[Event] #NaeNaeOnTheScene: Jus Will Presents: B. Yond Music

Hey, I know you was wondering where’s that #NaeNaeOnTheScene review. It’s been a long and super busy week but I’m back with another dope review. I attended jus Will presents: B. Yond Music at Morty’s Comedy Club on the eastside of Indianapolis.

The monthly event started back in January of 2013 from the minds of poet, jus Will and entertainment manager/entrepreneur, Brittany Brookins. jus Will presents: B. Yond Music initially was just poetry and live music but during their last year they added comedy to the show. The event has brought poets to Indianapolis from all over the country, some having appeared on Verses N Flow and Def Poetry Jam. Even though, the monthly event in January of this year, jus Will and Brittany had agreed to do pop up shows at random. So when they were approached with the idea to collaborate with the makers of Straight Up Stupid to bring it back for Memorial Day Weekend Special, it just felt right.

The night all started with comedian and host for the night, Damon Williams warming up the crowd with some jokes and kept the energy going throughout the night as he introduced each performer along with doing a mini interview with each performer.

First performer to hit the stage was songstress, Megan Simonton. When I tell you she can sing, she can SANG! She started off with a cappella along with her rendition of Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone then ended with a Jill Scott song. Next up was one of the creators of this event, jus Will giving the audience some of his greatest poetry. One is which is dedicated to the city of Indianapolis talking about the crime and violence going on in the inner city.




Then, came Ms. Tasha Jones and that dress she was rocking. LOL. Another super dope poet blessing the audience with her amazing poetry and did I mentioned THAT DRESS she had on. I love her witty humor
as her poems talked about self-love and relationships. The headliner for the night was the hilarious Darius Bradford. That man had the building hollering in laughter as he talked about his love for younger women,
his dislike for fast food drive-thru and much more.


It was such an amazing night with music, poetry and laughter and you know your girl got you covered on some great footage from that night. Hopefully, jus Will presents: B. Yond Music will put on another epic event before this year ends. Its your girl, NaeNae with #NaeNaeOnTheScene signing off. Stay tuned for more reviews from me. Peace and Blessings.




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One Mans Art….A conversation with Louis Picasso by @DJLayneLuv

When your 20 year old daughter tells you “Daddy you have to listen to this artist….” with all of her enthusiasm, you have no choice but to drop everything and give her your undivided attention. The back story is that she was attending a listening party and she got there extremely early to find a young man setting up stage and lighting. As she engaged in conversation with the young man she became intrigued by his views and outlook on certain things. They ended their small talk without any exchange of names. She gradually attended the party to the progression of the featured artist for the evening. As they introduce the featured artist, she then made the connection with the moment of clarity. Louis Picasso was the gentleman from earlier setting up his own show. She was even more impressed with the quality of his music.

Come to find out, he’s well known in Ypsilanti Michigan and has a commendable following. With his latest single Gold, he’s booked for a few dates across the country including some dates in California.

It is one thing to know a person by their art…but to get to know the authentic person behind the art is something totally different altogether. When I speak to masterful musicians, I am so amazed by their humility and dedication to their craft. This conversation gave me hope for my daughters generation. So much is lost in translation based on age differences that when two people put aside those prejudices, they find they have a lot more in common than not. Speaking to this young man made it refreshing that he is in my daughters circle. And Oh! did I forget to mention she is helping with his artist management now?

Ladies and gentleman… Louis Picasso

OTT: I’m always interested in the inner workings of an independent artists journey considering I’m one myself. So tell us how did you get into music?

LP: As with a lot of musicians, my entire family is involved with music. Everybody sings, everybody plays and instrument, so I was kind of born into it. However, I didn’t start writing music until about 2008. It was like another way to express myself verses being out here doing a lot of wrong, music was my sole outlet.  Then about 2013 I started to take it more serious.  I started learning about music theory and the history of music and different genres of music I wasn’t listening to before…so that’s how it started.

OTT: Because there are limited paths to success in the music business today, I see you’ve taken the approach of a Lamar, Cole, or even names like Lupe and Badass. What brought about your eclectic sound?

LP: My approach to the music always zoned in on lyricism vs the beat which is not the approach most people take. The majority are moved by the beat or the flow. I took a liking to B.I.G. because of his wordplay. Biggie was the first album that I went through and fully dissected and I got that from my dad when I was in middle school. And I just admitted I was feeling my dad’s music so please forgive that crime. (It’s human nature to rebel against your parents music LOL) Yeah but I was really feeling how Biggie put a song together and from listening to more rappers like him and Nas, I noticed how they put different feelings and emotion into their stories. Because you see… when you’re creating, you really don’t know how it’s gonna come out, but through their influence, I learned how to trust my feelings and expression.

OTT: Tell us about your evolution as an artist and finding your own voice.

LP: Well it’s like you said up until 2008, my interpretation of music was from everything that I listened to prior, so in that, there is a lot of mimicking and trying different styles. It took a lot of changing man because you have to be true to yourself and your art, but you also have to produce something your audience will love and appreciate.

OTT: Great transition! Without giving away your business secrets lol, how did you develop your respectable following?

LP: Weeelll…hahaha, I was tired of being told no when it came to my vision. Necessity is the mother of creation and invention so I was forced to think outside the box when it came to my marketing and building relationships. I remember wanting to rock at certain shows and being told no. I remember wanting to record in certain studios and being declined. I got fed up and started doing it on my own. You have to have faith behind your ideas and your craft. Because if you don’t, you’re going to get discouraged and eventually give up. You can put tens of thousands of dollars into your project but without faith you don’t have much. This is why you have the Missy’s and Pharell Williams and Timbalands that are masters at what they do because they took the time to learn everything on their own and they were hungry for that knowledge despite the roadblocks.

The last show I got told no to, it left a bad taste in my mouth so I created what is called a Pop-Up show at Third Rail. That was my very first show and it sold out the first week based on how we promoted it and previewed it. Well before the show, people were impressed with our presentation which made them interested. That’s a key right there. Your presentation has to be so appealing that it makes people want to check it out. The buzz was so real that I just took that formula and applied it to every single show.  I put my all into and keep my faith in tact.

OTT: Being that you are from Michigan, what is your take on the house that J Dilla built and his contribution to your home state and just music itself?

LP: The first time I heard about Dilla was around 2008 and a producer friend of mind  let me listen to him and it took a while to get into my system because I wasn’t really into that boom-bap soulistic style. But one thing about music is you have to open your soul up to it in order to receive it and once I did, I really see the time and effort he took to learn music and develop his sound and it made a huge impression on me.

OTT: Let’s talk about your project now…what is GOLD?

LP: Gold….. I want to describe it as an opportunity. With this project I want Gold to pertain to worth as in worth of self not so much materialistic . I dropped Gold around April 1. I wanted to get a bunch of creators around the area and like put together an orchestra that would display to the audience the worth of these independent artist in the area. That is what I wanted to display on Gold and then again my entire album.

OTT: Lastly, where can old and new fans purchase your music?

LP: Apple Music man, they can purchase the single on iTunes and mostly all of your favorite other steaming companies. Please get the word out and it is definitely appreciated. They can see my videos on YouTube under Louis Picasso and they can follow me on Instagram under @LouisPicasso. Thank you for having me fam.

OTT: We appreciate you as well. Best wishes on all of your music endeavors.








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[EVENT] #NaeNaeOnTheScene: The Dojo

Happy Wednesday, It’s your girl, NaeNae back again with yet another dope #NaeNaeOnTheScene event review. This time your girl found herself at The Dojo, the hottest spot where some of Indy’s well-known and undiscovered hip-hop talent hops on the mic.



Old Soul Entertainment presents this monthly hip-hop of raw and uncut event and is hosted by Gritty and The Craftsman, two witty, but talented emcees in their own right. This event is held every third Friday of the month in the heart of the Fountain Square Area. Each month, they feature a few of Indy’s best hip-hop emcees. This month’s features were Veno Da Don, DisTinct, and Dosé. Each feature hit the stage blessing the audience with some of their released songs and a few exclusive ones as well. After a brief intermission, the hosts opened up the stage to anyone in the audience that feel they got bars or flow to bless the mic in what they call, the Scene Cypher. It was a super lit cypher of over 10 audience members on stage dropping bars, some of which I knew. Even a couple of them drop a little vocal work during the cypher.


If you a hip-hop artist/emcee in the Indianapolis area looking to showcase your talent or you looking for somewhere to go witness some really dope hip-hop music, I definitely suggest checking out The Dojo,
the third Friday of each month. Let them know your girl, NaeNae sent you.

This is your girl, NaeNae On The Scene signing off. Stay tuned for more event reviews from me. Peace and Blessings.



Check out the clips below.




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[EVENT] #NaeNaeOnTheScene: That Peace Open Mic

It’s your girl, NaeNae back again with another #NaeNaeOnTheScene event review. On May 18th, your girl was on the scene at That Peace Open Mic, a monthly event that happens every third Thursday. The event is held at Fletcher Place Arts and Books, in Indianapolis, which is the same place Localmotion is held.


Poet, Mariah Ivey and filmmaker, Justin Bland are the hosts of this event. In July, That Peace will be celebrating two years of this amazing event. Thursday night, I got to experience a little bit of everything in the art scene from singing to hip-hop to poetry to comedy. This is a place where you can showcase your talents without any reservation. Because of the vibe and energy from everyone it is nothing but love. This month’s feature was spoken word artist,
K-Love along with visual artist, Raatat. Man, I was blown away from the dope words, K-Love spoke and the awesome artwork from Raatat(also, she got on the mic and dropped some dope poetry too).

If you an artist in the Indianapolis area looking to showcase your talent or you looking for something to go to where the atmosphere is laid-back and chilled, I definitely suggest checking out That Peace, the third Thursday next month. You won’t be disappointed. Let them know your girl, NaeNae sent you.

This NaeNae On The Scene signing off. Stay tuned for more event reviews from your girl. Peace and Blessings.

Check out the clips below.








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[EVENT] #NaeNaeOnTheScene: “Local Motion and Open Bite Nite”

Greetings here’s part two of my Mother’s Day fun filled weekend review. On Saturday evening, I decided to check out two events happening in the city of Indianapolis. First stop was Localmotion, an open mic & performing arts hub. This event happens every second Saturday of the month. Localmotion is a place where all ages can come showcase their talents from musicians, poets, dancers, visual artists or comedians. Musicians and vocalists, Yadin Kol and Allison Victoria host the show. This month’s feature was an 11 year old, guitarist and vocalist, Draken Asher Mogollón. I really enjoyed listening to this young man jam out. I love the energy and vibes from everyone. I would suggest bringing the whole family here sometime if you in the Indianapolis area. You won’t be disappointed. But before I had to head to my next event, I got to hear some dope poetry from poet, Blu Flame.



Next stop was this outdoor experience called, Open Bite Nite: Revolution. This event too was open to all ages. Open Bite Nite is like a block party-style where people can come try all types of small dishes from local cooks, chefs, carters and aspiring food professionals for a very small fee. Along with great foods to taste, there were Indianapolis’ most talented artists performing as well as local vendors. Ro and Earl Townsend started this event, which happens twice a year in the city. It’s always great to see the community come together and have an amazing time.

Stay tuned for more event reviews from your girl. This NaeNae On The Scene signing off. Peace and Blessings.

Check out the clip below.



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[EVENT] #NaeNaeOnTheScene: The Green House Affect


I hope everyone had a blessed and safe Mother’s Day weekend. It’s your girl, NaeNae of Chasing My Dreamz bringing you another ‘NaeNae On The Scene’ event review.  This Mother’s Day weekend your girl was out and about on the scene at a few different events in the city. So here is part one of my eventful weekend. On Friday nite, I found myself at The Green House Affect, which is an open mic that happens every other Friday. The Green House Affect is held at Julia’s Homestyle/Caribbean restaurant. Admission is only $5 and there are $5.99 menu specials that night and you can also bring your own liquid beverage.  This event has been going strong for 5 years and counting. Well-known poet, jus Will created this open mic because around that time quite a few open mics were closing. Then a year later, Brittany B partnered up with him. When you enter The Green House Affect, they make you feel like you are family. ‘Where soulful warming is real’, is their motto; you’ll get your soul fed with a mix of everything from comedy to poetry to music.


Funny man, Fo’Sho, hosts the show and DJ iSM is on the 1s and 2s. The show has a 10 slot open mic list, so if you want to get on the mic you need to get there early ‘cause that list fills up super fast. The Green House Affect also has a special guest on the show. Sometimes their special guest comes from out of town to perform. This particular night, it was Indy’s very own, Zachery Le’on. He has been making some noise around town with his new album, Muddy Hands of a SinnerZachery performed four songs that night one of which was the hit song, Westside. Everybody on the list did a dope job performing. Comedian, Cre kicked it off by letting the audience know she’s ‘churchy but she cuss’. LOL. Then music artists; King ShiedShon DonJacksonRhetoryk, and Blxck Kxng each rocked the mic. After a brief intermission, The Green House Affect’sofficial birthday singer, Megan Simonton, sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to a few people. Sandy and Nate hit the audience with some dope poetry. Singer, Chris Shye, had everyone grooving to his song and just how it started with laughs, it ended with laughs as DLee had the audience hollering with laughter.

Check out the clips below.




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[EVENT] #NaeNaeOnTheScene: “Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill Tribute”

It’s your girl, NaeNae bringing you the first ever ‘NaeNae On The Scene’ event review.  On May 6th, in downtown Indianapolis at Hi-Fi, I got to witness a very dope show. Old Soul Entertainment and Gentleman Jack presents, Icon Live: Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill Tribute. This was an event you needed to be at if you are a fan of either Badu or Hill or both such as myself.

This sold out show featured five AMAZING vocalists: Human Aquilah, Megan Simonton, Mariah Ivey, Rae Karim and Allison Victoria along with a live band (Poncho Hedrick, Andrew Braxton, Matt Dupree, Isiah Kendall). These ladies hit the stage performing songs from Ms. Badu and L-Boogie. At 8:30pm, Human Aquilah kicked it off with Erykah Badu’s hit, Phone Down, which set the tone for the rest of the show. I was vibing out as the ladies took turns performing classic songs such as, Certainly, Bag Lady, Doo Wop(That Thing), Tell Him, just to name a few.

The vibe and energy from the crowd was superb as each lady held it down and made the songs their own. Megan Simonton sang her soul out of Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor. While Mariah Ivey, had everyone bouncing as she spit the lyrics to Lost Ones and Doo Wop, Allison Victoria had the crowd grooving as she sung Bag Lady. Rae Karim ended the show with Everything Is Everything which was fitting cause the show was everything. One word to sum up this show was EPIC. But don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend. I got some great footage for you. Check out the clips below.




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I am running late on dropping my infamous Sunday blog post but my reasoning includes being a key factor to bringing one of Chicago’s premiere day parties to the area of Saint Louis, MO. I have talked about the Sic Sundays series a while back but I feel that as we expand more, the need to blog about it is even more necessary.

Today as in 4/23/17, we kicked off the debut of Sic Sundays in my hometown. I must say that it was a very amazing turn out. Artists like Cicely O’Kain, DOA, and Miistro Freeyo surely added a nice spice to the stage. As we think of artists like Alexei Shaun, Leftlane E, GSCO, ABO and P1, you think this is one amazing selection of talent on one show. Missouri Fleet DJs held down the sound all night long, with guest appearances for DJ Manti and DJ P1 from Chicago!

MoFleetDJs: DJ Deeway, DJ Mos Precious, Miistro Freeyo and DJ Block [Left to Right]
Throughout the night, our host Miisto Freeyo overcame his jitters as he takes on another challenge in his career by hosting the very first Sic Sundays in STL. Supported by Missouri Fleet DJs and endorsed by DJ Mos Precious. Be on the look out for his new project” The Prelude” dropping soon! You guys will surely hear more about this project soon on my premiere blog feature. The crowd loved the energy in the room.

As performing hit the stage, they highlighted some of the perks of the night by expressing the unity that was in the room. The artists all came out ready to put on a show. They wanted this platform and surely represented for the movement at hand. Bar was tapped out, our Sic Sippers was so good, they sold out and the guests stayed until the last act performed. That was surely a sign this was a amazing show. 

Cicely O’Kain all the way from Denver, can here and put on one of the best shows I have seen of hers on a #SicSundays platform. Follow her today @cicelyokain on social media.

I can spend hours chatting about one of the dopest show collections to touch the Midwest but that means I would have to keep you guys longer than I wanted. We all have busy lives! Special thanks to all the guests, who attended.

Elite guests like Bo Dean, DJ Twinny Twin, DJ Vthom, Saint Oeaux, Repp of Family Affair, Jia Davis, Mizz Mona Show, Sachhi Smoov of the Goonez, the line up was a special treat as well.

The next Sic Sunday’s will be May 21st in Chicago and back in St. Louis on June 25th. If you are interested in performing on our platform, send us an email here []

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Elephant N Da Room Entertainment & Killa Klan Presents World Series, Recap Video. It was very clever catchy songs and stage presence. The Prize was whoever won will receive a track produced by 808 Mafia with a hook from Gucci Mane and a verse from Bo Deal ………




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