Straight Official Sits Down With Marcia Polite

Almost two years ago the CEO of Apex Magazine, Antuan Wright approached me about a good friend of his. He said that he thinks Marcia should become a fleet model. He stated he felt that she would be a great addition to the organization. I spoke with her and from that point on she has been a fleet model. She is very kind with a soft voice but she gets her point across. She is very versatile in her modeling style which is always a good thing! She has been a great model that I am super proud of! In saying that, you know that I couldn’t wait to sit down and chat with her. 

Hey Marcia! How long have you been modeling? Also, what made you want to become a model?

Hey! I’ve been modeling for about 5 years now, maybe 6 lol. I always had a desire for it but I just didn’t know how to get myself into the mix if that makes sense.


Of course that makes perfect sense! Most people don’t know where to begin, so I get it! Now tell me, what was the best photo shoot you have ever had?

One of the best shoots I had was with the photographer Angelo Riley. It was a holiday themed shoot and we shot it in below freezing temperatures. I loved how everything turned out and I really showcased how beautiful I can be fully clothed too.

Yes, you can be beautiful fully dressed and sultry as well. See now that is what I am talking about with your versatility. So, with all that is going on in todays world, tell me how has the pandemic affected your modeling? 

 Omg just like everyone else the pandemic has definitely affected my modeling . I had so much stuff planned for 2020 shows, events, traveling etc. But slowly but surely everything started getting cancelled one by one . So yea it  hurt my goals and plans I had for myself.


Yes the pandemic has been rough on us all. Well moving along, how is it being a fleet model?

Being a fleet model is cool. I love how we support and uplift each other. I like how we rally behind each other with no hate or jealousy in our blood lol.

That is so true! We are like a sisterhood you know?

Girl yes we are!

That is super dope. Well since you mentioned it was hard to become a model because you didn’t know where to start. Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to get into the modeling industry?

My advice to anyone wanting to be apart of this industry is to ….. remain true to yourself and never forget why you wanted to start in the first place.

Good answer! Nothing worth having comes easy! So now provide a list of your social media links so people can follow you.

Clubhouse -marciapolite


Facebook- marcia polite 

Booking email-

Do you have any parting words or shout outs?

Shout out to everyone who has ever supported me . I truly mean it when I say your support means everything to me .

Ok thank you Marcia for sitting down with us. We appreciate you! 




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Introducing Revenge MD Wellness & Beauty Lounge

Revenge MD PDO Thread Lift

Revenge MD Wellness & Beauty Lounge Offering non-surgical beauty services specializing in Botox, Transformation Center PDO Thread Lift, injections, Fillers and Weight Loss Servicing both Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. Text to book Revenge MD (702) 218-1083 make sure if you’re in the Reno or Las Vegas area you check out Revenge MD Wellness & Beauty Lounge.

Revenge MD Wellness & Beauty Lounge
Call or Text (702) 218-1083

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Best Scents for the Summer

As we all know, being inside the house for a long period of time can be a little draining. We oftentimes use great scents as a tool to adjust our moods like candles, incents and more. Nothing can get rid of the quarantine blues like the smell of a great fragrance. Here are a few spring and summertime fragrances that are sure to brighten your mood.

Versace’s Bright Crystal is a sweet and fresh scent that is perfect for both the spring and summertime. This fragrance includes notes of musk, iced accord, yuzu, pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus flower, acajou, and vegetal amber. Bright Crystal contains a light fruity scent that gives the fragrance a very youthful vibe. The wear-time on this fragrance is about 5 hours with 4-5 sprays. This is the perfect daytime scent for those warm summer months.

Amazing Grace Magnolia by Philosophy is a beautiful floral scent with a mix of sweet and woody notes. This fragrance is light enough for the day time but still deep enough for nighttime wear. The notes in this scent include bergamot, nectarine, sweet magnolia, violet, warm musk, solar amber, and driftwood. This fragrance has a wear-time of about 6 hours with 7-8 sprays.

Escada’s Miami Blossom is a fun and flirty fragrance that is guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention. This tropical scent will have you feeling like you’re on an island vacation even if you’re just sitting in your living room. Miami Blossom contains notes of watermelon, orange, blueberry, pineapple, tiare flower, sandalwood, jasmine, tuberose, and musk. This fragrance has a wear time of 6 hours with 5-6 sprays.

Burberry Her is a sophisticated floral perfume that is perfect for the office, church or any type of social event. It is a luxuriously bold fragrance but not overbearing. This scent has notes of musk, amber, jasmine, red and dark berries. This fragrance has a wear time of about 8 hours with 4-5 sprays.

Even though these fragrances can’t help the quarantine end any faster, they can help you feel good and smell good while you’re home. If you have any favorite scents that have lifted your spirits during the quarantine comment them below.

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Tips and Tricks for a Flawless Foundation Routine

There are a few different elements that can make or break a makeup routine, here are a few tips and tricks that will ensure a flawless face every time.

The first step in perfecting your foundation routine is to develop a daily skincare regimen. The average skincare regimen contains anywhere from 5 to 8 products. A basic skincare routine would include a facial cleanser, toner, scrub/exfoliator, serum or moisturizer, and a facial spray. Having a good skincare regimen makes the makeup application process 10x’s better.

The next step is skin prep, which goes hand and hand with skincare. During the skin prep process, you would apply any makeup primers or moisturizers that you prefer. Oil-free moisturizers and mattifying primers are the best skin prep for oily skin. For dry skin, hydrating primers and moisturizers can be interchangeable because they will serve the same purpose.

Selecting the right type of foundation is a very important factor in the makeup routine. The best way to find the right foundation for you is to sample different formulas and brands. Most makeup stores including Sephora and Ulta will allow you to sample up to two foundations per visit. Satin and Dewy finish foundations work best on dry skin whereas matte foundations usually work best on oily skin. Once you find the brand and formula that you like, then you must find the right color. If you are selecting a full coverage foundation it is best to match the color of your neck/chest because that will be the only skin that is left exposed. When selecting a concealer color you want to go two or three shades lighter than your foundation color in order to brighten and highlight the face.

Once you have the right products, it is time to work on your technique. The best technique for applying foundation is to pat the foundation into the skin using a dense makeup brush. Using a dense brush with soft hair will quickly build up the coverage and provide a smooth and even tone. Once the foundation is applied all over the face you want to go back in with a soft beauty sponge a blend until you can’t see where the makeup starts and stops. After the foundation, you use the same patting and blending technique for applying the concealer to all of the high points of the face (under-eye, nose, upper lip, forehead, and chin.)

Once everything is blended out it is time to set it into place. Some people prefer to set with pressed powder and others prefer loose powder. Pressed powder is a quick and mess-free way to set your makeup but loose powder gives a smoother and more perfected look. There are a few different techniques for applying loose powder. For oily skin, applying the loose powder with a beauty sponge is best because it applies more powder. For dry skin, apply the loose powder with a large fluffy brush because it will apply less powder.

The last few steps are optional but they make a significant difference in the final product.

Bronzer/contour, blush, and highlighter are the perfect finishing touches to a foundation routine. The bronzer/contour brings a little more definition to the face making it look more carved out. The blush brings life to the face by adding a pop of color. The highlighter is like the icing on top of the cake. It adds a nice shimmer and glow to the face, perfectly merging the blush and bronzer.

Last but not least you want to seal everything in with a setting spray. There are many different types of setting sprays, some are mattifying, some are hydrating and some are illuminating. Just like every other product, you should select the best setting spray for your particular skin type. If you follow all of these simple steps you are guaranteed to have a flawless foundation routine every time.

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4 Best Full Coverage Drug Store Concealers

Finding the perfect concealer can be a tedious and expensive chore, especially if you don’t know where to start. Here are a few high-quality concealers with great shade ranges, that won’t break the bank.

1.) The Born To Glow Radiant Concealer by NYX is a full coverage creamy concealer that’s perfect for both beginners and professional makeup users. This concealer is easy to blend and the shade range is amazing. The price point for the born to glow concealer ranges from $8.99- $10 which is much cheaper than your average concealer.

2.) The ColourPop No Filter Concealer is a full coverage concealer with a matte finish. This concealer is great for brightening the under eye and the matte finish keeps it from creasing throughout the day. The No Filter Concealer has over 25 shades to choose from with a price point of $6 each.

3.) The Infallible Full Wear Concealer by L’Oreal Paris is both creamy and waterproof. This concealer is full coverage and claims to have a 24 hour wear time. Unlike the other brands that were mentioned, the darker shades of this concealer are not easy to find in-store, but they are all sold online. The full wear concealer usually costs about $11-$12 in most drug stores.

4.) The ELF 16 Hour Camo Concealer is a very mattifying full coverage concealer. There is a bit of a learning curve for new users of this product because the concealer dries very fast. The best way to apply this concealer is by patting it on with a small brush and then blending it out with a damp beauty sponge to add some moisture back under the eye. Many makeup lovers have called the 16Hr Camo Concealer a dupe for Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer because of the similarities in the formulas. This concealer retails for about $6 and it can be found in stores like Target, Ulta, CVS and more.

All four of these concealers are under $13 but they perform just as well, if not better than a $40 concealer. Give one of these concealers a try, and watch it turn your makeup routine up a notch.

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This Winter’s Must-Have Fragrances for Women

Nothing brightens up a cold and gloomy day like the sweet smell of your favorite fragrance. Here are a few must-have scents that will last through the rain, sleet, and snow.

1.) Alien by Thierry Mugler is a dark yet sensual scent that is perfect for a night out on the town. It is a floral woody fragrance that encompasses notes of jasmine, amber, and cashmere wood. This fragrance is both unique and alluring with a wear time of about 10 – 12 hours with 2-3 sprays.

2.) Dylan Blue by Versace is a fruity yet floral fragrance with top notes of black currant, granny smith apple, and clover. This is one of those scents that can be worn anywhere, at any time. While the fruity notes make this fragrance soft enough for day time wear, the musky notes make it strong enough to last up to 8-10 hours with 4-5 sprays.

3.) Fever by Jimmy Choo is a warm and spicy scent with a hint of fruitiness that makes it the perfect fragrance for both work and date night. This perfume has top notes of black plum, litchi, grapefruit, sandalwood, and tonka bean. This is another sensual scent that will last up to 10-12 with 3-4 sprays.

4.) Marc Jacobs Decadence is a sexy and sophisticated perfume with notes of plum, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, and amber. This floral- woody fragrance is great for both day and night wear. The eye-catching bottle is just as beautiful and luxurious as the fragrance inside. This scent has a wear time of 9-10 hours with 4-5 sprays.

5.) Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is the top of the line when it comes to long-lasting scents. This floral-woody fragrance will have a trail of people following behind you asking “what’s that scent?”  Baccarat Rouge 540 is filled with notes of jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, and ambergris. Unlike the previous scents, Baccarat is a unisex fragrance with a wear time of 13+ hours.

All of the fragrances that were mentioned above are Eau de parfums. Eau de parfums have a fragrance concentration between 15-20%, which makes them last longer than any Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, and body spray. So before you bundle up and run out the door, spray a little of your favorite winter fragrance and watch it brighten up your whole day.

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5 Rising Black-Owned Beauty Businesses to support in 2020!

Black women have been overlooked and ignored in the beauty industry for decades. These 5 women aim to change that narrative by making their mark on this billion-dollar industry through creativity, innovation, and passion.

1.) Danessa Myricks, a world-renown makeup artist, and photographer built her brand around her own unique style. At the beginning of her makeup career, Danessa didn’t have many products at her disposal, so she had to get creative with the products she did have. She carried that same spirit of innovation with her throughout her career and used it in the development of her makeup line “Daneesa Myricks Beauty”. This product line includes many different multi-use products for eyes, lips, and face that create endless possibilities for the consumer.

2.) The Crayon Case is a Louisiana based makeup company that was created by Raynell Steward AKA Supa Cent. The company is best known for making $1 million in less than an hour on Black Friday in 2018. Raynell’s own personal popularity along with her phenomenal marketing skills have skyrocketed her to the top of the beauty industry. Her makeup line includes over 25 products with everything from eye shadow pallets and lipstick to brushes and makeup wipes.

3.) Lumiére Beauty formerly known as EN Body Co. is an all-natural skincare company created by Kelsei Coleman. Lumiére is well known for its luxurious body butter that not only moisturizes but also helps with various skin conditions including eczema. All of the Lumiére products are hand-made by Coleman herself. This product line has skin care for the whole body including face oil, body scrub, facial spray and more.

4.)The Champagne Chair is a luxury mink lash company created by professional makeup artist Austen Patterson. Patterson’s collection includes fun and flirty lashes for every occasion. The Champagne Chair also makes lash glue, lash applicators and customized wine glasses. This Atlanta based brand exudes luxury and elegance with a product line to match.

5.) The A.A Collection By Audrey’s Artistry is an Alabama based makeup brand with a lot of style. This product line includes eyeshadow pallets, highlighters, lip products, and mink lashes. The A.A Collection has a simplicity which appeals to everyday women as well as the high quality that appeals to professional makeup artist.

These black beauty brands are shaking up the beauty industry in the best possible way and opening doors for the young girls that will follow them.


#GetSOM Via @TransformationsByTee

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Kimbretta – ” My Fashion”


Woo-Hoo!  I love fashion ‼️I believe fashion includes not only clothes and shoes, but also hair, nails and facial grooming.

“I have so many styles, I am a group”.

Like, I don’t have one way of dressing or one style I wear in my hair; me personally, I like to switch it up!  And I also tend to dress how I’m feeling at the time….so if it’s a chill, bum mood kind of day, I honor that sh!t by fully committing-Ball Cap over un-styled hair, sweats, old ratty tee shirt and flip flops. When I’m feeling bright and chipper, or cool and rhythmic, I typically honor those vibes with flowy maxi dress or skirt.  Jeans!  Jeans can be rocked any day and anytime, for any mood, dressed up or down.  MmmmKay!  I also love statement pieces;  the kind of clothing items that are memorable and unique.

I feel sexy no matter what I have on, so I don’t have a go to style for that.  You know what though, the one style that really makes me beam with pride and feel absolutely untouchable…is when I’m in Office Professional attire-That is by far my FavoriteBut the way this FL heat is set up, I ain’t just jumping into no slacks & blazers-all willy nilly…I don’t care how much I love it. 

Fashion is also my most favorite area in life to “push the envelope” or “break the rules”….by like not being so matchy-matchy or mixing opposite prints, like stripes and polka dots.  I love the edge of doing that.  However, LADIES, when it come to undergarments there are Rules that should NOT be broken.  HUGE pet peeve 👀to see a lady in a nice ensemble and then she passes and you see she has on the wrong underwear.  #EpicFail #FormerLingerieStoreEmployee

My leader advice plug for today…

$Free.99 Fashion Tips —


*Chapstick/Lip Moisturizer = Fashion Must

*Fingernail & Toenail grooming = Fashion Must

*Your shoes do not always have to match your shirt.  They should however, match your belt (if you’re wearing one).


*A good bra ain’t never hurt nobody 

*There is a such thing as dressing your body type in a complimentary way.

*Just because you got older, doesn’t mean you have to dress “old”.  Stay fashionable and sexy all the way out pretty lady. 

*Follow famous women on social media, who’s body shape is close to yours and soak up free ideas for style choices.  After all they pay a stylist for their looks, you can get inspired for free. 


No matter your style, be comfortable, have fun, and feel good about your choices!  

Kick it with Kim and follow me on social media- @kimbretta across all platforms.

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