1. Tell me a little bit about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you from, where do you reside etc?

I’m Tiffany Paige, my super hero name came from a combination of my name Tiffany and my 3 yr old cousin (at the time) Paige who love to emulate me! I grew up oversees, an army brat and now live right outside of Washington D.C.!

2. Why did you decide to become a DJ/ Artist/ Entertainer?

I decided to become an artist because I’ve always had a knack for melody and passion for music and I discovered my voice at the age of the bathroom with my Mother singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow!” So I figured, I should do something with this gift…and here I am!

3. Who and/or what motivates you?

From a music standpoint what motivates me is a happy record, that delicious melody that for whatever reason makes you feel good and can ignite those creative juices! From a personal standpoint, what motivates me is watching my two little girls excitement whenever they hear me sing!

4. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment today is releasing my FIRST OFFICIAL record of Tiffany Paige. I’ve been featured on a lot of Indy records over the past decade and finally this one is ALL ME!

5. What projects currently working on?

I’m currently working on my own material and plan to release a few more singles in the near future. I’m also working with a licensing company for possible Network placements for the arsenal of material in my catalog of work.

6. What changes would you like to see in the music/entertainment industry?

The changes I would like to see in the music/entertainment industry is more connectivity to the listener of the music released. Meaning more songs that are relatable and tell a story. We somehow turned a page on storytelling when it comes to writing music.

7. What makes you different from other artist?

What makes me different from other artist is that I do my best not to blend and sound like any other artist. I consider myself a chameleon when it comes to different genres of music. My goal is to do the EXACT opposite of what is “current.” Without forgetting the most important component, which is ME.

8. What crews, company’s are you apart of why did you join the Fleet Djs?

I’m currently a crew of ONE aside from my amazing producer, Big Rush that I work with. I’ve decided to join Fleet DJs after DJ Jay Erica stumbled on my page and it was INSTANT chemistry!

9. What other skills/talent do you have?

When i’m not behind a microphone I’m an IT girl, techy by trade. I also love to decorate and plan events..I have a knack for making pretty things on a small budget!!

10. What do you do in your free time? Any Hobbies?

I don’t have much free time, I have two little divas who consume most of my time outside of work and music! Currently my hobbies are school projects 🙂

11. Anything else you want to add/ Any Shoutouts? your Social Media?

I have a few Day Ones who’ve been my ride or die on this journey that I’d like to shoutout..John Robinson aka Lil Sci, Big Rush and my brother Michael!! They’ve been my support system and I’m very appreciative to have them in my corner. Thanks fellas!!! U can follow me on IG @mstiffpaigemusic

Stay tuned for more….


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What’s good everyone? It’s your girl NaeNae with #NaeNaeOnTheScene and this week’s ‘Meet The Artist’ comes from Milwaukee. This singer/songwriter/dancer goes by the name, Crystal Ranae, who started singing and dancing at the age of seven. She comes from a large family having over ten siblings but says she lost count. It was when she was accepted to Milwaukee High School of Arts that Crystal started taking her music serious and began writing. But she also admits around that time she hustled by selling dope til she was twenty years old and then begin to attend church regularly. Last September, Crystal Ranae released her first debut single entitled “All Night Long” on Itunes, and all major digital distribution stores.

Crystal Ranae’s stage presence along with great vocals allows her stand with some of the best R&B acts in the industry. She uses what she learned in dance class to execute dramatic hair raising performances. Some of Crystal Ranae’s biggest musical influences are Brandy, Sade, Aaliyah, Tina Turner, Beyonce & Indie Arie. She has performed throughout Milwaukee and plans to expand her brand by traveling more & utilizing various online marketing outlets. Even though she hasn’t done any collaborations as of yet, but here’s a few artists she would love to collab with: Sammie, Jeremih, Normani, Kashdoll & Big Sean.

Crystal’s writing process is writing from her own experiences. As well as sitting with her close friends and writers ‘when Im feelin…some type of way…and we basically just freestyle songs about our situations…relationships etc’. 

I asked Crystal would she rather stay independent or get signed to a major label? Her response was ‘I would stay independent…. so I could be more in control of my career. In order for me to accept a major… it would have to allow me control…and most likely…they wouldn’t…so indie’. Besides doing music, Crystal owns a daycare and teach young girls dance (hip hop, jazz & tap). And speaking of tap dance, she says she enjoys that a lot. Her motto is: ‘Do what you love, the money will come’

Crystal will be the headliner later this month in Sardis, Mississippi for The Chocolate Party presented by Industry Bosses.

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Happy Friday! It’s your girl NaeNae with #NaeNaeOnTheScene with another edition of ‘Meet The Artist’. I was first introduced of this 26-year-old artist out of Little Rock, Arkansas from one of my Instagram followers. From the moment I hit play off the ‘Alpha Centauri’ EP, I instantly became a fan. This artist goes by the name of JustKila. She was introduced to the art of music at an early age from her musical talented family members. Some of her artistic influences are Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000, Chrisette Michele. JustKila advocates promoting positive vibes and creating a better world through love. Her personal favorite quote is “I make music for the Universe”. ‘The Constellations’ is what she calls her fans. JustKila wants her listeners know she cares more about the connection she can make with them through music than any wealth that could come from it.


When did you 1st start doing music?

 I started writing music in middle school. I grew up around music, with my mom singing all the time and brother going through his phases of rapping. So, I knew I wouldn’t be far from it. Within the past 3 years, I’ve begun to focus more on my music while pursuing it as a profession.


Writing process? Do you write from personal experience or from other people’s experiences?

When I write, I tend to get inspired by the things around me. Inspiration could literally come from seeing the wings on a butterfly. It’s so easy for me to get inspired by life I sometimes bounce from idea to idea. I definitely write from experience, whether it is an element of an experience or a specific situation. My music is typically influenced by my personal experiences.


What’s the meaning behind the project, ‘Alpha Centauri’?

Alpha Centauri is a three-star system, which appears to shine as a single star. It’s considered the brightest star in the southern Constellation of centaurs but it’s the third brightest star in the sky. I see myself as that star system. You can’t miss me, It’s too bright. I incorporate high-pitched bells in my music to represent what I imagine a twinkling star would sound like.


If you weren’t doing music, what else would be interested in doing?

 Honestly, if I weren’t pursuing music, as a musician, I would still be studying psychology and finding ways to incorporate music into psychology. I’ve done musical therapy in the past and it was actually a really cool experience.


Tell 3 interesting things you want the people to know about you?

 I’m absolutely obsessed with space, lights and nature.


What’s your motto in life?

“Live, love, smile” cliché maybe but it’s real. There’s way too much hate being spread around. If we focus on these three things we could all come together like constellations and coexist in positivity.

JustKila is a talented artist on the rise with such a positive energy. Be sure check out her EP ‘Alpha Centauri’.

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[MODEL] Tizita Zerihun is Miss Queen Ethiopia

Tizita Zerihun is an international model and humanitarian from Ethiopia. We met through a mutual friend on social media, Kate Citrone
Tizita Zerihun has participated in many fashion shows, television ads, magazine works and entertainments and international pageants.
Tizita knows that modeling is a powerful means to educate, help and change peoples lives.
The more successful I become, the more inspired I will be. – Tizita Zerihun
Tizita’s main goals are to become one of the best international models and help people who are poor and underpriveleged. Tezita Zeruhin wants to see kids basic needs fulfilled such as having a proper education.
I want to see gender based violence stopped. I also want human rights of my people to be respected and protected. – Tizita Zerihun
For me beauty is ones pride, success, kindness, reaching out to the poor. – Tizita Zerihun
Contact Tizita Zerihun on Facebook searching for or by her user name Tizita Zerihun Betty Hammer.
She also told us that her best photo shoot was for ZOMA magazine in London promoting an Ethiopian cultural dress.
 Educational Background – EGSEC in 2010C
Work Experience and Achievements –
Miss Addis Ababa 2012 – Miss Culture – Miss Ethiopia top 10 finalist – Miss World Ethiopia Online top seven finalist in 2015 – International Human Right Commission Youth Ambassador 2016 – Miss Queen Ethiopia in Pakistan 2016 – DDEA Humanitarian Award USA 2017 – Certificate from Addis Ababa Women’s Federation in Community Mobilization – Certificate from Addis Ababa University Female Student’s Association – Ms Hammer and Miss Jinka Children Ambassador – Certificate of Award for Peace, Trust Building and Sustainable Development 2016 – Certificate of Award from Mice West Africa Forum & Expo in 2017, Accra, Ghana – Certificate of Award from Culture Tourism Government communication in 2018. – Certificate of Award in contribution to sustain good culture in 2018. – Certificate of appreciation from Ethiopian Community in Dubai in Participating on Fashion show in March 02, 2018. 
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With over five years vested in music journalism, I’ve had the privilege to sit across from some of Hip-Hop’s elite and conduct interviews. In my travels I’ve come across some personal favorites that will always be remembered but for me, there is nothing greater than chopping it up with an artist who is independent. Not only is their talent well represented, but the mindstates of these individuals are evolving to match those of the most successful entrepreneurs.

On Sunday afternoon I got the opp to chew the fat with BART LITTY, the game’s newest MC by way of Jacksonville, FL. Bart has been on a tear since his arrival in the industry and under his own label S.O.S.E. Inc. (Sell Our Own Selves Ent.) he has generated a buzz unlike any other he’s experienced since entering the game in 2015. Litty’s upcoming project OutkastBabies is a culmination of his collective energy towards both Hip-Hop and business.

Two months removed from FYN Records, Litty soaks in his newfound resurgence. “I see a lot of potential in the cities that I travel to and all it’s gonna take is the right person with the mindset to change the environment around them.” Bart quickly absorbed what the Circle City has to offer and alongside his brother AFresha teamed up to produce the track Indy 500 which is receiving great reviews while paying homage to the greatest spectacle in racing.

Litty represents a new wave of artists with a mindset unlike their predecessors. Through S.O.S.E. he intends to scout for talent that needs to be recognized. It was refreshing to hear that at 27 years old he recognized the absence of pure creativity in Hip-Hop. “There aren’t a lot of storytellers in music nowdays like Slick Rick so I’m working to bring that back to the game.”

Bart’s sound and swag compliment one another on the track Lasta Luego. The singles presented from the project are picking up steam and will also be in rotation on Straight Official Radio. Litty intends to be a mainstay in Hip-Hop and is an artist that commands your attention.

You can check out the rest of our interview by clicking the link down below and make sure to follow Bart Litty on Instagram (@gohartbart4000), Facebook (Bart Litty), SnapChat (blitty99) and Twitter (@BartLitty). You can also download listen/stream both Indy 500 & Lasta Luego on Audiomack and coming soon to ITunes.

Bart Litty Interview

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It’s been a long time and I shouldn’t of left you. Its your girl NaeNae with #NaeNaeOnTheScene back bringing you some dope content. This past Friday I got to spend all day with YSL Records artist, Gunna as he brought his DripFest concert to Indianapolis. My brand, Chasing My Dreamz and Tahlia L’Oréal with Tahlia TV teamed up to capture Gunna’s time in the city from press run at the radio station (Hot 96.3) then headed out to eat at Exotic On The Run (which the food was on point) to sound check before hitting the stage at the Old National Centre. 


 In 2016, the world started to take notice of this College Park native, born Sergio Kitchens after he hopped on YSL Records owner, Young Thug’s track ‘Floyd Mayweather’ alongside heavy hitters, Gucci Mane and Travis Scott. Later that year, Gunna dropped ‘Drip Season’ mixtape and has been on go mode every since. Back in February, Gunna released ‘Drip Season 3’ mixtape featuring guest appearances from Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Metro Boomin and others.
Thanks to Who Woulda Thought for allowing me to be able to spend the day with cool, laid back Gunna.
Until next time, its your girl NaeNae as always bringing you #NaeNaeOnTheScene with Straight Official.

Photo Credit: Yvonne Hodge



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