Sometimes as a DJ, I might reminsce on those moments when I check my social media and email to fine pure talent and good music. It feels like forever since the last time that has happen.

Recently, during one of my Get Hip with Dj Mos Precious’s Web Series, I was honored to interview Sachhi from Tha Goonez Production team out of Kansas City, KS. We talked about some of his personal achievements which led to me meeting this very talented artist by the name of GrittySound from North Carolina.

GrittySound has one of the most amazing musical talent that I am not ashame to vouch for and push to the lovely readers of I have so much positive feedback for this brother, that I have to tell you all how i feel. Very rare, one of the most diverse sound I have heard since like forever. I love coming across music that has a consistent sound but yet so non-consistent. Teaming up with Tha Goonez for his last album release, I think was a very smart and stragetized move because you can feel their chemisty.

Sometimes, I think artists forget how important and crucial it is to have a good working relationship with producers versus getting leases off line. Not that I am knocking that hustle some producers choose, I am strictly highlighting that artists with a good relationship with a producer will help produce one helluva of a concrete project with a sound like none other.

Check out one of many classics titled “Cindrella” from upcoming artist {GrittySound} right here!!! I got you a exlcusive listen first!!!

Follow : @grittysoundmusic 

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[INTERVIEW] Get Hip W/DJ Mos Precious: Sachhi of Tha Goonez



Can you tell our readers a little about yourself? What’s your name and where are you from?

What’s good everybody, I go by Sachhi, I’m ¼ of a production group called Tha GoonEz and I’m from Kansas City.

Let us know what your social media is. How can my readers find you?

IG: @sachhismoov @thagoonez Twitter: @sachhismoov @thagoonez  Facebook: Tj Wynn Tha GoonEz SoundCloud: Tha GoonEz

How did music come about in your world?

I’ve always been around music and listened to music, I never thought it what would be something that turned into a passion of mind, though. Producing sort of just fell in my lap, so I took it and ran with it.

What do you find most challenging about the music industry? most complicated?

I find the most challenging parts of the music industry are getting your name out there coming from small markets and trust. Being from a small music market has it advantages though because it forces you to have to leave your comfort zone of home and really get out in the world.

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while performing? some of the people you wish to meet during your journey?

While producing I have met a few A&R’s you have heard some of our music, I’ve met producers like Squat Beats and Cardo. I hope to meet a lot of my favorite artist young and old and hopefully even get to make some music with some of them.

What do you do when you aren’t  recording or rehearsing your music?

When I’m not cooking up some beats or digging for samples I’m chilling, playing Madden or 2K. I might read something from time to time.

How do you keep coming up with dope music? Any inspirations?

I get my inspiration from everywhere possible. Art, TV, life, women, society, basically any and everything. I draw a lot of inspiration from horror movies and everything that’s smooth. A weird combination huh

What has been the most challenging moment in your career and why?

The most challenging moment we have had a group is really finding our direction and which way to go. We got in this game with no knowledge, just a love, and passion to make good music that people will love. At a point, it was just like, what are we really doing? Are we just making beats or are we going to really get serious, understand this business and figure out how to turn a dream into reality?

Do you have anyone that has influenced you in your career? Who and Why?

My influences are Kanye, Kobe, The Gorrilaz, Jodeci, 2 Pac, Three 6 Mafia, Lil Flip and the group I’m in Tha GoonEz. Each one has impacted me and my music, each one in different ways. It helps me to be able to draw ideas from so many places because I’m not just in a box.

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

I don’t see myself working a 9-5 that’s for sure. But honestly, I see Tha GoonEz having a couple of songs that we’ve produced on nationwide stations, success for every member of the group and all of our families taken care ofZ

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to

Man, everybody who ever believed. Cause we all know it has been an easy run but no matter what is always been fun. My Moms, Tha GoonEz; Drizi (@DriziDre), Goof (@DaBGxd) and Tez (@_iLiveMusic). Reese Money, Roz, Darius, Mike, Myles (#prayforMyles), Norm, Marcus Butler, all my nieces, AyEl, 1Bounce, Mae C, J Tone, Dame, A’Sean, Bucks, Star B, Gritty, I could go all day. All of KC!!

If you can turn back hands of time to finish something, what would it be?

I honestly wouldn’t change anything. Everything we’ve been through was a learning experience, without it we wouldn’t be here.

Anything else you want to drop on us before we get out of here? Any Breaking News or Exclusives?

Just stay tuned in all year, we’re coming with consistent quality music all year, in all genres we can. We got some records on Bucks Baby’s and AyEl’s new mixtapes dropping in February and also have some surprise collabs and placements coming. Don’t want to speak on too much soon but I’ll definitely keep everybody updated.


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[MUSIC VIDEO] Tank The Machine – Back2Werk- Get Hip W/Dj Mos Precious

“Never slacking, now I am back to work,” Tank The Machine said” One of the 3 members of D.O.A, he is surely filled with high energy and packs strong bars. St. Louis is lucky to have such a lyricist as Tank the Machine.

Be on the look out for what else this artists has in store. Pretty sure, I will be one of the first few to release his special updates.

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STRAIGHT out of the Show Me State by way of St. Louis, I bring you upcoming artist Tim B Da God. I remember when we first met like it was just yesterday. I must say that when we reconnected, I can surely see the growth in his music. The increase in his marketing and better yet the fact that he is all about the grind and investing himself.

You guys are in for a special treat because this young talent his telling you guys about a sack he is trying to get. In his words, “Got my money right, don’t know how to act, I can’t chase a hoe, Imma chase a sack.” Translate, I am going to get to the money, be focus and grind. We can apply this lines to our life very easily because we all on the move tryna get a sack of money.

I feel this song is going to grow on the DJs because its strong bass line and its very smooth for us to blend and we can surely drop this song in a packed club and watch the crowd create money dances, lol. I love blogging about artists I have watched evolve over the last couple of years. Tim B Da God is working smart and very wise, I can say that his focus is going to take this song far and to radios, DJs and promoters in markets along the riverside of Mississippi. This song is surely not just limited to the market it was created in but is adaptable in other markets like Kentucky, Chicago, ATL, and of course the southern states.



(Social media:)


Twitter: @TimBdagod

Instagram: @TimBdagod




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Entering the music industry over 10 years ago with strong flames, followed by a long hiatus. During his hiatus, he took time to focus on business ventures. More than a rapper from Chicago, he has promoted concerts, special celebrity events in top nightclubs in the as far as Las Vegas and Miami and even down south in Houston in 2006. Skee has a mission to make up for lost time, he is back with a banger hit produced and featuring the noble Tony Baines.

Skee has worked with many of Chicago’s finest DJs like Dj Pharris, Sean Mac and Dj V Dub on his mixtapes titled, “The Voice of Englewood Trilogy: Volume 1-3.” As Skee strives for more, he is bracing for the release of his new project, “Skee Since 96” which will invite all his supporters old and new into his life of hardships to financial gain and so much more.

The leading single off his new project, “Run It” takes you into the realms of an OG, who placed is solid and glued. With many more singles to be released, I will like to give you a chance to see what all the talk is about right here.

As stated on Skee Francshise personal site, “When asked who influenced him musically, Skee states that legends Tupac & Jay-Z definitely paved the way. Some of his other inspirations come from R&B King, R. Kelly, Young Jeezy, Fabolous & Yo Gotti. Not only is Skee Franchise an artist, but the name also represents a brand. A brand that also encompasses individuality & style. Skee Franchise describes himself as an artist that has street-based style, someone who is informed & educated but not detached. He also believes that having big dreams and working to fulfill them can lead to wealth whilst having a street mentality but a business mindset.” The latest project is being released on Skee’s own record label, The Fraternity Inc Records. When asked where he sees his label within the next 5 years, he states that the label WILL be the biggest label in the Midwest & one of the biggest in the nation. So stay in tune with the movement, you never know what’s next![]



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a TALENTED LADY WHO GOES BY THE NAME OF DRIA E,  born on May 25, 1993 in Memphis, TN. She first started pursuing a career as a hip-hop artist at the age of 16. She frequently wrote lyrics in her purple notebook and sometimes thought of catchy lines during school.”Whenever I think of a good verse during school or whenever I’m out, I just put it in my phone for later.” Her inspirations are Soulja Boy Tell’em and Wiz Khalifa.

IN THE ERA OF MUSIC, FEMCEES AND FEMALE SINGERS ARE OUTNUMBERED  BY MALE ARTISTS. In 2013, Dria E became the first female rapper to be featured on Montreal’s “Future Hits”, a segment that allows independent artists to be heard on 94.7 Hits FM. Her biggest single, ‘Clockwork’, also received radio play in various areas of the country such as Texas, Louisiana, California, and Tennessee just to name a few places. She has also hosted events with celebrities such as Spectacular aka Yella Boy from R&B group ‘Pretty Ricky’. In 2014, Dria E decided to take a hiatus to pursue a post-secondary education. However, she has now made a comeback with her latest, self-released project ‘More Than You Know’ in the works and is expected to be released in 2017.



The first single, ‘Torn’, has an abstract concept; “The true subject is about how I feel conflicted regarding my love for music but how I am focused on my graduate school career. However, the lyrics seem as if the subject is about being in a relationship and catching feelings for another person. This concept helps my music relate to the public but speak my personal message simultaneously”. (‘Torn’ will be available for stream and sale on January 13, 2017 on Spotify, SoundCloud, ITunes, and Apple Music). As an independent artist that is taking her career into her own hands, she is slowly becoming a new face that hip hop won’t forget.





Instagram: @real_lifecinderella


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[INTERVIEW] Smokey Da Bandit x Suave Da Lyricist Get Hip With DJ Mos Precious

That’s right to pop out a interview for you all! It’s Time to Get Hip with DJ Mos Precious #RealMVP

After numerous of emails exchanged between us, I finally get to check out what both Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist are cooking over in Chicago. During the times of killings and multiple police brutality incidents, they produced some very conscious music that shined on these topics. I watched “Manifesto”, which packed anger and pain that many of us have experienced first hand or witnessed on numerous occasions. I love coming across songs that talk about topics that affect us on the surface instead of the imaginary images from someone’s fantasy.

It’s a honor to present an exclusive interview with Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist !

MP: Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: First we’re genuine fans of this thing called hip hop. Second we’re solidified contributors.
MP: What’s your name and where are you from?
Smokey Da Bandit (Chicago/Waukegan) Suave Da Lyricist (Chicago)
MP: Let us know what your social media is.
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: How can we find you? We’re honestly all over the web. The best way to find us will be to Google Smokey Da Bandit or Suave Da Lyricist and everything will pop up.
MP: How did music come about in your world?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: SDL “My brother introduced me to rap music around the time Straight Outta Compton dropped” SDB “I was inspired to do music at 11 after my uncle was murdered.
MP: What do you find most challenging about the music industry? most complicated?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: Understanding how it’s actually constructed. The way we feel it should go/be it’s the complete opposite and at times that can be distracting.
MP: Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while performing?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: It’s always been a good reception from our fans. They know what to expect from us and when they see we come to deliver they love us even more.
MP: Who are some of the people you wish to meet during your journey?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: Being blessed to have shared the stage with a lot of our idols already we’ve yet to actually sit with Snoop. So that’ll be the icing on the cake.
MP: What do you do when you aren’t recording or rehearsing your music?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: We both are fathers so we’re putting the necessary seasoning in their lives so they can continue grow. Aside from that we’re promoting the music.
MP: How do you keep coming up with dope music? Any inspirations?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: The rap God’s lol.
MP: What has been the most challenging moment in your career and why?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: Getting the right ears to listen, the right eyes to see the vision, and the right hands to write the checks. It’s challenging because caring for dope music has become obsolete.
MP: Do you have anyone that has influenced you in your career? Who and Why?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: We influence each other. We record as a form of therapy. So we’re each other therapist so to speak. We take all of that stress and make good music.
MP: Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: Signed and showing the game what it’s been missing.
MP: Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: First of all we’d like to thank you for giving us the platform. Secondly we’d like to thank and salute all of our supporters.
MP: If you can turn back heads of time to finish something, what would it be?
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist: That’s a hard one.
Anything else you want to drop on us before we get out of here? Any Breaking News or Exclusives?
“From The Low 2Da Town 2”
available everywhere for download and streams.
Until next week, I will leave you all with some music treats
Make sure you stop by and check out all the featured videos here
Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist
Manifesto official video |

Goin Down official video |

Dreaming With Kings official video |

Ride Or Die official video |

Power 92 Promo |


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The year of 2016 has officially closed out and I must say that it has been a good year for R&B. One of the artist I would have to highlight as the new year of 2017 kicks off is Sammie. When I was younger, I loved watching him especially on the hit song “Hardball”. The leading single for the movie Hardball, which was released in 2001.

The song reached number 77 on the “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Songs” charts. This proves that he knows how to make chart topping songs. One of the traits that many artists like him have. I love listening to his newest release titled I’m Him. This song shows how much he has truly grown vocally and creativity over the decade he has been active in the music industry.

I’M HIM, the leading single to his new EP, showcases what he is planning to bring to the music world in years to come. As the title says, he expresses to a young lady that he will go to bat for her in all areas, just to show her that he is the perfect guy for her. While he sings his deepest thoughts to her, he also shows her that the guy she is dating is not right for her.  It is like a short film that is inviting you into his world.



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[VIDEO] VYNDU- BY HIS LONELY!! – Get Hip W/DJ Mos Precious


Vyndu, an aspiring artist from the Midwest. By the way of Kansas City, he’s blazing the music scene with his banging new song [Get It By My Lonely]. This is a song based off of his personal testimonies. This video is more than a music video, its a short film that will be continued throughout his musical journey.

Personal stories and testimonies are blueprints to some of the best tracks in music history. I have been personally following this great fella for a few weeks now by the means of Instagram. I reached to him, once I saw the snippet video. All could think about was this is a banger and I must break this song when I am mixing and djaying at parties.

It was a must to provide all the lovely readers of SOM with this song because I believe its a goldmine. After you have watched the video head over and follow him and tell him your thoughts. All artists love feedback, so join me in providing this Midwestern with precious holiday gifts filled with feedback.

Vyndu Facebook


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“I Already Know”

Straight from Pittsburgh, Fa’Ness brings more than today’s version of sauce. He is bringing biscuits and gravy for you all that love smooth tempo music. I met this artist back at the Fleet DJ Music Conference that took place 2 years ago in North Carolina. He approached the DJs with so much smooth vibes and very welcoming to everyone. It was a must to network with him. In result of his very professional demeanor, we have built a very pleasant interaction with each other.

As a special treat, please watch his video to add to the thousands of views “I Already Know” has already.

Follow Fa’Ness




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