Bun B from UGK, Lil Flip, and Lil Keke. In her lyrics she draws you in vividly describing a hard life filled with stories of death, pain, struggle, neglect, and redemption. Deseree is known for being nothing short of a prodigy in the making; this is because of her unique voice and ability to grab listeners attention. Deseree says her secret is simple, she draws inspiration from Jazz and old school artist such as Erykah Badu, something that would explain how she can flow so smooth. Deseree’s first professional work was, Light Skin Volume 1, a mixtape that earned her quite a few fans. This album also leads to her being asked to perform on the “Screwfest 2019” and to join Bun B for an appearance on his tour in late August 2019. At the age of 20, Deseree has a lot of promise in entertainment. Recently, she did a song with the Mo City Don, Z-ro, she won the “Yung Martez’s In My Act Challenge,” was a finalist for the “Htown for real Challenge” and was featured on Grammy winning super producer, Jermaine Dupri’s page. She was one of the few out of thousands who entered the So So Def Cypher; her video has views surpassing 60 thousand views. She hopes to inspire others to survive hard times through every single song. Her goal is to keep elevating in the music industry, while making an impact.

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Twitter: @DesereeSimone_

Facebook: Deseree Jenkins

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[Single] Truf41 – Kulture Dior

St. Louis based artist Truf41 is far from new to the rap game and his latest album titled “Gangsta Gospel” is proof of how seasoned he is. The album’s lead single “Kulture Dior” is out now on all digital streaming platforms. The album also features the song “Calling Me” which is dedicated to his father and the fight against cancer.

Truf41’s rap career dates back to the year 2000. He’s opened up for Starlito, Dontrip, Project Pat, and Joker at sold out shows.

Available on Apple and Spotify

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#GetSom via @officialtreygee

When I first experience the vibe of this song, omg I played it about 20 times back to back with extra repeat sauce on this track Delafaye has a great pen game, tell her how you feel and she shall deliver you a hit, she has worked with legends and i stamp when I say this she will be in that category soon and you read it here first but  about Delafaye. Danielle La’Faye Carr (Born February 6th, 1987), often known simply as “Delafaye aka Delafaye Music” is an American Rap artist, songwriter and musician. Delafaye comes armed with a high powered energy, an infectious stomp-box rhythm and a lovable approach with tunes ranging from heart-felt to socially conscious that will move both your heart and hips. Delafaye is like a musical butterfly who’s been granted unlimited creative metamorphoses. Even her musical chrysalis stage was a surprise emergence. Unlike so many Chicago female artists, Delafaye’s approach is one that stands out. Raised alongside 3 brothers and 1 sister, on the eastside of Indianapolis, Delafaye was always surrounded by music blended with a religious background in her mother, who sang in a band called VERSATILE which included her late grandfather who played bass. It was a freestyle battle Delafaye attended at age 15 that mad her really want to take music serious and become a star. “I was 15 years old, I selected to participate in a freestyle battle at a Pacer game. My parents had no idea where i was lol. At the time, there was a popular boy group that was holding the competition. I was the only girl in the competition and we all had to spit our best 16. I ended up passing the first round and had to do a freestyle in front of thousands of people. I won the competition! I wasn’t nervous, and didn’t stumble my words.. I was very comfortable! It was organic. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a star.” The music itself blends influences of some of Delafaye’s own musical heroes which include Missy Elliot, Chaka Khan, Angie Stone, Tupac & Bun B to name a few – along with Delafaye’s lyrical ability to explore human nature at its best and worst. Delafaye’s evolution as a songwriter and performer since a teenager has been remarkable, having released several music videos and mixtape projects as well as performing on some of the dopest stages throughout the Midwest. The
energy can sometimes be witty and it’s a persona she skillfully embraces in her shows, but to hear her musical storytelling with such a clear painted picture, is an entirely different dimension. Her soul speaks of a creative writer that thrives in a vast range of musical styles. Her new single “NO XANS NO PERCS” is no doubt a standout track, and
an undeniable vibe many consider “Game changing”. Delafaye’s career vision is one with no limits, and she plans to prove that by displaying her massive work ethic.




Press/ Drops & Other:


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Stan Michael – Moonwalkin (Audio)


Featured in year 4 of the Deans List Tour, Stan Michael parlayed that into the release of his debut project “Sex, Love and Drama” led by popular single “Intoxicated”.  2019 has been all about the push of his most successful single to date entitled “Moonwalkin.” Listen:


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What is HYPnosis? |Let Mezmerize introduce you

What is Hypnosis?

What is HYPnosis?

What is HYPnosis?
Produced by D.C. and video by Henry Lagrone

What is Hypnosis?  The question is usually answered with the standard  definition of “the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.”   The artist known as Mezmerize says differently.  The answer you seek may be better answered when subdued by the melodic tone on “Come and get her” or the energetic upbeat groove of “Vibez”.

Meet the king of HYPnosis

Mezmerize hails from the richly talented state of Mississippi, Greenwood to be exact. He uses his unique voice to bring a once familiar sound of when r&b was in its golden days.  The proof that r&b never died and will once again take its place among music most popular genres can be heard through his music.  He credits his upbringing in music to his step father Danny Lee Boone.  His musical influences include Jaime Foxx, Usher, Boyz II Men, Tank, Chris Brown, and H-town.

What’s next for Mezmerize?

The e.p. titled HYPnosis is set to debut this winter and is sure to keep you and your significant other warm and cozy.  A video released titled Hypnosis will also follow the sure to be hit e.p.What is HYPnosis? release.  Mezmerize and Street Diamond Entertainment have also teamed up for a new shoe release called MYDH.  The shoe is made in Italy and is now available for pre-order worldwide.  You want to hear more Mezmerize check out his music here.  What is HYPnosis?  When you wake up you will have just experienced it.

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Toxxx shares his views on life and more with debut ep, “Who He”

Jason Bourne: A lot of artists use “original” or Authentic to describe themselves. What are your strongest attributes that exemplify those adjectives ?


Toxxx: I’m sure most artist are original & authentic in some aspect or another, but where it really shows is in how you deliver your message. The first point of delivery is usually the music. My style & delivery in general is unorthodox, so it’s already not what you’re used to. I’m into bars heavy, so I tend to put a little extra thought into my choice of wording and set ups. I approach things with a broader outlook. It’s like connecting the dots with words. I’m like that good story. You start to see it if you listen well enough. I keep my tracks exciting no matter the mood or vibe. It only takes a listen to find that out, so tune-in.


Jason Bourne: How did you get the name Toxxx ? is that a play on anything personal ?


Toxxx: I gave myself the name. I chose Toxxx because I got bored with my last one and I felt this name would be more suitable. I mean at the time all I was doing was getting bitches & getting lit; so yea, the fit was perfect. #Toxxxic


Jason Bourne: You are a native of New York City, The BX to be exact. Where do you see yourself fitting into the musical landscape in the Boogie Down ?


Toxxx: Exactly where I’m at now. In my own lane. It’s too many artists from here for me to be worried about my positioning. I just grind & make that . S/O to everyone from the borough doing them, but I’ve never really been the type to concern myself with “fitting in”. I’ve always preferred more room to work, dig. The BX  did birth this culture, not to mention all the artist it produced for the industry over the years. So as long as I got it backing me I’m good.


Jason Bourne: Aside from songwriting and performing, do you wear any other hats in the business ?


Toxxx: I’m building my brand ToxxxicView up as of now. I always wore multiple hats. I just keep silent and move accordingly. I’m working with everything entertainment. That goes for writing, full artistry, filming, managing and growing a business from the bottom. I’d just say tune-in to see what’s next. 


Jason Bourne: You jumped on the scene in 2017, talk to us about some of your stellar moments over the past few years.


Toxxx: I actually been on the scene for before that but the difference is I released my first official single in 2017.  I built a little buzz throughout the years with that and it allowed me to get some more notice and attention. I’ve been featured on multiple blogs and websites throughout the years. I feel like the best is still yet to come for me. I’m still in the early stages of my career, so I’m chilling for the most part. Just know that the work is still getting put in.


Jason Bourne; Your recent ep is titled Who He, talk to us about some of the individuals you worked with to bring the product to life ?


Toxxx: It’s all me. A solo endeavor. I wanted my first project to be me featuring more me. (pause). Something direct from my point of view. Although I’m always down for a collaboration, I needed some more of me out there. I would like to give a S/O to all the producers and engineers who helped bring this project to life. I am also thankful for all the experiences that helped influence this project. Besides that, it was all me #Toxxxic.


Jason Bourne: Which track on the project means the most to you ?


Toxxx: Being that ‘Who He’ is my first body of work I believe every track means the most to me. I can’t choose between them as far as most meaningful, but I can say that ‘Ol Skool’ is one of my favorite tracks. That track is like a blast back into Hip Hop for me. I wanted to give people a catchy up to date memoir of some of Hip Hop’s greatest moments. Let me know how many classics y’all catch in there. #Barz. It’s also a fan favorite, so is ‘Wanna Fuck’but that’s a different story feel me. So make sure y’all get in-tune with them. #Toxxxic




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