[Album Review] Kendrick Lamar- “DAMN” Get Hip w/DJ Mos Precious

I waited longer than normal to drop this album review of Kendrick Lamar newest piece of work. I normally drop on Sundays but I had to make sure I captured all the puriness from this art before I released my interactions.

The wait was to make sure  I wrote a very  justified review of one of the music industry’s most unique talent. I want to make sure I stress that he has done it again….I feel like this was a sneak attack because he just dropped it and didnt really do any promotion for it it just hit the streams! I noticed that the lead single titled “Humbled”  reached over 900k in 90 seconds. Thats phenomenal and by researching music history, I find it hard to see any other artist come close to those numbers

Of course, I want to speak on the favorites on the project before I let you go. Make sure you listen to the entire project; Love, Element, Loyalty, and the other 11 tracks to be honeset, its amazing music!

But,  I to want to highlight a very unique perk to the song titled “Lust”, the production on this cut is so dope that it sneaks up on your while you impatiently waiting for the lyrics to kick in. Make sure you take all 5 mins to experience this song, which has a touch of Prince and a spin of Michael Jackson. This album is pure on all aspects from production to concepts. The selection of collaborations is unique as well. He linked up with U2, which is an amazing collaboration to have on a hip hop collective of music.

Make sure you support conscious music or hip hop should I say, it is the music for the people. You can surely visit another space in your mind listening to this piece of art. So don’t keep waiting to check out one of the dopest project to drop in my opinion since Devin the Dude  “Acoustic Levitation” a few weeks ago.



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MANY might recognize his name from all his battles and fights for justice throughout the Ferguson uproar and the killing of unarmed young man “Mike Brown” a few years ago. T-Dubb O might be described as a street thug with all this tattoos and agreesive lyrics but this young man is very educated and recently started his journey to get his degree in polictial science from the historic black university Harris Stowe. 

When many might think he is done with making music, he is in the studio cooking up bangers for all of us. He has strong presence in overseas and his battles are some of the top ranked to this day. He don’t express this but I will “Put some respect on his name”. One of the few putting on for my hometown of St. Louis, MO. 

T Dubb O is no stranger to lyrical combat. His latest release responds to Kendrick Lamar’s latest assault on the rap game in the spirit of HipHop. Dubb respects Kendrick and the entire TDE movement, but he’s clearly out to prove somthing.

Take a listen here

Follow @TDubbO to get familiar with his music and battles.
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P-Butta originally from the midwest by way of Illinois but now residing in the Orlando, Florida area recently releases his latest song  called [Take Two] from “One Way Station” mixtape available now on soundcloud

His style is smooth blended with the Midwest swag and the lingo from the south, P-Butta surely did represent on his newest video.

It is surely a must see!
Twitter: @Butta2daP
Instagram: @Butta2daP 

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WOW, Can I be the one you saving it for? One of the lines of the opening song titled “Can I,” so smooth and homely. Devin the Dude is a musical beast. His voice and harmonic style of creating music is surely the best in this time. As music evolves and the older forms of creating music get lost in the waves. Devin will surely ever succeed these waves with tremendous strides.

As a DJ but also a strong music lover, I am inspired to look more into his category of music. I am proud to have come across this project because it was surely worth my time on multiple occasions.

Stay High. Musically Acoustically That Is! “Devin The Dude”

Acoustic Levitation is a collection of smooth but yet, jammed full of soul lyrics and production. I love this project; I have listened to it so many times, I can almost recite all my favorite lyrics. Personally, I can highlight all my favorite parts of this amazing project, but it just wouldn’t be right for me to do so. I would highly recommend you go head out and buy this project. Support the same fella, who brought out some of the best smoking songs ever like “Doobie Ashtray” and “Nothing to Roll With.”

He his a musical mastermind and selects his collaboration very wisely. For example, “What A Job” featuring Andre 3000 and Snoop Dogg from “Waitin’ To Inhale (2010). Personally, I would invite you all to check out his category of music because as the music takes a turn to the new school, its up to us to keep the classic music alive.

Purchase- Devin The Dude- Acoustic Levitation Project

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[COMEDY] Dave Chapelle- He’s Back!- Get Hip w/DJ Mos Precious

For a while, we might found ourselves wondering what has happened to one of the most real comedians to be known. Well, he has been planning and raising his family all these years, he has been during shows and recording episodes of his funny moments. I found a fascinating picture of his family all holding skateboards. This undoubtedly assures us that skating is an excellent tool to building family togetherness.

Pictured: Dave Chappelle, Elaine Chappelle, Sulayman Chappelle and Ibrahim Chapelle. Ref: SPL55259 131008. Picture by: Tom Meinelt-Jackson Lee/Splash- Splash News and Pictures

If you think back to his special a few years ago, controversial was stirred then. With his new comedy collection completed with two episodes airing on Netflix recently, the world is surely stirred about some of the more touchier topics such as homophobia, race, and police brutality. It’s pretty normal for his specials, but overall it’s common for all comedians to ruffle feathers on topics they can make jokes about.

I would say that his style of comedy is hard and the real-ist because he speaks facts while he makes jokes about them to add humor. He took this time to express his feelings about some of America’s top media. With his funny face expressions, he made everyone laugh and was shocked when one of his jokes led to the crown clapping.

Comedy has come a very long way and very pleasing to watch all the comedians come and go. His legacy including 30 years of showbiz and is surely in effect because he never stopped even after taken a slight break for a few years. One of his legacies is his sons. It’s a must watch; he has surely been cooking while he as on this hiatus.

One of the most interesting parts of his special was the jokes about gays and the theory titled age of spin. Currently, there has been a lot of uproar about this jokes about LBGTQ. In today media and society, there has been a lot homophobia comedy and subliminal messages that I can see how it would offend that community. Comedy shouldn’t have limitations of what can be said or not, that’s what makes comedy one of the freest professions to speak your rants.



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EVERY Month, Sic Sundays get better which is amazing. We all know that hosting events on monthly bases can have its challenges but each month does have its benefits. This month Sic Sundays started slow, and the promotions seemed to be slightly delayed but with the team of people helping build this day party and concert series, no delays will impact the show success. I will like to take the time to express how wonderful it is to be one of the selected few elites helping this day concert series strive forward.

March 19th marks the 19th Sic Sundays which hosted an amazing party featuring some of the top entertainers in the Midwest area such as BOBO, Trice the Artist, Poetiq, MZM,  and Ramonn. Outside of the three monthly performers who are LP Da Assassin, P1, and Myself, Sic Sundays are the home for all the alumni’s.

One of this previous months’s alumni’s “Brugie Badd stopped through and was surprised with a special performance opportunity of her single [Work]. If artists have performed on our stage before, they are always welcome to come out and either to have them new music played or hit the stage. The goal of Sic Sundays is always to support the artists and build a strong networking environment that they can capitalize from.

Next month, we are back at it the same place “Refuge Live” on April 16th, for a special Easter celebration. Thank you for rocking with us for 19th months straight.

I have to admit that I look forward to traveling a few hours every 3rd Sunday to participate in Sic Sundays, it’s more than a concert for me it’s a chance to catch up with the team. If you are interested in ever participating in the S.I.C. Sundays experience,  please follow us on all popular social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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Personally, I remember the earlier jouneries of this talented brother from hi-pointe to his shows performances at all the hip hop underground spots around town. I have personally interacted with him on some few occasions. He is a very reserved guy but packed with a lot of knowledge of more than hip hop. He has blogged a few times for local publications on topics like politics, hip hop and the community he fights so hard to uplift.

Amongst a collective of people, Tef poe is surely not a brand that was built on one creative efforts. Fresh off a highly antiparticipated project release titled “Black Julian”, his fans are very pleased to what this piece of art consisted of.

[Die High] produced by Duke Rellington and shot by Black Magic Television brings out the raw and rough style of Tef poe. While shot in the nicely furnaced room and a nice cimenatic view of the city.  He shows his accomplishments throughout the video, which shows his hard work in a trimuph manner. I am personally happy and supportive of his jounrey he has surely motivated the young talent emerging from this city called St. Louis.

Stop by to listen to his new project

@Tefpoe on all social media

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Just in time for Women History Month, I am so glad to say that the history of female rappers have grown to a new heights. For example, you have Remy Ma recording diss records against one of the music’s industry top barbie’s Nikki Minaj. It gets even more messier, when Foxy Brown chose to put her two cents in. I say, these ladies all could benefit by hitting the studio and recording a massive joint together. I had to include my thoughts about this hip hop’s trending topic first.  Before I start to speak about one of the dopest femcees to reside in Chicago.

As one of the few members of #SicSundaySquad, I get the best gifts. One of these gifts includes meeting upcoming rapper and songwriter, Brugie BaDD straight from the suburbs. She was booked by the creator of @Sicsundays, @p1rap to perform at the Febuary day party; which happens every 3rd sunday in downtown Chicago. As the only female talent on the line up for that month, she surely came out ready to put on helluva of a show.

I was amazed, when I first saw her. She was standing in the back near the sound guy at the time, DJ Manti, just observing the show and the setting. I happen to bump into her and asked her if she was an artist, answering with a sense of amazement, “yes”. I said her name and was like nice to meet you and I can’t wait to see you put on a show. It was at this time, that I found another dope artist to network with and build with. In that first interaction, she now featured on Get Hip with DJ Mos Precious.

I guess you all are ready for me to give you some more background on who she is!!!

Who is she? you ask!

Brugie BaDD, born Ambria Sullivan, is an upcoming female hip hop rap artist from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Il. Brugie is no stranger when it comes to the entertainment world. She embarked on her journey as a child becoming apart of school dance teams, talent shows, and plays, to now emerging on the music scene demanding her voice be heard. Brugie, is surely on her way.

Check out [HML by Brugie BaDD]

Follow her moves here!
Brugie B Rap
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Willie Lynch! Hip Hop artist, Kain from North Carolina has something to say. Hip Hop is based on how conscious your lyrics are. I personally feel artists who use their platforms to express historical facts are one of the best talents on this planet. I feel this way because the way the education system is arranged many other facts that are in lyrics such as Kain’s are crucial for the youth. It gets even better as you watch and listen in to the words in this song. Smooth operator over Timmy Turner instrumental with a very cinemic edit by @lgidopefilms, Willie Lynch is a great piece of art.

Glad to have artists like Kain pushing forward through the hard times of oppression and overcoming the distraction of creating music for the radio and the likings of the record labels. His music has a strong purpose and I am very sure we all notice what it is.

Make sure you check out Black: A story told by Kain today via

Follow @callmekain today

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From Denver, Cicely O’Kain has traveled the world to spread her talents to the masses. I met this lovely talent back in 2016, through a group of artists from North Carolina by the name of LGI Fest. I was their Midwest tour DJ, when they performed in Liberty MO at Club 906. I knew she was star when she arrived at the venue that night. Her presence was so bold and glowed like neon lights in a very dark room. It gets better because she came with a full package; live performance set, high powered vocals and her own style. I can could she really loves what she does and take it very serious.

It was so wonderful to connect with her because ever since that first night back in 2016, we have been in constant connection and have gotten the chance to be the first one to bring to Chicago area and to perform at one of the longest running Day Party Concert Series called “Sic Sundays” back in December of 2016. She performed on a star powered line with Grammy nominated artist Murphy Lee. I am proud to do a piece on her because I believe she is the next talent to blow from the mountains.

The most amazing part to add is that she is on the way to winning a grammy in the near years. Fresh off a conference call with the Worldwide Fleet DJs, Cicely O’Kain has a lot in store for the music lovers around the world. She writes to heal and has a beautiful young one to keep her motivation going. There is not sight of quitting from this young talented mother and artist. She can sing your pains away and bring a big smile to your sad day. Let’s make sure we keep motivating this young talent by sharing her videos and telling your friends about her.

Don’t forget where you heard about her first!

Watch her video [Park Hillside] below




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