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The Quickening 2: Acceleration

I’ve been waiting on this project to drop for a while. I’m really excited about the latest album from Kil Ripkin, The Quickening 2: Acceleration.
Kil is what the game has been missing. This is definitely a album you need to add to your iPod collection! Twitter him, let him know what you think of the album @KilRipkin

There is an album release coming up in Charlotte NC, if your in town make sure you come out and show love. Its going to be one hell of a show.  Kil And Kam

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TampaMystic talks with Casual T

[box_dark]1. What’s going on? For those who may not know you, please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.[/box_dark] I’m Casual T…I’m a singer from outside the Atlanta area(Columbus Ga)

[box_dark]2. When/How did u start singing and who inspired you?[/box_dark]
I start singing early like age 5 or 6…Michael Jackson and my dad inspired me to sing.

[box_dark]3. Who are some artist you would like to work with?[/box_dark]
Chris brown, neyo, Marsha ambrosis

[box_dark]4. What’s been your most memorable moment in your music career?[/box_dark]
Performing in Korea and ppl knowing the words it made me feel really good inside.

[box_dark]5. What project’s are you currently working on?[/box_dark]
Currently I have a few songs I’m working on to complete my album and hosting a few big R&B Mixtapes and a commercial in the near future.

[box_dark]6. Besides music, what else can we find you doing?[/box_dark]
I’m a SSG in the US ARMY and training soldiers is another love in my heart.

[box_dark]7. In the coming months, what can we expect from you?[/box_dark]
You can expect nothing but the hottest music from a indie singer out period…I’m so focused.

[box_dark]8. Tell everyone where they can find you? [ Websites, Online social media etc][/box_dark] Twitter: @casual Facebook: terry callmecasual Turnage jr YouTube: Casual706

[box_dark]9. What would you like to state to those who have supported you throughout your life and within your
music career? Any Shout Outs?[/box_dark]

I wanna shout out my dad Terry L Turnage Sr mom Rose Turnage bros and sis Mykael, Michael, Malik, Micah, Taylor, Janay and all my friends and family…my army bro Chris Thurman thx for everything bro

Breezy and Dawn Daniels for being the super management team for me

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TampaMystic sits down with B. DeVINE

[box_dark]What is your name?[/box_dark] B.DeVINE

[box_dark]Where are you from?[/box_dark] Jacksonville, Florida or as the locals call it…Duuuuuvaaaaaal

[box_dark]When/How did u start singing and who inspired you?[/box_dark] I began singing as a kid, my parents are both singers and I have a lot of other family members in the entertainment industry. My grandmother inspired me to move forward with my music career before she passed away and now more than ever, I am determined to succeed in her honor!

[box_dark]Who are some artist you want to work with?[/box_dark] Missy Elliott, Robert Glasper, Ryan Leslie, & Lalah Hathaway. There are so many more, I’d love to work with…too many to name here, I just know that I can’t wait to B. thrown into the middle of greatness.

[box_dark]When you listen to beats how do you pick your tracks? [/box_dark]I’d actually like to think the tracks pick me; I am not nearly as methodical as I probably should B. I have always wanted to tell a story with my music and it seems to always just come together whenever I hear a beat that moves me, it could B. immediately or when I come back and listen to it later. If it’s for is FOR ME!

[box_dark]You being from the south how do you feel about south music?[/box_dark] I am a little on the fence, simply because the South seems to really love rap right now and as a singer, that can B. rather disheartening. However, I am a die-hard optimist, so with that, I always make sure I support my friends in the industry that rap and I exchange contact info with rap artists who may need a female vocalist to write and/or sing on hooks. I support good music, so if it’s out there, I want to B. in the midst of it!

[box_dark]What project’s are you working on? [/box_dark]I am currently putting the final touches on “SoulBareHer: The SexTape” it’s a compilation of some of my sexiest songs and trust me when I say…the world will B. formally introduced to “Pornetry” and all of its splendor.

[box_dark]What’s next for you?[/box_dark] Everything, I can get my hands around! I am looking forward to continuing to perform throughout the US and my first show abroad. I am excited about the new music I am creating for you all to experience and meeting new supporters as I continue to change minds one at a time!

[box_dark]What would you tell somebody about the music biz that’s trying to get in it?[/box_dark] I have learned so much in the last year & a half, most importantly, I have learned the power in building relationships! Money may open the door, but a good solid relationship will get you through it and keep it open for you in the future. I am a firm believer that if you “Sow greatness and that is what you’ll reap!”

[box_dark]Let the world know the crazy thing a fan has done to you or for you?[/box_dark] The most touching thing would have to have been being surprised with a reservation to stay in “ROOM 328” (it’s the name of one of my songs) during one of my performances out of town. It shows that people not only enjoy my music but think enough of me to go out of their way to surprise me. It’s all in the details… I LOVE IT!

[box_dark]We going to close this interview like this . give shout outs and whatever you want the world to know about you:[/box_dark]
I would like to say THANK YOU to my loving and supportive family, especially my partner in life, who puts up with a lot of crazy stuff being the lover of everyone’s “Favorite Mistress”, a SALUTE to my manager & my friend, Mrs. Dana for believing in me and for sacrificing her sleep…for my dreams, I am truly grateful for YOU & all that you do! & To every Supporter, DJ, Radio/TV personality, Friend & Foe…THANK YOU, without YOU, I would not B…..DeVINE! I am soooo ready for this journey… Don’t believe me? Just watch!

[box_dark]Twitter & Instagram:[/box_dark] @TheRealBDeVINE

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[box_dark]What is your name[/box_dark]
Young Quote

[box_dark]Where u from[/box_dark]
Raleigh NC

[box_dark]How did u start rapping[/box_dark]
In the lunchroom. I thought all rappers were fake hah. Wanted to spit dat visual ish, that Southern Nas type ish. My homie JC da Bizzness put me on wax and it’s been snap mode ever since.

[box_dark]who inspired u to rap[/box_dark]
I’d have to say Project Pat and the rest of Hypnotized Minds; the beats were always dope and it depicted my life at that time so I could relate

[box_dark]Who are some artist u want to work with[/box_dark]
Man, so many! I’d have to say Mook Boy, P.I. Bang, AALife, Michael Shelly, LA Barnes, Michael Stokes, Caskey, Project Pat, Juicy J, Rick Ross… anyone how is as hard working and passionate about music as I am

[box_dark]When u listen to beats how do u pick your tracks[/box_dark]
If I have a scrunch face working, like something smells bad… IT”S ON! Haha. If I’m able to start rapping something dope and gets me hype, I know I have a winner

[box_dark]u bring from south how do u feel about the south control the music game right now[/box_dark]
I’m a southern boy myself so I love it! I know I’m ready. The south has been doing there thing from Three 6 Mafia to Outkast and Pastor Troy to Trick Daddy Dollars. Now the whole world sees us shining

[box_dark]what project’s are u working[/box_dark]
Be on the lookout for my 2nd mix-tape titled “VoiceBox of the Block 2.0.” If you haven’t downloaded “VoiceBox of the Block” on for free yet, do so after this interview. Also, my dog Kikkoman has his mix-tape dropping soon…. might have a Young Quote appearance on there as well. I have some features in the talks right now… Nothing concrete but keep your ears to the streets cuz they’ll be talking

[box_dark]What’s next for u[/box_dark]
More Juice, more hype shows, and more quality music. I get to record at Plush studios and have my music mixed by Phanum (Lew Weinberg) and beats by Uncle Mike of Phanum Music Group

[box_dark]What would u tell somebody about the music biz that’s trying to get in it[/box_dark]
Man, just grind. Do stop something you love because it’s hard. Wake up everyday, look in the mirror, and say “How are you going to get better today?”

[box_dark]Let the world know the crazy thing a fan has done to u or for u[/box_dark]
No crazy stories yet. Hit me back in a year and I’m sure I’ll have one haha

[box_dark]we going to close this interview like this . give shout outs and whatever u want the world to know about u[/box_dark]
S/O Uncle Mike and Phanum of Phanum Music Group, Plush Studios, My City Monday’s at The Haven and all the hard working folk involved like K-Mo, Dj Wired, and Rebel Black, AALife, Haiti da Truth, Young Sipp, and all the grinders out there in search of their Jreams, Keep Jreamcoastin!

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[box_dark]What is your name:[/box_dark]
King Vega

[box_dark]Where u from:[/box_dark]

Ny, Cusetown

[box_dark]who inspired u to rap:[/box_dark]
I started rapping at 12, me my cousin Larry (rip) and another child hood friend started a group. I was the last to join
My cousin Larry, who was killed in 97 inspired me to rap

[box_dark]Who are some artist u want to work with: Artist Id like to work with[/box_dark]
Cormegea, T.I., Linkin Park, The Weknd, R. Kelly

[box_dark]When u listen to beats how do u pick your tracks:[/box_dark]
I select my beats based on the feeling it gives me. If I dont get a chill when I hear it, I dont want it.

[box_dark]u bring from the south how do u feel about south music:[/box_dark]
Im not from the South, but I feel the souths music is a new wave that has progressed over recent years, and I salute it and them

[box_dark]what project’s are u working:[/box_dark]
Im working on a project called Checkmate, a mixtape Im doin with another Don Status artist named Black Sinatra

[box_dark]What’s next for u:[/box_dark]
Whats next for me is Gods plan, however my goal is to be signed to a company, after “Checkmate” who believes in me 100%

[box_dark]What would u tell somebody about the music biz that’s trying to get in it:[/box_dark]

I would tell someone that the music biz is a LOT of hard work, its not easy, and its a sacrifice to your body, and 90% snakes

[box_dark]Let the world know the crazy thing a fan has done to u or for u: [/box_dark]

The craziest thing a fan has done is strip for tickets to my show… On camera

[box_dark]we going to close this interview like this . give shout outs and whatever u want the world to know about u: [/box_dark]

Huge shout out to Frankie Coney, Tampa Mystic, Black Sinatra, The whole Don Status, My movement is OO7, I wanna shout out everybody in OO7, its a bajillion of us, too many to name, my city, Cusetown, my hood, Brick City, and I want everybody to know that I do my best with this, and I will never stop, or change who I am, for nothing

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