Wow, SO I am back! I missed you guys!

Remember with you stayed up all night waiting on Santa to bring his tail down the fireplace with cookies and goodies. Its time to release those goodies to all our readers!

Get Hip With DJ Mos Precious bringing you a exclusive song from the Houston fave ‘Slim Thug” and his special aquaintant by the name of Killa Kyleon. These fellas link up and surely bring the sugar and the spicy on this double decked out song. I appreciate the drop down beats more these days as I getting situated in my new home of Texas.

Their new collaboration called “Peekaboss” is raw and uncut, just the way I like it! Ha!

Make sure you mark on your calendars for their new album coming soon!

Check out this straight official track right now!

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[EVENT] Bo Dean Returns Strong and Vibrantly Get Hip W/ @DJ Mos Precious

After a hiatus, Bo Dean returns with a once in a lifetime St. Louis stage show featuring a live band and a lot of musicial energy. Featuring acts like Miistro Freeyo and Sal Calhoon, and Poetiq x and The Poets will be taken over the Duck Room at one of the livest concert halls in the Loop area, Blueberry Hill.

As the city awaits FROAmerica, Bo Dean is cooking up one  of his best masterpieces til date. After losing his Father to cancer and re-balancing his career and life. This concert will be more of a reward to the growth within his life. I am personally asking the city and surrounding people to attend this event. I feel it will be a great night for St. Louis Music Scene with some of the top artists evolving on the Midwest caliber of waves.


As a special treat for being one of my readers is a an exclusive listen tp song collection here!!!


Keep in touch with Bo Dean


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Creating  a quick collection of barz that can take people ears by storm is a true talent. Personally, I am honored to know this talented music mogul. From his top-notch content to his amazing eye for quality visuals, Gamergad is a true peice of art.

QUICK teaser [FLEX ON MY EX] released by North Carolina’s own Gamergad, one of my favors to blog about. Get Hip with DJ Mos Precious purposes to keep all readers entertained and wowed by the content featured.

Check out this talented brother



Video featured below

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Straight outta of St. Louis upcoming talent ABO is cooking up a recipe of success with his strong movement called BloodBrothers Lifestyle. What is BloodBrothers Lifestyle you ask? Its more than a brand, its a lifestyle. As ABO expressed his lifestyle is the build up for his big brothers program he is planning to release.

Get Connected

@whoisabo on IG

But before he started a career of an recording artist, he worked hard to build his modeling and party promoting careers through the Missouri region and he is surely not afraid of hard work. As a new artist, ABO is linking with the citiest finest to help him make the right decisons and moves to help his career process further than any other artists to just be starting out.

Who is ABO? is the introduction to his career and reintroducing his fellow supporters to who is becoming. I stopped to ask him [Who Is ABO]? A man of suspense he replies, “you will have to watch and see what I am creating!? Stay Tuned to what’s next to drop from this talented artist, model and business man. He is working on setting trends that none other has thought to create yet!


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SONGWRITER AND ENGINEER, KAHSAN BRINGING SOFT ROCK AND R&B TO THE FOREFRONT IN HIS LATEST PEICE OF WORK! Excited to be featuring him on my weekly Get Hip With DJ Mos Precious piece, Kahsan’s talent is an eyecatcher. Residing in St. Louis but has strong family ties to Thai, he is a piece of art. Standing in solititude  with his unique sound, he is the perfect match to write for artists and producers.


Caught up with Kahsan for a spare in the moment interview !

Check it out below!

WHILE WATCHING HIS NEW MUSIC VIDEO, I INSTANTLY SMILED BECAUSE I HAVE PERSONALLY MET THIS GUY AND SEE HIM CREATE SOME INCREDIBLE CLASSICS WITH A FEW ARTISTS AROUND THE METRO ST LOUIS AREAS AND THUS FAR. While browsing through my facebook page, I had to ask him what his music inspirations  were: My inspirations are John Meyer, bj the Chicago kid, Anderson paak, and Logic. Weird I know lol, he replies. I thought to myself, that his music inspirations is why he is able to stand alone in a city with over capacity amount of rappers. He is creating music that will set him apart from his peers and create avenues, they can only imagine.

 Follow Kahsan on social media [click here]

WHILE Life brings sunshine, we are the plants that grows!

– Mahogany “DJ Mos Precious” Henderson


Mid day messenger chat with Kahsan, I learned so much about him in a brief moment that I am happy to share with you guys. He loves composing  and writing those are his favorites activities to do in life. He is surely able to create a masterpiece. His talents have yet to reach the place that he sees them. I wanted to know where did he see his music career in the next 3 years. He kindly replied, “Honestly sis, just writing for other artists. “Clocking in” at a studio for my 9-5 then going home to my family. That’s my dream. My end goal is to just write and produce for others.” So calmly and mellow, Kahsan is up to something and you guys that love pure talent  and music with substance should keep tabs on this talented fella.



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Hauling from the St. Louis soil, MBZ Live brings something rare. He cooks up his own sounds by linking with many of the cities upcoming producers and trend. As I observe, he has one of the biggest upcoming movements in the streets of St. Louis (STL). I am glad to have him repping my home town, he is surely repping heavy for us. One time we spoke and he highlighted that his family member’s was one of the biggest music personnels in STL but he did not to coat tail his family. He wanted to make his own way. I must say I have seen him open for Devin The Dude, which I have the pleasure of DJing for the headliner recently and salute him with how he performs his strageties to be successful.


One of the words that stroke me while researching MBZ Live is that he uses the word motivation. He is strives to be the best by exceeding the expectations of his listeners and captivating his fans. Thats very powerful to say the least. He is described as witty and ingenuity as well. After entering the music scene a litter of 6 years ago, he has stopped accomplishing his musicial dreams and goals.

Recently, dropping I Go Dumb music video from his newly released project OTB.


According to his Facebook fan page, he highlighted as

Young, Gifted and Ready.

Also, The Young Star “MBz” Comes Bringing a Passion For The Game and Love for the History behind the legendary genre we all know as “Hip-Hop”.

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Its that time again, well yesterday was the real time to release this epic Get Hip W/DJ Mos Precious feature but you know it was Mother’s Day, and family time. So this feature is being released later than expected. Sorry to all my readers!!!!

Mookie Tolliver, a Illnois based singer has been really working hard for many years. I have watched him evolved and seeing a few of his stage shows. I must say he surely gives his all on every stage he touches. Performing in Houston and surrounding areas of the Midwest, he is cooking up a great campaign for himself. I want to introduce you guys to this hard working artist.

“Love on Top” shows a loving boyfriend wining his hard working lady. After a hard and long working day, she arrives at his house to a big hug. Mookie really expressed himself to the leading lady in this video. This is a great song for lover’s day!!!! [Valentine’s Day]!! He had a bubble bath ready, cleaned the house and dinner brewing before she arrived. Ladies you know this is a dream come true in a loving relationship!!!

After coming across this video, I stumbled on many others of his. He surely knows how to select tracks to lace and artists to connect with for a classic feature.

Head over to his youtube page to watch his videos like a mini movie.


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Every week on a Sunday, you get the chance to check out one dope ass read in the Get Hip with DJ Mos Precious series by yours truly, DJ Mos Precious. ThisMusic drops daily, sometimes I miss a few but this time I caught one right on time. Straight from St. Louis, I come to invite you guys to check out a new single from one of my hometown favorites. Rip James, one of the members from the duo RipGui has released a new collaboration with an artist named Lucci. A major salute to Ralph G Got Beats for cooking up a banger for the music industry. The production on this single surely sucked me right in.

Like Me- expresses a very deep story about an domestic interaction between a guy and girl narrative  by Lucci with the strong vocals of Rip James on ranging on the hook. The moment Rip James comes in for the bridge, insteadly my heart skips a beat!. I love songs like this that offers a positive reflection of a lady.

Follow Rip James

Instagram: Therealripjames

Check out the single for yourself!! Leave a comment with you feedback

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

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As I study the history of hip hop and how music has evolved over the decades, I get this opportunity to interview an ironic being. I was contacted to conduct this interview, and you know me by now, I love introducing you guys to updates of some of your favors. Establishing relationships with people that love the history of music from all styles and genres. That’s why its titled “Get Hip With DJ Mos Precious.”  This piece will surely provide you with one on one interactions with MC Bravado world, as he is more than a rapper. Filled with lyrics and a smooth style of swag on the track. He is surely wise with the way he flows, as I listened to his flow on “Grimy/Shiny (Ring of Fire) [click here], he is hip and comfortable with punch lines. I want you guys to witness this talented MC because he has roots in the chambers of lyricism. With a background in battle rap, shows that he has punch lines and can entertain all kinds of music lovers.


Can you tell our readers a little about yourself? What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is MC Bravado. I’m a rapper/English Teacher/writer/publicist from Baltimore by way of New York.

Let us know what your social media is.

@MCBravado on Twitter and IG 

How did music come about in your world?

I was obsessed with both Michael Jackson and Elvis as a little kid. Hip-Hop became a thing for me when I first heard The Fugees’ version of “Killing Me Softly.” That led me to “The Score” album, and the rest is history. That album celebrated an anniversary around the time my “Hip-Hop*” album came out, and PaceWon was not only featured on “The Score” but on my new album as well. That was just some universe being crazy awesome type shit. 

What do you find most challenging about the music industry? Most complicated?

Most challenging? The dumbed down landscape and the saturation of it all. Because the tech has become so accessible, anyone with a laptop or even a cell phone is a rapper or a producer. It’s a joke, and the quality has suffered dramatically. 

Most complicated? Moving through this fucked up industry while maintaining my well-being and some kind of semblance of a family and personal life.

Balancing all of what I do with being a high school teacher in Baltimore can also get pretty complicated and challenging, but lately, I’ve been getting better at marrying the two worlds. My most recent event (my album release party) doubled as a school fundraiser and raised a bunch of money that my school needed for the junior prom. 

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while performing? Some of the people you wish to meet during your journey?

I’ve met a ton of folk. A&R’s, some of my favorite rappers (Ras Kass, Grafh, Termanology, and others). I wanna meet everybody!!! haha. I’ve got a show coming up where I’m opening for R.A. The Rugged Man (who seems hella down to earth), so I’m hoping to chop it up with him and to just continue to keep it moving on this upward trajectory. The right people will find me and vice versa. 

What do you do when you aren’t  recording or rehearsing your music?

I’m either hanging out with my lovely girlfriend (Jaclyn) and the various pets in our lives, spending time with friends/family, working as a writer/publicist, watching sports, traveling, or trying to get involved in some awesome shit. “Quando a Roma” is tatted on my back; Google Translate that joint if you need to!!

How do you keep coming up with dope music? Any inspirations?

I rarely actively try to write. It literally calls me. As trite as it may sound, we are all simply the sum of our experiences, so I go about existing and let all of that come to me. I’m more productive after I come out of a particularly trying time or depression. I’m not sure if that’s healthy, but my fans have a lot of my lowest points to thank for much of my best material. 

What has been the most challenging moment in your career and why?

It’s not so much a specific moment as it is simply staying consistent in the face of so much doubt. You have to view every adverse moment as an opportunity because a certain number of others quit at that very same moment. The more of those brick walls you encounter and internalize as opportunities (making them easier to overcome because of a positive mindset), the further along you go in this fucked up game of uncle. 

Do you have anyone that has influenced you in your career? Who and Why?

The influence question is comparable to the inspiration question: there are too many to name. I love Lupe Fiasco as a writer; I think he has the strongest pen out of anyone. I love how complete of an artist that Andre 3000 is. I think “The Love Below” is somehow underrated in terms of its influence; it really broadened the horizons of what was expected of rappers as well as what could be experimental and “artsy” yet commercially viable hip-hop. Eyedea and Apathy are hugely influential from a technical emceeing vantage point, same with a Wordsworth (whom I’ve shared pages of a magazine with), Copywrite (whom I’ve collaborated with) , or a Louis Logic (Call me, Louis). Aside from respecting his work ethic, well-roundedness, and boldness/bravery as an artist, a guy like El-P is also major from where I’m standing because he’s a testament to the power of longevity and consistency. El-P has been destroying everything he’s touched for years; it just took the nirvana of a union that is RTJ for the rest of the world to truly take notice. 

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years? 

I see myself making the music that I want to make for a loyal fanbase, covering hip-hop for a couple top-flight outlets, doing some publicity for artists that I believe in, and touring the world while working with some of my heroes and making some of my idols peers/rivals. I see myself teaching here and there too because I truly love that shit too. 

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

Shout out my group, The Cypher Junkies. Those guys are my brothers. Shout out my literal brother and my family. Shout out my (literal) dogs Ted and Apollo. Shout out my (literal) cats Percy and Felicia. Shout out my newly formed band because we tore down our first show together, hopefully the first of many, REALLY took my live show to another level. Shout out to my students because I love you guys and shout out to Lineup Room Recording Studio because that’s where most of the magic happens. 

If you can turn back hands of time to finish something, what would it be?

I wish I would have continued playing basketball consistently because I love it almost as much as hip-hop. I don’t play much now because I’m afraid that I’m going to get hurt and put myself out of Action (pun intended) musically. We aren’t all Bronson nor do we all have Sideline Stories worth telling. OK, I’m sorry, I’m done. I promise. 

Anything else you want to drop on us before we get out of here? Any Breaking News or Exclusives?

I’m not sure when you’re going to be reading this, so keep it locked on my social media as well as for any breaking audio or video. I’m constantly releasing new audio/video content off my most recent baby (“Hip-Hop*”) and am fortunate to have the support of outlets and individuals such as yourself that keep myself and my content in the news. You can stream or download that new album I’ve been talking about here: 

I’m eternally grateful for your time and energy!! Big up!!! Peace, love, and sandwiches. 

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I am running late on dropping my infamous Sunday blog post but my reasoning includes being a key factor to bringing one of Chicago’s premiere day parties to the area of Saint Louis, MO. I have talked about the Sic Sundays series a while back but I feel that as we expand more, the need to blog about it is even more necessary.

Today as in 4/23/17, we kicked off the debut of Sic Sundays in my hometown. I must say that it was a very amazing turn out. Artists like Cicely O’Kain, DOA, and Miistro Freeyo surely added a nice spice to the stage. As we think of artists like Alexei Shaun, Leftlane E, GSCO, ABO and P1, you think this is one amazing selection of talent on one show. Missouri Fleet DJs held down the sound all night long, with guest appearances for DJ Manti and DJ P1 from Chicago!

MoFleetDJs: DJ Deeway, DJ Mos Precious, Miistro Freeyo and DJ Block [Left to Right]
Throughout the night, our host Miisto Freeyo overcame his jitters as he takes on another challenge in his career by hosting the very first Sic Sundays in STL. Supported by Missouri Fleet DJs and endorsed by DJ Mos Precious. Be on the look out for his new project” The Prelude” dropping soon! You guys will surely hear more about this project soon on my premiere blog feature. The crowd loved the energy in the room.

As performing hit the stage, they highlighted some of the perks of the night by expressing the unity that was in the room. The artists all came out ready to put on a show. They wanted this platform and surely represented for the movement at hand. Bar was tapped out, our Sic Sippers was so good, they sold out and the guests stayed until the last act performed. That was surely a sign this was a amazing show. 

Cicely O’Kain all the way from Denver, can here and put on one of the best shows I have seen of hers on a #SicSundays platform. Follow her today @cicelyokain on social media.

I can spend hours chatting about one of the dopest show collections to touch the Midwest but that means I would have to keep you guys longer than I wanted. We all have busy lives! Special thanks to all the guests, who attended.

Elite guests like Bo Dean, DJ Twinny Twin, DJ Vthom, Saint Oeaux, Repp of Family Affair, Jia Davis, Mizz Mona Show, Sachhi Smoov of the Goonez, the line up was a special treat as well.

The next Sic Sunday’s will be May 21st in Chicago and back in St. Louis on June 25th. If you are interested in performing on our platform, send us an email here []

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