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[Single] Coupe Daze – Anxiety @coupedaze


Virginia rapper, producer 1/2 Beatmaejors & CEO of Dream Reality entertainment coupe digs deep with this ‘Anxiety’ record

Coupedaze “Anxiety” (Single) Review
Written by Medallio Green
“Anxiety,” written and performed by Anthony Porter and produced by Thirty Mil, is lyric gold. The first song to be featured on Coupedaze, focuses on the struggles of the everyday human-being that are normally overlooked in mainstream rap, “Trying to see the light/Story of my life/Demons in my life/Feeling sick of life…” Nothing about the song touches the past flavor of hoes in different area codes, but instead it is uniting with the current rap movement where the words are once again the main feature. This song causes you to sit back and just listen to the truth that Anthony is spinning and twisting into something that actually stays on topic and describes anxiety. No heavy base dropping that turns the listener away from the lyrics, just a style that keeps the listener’s attention from the first melodic piece to the last.

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Hi everyone around the world, its been a while since I stopped through with some sauce but here I am in great spirits with a great interview. I was able to catch up with the new talent featured on the new BET show “Tales” produced by Irv Gotti.  Sir Preme King is also signed to Murder Inc/300. We talked about how he ended up signed to Murder Inc and how he ended meeting Irv Gotti. We also touched based on how he started his music career.

Listen to his hit singles “Pain” and “Hardway” which is featured on the new BET show.

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Til we meet again, #getpreciousonem


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This year I had the honor of meeting talented performer, singer-songwriter, poet, actress, & model Denae Joi. In October I did a radio interview with the rising star which was syndicated on many radio platforms including Straight official radio. Denae Joi has ended the year of 2017 with a bang. She released her first official single ‘Shake It’ a record produced by DJ Nicki Nice & Ebrill to iTunes, Spotify, & more worldwide. Since then her single has been picked up by various radio stations across the country with positive reviews; building momentum towards her much anticipated EP ‘Misfit’ due for release January 2018. I recently sat down with Denae Joi once again for a fun QA regarding her life & music career. Check out our Q&A interview below!

DJ Jay Erica Intro: Firstly, thank you, Denae Joi, for sitting back down with me again to discuss your music career. It was great speaking with you previously. You’ve have had so much progress since our last conversation. I want to ask you a few more questions regarding your career as a rising performer and discuss your upcoming EP project ‘Misfit’ if that’s ok?

Denae Joi: Of Course it’s okay and thanks so much for speaking with me again today.

Q: You are welcome. Can you firstly tell the viewers where you are from?

A: I’m originally from Orlando, Fl. However, I currently reside in Atlanta, Ga.

Q: How long have you been in Atlanta & what was it specifically that made you decide to relocate from your hometown?

A: I’ve been in Atlanta for about a year and four months now. I decided to relocate from my hometown due to there being more opportunities for me to progress as a performer in the city of Atlanta.

Q: Can you specify exactly what you mean?

A: Orlando is a small city and there aren’t as many opportunities for performers such as myself to pursue a career in the entertainment business successful. The networking space is limited, unlike Atlanta which is a much larger city with a bigger entertainment scene to network and progress as an independent artist.

Q: How do you like Atlanta?

A: I love it. It has been very conducive to my growth as a performer & person.

Q: How so?

A: Personally, I feel the environment has allowed me to be more expressive artistically due to the various networking events with people of similar & different walks of life; which has given me artistic inspiration overall developing me to who I am today and whom I’m continuing to grow to become. I’ve learned more things about myself because I’m out here on my own. Specifically, I grew up very sheltered so moving to Atlanta has allowed me to explore myself more then I have before because I had the family to depend on prior to me moving on my own. So now I do everything on my own and have now further developed as a woman through me relocating alone and depending solely on myself. I’ve learned who I am as a woman and accept myself and who I’ve grown into and not trying to be. I’m not so focused on trying to fit in an image of what the world finds acceptable for me or wants me to be.

Q: Well that’s tough sometimes being an artist your often under the watchful radar which can make you a direct target for rumors & criticism negative criticism more so I’m speaking of specifically. How do you handle that?

A: I’m still learning how to deal with it. However, I love myself so much so I understand I cannot control what others think or say about me be it negative or positive comments or criticism. As long as I know the truth about me I have no need to even address rumors put out  there.

Q: Ok, Now let’s get back to the music because that’s the main reason you are here; tell me Denae Joi how long have you been pursuing your career as a performer and when did you start taking it seriously?

A: I’ve been pursuing my career as a performer for about 3 years now. I started taking it more seriously after completing college around 2015.

Q: Whose your influences?

A: I’m a fan of old school RnB. Sade, Xscape, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston & Lauryn Hill. New up to date artists I’d say; Drake, Sza, DJ Khaled & Jhene Aiko.

Q: Ok nice selection.

A: Thanks!

Q: Let’s talk about your music. Let’s talk about your new single ‘Shake it’ that has hit the airwaves a few months ago and it has been picking up steadily landing you appearances at different events & being interviewed on the various stations since our first sit down. What was the concept & inspiration behind the record ‘Shake It’.

A: The concept behind ‘Shake It’ was to just have fun. I really wanted anyone who heard the song to have a good time and get lost in the music. (Stream now on iTunes, Spotify, & Everywhere worldwide)

Q: What’s coming for next year starting out 2018?

A: You’ll get the release of my new EP entitled ‘Misfit’ coming January 2018.

Q: Ok, so that’s truly top of the year like next month. What are you bringing fans musically with this project?

A: Musically, I’m going to be sharing a lot of my ideas the way that I think. My fans will also get a taste of my signature that I’m bringing to the table when it comes to my writing style.

Q: What else is in the works for you artistically any acting roles or performances coming in 2018?

A: Yes, Actually in 2018 I will be performing at the Fashion Gala Awards in Orlando Fl. Acting wise I will be starring in a play with a feature role entitled ’12 Women in the same black dress’ also due out in January 2018.

Q: Wow you are on the roll entering 2018 with a bang!

A: Thank you (giggles)…

Q: Where can the public find you on social media to continue supporting you and everything you do?

A: You can find me on social media worldwide @denaejoi & for bookings send emails to!

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[Single] Eric Leon – Perc Nowitski @ericleon772


With the NBA season just getting started, Eric Leon of Epidemic Music & TruStory Ent, drops Perc Nowitzki a record produced by Komposer co-produced by Cool and Dre. Exclusively found on Sound Cloud for a short period, this record comes as a follow up to his hit single “In My Bag” which has been rapidly gaining popularity nationwide.

A new sound is coming out of Vero Beach, Florida courtesy of 21-year-old Eric Leon. Originally from Long Island, New York, Eric moved to Florida as a child. He comes into the music scene with a veteran’s mentality and a work ethic that is unmatched. Influenced by the Houston music scene such as Lil Wayne, Future, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Leon has found his sound in the hip-hop world.

On his own since the age of 18, Eric is wise beyond his years and has hit the ground running working with big names in the industry.

After accumulating over 2 million streams on Soundcloud, over 60,000 followers on Instagram, and over 272,000 streams of the mixtape and counting in one week of release since on August 8th, Eric Leon is ready to make new noise in the music industry for the next generation of hip hop.

Eric’s ability to harmonize and deliver ear-catching melodies, while still giving listeners different rhyme schemes and stand-out lyrics is what separates him from most of hip-hop’s current artists. Eric Leon is bound to become one of the biggest names in hip-hop.

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[Album] Britney Jewelz – Product of My Society @BRITNEYJEWELZ


A compilation of songs put together based off a series of events that have arised from the past, only introducing the world to BRITNEY JEWELZ once again to catapult everyone into her Future projects of more music to come.

Listen to ‘Product of My Society’ on Apple Music

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[Single] King Jaden – Water Gun Drako @RealKingJaden

water gun draco-1600

[Single] King Jaden – Water Gun Drako

Listen now on Soundcloud!

King Jaden whose real name is Jaden Arriola, is a 10-year-old rapper out of Fayetteville, NC. King Jaden has been rapping since he was 3 years old, but just recently started to work on his career as a rapper. He takes pride in being able to have the freedom of writing his own raps, being that he is so young. King Jaden is the type of rapper that will have you moving in your seats to where you have to get up. KJ has his own style of rap and takes pride in being his own person. Some are shocked at how old he is because is hustle and grind is so heavy. In 2016 King Jaden pushed his single “Wanna Do”( Produced by Tay Creations and Nysse), that was the beginning of his take over. He followed up with “Do-Do Walk” Produced by Tipsy Twist founder of Impossible Jump Music Group. Now 2017, King Jaden’s catalog has grown and his is hoping to drop his album before the end of the year. King Jaden has had the opportunity to rap in front of some heavy hitters such as B.O.B and LeCrae. At just 10 years old he has performed at the Imusic Festival at Fayetteville State University (2016), Performed at Fleet DJs Conference (2017), Interviewed with Choice 92.1(Raleigh) and Foxy 99.1 (Fayetteville). Be on the look out from more from King Jaden he definitely has more in store.

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[Single] King Ray – Get A Bag @nastymane901

King Ray – Get A Bag artwork

Moneytrain Empire releases new single from artist King Ray titled “Get A Bag” off of his latest mixtape available via Datpiff. This single is the guaranteed to be the new #GetMoney single of 2017/2018. Download King Ray latest mixtape #Kush

Download Link:

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Twitter: @nastymane901
Instagram: kingraytv

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What’s good, its your girl NaeNae. I know it has been a minute but #NaeNaeOnTheScene is back and in full effect. Don Chambers, J-Ice and Fre$co make up the Indianapolis-based group, New Wave Collective. Their latest EP, UrrNite is a banger. One of my favorites of the EP, is Imagine. A couple a weeks ago, I was able to hangout with the group New Wave Collective as they opened for Curren$y at Emerson Theatre here in Indianapolis. You can see the footage I captured below.

Until next time, its your girl NaeNae as always bringing you #NaeNaeOnTheScene with Straight Official.

To hear more from New Wave Collective:

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