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In capturing the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop & entertainment, TenthLetterMedia & Straight Official Magazine have come across a number of talented and gifted artists from the independent sector.

Jetty Santiago

Jetty Santiago is in that number as the Indiana MC is riding the wave of his recent project release Santiago Summers to rave reviews and streams.

Santiago Summers Cover

As a music journalist, it’s dope to see an artist’s progression. Jetty has graced our pages once before from his JetWave release awhile back and it was evident in our sit-down that the time in-between has been productive and rewarding for him.

“I have an affinity, an infatuation for words and for what people are rapping about and not knowing what they were talking about which made me have to look up what they were talking about and it’s making me learn more.” –Jetty Santiago


Santiago Summers released on August 15th, has 12 tracks and was originally a project that Jetty was balancing between two other projects before the pandemic hit. Jetty talked about the struggle to gain inspiration to create during this time in our interview. You can check out the full interview of our sit-down by clicking the link below.



You can check out the official music video for the lead single from Santiago Summers titled “Andy Bought A Basquiat” down below. As always, we thank you for rocking with as we capture the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop & entertainment!

Follow Jetty Santiago on Twitter at @jetstayhigh as well as on YouTube at Jetty Santiago.

Santiago Summers is available NOW on Apple MusicTIDALSpotify.

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SO: What is your stage name ? Where you from and what got you into the entertainment business IATW: I go by “IAMTHEWOLF” I was born in Palo Alto CA but I was raised my whole life in Oakland CA. I first got hooked on the music when I was 12. It all started when I was rapping for church. Been at it ever since


SO: Who and/or what inspired you to create ?                                                                                                    IATW: my life experiences I feel inspire a lot of what I talk about, also my kids. My outlook on life as well, feeling the Need to talk about things or just get shit off my chest


SO: How would you describe your sound ?                                                                                                    IATW:I would describe my sound as fun, versatile, & passionate.

SO: What is your creative process like ?
IATW: for me it all depends what kinda song/ mood I’m in at the moment. But for the most part I’d say I have a lot of fun creating but it’s also a very intimate process. It’s definitely unique I’d say.


SO: What artists would you like to collaborate with ?
IATW:Jesus, where do I begin. I know for a FACT russ and I would make a banger. But also ( in no particular order) j Cole, Kendrick, post malone, 6lack, Khalid, Ali Gatie, Joey bada$$, Joyner Lucas, token, lil baby and many many many more.


SO: If you could open a show for any artist who would it be ?
IATW: Id definitely have to say russ. Just because I witnessed the mans come up literally and a lot of what he talks about and how he moves I relate to. Plus his fan base I think would appreciate my music as well. But he’s just a GOAT. Shit will be legendary.


SO: What is one message you would give to your supporters ?
IATW: man, those are my people. They’ve stuck with me through a lot. Moments of inactivity and moments where I felt like I was touching the sky. They don’t owe me anything yet they always stay 10 toes down. I love my supporters, or how I call em my FANmily ! if I’m a form of inspiration to them, then my job is already in motion. Real ones !

SO: What is the most useless talent you have ?
IATW: breathing…… lol jk mmm well I can do that water drop noise with my cheek. Pretty useless. Unless, of course, if I’m in a movie theater and the scene is super quiet haha

SO: What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music ?
IATW: I’ve always been and outdoorsy person and always had a passion for animals. So I’d definitely think I’d be going down the wildlife biologist route haha take care and live with a wolf pack, ya know, study them. #stillgonnadothat


SO: Who are some artists you admire and why ?
IATW: Don’t want to come of as a fan girl but when I tell you russ is a big inspiration of mine, I truly mean it. I still don’t know why the man receives so much hate but besides the point, I really look up to him because he put in the grind. Years and years on end to Be where he’s at now, on his own. Independent, literally independent. He always kept it real and humble. His mentality and points of views also resonate with me. He’s just an over all genuine guy.


SO: What is the best advice you’ve been given ?
IATW: short and sweet “focus is understanding what you need to ignore” shit hit me like a train haha


SO: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be ?
IATW: I would love to see actual talent given a lot more chances. I’m not downplaying or discrediting any artists out rn. But I feel real talent shouldn’t be so hard to come across in the music industry, many times I feel like they go with what’s more marketable and it is a business so I understand that side of it. Nonetheless, i said what I said.


SO: Whats next for you, where do you see yourself in the next year ?
IATW: I definitely see myself making some kind of profit off my music and opening shows for some pretty important names in the industry within the next year. Just gotta keep grinding.


SO: What is your social media ? How can people get in contact with you
IATW: my Instagram is “iamthewolf7” people can reach me on there. Super active and post a lot of content. I also check my email regularly

#GETSOM @djjayerica #Iamthewolf

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What Up SOM Fam! we recently got a chance to talk to Philly’s own Sharod Starks Check it out below!
SOM: Please tell us where you’re from and what first got you
interested in the entertainment industry?
SHAROD STARKS: I’m Sharod Starks, I was born in Perth Amboy, N.J. but I was raised in West Philadelphia. I was inspired by Jay-Z ‘s “Can I Live” to start rapping at a young age.
SOM: Who and/or what inspires you to create?
SHAROD STARKS: Life’s experiences motivates me to create. A lot of times I can get inspiration from a certain conversation & before I know it I turn something I said into a song.
SOM: How would you describe your sound?
SHAROD STARKS: Energetic, relatable, Music.
SOM: What is your creative process like?
SHAROD STARKS: Sometimes I write my lyrics in my phone to make sure I don’t forget my thoughts. Other times I write in my head to create songs.
SOM:What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?
SHAROD STARKS: Kevin Gates, Tory Lanez,  or Mo3
SOM:What is one message you would give to your supporters?
SHAROD STARKS: I would want to tell all of my supporters that I really appreciate each & everyone of them.
SOM:What is the most useless talent you have?
SHAROD STARKS: I dont think I have a useless talent. Talent is generally something you’re really good at compared to other people’s ability to do the same thing. If I’m that good at something, I’m going to find a purpose for it
SOM: What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music?
SHAROD STARKS:  Doing something working with my hands like engineering or maintenance.
SOM:Who are some artists you admire and why?
SHAROD STARKS: I admire Jay-Z because on top of being the best rapper, He knows how to reinvent himself time after time. Along with being a great businessman. I admire Kevin Gates for the fact that he bleeds on a record, meaning whatever he feels he says he doesn’t hold back.
SOM:What is the best advice you’ve been given?
SHAROD STARKS: Keep God first & never give up.
SOM: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
SHAROD STARKS: I would change the way artist get paid & try to create more ways of revenue especially for the starving artist.
SOM: What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself in the next year?
SHAROD STARKS: What’s next for me is to stay consistent. I would wanna see myself on the billboard charts next year.
SOM: What is your social media? How can people get in contact with you?
SHAROD STARKS: @iamsharodstarks on Instagram & Twitter. I also have an website
LISTEN NOW!!  Can’t Break Me
Thank you Sharod! for chopping it up with us and Special thanks to DJ No Phrillz for the link! Make sure you follow Sharod and keep up with everything Official.

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The T-Quest Show: J Nasty Interview

Nothing like a blast from the past, especially when it’s a good one. I was contacted by an artist who wanted me to check out his music. In the midst of the conversation, he mentioned that we actually knew each other from years prior.  Once it clicked, I was eager to listen to his music even more & I was impressed.

J’Quan Towns also known as J Nasty is a 27 year old on the rise. He grew up in Waterbury CT, taken from his mom at the age of 8 and was placed in the system D.C.F. In his music he talk s about life experiences, like growing up in D.C.F and things that everyone can relate to, Music is very therapeutic to him. As of today J Nasty has constructed 5 different original albums and managed to release his 1st album Broken Chains back in 2012.  The project was based off his struggles, trials & tribulations in his pass life.

J Nasty is a go getter! He’s worked with Legendary Dj Ron G, Dj Young Cee, Hitman Holla, Cassidy, Dj Hawk, Kid Fresh, and more. He’s also had the opportunity to meet Grandmaster Caz, Dj Meechi, Dj Buck, Dj Billy Busch, Jennyboomboon, Dj G Money Da Prince, Dj Bigg Mann, Dj Santo and still counting.

Be on the lookout for a few solo projects by him and a 2nd album. The movement he has called S.H.S.C (Stop Hatin Start Creatin) will be bringing you  a brand new sound  & new music as well. Take the time out to listen to his interview on The T-Quest Show . Get to know the man behind the mic as we discuss his new single Love Birds & more. There’s something about him, I see nothing but fortune in his future. Humble yet talented, J Nasty is a future star.

Instagram: @nastydahitmaker
Soundcloud: j-nasty18
YouTube: jnasty181 & j-nasty towns
Twitter: nastytowns
Movement: SHSC (Stop Hatin Start Creatin)
Label: Start Creatin Records

Make sure you follow me on on social media @TQuestGLM, download my T-Quest mobile app in your google play store & your app store & check out my website  For bookings email
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Black Wall Street Reincarnated|New Black Enterprise

Why was Black Wall Street so important?

The financial plight of the African American community has been well documented and dissected.  The real question that has  surfaced since Dr.King’s assassination is what will the community do about it?  We know that marching in the streets and Black Wall Street Reincarnatedsinging glorious hymns have not made much traction in the progress for economic stability.  The wealth gap for African Americans has actually increased in that time frame only causing further damage to our communities.  The Black Wall Street of the early 1900’s has long been burned down, but still no such pillars are present in predominantly black areas.  A much needed revitalization of black america has been needed.  The concept is built around the concentrated effort of recirculating black dollars within the community.  The black dollar is crucial for cultivating community programs and facilitating the growth of black enterprise.

How do we reincarnate Black Wall Street?

The answer is simple as it was given to us by none other than one of our own Malcolm X .  He gave a speech called The Ballot or the Bullet where he explained the power of black spending. Our neighborhoods thrive when we buy black and fail when we do not.  The power of pooling the black dollar not only perpetuates generational wealth but gives us control over our own Black Wall Street Reincarnatedinfrastructures and institutions.  If everyone just invested and patronized more black owned businesses the effects would trickle down through generations, creating the equivalent of a reparations check owed to Black America.  The keyword “investment” means you now have ownership and dividends to be paid out.   The time has come where black enterprise rises across the nation and buying black is no longer taboo.

The revolution has begun!

The name Fubu2Infinity will soon become a staple of the black community for years to come.  This is an opportunity for the growth of  black enterprise that can benefit everyone in Black America.  The instructions are clear and simple. Black Wall Street Reincarnated Go to and register to get more information.  The ball is in Black Americas court and the call to action has been sounded.  We will heal when we learn to love and support one another.  In order for a new Black Wall Street to thrive we must become the change we seek.

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Brandon James and Nolen Entertainment Presents Soulful Sundays

September 22, 2019

Soulful Sunday’s been on my radar for sometime now and everyone who love’s music the way I do should have been in the building this incredible Soulful Sunday. Brandon James and Nolen Entertainment has sparked again, with amazing talent. The entertainment was phenomenal at the Debonaire Social Club 1575 N Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago IL, Hosted By Ron Baker Jr.

Brandon James really puts on an amazing show, so soulful and smooth he really knows how to move the crowd, with the notes that comes from within. The band is amazing great production and very skillful that’s some entertainment that deserves to be on every stage.

What I really respected about this event they had Hip-Hop Artist DiLLAnoiZ from SCG Records I can say I was feeling the bars and the production, he really puts on a good show. It was a good vibe, I appreciate good quality rap not all the gun violence and street music. I can tell DiLLAnoiZ has his on lane,I wanna wish him success on his music career.







Twelve Management  & Yung Blak Executives Media Group LLC.™ Recording Artist DelaFaye And Da’ Clutch really showed up and showed out, the whole ensemble and chemistry was together on point, DelaFaye catered to the woman and men, and especially with her latest single “Next Mistake” produced by LJ Holman Jr. on all streaming platforms and online stores. She came in the building looking like a star. I can tell you just wait on her mainstream appearance. Every note they hit I felt love with chills. Overall great show with a five star review…

All photos Captured & Edited by Yung Blak Executives Media Group LLC.™

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Mary J. Blige Gives An Amazing Show At Ravinia Festival 2019

Ravinia Festival 2019 was an outstanding festival this year, September 13, 2019 Mary J. Blige made a stop to Highland Park IL, and blazed the stage. The Royalty Tour was a blast I’ve been following the tour reviews and Mary J. Blige had a good amount of sold out shows this run. Ravinia is an outdoor venue with great acoustics and provides great music and hospitality. The Band of Mary J. Blige was phenomenal, under the Music Direction  of Rex Hardy Jr.(Drummer).

Rex Hardy Jr, Is an outstanding drummer and arranger whose played for many stars, I was impressed on the drum kit he played on this royalty run. It’s amazing to not worry about getting the kit put together for every show when you have an amazing Backline Tech Brandon Tigner Sr  The hit song’s from You remind me, I can Love you Better, Real Love, Not Gon’ Cry. The sound was amazing, it was like when she was recording the record. It was filled with an amazing crowd with different nationalities all coming together enjoying good music. Mary J. Blige is definitely the Queen. The crowd was singing every word to her songs, you just had to be there.

Mary J, Blige wardrobe was incredible, even the stage setup was amazing and she had background dancers with her show. What a sold out show even if you wasn’t in the venue, you enjoyed yourself on the lawn. You had beautiful people having picnics with family and  just a great time. A FIVE STAR CONCERT AN AMAZING TIME WITH RAVINIA!!!!

Photocred Patrick Gipson/ Ravinia Festival

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DJ Samore 

Atlanta born and bred with a bit of  South Florida via  West Palm beach DJ Samore started at her college radio station , Florida Atlantic University’s Owl Radio  in May 2006  a ten year run which ended in 2016. She is now in  Dade County Radio,  Nu Radio Station, Highly Unique Radio She is the host of  DJ Samore Top 5  web series and video podcastShe’s been a Guest Dj  on the Schedule 1 show with   DJ 7Thirty in  2017) and the Atlanta Hit Makers Radio Show (current) on Highly Unique Radio

She has also worked at CBS Radio West Palm Beach which turned into CBS Broadcasting (urban , rhythmic, urban ac format) (2011-2015)She also had a small stint at Cox Media Miami as a board operator watcher, before she transition back to Atlanta Ga to further her DJ career.


  • South Florida from west palm beach, ft lauradale, and miami
  • Baltimore
  • North Carolina 
  • Atlanta, Ga; Trina Braxton’s Bar Chix.  Old Lady Gang, Kandi (from Xscape) and Todd (her husband) restaurant, apache, suite food lounge, sl lounge, and events across the city including open mics and such. 
  • Show dj for multiple artists out of town shows and on tour. 

Mixtapes – Various Mixtape Series and Collab mixtapes with other Djs and Artists 

  • W.Y.K.B.I. New ish (2016- current)
  • hot indie (independent artist series)
  • 2008- R&B vs Hip Hop 
  • 2009- keepin it urban
  • 2010- we getting it in 
  • 2011- the playlist 
  • 2012- u.e. Hits
  • south meets west 
  • 2014- i’m back 
  • 2015-the urban experience turn up

Follow DJ Samore!  @thisisdjsamore on Instagram & Twitter #GetSOm

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The Real Dj Spins Presents “Grind To Shine” 2

The Real DJ Spins is back with another volume of “Grind To Shine” mixtape, hosted by Quincey White.

The 19-track mixtape is brimming with superior cuts and mixes on tracks from some of Hip Hop’s most elite group of G.O.A.T.’s and acclaimed indie emcees including Rampage, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, DJ Premier, Termanology, Westside Gun, Benny The Butcher, Statik Selektah, Bun B, Conway, Jro The Chosen one, Sean Mac  and more.

This is a must play for Hip Hop enthusiasts around the world. Stream “Grind To Shine” above on audiomack.


Written By

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The Quest Chronicles: What Do You Want?

What do you want? Chicken or Fish? Stay in or go out? Make love or rough sex? Single or Taken has even been a complicated QUESTion! Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and ask, who am I, what do I like, what turns me on, what I do want, what do I need, better yet, what do I deserve?

To a certain extent like Lauren Hill said ” It can all be so simple, but you’ll rather make it hard.” Life ain’t easy but it doesn’t has to have so many complications if we take control the proper way. So many single individuals are always searching for that one but barely know and understand self. If someone is to ask you personal questions and on average your answers are “I don’t know, I’m not sure, never even thought about it, there’s a problem. How can someone get to fully know you if you don’t even know yourself? How can you jump into a new relationship without fully closing the chapter on the last one?  How can you try to find a doctor to heal your hurt if you can’t explain the symptoms and pain?

When is comes to business, many want to be entrepreneurs but don’t even know the basics. “I want to be a boss” but do you even know how to lead? “I want to own a business” but have you even written out a blueprint or business plan? Do you have the proper funds or enough knowledge to even get it off the ground? These are questions we need to think about.

Yes, we live in a society that is very fast pace especially in the world of technology but everyone can’t keep up.  When was the last time you sat down, turn off all devices & did some self reflecting? Do you even know yourself? You say you want a relationship but are you ready for one? If you’re in a relationship, are you giving it your all & or are you putting yourself on the back burner?

As for myself, I’m tied into so much as far as business, music & personal life that I didn’t realize things weren’t progressing the way I hoped. So what did I do, I stopped everything & did a reset on life. I had a hard self reflecting and was honest enough to recognize the issues and started to work on a way to fix them. We have one life so I desired to make the best of it. So if it takes me not going out or not dating to figuring out ME, my finances, goals & life all together then so be it. I owe it to mySELF!

To wrap this up, I just want you to look at where you’re at, where you’re trying to go & sacrifice some time to rewrite a plan so you can start living the life you want, desire & need. I say all this because I care. I want to see everyone exceed.

This is Ms Gotta Love Me herself, it’s T-Quest Tuesday & you’ve just been Questified! Show love by commenting, sharing & following me on social media at TQuestGLM

Email me topics to discuss & QUESTions you may have. To learn more about me or to hear about certain topics in dept please download my app “T-Quest” in your google play store & visit my website To support all I do, can you simply donate via Cashapp $TQuestGLM

Please support my new single #Indulge produced by RedWing Wizz on all streaming platforms.


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