Tall Boy Experience: The Shonn Hinton Experience

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Straight from the Tall Boy Experience, Tall Boy sits down with Shonn Hilton. Who is Shonn Hilton. He is a guitarist who is currently touring with Mary J Blige. Tall Boy got a chance to chop it up with him on the back of the tour bus. Hilton talked about tour life and his own music “The Shonn Hilton Experience”. Check out the interview here.

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[Event] Fleet dj’s of Georgia present Media Pass spotlight artist “King David”

King David

The Fleet DJs of Georgia aired their monthly show The Media Pass on February 20th, 2018 that specially featured the upcoming rising star King David @ChampWilson. He has a new single called “Malcolm X” that Fleet DJs Georgia will consistently promote.
King David was born David Wilson, and the Lord blessed him with a wide array of talents. He is able to reach deep within the heart of his audience with his insightful speeches, but he is also a gifted musician and heartfelt poet. His blend of rap borders with poetry and his lyrics have a very uplifting and inspirational power that connects with all people, regardless of their age, background or taste in music. King David Wilson has been releasing promo clips for tracks on his upcoming debut album, The Champion, leaving fans in anticipation for the first video to drop. David released his video for previous single, ‘Rise Up,’ available on iTunes and other streaming services.
The video itself – directed, shot, and edited by Mshon P- captures the spirit of the city and courses through several locations in Atlanta; alternating with shots of city landmarks as well as Atlanta’s biggest fans – Falcon’s fans.

If the inspiring and uplifting tone sounds familiar, it is because King David is part of a generation of producers/rappers connecting the dots between Gospel and Hip-hop. He has in essence taken the sound and attitude of hip-hop and incorporated it into his work. Take for example Kirk Franklin who has appeared on albums with Kanye West and Chance the Rapper. There exists a natural kinship that creates an atmosphere for artists like Kirk Franklin, Kendrick Lamar, and King David to endow as well as an unconventional way to express faith and send a message.

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The “ORGANIC” Movement: U.S.D.A Certified


For those that don’t know about you.. tell us about yourself.

My name is Reezie Roc; also know as 48 T Roc, from Columbia S.C. I grew up in a rough neighborhood and music was my only outlet. While most of my friends were outside hustling and getting money, I was learning to record music at a hood studio. You may know me by my single “Ya Digg” which is still burning up the streets and clubs in the south.

How did you get into the music business?

got into this business because it has always been a real organic passion of mine. I’ve been going to hip-hop concerts and I’ve had a music collection since the age 5.

Who are your musical influences?

My musical influences from da jump was Bobby Brown and Tupac. As I got older I started to listen to Master P, Rick Ross, and 50 Cent. 

What artist did you listen to growing up?

A few artists I’ve listened too growing up was those guys I’ve mentioned in the last question; plus Jay Z, Biggie Smallz, 8Ball and MJG.

What do you think your listeners get out of your music?

I feel my listeners get motivation out of my music. Drive, ambition and of course “SAUCE”.

How do you like the response the “Organic” mixtape is getting in the streets?

 I love the response  my “Organic” mixtape is getting off the streets. Of course I want to more but I’m greateful.  I can’t keep a hard copy in my hands because they’re buying them all!  Plus the online stores are doing great with streams and purchases.

What made you want to get into the music business?

I got into the music business because I believe it’s my destiny. 

What do you think is the hottest track on the mixtape?

The hottest track on this album is “Ya Digg” produced by Spiffy Global of course. A lot of people are also leaning towards “Up da Ladder” produced by Atlanta super producer Zaytoven himself. But my number 1  favorite track is “Accomplish Ish” produced by PirateLyfe Jones featuring my 1 yr old daughter Imani.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

I am going to accomplish change with my music and to provide wealth for my family and team. Now as for living this typical rapper lifestyle…. I’ve been and  I’m still living like that already.

Anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

I would like to say to all my fans and supporters, thank you for being so loyal and I love you all.

What major artist you would like to do a song with?

 I would like to do a song with Rick Ross, Master P, the Migos, 50 Cent, Jay Z, J Cole, 8Ball and MJG, Bobby Brown and Nas.

What other artist in your state are out there making noise and you would do a song with?

Anybody that’s making noise in my city I’ve already done a track with them,except Casino Mel. So Casino Mel and 5 Star Empire Records.

Anybody you wanna give a shout out too?

I want to give a shout out to my daughter and my entire family. The ones that stick by me and the ones that pray on my downfall. You can’t stop God’s plan – ya digg… I also wanna shout out my city Columbia S.C., Charlotte N.C., my hood Bluff Rd. – aka the 48. I also want to shout out to all the Dj’s that’s behind Reezie Roc spinning and supporting my records. 

You can download Reezie Roc’s latest mixtape “ORGANIC” on Spotify –

and follow Reezie Roc on social media at:

Facebook: Reezie Roc

Instagram: Reezie Roc Music

Twitter: 48 T Roc


Here’s an exclusive chance to check out Reezie Roc’s latest video “MORE” filmed by Glassed by Chop.

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Only one way out G.A.N.G Music: JB from DG


There is a senior in high school making a name for himself on the S.C. music scene. Jarrod Lamont Brailey may the name called in the halls  but once 3 o’clock hits please call him JB from DG. A father of one, young JB is driven to continue to pursue his musical career while trying to balance the pressures of school and father hood.  


How did you get into the music business?

Harvey Dent introduced me to rapping when I was about the age of 12. My first studio session was when I wrote my first song – it’s on SoundCloud still just type in – Jarrod Brailey. LOL

Who are your musical influences?

Definitely NBA YoungBoy, Lil Baby and Kodak Black  – FREE KODACK.

What artist did you listen to growing up?

Artist I grew up listening to Lil Wayne , Jay Z , old Chief Keef , and Boosie. 

What do you think your listeners get out of your music?

I want the listeners to feel the pain,  the struggle. Where I really came from in my life. The streets can relate to my music. 

What were you thinking about when the single “G.A.N.G” was finished and started to make a buzz in the streets?

Already knew that song was the one –  I put my heart into it.

What made you want to get into the music business?

 I had a passion for it as a little jit growing up. There where so many times that  I had wanted to quit but, I went  extra hard and now I’m on my way to greatness. 

How does it feel to be finally getting some recognition of your work?

Shoot great bruh – big facts mane. It’s dope to be getting recognized cause where I’m from – it aint nothing and I’m tryna make something. I forever claim South Carolina till I die. I’m from Hartsville and Bishopville at the same damn time…. lol. Mane I was raised in a family so poor – sometimes I had sleep on floor we couldn’t afford a bed at that time.  I kept praying for a blessing and it came so yea it’s feels Great tho – this what I work for.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

I hope to be recognized as the greatest artist to come out of South Carolina.  I hope to make millions, I gotta son to raise – i don’t want him growing up like me and a family to take care of. Then I got my homies who I’m coming up with, I’m breaking bread with them also – I’m a real n****a so u know how that go.

Anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

I wanna thank them for being apart of my life, it’s a blessing to know I have people that believe in me. That’s a big deal to have people who support you in this music business, cause most people where I come from they don’t wanna see you win but I forever keep trucking tho.

How did you get the name JB?

I got name JB because my real name is Jarrod Brailey. So one day Brandon Edwards was like bruh initial it down to JB, plus you know your gang is called Drip Gang  so I put it together – JB from DG.

What major artist you would like to do a song with?

I got to do a song with NBA YoungBoy…. even though bruh like 17 days younger than me; bruh be living the life I’m living and the life I’m tryna live after I make it.

What other artist in your state are out there making noise and you would do a song with?

Artists in my state that making noise … ummmm I’m a have to say JB from DG  sike nah …. Lonnie D .. I think his real name Jalonnie Dinkins, But bruh Good – I like his rap style and bruh got a lil vocals to I’ll like do song with him and Renni Rucci she good also.


Make sure you follow young JB from DG on all social media outlets at

Fb:  Tw:  Ig:

and check out his latest single “G.A.N.G” currently heating up the streets…


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AS SOCIAL MEDIA and MUSIC EVOLVES, more talent is being discovered by the click of a icon on that appears in your news feeds. Social media has surely played a major part in this entire interview with Orlando’s very own Major Payne. I am a strong supporter of social media for the positive outlets it puts in place for talent to be discovered and supported with a repost or shoutouts.

Check out the short interview I conducted with Major Payne after coming across is amazing song featuring up and coming female baddie Bad Azz Becky titled “Alone” on Instagram. During our interview, we covered the history of his name and his connections to music. He was a very active battle rapper while in seventh grade. He highlighted some of his interactions with the heavy hitters in the music industsy and what he has taken place in the upcoming months.

Press Play, you will enjoy learning about another upcoming artist with a solid passion for music.

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What’s going everyone, it’s your girl NaeNae but I’m not on the scene this week. I’m actually brining you an artist spotlight. He goes by the name B.wize. At only 28 years old, Kanas City’s own, B.wize (born E. Larry Guidry) has already released 3 studio projects; Wizedom Speaks (2015), and two projects in 2017, Midwest Chronicles and Offspring of a Fiasco. But before he became a Hip-Hop MC he started out as a spoken word artist performing on both sides of Kansas City’s borders. B.wize specifically credits two songs with solidifying his decision to transition to Hip Hop MC; Eminem’s Lose Yourself and Lupe Fiasco’s, The Cool.

B.wize was always fond of music, but due to it’s at times harsh content and foul language wasn’t always allowed to play it. Instead, his mother filled his home with a multitude of genres and a variety of artists ranging from Nat King Cole to Otis Redding, to Barry White, to Teddy Pendergrass. On his own, he became fond of and later influenced by both Beethoven and Frank Sinatra. B.wize’s Southern Louisiana roots coupled with growing up in a pious, Midwestern household has always shaped the content of not only his music but his character.


 When did you 1st start rapping?

2015. After being a teacher, Probation Officer I decided to chase the impossible and make it possible.

Writing process? Do you write from personal experience or from other people’s experiences?

Both, I have a unique mental evolution of the literal and figurative language. So depending on the concept and beat I let its frequencies just flow and write whatever comes to mind.

What’s the meaning behind the project, Offspring of a Fiasco’?

I’m a huge fan of the X-Files and in my spare time when I’m not marketing/promoting or writing music I’m watching Mulder and Scully try to bend logic and define truth. Ironically we all search for some truth, and this project, each song defines or pinpoints the questions people want to ask. To find that truth you sometimes have to be a rebel or a fiasco and both my father and mother have always been people who ask the questions no one wanted to ask or answer. I’m an offspring of that seed, and still I seek truth. 

If you weren’t doing music or spoken word, what else would be interested in doing?

I would be involved in sports either coaching or administration like scouting, preferably basketball. I was a college athlete and came from an athletic family and at one time coached at the college level at a young age.

What’s your motto in life?

“There are two significant days in your life. The you were born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

Upcoming shows? 

March 23rdCollege Takover Tour

April 14 – Columbia, Mo

Offspring of a Fiasco – Release between April-June 2018

You can find more on B.wize:

As always, it’s your girl NaeNae.
Peace and Blessings.

Follow NaeNae: @fieryscorpio81 on all social media.


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1. Tell me a little bit about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you
from, where do you reside etc?

It actually took a while for me to come up with a stage name that I felt captured the realist representation of my artistry. When the idea of HICKSBOI4REAL hit me, it felt good to me as a name but also as a statement. I want everyone to know that i’m “4REAL” about my passion to create art, musically. I moved to Georgia when I was 3 years old and I’ve lived in a couple different areas of the state. North Atlanta is where I reside now and where I spent my high school years so that’s what I claim.
2. Why did you decide to become a DJ/ Artist/ Entertainer?

Hands down, Lil Wayne was the biggest influence on why I fell in love with the lifestyle and culture of hip hop. Starting out, I wanted to be just like him. His unabashed freedom to be himself and unapologetic artistry showed me that you dont have to put limitations on who you are as an artist. I love that.

3. Who and/or what motivates you?

My family is my biggest motivation. Knowing that I could make a positive change for them and myself through my music keeps me determined to go even harder.

4. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment so far is this moment right here… Releasing my first single, “YOU” through Fulton Yard/Priority. I didn’t get to this point alone. There are a lot of people looking out for me. I’m proud and humbled by their support. Neal Pogue, one of the owners at Fulton Yard, says “enjoy your moments.” I’m proud of this moment and its my biggest accomplishment so far as grow my artistry.

5. What projects currently working on?

Right now i’m finishing my second mixtape ‘RiCH BEHAViOR’. As I said before, the single “YOU” was just released through Fulton Yard/Priority Records and is available everywhere so go check that out. I’m also working on my first EP which I haven’t titled yet but stay tuned for those updates.

6. What changes would you like to see in the music/entertainment industry?

I would like to see more artists learn the business side of music. My team at Fulton Yard is teaching me a lot. The business is way bigger than it looks on the outside. I want to see artists have a better understanding of the power of their creations. Long gone are the days of “please listen to my demo”. We now have the power to build, link, and grow our fan base. In doing so, we should make sure our business is tight as well.

7. What makes you different from other artist?

My demeanor has always set me apart from others, i’m a chill, laid back kind of person. But when I touch the stage, a different energy fills the room. It’s all Rockstar…

8. What crews, company’s are you apart of why did you join ?

Big shout out to Fulton Yard Unlimited and Priority Records! As I stated earlier, I just released my first record through them and that’s just the first of many. Also Neal H. Pogue, my manager Rain, and everyone with the Fulton Yard Unlimited family. Shout out Established Music Group, P-Nyce and the whole PUSH movement. And of course, I got to shout out all the Fleet DJs for supporting me and helping me push this record. The Fleet DJs match my drive and ambition to take things to the next level and now we pushing the campaign together.

9. What other skills/talent do you have?

I produce a little as well. I’ve made a few beats that nobody has heard yet but nothing too serious. Eventually, I want to get a vocal coach to help with my singing voice.

10. What do you do in your free time? Any Hobbies?

I’m a real movie critic in my spare time *laughs*. But yea I enjoy watching new movies, playing 2k, and playing basketball when I find the time to do so.

11. Anything else you want to add/ Any Shoutouts? your Social Media?

Yea, once again, man ‘YOU’ available right now on all streaming and media outlets. Follow me on all social media sites @HICKSBOI4REAL. RiCH BEHAViOR ALL 2018! And shout out my little bro Lil Ferg, 4REAL!

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get hip with dj mos p

ITS FEELS LIKE A NEW BABY IS BEING BORN called Futuristic Funk. Originally from the Midwes, the time for something amazing and new is here,  with some Chuuch Funk.  That can be identified as unique and futuristic. I am pleased to introduce him as the Afro Preachah. Currently paving his way in Minnesota, I got to catch up with him and get the scoop on the music behind the Afro. As my spirits keeping growing I want to introduce one very humble talent that has a sound that is surely timeless and funkfied.

I was glad to officially conduct an interview with this talented brother from the Vikings world, Afro Preachah is such an futuristic magnet. We talked about how he developed his sound  and how did he decide on his name. We also touched bases on her music and learned about his upcoming projects, how he and his producer developed the sound and production for his new singles.  Of course, we talked about the juicy update for his new video releases.

Listen to her hit single” ULTRA” which is featured on the live interview presented below.

Listen, comment, share

Til we meet again, #getpreciousonem


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Hey Young World! The Paragon Project by Delayne Whiteside


Have you ever been to a high school talent show and as the performers did their thing,  you knew that the potential was there in each and every kid, but the talent still needed to develop? Or let’s say you went to a high school musical and you were able to distinguish the high schoolers that took their craft seriously as opposed to the ones that needed that drama credit to graduate? Well that wasn’t the case when it came to the students of Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center last Friday. This vocational school in Columbus, Ohio offers career study in business and health, however the school is mostly known for it’s Performing & Visual arts. On Friday Jan. 5 2018 I was invited by The Maroon Arts Group to come check out the cd release for The Paragon Project. The students were chosen based on their talent and skill to contribute to this project. TPP is the  brainchild of Dr. Tony Anderson, that happens to be the assistant principal of Fort Hayes. Dr. Anderson is a part of the growing number of professionals that have played a major part in the Hip Hop industry in their younger years, and are now making contributions in education with the experience of their former music backgrounds. Anderson spent years on the management side and the production team of Hip Hop band The Roots before they went to late night television with Jimmy Fallon. He also received direct tutelage from the late Rich Nichols, (official manager of the The Roots.) Jason Rawls better known as J. Rawls, producer for hip hop greats such as Mos Def & Talib Kweli, is another hip hop icon of Columbus Ohio that just received his doctorate last year, and he has plans in the future of opening a grade school with a hip hop based curriculum. Kudos to them!

Anyway, getting back to the experience. Upon entering the auditorium of the Columbus Performing Arts Center on Franklin Ave., I was amazed at the turnout. There were people willing to stand in the aisles because the place was packed. “We were blown away by the turnout, I mean, we did all the due diligence in terms of marketing, but nothing prepared us for the wall to wall standing room turnout, the kids were definitely moved by it.” says Dr. Anderson. I walked in on a cover performance sung by MyKesha Corbin “Love On The Brain” originally performed by pop artist Rihanna. The crowd roared with excitement as the student body, that took up the first three rows, cheered her on. The next performance returned me into the b-boy of yesteryear. TPP did a cover of “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan and I commenced to pop locking right there in the rows. From there, the audience and I had one thing in common…we knew these kids were special and that was just the warm-up.

After a brief intermission filled with networking and fine cuisine provided by Willowbeez SoulVeg vegan eatery, the students took to the stage to present their original music. Mind you, being in this business for 21 years, I can usually tell the difference between locally recorded music and industry production. I was astonished. Every track I heard felt like it belonged on the radio or in a motion picture score. What was more intriguing was the videos that told the stories behind the songs. Each student received a chance to interpret the song for the listening audience. One particular song resonated with me. Get Back To Me by Abby Deneke is on constant repeat in my playlist. Not only is the song remarkably written, the production and arrangement would give SZA or Kehlani a run for their money. The song talks about making a decision to separate yourself from something or someone you love to regain yourself and your focus back. “Sometimes we love something too much and we end up losing ourselves. I wrote this song based on something personal I was dealing with, and creating it served as a bit of therapy for me” says Deneke. The next song I enjoyed off of the cd was “We Go High”. It’s a fun song with a house tempo by Pia Monagan. The songs takes it’s cues from the Michelle Obama speech during the 2016 presidential campaign. Monagan cleverly infused Obama’s speech into her song. “We really invested in breakout sessions and presented round table discussions to get the kids to open up and be themselves. That allowed them to move freely in their craft.” says Dr. Anderson 

DJ Mr. King from Power 107.5fm (WCKX) hosted the evening and was quite supportive of the youth. “I wanted to come from behind that curtain and start dancing with them” say King. One parent said “Their level of talent is unbelievable. While some children are thinking about new outfits or the next party, these kids work tirelessly to hone their skill and continue to advance. If they stick with it, their dedication will take them far.”

The Paragon Project project is being well received by a number of media outlets around Central Ohio and across the nation. Dr. Tony Anderson is dedicated to seeing his students learn not only their craft, but the music business as well. He says in closing “Rich Nichols (RIP) manager of The Roots was my mentor. He was so wise, not only about the business, but his philosophies dealing with life were awesome. He taught me things no book can teach you about this industry. Little pieces of information he dropped on me I still use to this day. I’m  just looking to impart that same wisdom into my kids. I’m very proud at what they have accomplished” 

The Paragon Project is a great musical investment. It is now available on all streaming sites. And for all you  music snobs, it will be a great way to brag, knowing you may have a piece of artistry before any of these artists actually become rich and famous.





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