Already Sold Out! After only 5 days on the market Pop Superstar Rihanna’s new make up line, “Fenty Beauty” is officially sold out. Catering to all women but especially women of color; The line covers the faucet with concealers, foundation sticks, lipgloss and more. “I wanted things that I love. Then I also wanted things that girls of all skin tones could fall in love with,” Rihanna said at the Fenty Beauty launch event last week.

The foundation comes in 40 shades! Rihanna stated ‘There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl; there needs to be something for a really pale girl; there needs to be something in-between.’” The make up has exceeded expectation selling out in all Sephora stores and other in just a matter of days. So unfortunately we, yes me too, will have to wait for the restock but Salute! to Rihanna I bet Maybelline will make darker shades now Tuh! – BooM

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Princess Callahan of Lake Placid, Florida has been having a helluva year. She’s a model, actress, entrepreneur mother with a dope personality making Pure Celebritea global and a household name while becoming a well accredited actress. Did I mention she has the sex appeal that makes you thank God  you’re not blind.

Princess Callahan is hard working. She’s always traveling to events promoting her brand. She’s been on the covers of published magazines, music videos with Lil Wayne and 2Chainz and more. Also check her out in the film, “Sremm Life,” with Rae Sremmurd.

The New York Film graduate created Pure Celebritea, an all natural detox and cleanse made from natural herbs and fruit. 

Princess Callahan definition of a hustler is a person who can always make it happen regardless the situation. A person who can turn nothing or very little into something with drive and consistency.


And it’s always great to know that Princess Callahan wants more opportunities and second chances for the men and boys in our communities.

In the words of 2Pac, La’Qa “Callahan” Princess, YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

Follow PureCelebritea on IG

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[HEALTH] Breast Health: The Week That I Went Braless


Ladies, it’s time that we undo the bra. Yes, I said it, let those tits hang free! For one week straight I went braless and it was the most liberating experience ever. My mini bra protest couldn’t have come at a better time! Summer is right around the corner and with the rising temperatures; the clothing is becoming less and less anyway, so I figured, why not? In that week of no bra and sometimes no underwear, I found that my breast naturally got perkier and I was less inclined to fiddle with loosened or tightened bra straps. Think about it, is the bra really (italicized for emphasis) necessary? Simple answer, no. Society has accepted the lie that a bra creates “support” and what not, but naturally your chest has muscles, that keep your breasts in place and perky. A bra only weakens what your body does naturally. Below are some benefits to going braless:



Bra’s can be sexy items of clothing, only to be worn for those few seconds before your man or woman takes you down, but they can also be uncomfortable little suckers. For example, I’m a 36D and for those of us whom are blessed to be buxom, bra’s can be a challenge. At first, I was a little weary about going braless and having a cup size larger than a B but it wasn’t bad at all. I noticed people would look and then stare. I got used to it and would keep it moving. I felt freedom at its best and that’s going without a bra.




Naturally Perky

The anatomy of the breast are broken into quite a few sections. First, let’s identify what the breast is on a woman’s body. The breast is the fatty tissue that covers the pectoral or chest. From there, the breast has 15-20 sections which are called lobes. Each lobe has its own smaller structure called “lobules,” which aid in the production of milk. Breasts also have ducts where milk travels and exits through the nipple which sits in the center of the areola. The structure of the breast is supported by ligaments and connective tissues which also contain blood vessels, lymph vessels, and lymph nodes.

Breast Health

I follow and on her site she mentioned, “Though controversial, several doctors and researchers have pointed to a link between bras (especially underwire bras) and increased risk of breast cysts and cancer. The theory is that regularly wearing  a snug fitting bra at this point of the body can restrict lymph flow and impede the body’s ability to remove toxins from this part of the body.”(Katie, 2017) I’ll admit, as I get older, I become a little bit more health conscious. I’ve opted for avocado over mayo, and drink more water than I used to, and I even practice holistic healing. Reading the article “How to Improve Breast Health,” I figured wearing a bra didn’t have as many health benefits as I thought. You actually do not need a bra for support.


As stated before, the breasts have blood vessels, making them an important point in the circulation of blood from the heart through the body. Remember wearing a rubber band on your wrist and then either noticing your hand going numb/cold or a deep mark on your wrists? Well, bra’s do the same thing to your breasts and the surrounding areas. It cuts off circulation of blood flow.

Sleep Aid

Due to the natural circulation of blood flow in the body, you have no articles of clothing restricting that blood flow. In turn, the body can rest and restore its energy from the busy day and the heart can continue pumping blood through the body with no restrictions.

Okay, so, maybe you’re not completely convinced. At least try sleeping without a bra. Give your boobs a break! Remember the more you know, the more you grow!

Love and Light

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[FITNESS] Weight Lifting!


Today, I’m touching on a subject that really needs to be talked about: Fitness. Let’s face it, many people today don’t think about how crucial staying in shape really is. Not only does working out keeps you looking sexy, it keeps away MANY avoidable health conditions. There are so many exercises you can do. You have  cardiovascular exercises,  body weight exercises, and my absolute favorite: weight lifting. A weight lifting regimen can vary from basic workouts to bodybuilding to Olympic lifting, CrossFit, and so forth.

Me personally, am bodybuilding along with strength training. If you’re a beginner, then this may be tough for you at 1st, but stick with it! if you’re experienced, then you know how much fun and rewarding this is! Depending on the intensity of the training, you can almost bet you will feel sore as a beginner and might wanna quit but Don’t. Proper form is key when exercises are performed.

If you want more aerobics along with your weight lifting or if bodybuilding is too monotonous, then CrossFit is for you. If you don’t know what CrossFit is, then I will keep it simple: you will be flipping tractor tires. No Seriously, along with other super fun things to that will keep your workout interesting. Oh yeah, dont forget proper form is key to success!

If you REALLY want a challenge, and  look cool at the same time, then Olympic lifting is for you. YOUR BODY MUST BE ON POINT BEFORE YOU BEGIN DOING THIS! TAKE HEED! I hope you’ve practiced your form with the previous 2 because proper form is VERY CRUCIAL with Olympic lifting IN ORDER TO PREVENT VERY SERIOUS INJURY TO YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU! Now that is out of the way, if you’re really ready, go for it!

That’s it for now. I will be posting health articles more often so make sure you follow me!

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[BEAUTY] “The Benefits Of Waxing”

When it comes to hair removal, we all need it. It’s time to hit the beach, a cookout, whatever your little heart desires, and you don’t want anyone paying more attention to your unruly hair than the brand new bathing suit you just bought online. Even men do their own grooming. They might just wanna shape up their brows, some want to remove their back hair, either way though, at some point this summer people will be tempted to whip out their razor and get to shaving. Well, take my advice, and walk straight past those damaging razors. It’s time to change up your routine for not just the summer, but a lifetime!
Picture a way you could remove your hair and see no growth at all for 2 weeks. What if you no longer had to worry about shaving and buying a new razor? Imagine never cutting yourself and crying out in pain as the warm water and blood trickle down your leg and into the drain. Can you see it, the bliss of a razor free life?
Good, because I am about to let you in on a well-known yet still frequently overlooked hair removal option.
Something many people don’t think of for hair removal is waxing unless of course, it’s for your eyebrows. Yes, shaving happens quickly in the shower, but it also leaves razor bumps, grows back quickly, and can clog your drain at home. Not only that, but let’s reflect on those moments you ran the blade with the wrong pressure against your shin… it’s so hard to think about! All that blood and pain and agony!!!!
Well with waxing you can leave all of that behind! It’s not only quick but long-lasting! Recently I got waxed for my first time and it took 2 weeks before I saw any hair growth. Not one tiny hair peeped out until 2 weeks after my wax!! That alone had me sold and singing “In-in-incredibleee” *Future Voice* every time I hopped in the shower without a razor!
Now, I got a brazilian and my lower legs done, but waxing centers offer everything from upper lip and eyebrow to underarm and your full butt, so the opportunities are endless when it comes to what you can get removed. My leg hair and bikini area grew back so much thinner too! I don’t think I could ever go back to shaving those areas again!
Let’s go over each individual benefit, and one “trade off”, of waxing so you can decide for yourself if this method is for you!
The Process Is Quick and Your Showers Are Shorter
Waxing is great for many reasons, but my favorite is the fact I am not spending an extra 15-20 minutes in the shower. Now showers, or baths if you’re that type of chick, can be more relaxing and focused on other important things like exfoliation. You also don’t have to look like this….
Also, waxing is generally faster than shaving. At European Wax Center, yes I am name dropping here, it takes 15 minutes or less for most services, including my personal favorite, the brazilian. They will get you in and out in no time and you’ll be smooth as a baby until your next visit.
It Thins Your Hair
Another plus is how thin your hair will get. I can speak for everyone when I say you will love that part more than the fact you aren’t shaving. After my first wax, I saw a difference when the hair finally started growing in. Not only did it thin the hair, but it grew back patchy in the best of ways.
Some even say it stops their hair growth in general. Why? Because waxing pulls your hair from the root. After you start to get waxed consistently you will see an even bigger change in your hair growth, the thickness, and the smoothness. My leg hair is even smoother when it’s grown out before my waxes now!
It Grows Back Slower
Like I said before, it takes a while before you see any hair growth at all. Generally after a few days or for some, even the next day after shaving, you will need to shave again. That is ridiculous and you should have to suffer no longer.
Waxing results always differ with each person but overall results remain the same. In my opinion, my hair grows thick and fast. I didn’t see any hair growth at all until a week and a half and still, at 4 weeks, my hair has grown in, but patchy and thin. I could low key wait even longer in between waxes.
*Generally, most people wax every 4 weeks, but 3-5 weeks is the general time span in between services.
It Doesn’t Make You Bleed
I mean this benefit comes without the need for explanation, but really… You no longer have to worry about cutting yourself and watching your blood gush from your ankle as you sit crying in the shower.
Okay fine, it isn’t that dramatic, but that’s how it feels right?
It Doesn’t Cause Razor Bumps (BUT, You MIGHT Get Ingrown Hairs)
Now, this is the “trade off” I was talking about. You will no longer have those pesky razor bumps, which is a plus, but ingrown hairs might be a problem.
Luckily, there is a fix for that and they’re called ingrown hair serums. I go to European Wax Center for all of my waxes, so I just buy their line of ingrown hair products. They offer ingrown hair wipes which are great for traveling and also a serum to use at home twice a day. In my own experience, the serum works well as a spot treatment and gets rid of the ingrowns that have already appeared. It works fast within one day.
Considering ingrown hairs are the only true downfall to waxing, I absolutely love the entire process. I still shave my underarms, but that is soon to change in the near future! I hear that waxing underarms can lighten the area as well, which is something a few of us really suffer from.
If those things alone don’t have you rushing to book your first appointment, consider calling them in the name of a discount! European Wax Center offers their first-time guest complimentary underarms, eyebrows, or bikini line. If you were hoping to get a full bikini or brazilian, that’s cool too. They offer 50% off (without the free service) for the other two bikini services!
Are you guys excited to try waxing for your first time? Or have you already? Let me know about your first-time experience below!
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[BEAUTY] Switch Up Your Makeup For The Summer


Hot summer days aren’t a girl’s best friend when it comes to doing our makeup. We sweat, we sweat, and oh yeah, we sweat! I mean that is just a natural thing, but when we just beat our face and we are tryna snag a cutie in Puerto Rico, running makeup isn’t the look we are going for.

With the weather heating up like it is and the sun beating down, it’s best to start our summer regimen a few weeks early and get a head start on switching up our makeup a little bit.

First and foremost, the change towards new makeup doesn’t have to be a hard one. The top things to keep in mind are switching from powder to creams, adding in some waterproof products, and always keeping some blotting papers nearby, but let’s read on and learn of some other small changes you can make to improve you summer makeup look.


Prep With Primer

When it comes to keeping your makeup in place, it all starts with a primer. For some beauty connoisseurs, primers are already part of an everyday routine, but now that the heat is turned up, it’s time for everyone to add that extra step. The good thing is that there is a primer for everyone. Smashbox is on the pricier side, but they offer a wide range that caters to varying skin types from acne prone to dry. If you aren’t too convinced and want a cheaper option, you can always swing by Ulta and grab some NYX. They also offer some good color correcting options.

Switch To Waterproof

Nothing is worse than doing your makeup and forgetting about a waterproof mascara or liner. It’s just habit to continue with your normal routine until you come up from the water looking like you’ve been crying. Switching to a new mascara won’t break the bank either, just an easy $8 can get you a new one. You could even grab a waterproofing top coat from NYX for $7and keep your favorite mascara!

Grab A New Foundation

Have you noticed your foundation looking a little lighter? I bet, you’re glowing, melanin poppin’, and that’s the telltale sign of needing a new shade. Less is more during the summer so the best choice is something pigmented. Full coverage is still an option during summer, you just don’t want to use so much that it streaks or rubs off on everything you touch.

Ditch The Powder Blush

I know it’s hard to lose your favorite go-to blushes but think of it as only a breakup. You can save blush for up to 2 years generally and can always pull out your faithful shade again come fall. Instead of using the powder, which can cause your makeup to look cakey come summer, opt for a cream blush instead.

Set Your Makeup

There are so many different ways to set your makeup, I could write an entirely new article on that itself. Powders, sprays, primers are all good options to set your makeup and can be used interchangeably depending on what look you are going for. Some sprays are matte, some dewy and primers are always good to take away shine and smooth out your look. Powders are good, especially during summer, because they can take away the shiny look your liquid cause if worn alone. The choice is yours, but regardless setting your makeup is a key to remember.


As far as makeup goes, those are the main products to keep in mind next time you hit up Sephora. You should also continue to stay moisturized, add SPF products or sunscreen, and keep some oil blotting papers nearby for emergencies.


To learn more about moisture in the summer, make sure to read my last article. Let me know your summer beauty ideas in the comments!

















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[NEWS] Learn about “Pinky Promise”


You may have seen us talk to the beautiful fleet model,  Rasheedah; but now we are taking a time out to speak to her regarding her business “Pinky Promise.”

Thank you Rasheedah for speaking with us! So tell us, how did you start your business?

Sure! Pinky Promise was coming about when I was still in trade school, at Erie 1 Boces, to become a licensed nail technician in 2012. I was at work, daydreaming, and the name Pinky Promise came to me. It’s a play on the American idiom to keep a promise, and with Pinky Promise, I do just that when providing nail salon services. I am mobile, so I travel to my clients.

What made you get into the world of beauty but on the nail side?

Funny you ask, I’ve actually been doing nails since I was six years old. My parents encouraged anything I showed interest in, creatively, and would buy me nail kits, and Lee’s press on nails, etc. , and as an adult, I took it seriously and went to school for it.
Now we understand you have a mother’s day special, can you tell us a bit more about that?
Absolutely! I will be one of the vendor’s at the African Heritage Food Co-Op and Black Business Mother’s Day Bazaar on May 13th. I will be doing a Mother’s Day Raffle. Raffle tickets are $5 for 7 tickets and $10.00 for an arm’s length. The winner receives a manicure and pedicure with paraffin wax, a $55.00 value!
What advice or tips can you provide women who get their nails done on a frequent basis to help with maintaining their nails?
Make sure that your salon has everything, yes everything, labeled. If the technician cannot answer questions that you have about any chemical that they are using on you, leave. Also, be careful when getting acrylic nails because a lot of salons use an illegal, cancer-causing chemical, called Methyl Methacrylate (MMA). It can cause terrible damage to your skin and nails, and most salons will not tell you that, but I will. It’s cheaper than regular monomer but dangerous to use, long-term. 
Do you have any suggestions on how to promote nail health? Do the hair and nail vitamins work?

Eat a balanced diet and make sure you’re staying hydrated with plenty of water. Vitamin E and Coconut oils massaged into the cuticles promote healthy nails and give your nails time to breathe and heal between artificial enhancements. Gels, polishes, acrylics, etc., you, Your nails should be cared for like your hair.

Tell us about the workshops you have coming up?
August 12th-14th there is a workshop being held here in Buffalo called The Road To Higher Education with vendors and workshops for licensed nail technicians and students. Visit for more information! It will be a good time. Most licensed professionals are required to take continuing education units (CEU) in order to remain in good standing, aside from a valid license. This comes in handy especially if you plan on moving out of state and continuing to practice there.

What suggestions can you give others who want to enter this field?This is a growing field, and there is always something to learn. The best thing to do is to just go for it and experiment with different me; you may even create your own. The possibilities are limitless. Also, make sure you read your state’s professional licensing requirements available through your state’s department of state’s division of licensing website.

How can the readers contact you for business inquiries?
Readers may visit me on Instagram @pinkypromise_buffalo_ny or shoot me an email at I love feedback!
We wish you continued success!
Thank You!
Now see you guys, Fleet models aren’t just pretty, they’re Business owners & bosses! Stay tuned!
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[BEAUTY] Summer Skincare Keys: Staying Moisturized

Summer is around the corner and we all know that means it’s time to change up some of our beauty products. Instead of using liquid makeup, some find switching to powder in the summer can be helpful and avoid giving off an oily look. That goes the same for moisturizers too.
Now if some of you aren’t already using moisturizer as an everyday skincare product, step 1 is to find the perfect moisturizer. Yet, since all of you are good girls and boys, we know that step is already complete. The problem most people find is that during the summer they want to cut out the moisture altogether. Well, let me tell you a little secret: Just because it is summer and you are sweating, therefore looking oily or wet, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the proper skin care techniques you fall upon during other seasons.
Related image
Moisturizers, the right ones, won’t cause your skin to be oily, but hydrated. There is a huge difference. Many moisturizers that leave skin oily contain alcohol. You would think that would dry the skin, but since your skin feels dry from the oil it will work overtime making up for its loss of natural oils. Moisturizers with aloe or anything deemed a gel (check for alcohol content), will not dry you up, but they will dry well, leaving your skin smooth as opposed to greasy. Aloe gel is always a perfect go to in the summer because you can use it to treat sunburn, smooth your hair, hydrate your ashy ankles, and pretty much anything else under the sun.
Image result for moisturizer
It is good to think of more than your face as well when considering the right steps to perfect skin. Your full body needs to be pampered daily with the right products. Overall a favorite go to for any type of moisture is coconut oil. You can use it on any part of your skin (and even for makeup removal and cooking). In order to avoid dry cracking skin, you should apply your lotion or oil of choice directly after the shower. Using oils straight out of the shower allow your pores to be open and more receiving of the moisture. That way, hours after the shower you will still be rubbing your forearm in awe of its smoothness.
Try to think of your skin as exactly what it is, the largest organ of your body. Don’t you want to treat your body right? If you neglect your skin, it will show and then the whole world will see your cracked elbows and dry knees. That is never cute when you’re bae watching on the beach! So grab those moisturizers you threw under the sink and put them back where they belong. Neglect your face no longer!
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[BEAUTY] Use Turmeric As An End All To Your Problem Skin

Another week, another mask. No matter what type of skin you have, that should be your mentality. Any and everyone can benefit from a weekly face mask. Oily, acne prone, wrinkled, and dry skin all deserves constant love.
That’s why this week we will be learning a little more about turmeric and it’s wide range of benefits. Many people don’t even know what turmeric is, but today we will get educated and learn a new mask recipe. The best thing about making your own face masks, and anything for that matter, is that you know all of the ingredients. You don’t have to worry as much about additives or preservatives, especially if you buy the right ingredients. On top of the benefit of transparency when you DIY, it is also cost efficient and generally, you only need a few ingredients. One of my favorite scrubs/masks only calls for cinnamon and lemon juice. Recently though there has been a hype over these yellow looking masks. Again, there are only a few ingredients with the main component being turmeric. Some of you are probably asking yourselves “what is that?” Well, worry not. Read on to learn more about this powder is and what kind of benefits it provides.
Turmeric has benefits for everyone. If you suffer from psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or acne, this mask will be a treat for your skin. Turmeric reduces redness and inflammation which is a major problem for myself since I personally suffer from cystic acne as do many others. Although I have not tried to consume turmeric, it is also said that consuming it can be of help for problem skin as well. Not only does this mask help acne troubled skin, but wrinkled as well. The turmeric works as an exfoliant and brightener so it is also perfect for aging skin, or if you are like me, use it as a preventative for aging skin.
Another benefit of the mask comes from the honey. Like turmeric, honey holds many benefits, especially for acne scars, blemishes, and an overall healthy appearance of the skin. It is antibacterial and antiseptic which helps pimples, but it is also full of antioxidants which destroy free radicals on your skin and protects it from future damage. It also works as a moisturizer which is good for oily and dry skin alike. The trick to getting all of these benefits comes from getting the right honey. 100% pure raw honey is the only kind to get that will provide the benefits listed above.
Yogurt is a beneficial component mainly due to the lactic acid. That will work to brighten your skin which also helps to lighten scars as well as provide a little extra hydration. Now that you know why turmeric masks are so great, let’s look at one of the many recipes you can whip up to be one step closer to healthier skin.
Lets Make a Mask! 
This recipe is so simple that anyone can make it! All you need is turmeric, honey, and yogurt. Some recipes say that you can use milk instead of yogurt, but in my personal experience that makes the mask too watery. The best yogurt to use is plain greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has more of a thickness which helps with consistency. The measurements are simple and you only need 1 teaspoon of each. If it is too watery, I would suggest adding some more honey to thicken it up. You can also add other ingredients for specific issues you may be facing. Lemon is my favorite additive for any mask because it brightens up acne scars. You could also add tea tree oil to target problems like pimples and redness.
*1 TSP Turmeric
*1 TSP Yogurt
*1 TSP Honey
Make sure to apply the mask to a clean and dry face. You can use your fingers if need be, but using a makeup brush to apply the mask will work best to avoid staining. Turmeric is a yellow powder and will stain anything it touches, therefore make sure the mask is applied in thin layers to avoid dripping and wear a shirt you don’t care about just in case. Let the mask sit for at least 20 minutes. If you let it sit too long though it may slightly stain your face. If that does occur, that is fine. You can remove the staining by creating your own at-home scrub. Just combine coconut oil and sea salt or sugar, it will come right off! Once you have done this mask it will remain as a go to mask in your cabinet.
Also be sure to remember that if you do love any DIY masks you make at home, you can make a big batch and just store it in the fridge!
Let me know in the comments below if you tried it and your results!
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[BEAUTY] Create This Lip Stick At Home In 5 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.41.57 PM
It’s always fun to try a new face mask, find deals on makeup, or style your hair differently, but what about creating your own lipstick? Today, that is exactly what we are going to to do.
Of course, this process won’t break the bank. It doesn’t call for you to buy lipstick molds or special oils. All you need is eyeshadow and chapstick, plus a dish and a stirrer that you already have in your home!
 Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.36.26 PM
What You Need (for each lipstick):
•1 Eyeshadow Palette (one color per lipstick)
•1 Chapstick
•1 Microwaveable Dish
•1 Toothpick or Other Stirrer (I used my
    daughters spoon)
The best eyeshadow to use is one that you don’t use too often. In my case, I used a fake Kyshadow palette that I was never going to use.
Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.35.25 PM
The steps to create this product are seamless as well. With only 4 steps, all together you can create your new hydrating lippie in no more than five minutes!
•Remove your chapstick from its container and place in your mixing glass.
•Scrape your shadow into your mixing glass.
•Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes or until smooth.
•Pour your new lip color into the original chapstick container.
**** Make sure to screw the chapstick down before pouring in the new color.****
The fun part about this DIY project is how much room there is for creativity. You can use and combine different colors, add glitter, or even a bit of essential oils to create and aromatic lipstick.
Since it takes five minutes, make a couple and get creative with a new look for the summer! You can check out the tutorial video below!
Let me know if you tried it in the comments below and add what color you made!
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