[Web Series] DJ Samore Top 5 w/ @kingjamesworthy


Check out the latest episode of the DJ Samore Top 5 from the Innovative Black Station. This week episode DJ Samore does her countdown of the top 5 songs on the radio, based on the radio media base charts, the streets, and she also spotlight new records. Her guest this week is grammy nominated , super producer turned artist James Worthy. Check out episode 63 of the Dj Samore Top 5 Show.

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Let’s talk about a very talented, easy  voice, spitting straight bars today! If you are a radio listener you can catch him on my favorite radio show of course I am talking about the Rickey Smiley show! I had a great opportunity to have not only a interview but a great conversation with “HeadKrack” now i will tell you all his real name but you have to google it (lol). Getting straight to point I must say that my mind was definitely intrigued the entire conversation.


SO: How is the tour going with Eric B, Rakim and other artists? How did it come about?

HK: So far this has been a very smooth , amazing and exciting tour. We was just down in the Carolinas and we actually are going to hit Chicago soon. Crazy story is I asked to be on the tour and of course they had to discuss it amongst themselves but there I was. I was given the chance to go tour by just asking if I could.

SO: Wow that is something advance , not everything happens that way or better yet people make it harder sometimes than it is.Now once again explain to us how the name HeadKrack came along? I do understand it was a game called C-LO but for those of us who were way down south we wasn’t you know hip to this game.

HK: So basically C-Lo is a dice game you roll 3 dice and if you roll a 456 then thats game! It fit me because I always took the chance or in this case played the game of chance and I always got it done. But even before the game it was kind of already in the universe to be made for me, thats how my mother met my father. He rolled a HeadKrack and some other things happened out of his control but to sum it up my mother testified against a man for my father and when that was all said and done he asked her out and there I was birthed.

SO: Okay so you were on Sway in the morning , It was the 5 fingers of death and he hit you with a beat and there you was in your zone, my question is when it comes to music either you are a true artist or a entertainment artist do you feel having the ability to always be ready sets the two apart?

HK: Honestly some people have it and some people don’t. You have some artist who can freestyle well but don’t make good music and you have artists that make good music but can’t freestyle. So I was expecting that to happen with Sway I was thinking you know i’m going to do this interview he was going to ask me about my latest song and that was it. So when he said drop the beat it was one of those things that came automatic to me, I’m guessing the nervousness, not wanting to mess up and the the fact that I can’t fail took over. I can’t even remember what happened in that moment it is one of those things i that i can just do so i do it.

SO:Do you feel that more of the seasoned rappers or olders rappers are becoming more political than usual especially with everything going on?

HK: With age comes wisdom, For example when Jay-z started out he was rapping about one thing and know that he is older what he talks about is not the same. As a artist your music should grow as you grow. If you started off rapping about selling drugs , 10 years later you shouldn’t be rapping about the same thing there is no growth. T.I. is a perfect example of that and he also makes sure that he is teaching and coaching the now and younger generation. David Banner for example started with “Like a Pimp” or  “Play’ and when he came out with “The God Box’, I knew i had to hold him to a higher standard. The Godbox was arguably the best album in 2017.

SO: So you started at 97.9 The Beat, how did the opportunity come about and how did that lead you into The Rickey Smiley Show?

HK:You know I didnt aspire to be on radio it’s just another one of those things that  happen. Me and my boys made a tape and we had already been drinking so the alcohol was talking. We went down to the station and turnt the tape in and they offered us the job and we was thinking it was going to be the overnight shift but it was the prime time shift. When we first started off we were able to do what we wanted to do and play the music even from way back when but of course there management kept switching and i kind of starting to get bored then then the Steve Harvey left the radio which opened up the Rickey Smiley show the opportunity presented itself and i’ve been there since day one.

SO:What’s in your playlist?

HK:Documentaries ( Astral Projections, Out of Body experiences to name a few) , Beats, Mike Tyson podcast,  J.Cole, Flatbush, Cardi B

SO:Anything else that you are doing or that you are planning in the future?

HK: I’m trying to get on my Russell Simmons on new ideas. I want to get a cartoon out and discover new talent, find out the next big thing. My album is almost complete but since the passing of my mother I am going to go back in to do something more special something more heart to heart . It’s a universal feeling when it comes to a lose or coping with one so you can call it support music.

SO:What is the meaning behind “ Don’t chase your dreams, Meet them there?

HK: You have to prepare yourself for your dream or your goal so when it’s your time you are ready for it . Some people have no vision you have to paint the picture for them. I am not going to chase a dream but I will meet it where I want to be.

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I Dream Of $ Jigi $ by DJ Layne Luv

Jigi Cover Photo

…And just like the Jeannie from the tv show her “image” caters to the fantasy of the male wishes (and some females too lol) but seriously that is not any of her concern. The true business woman from Dayton Ohio is focused on the check daily and very little else in the way of drama or negativity. Her name is Jigi Deniro as in Spanish currency. Her movement you ask? Pretty Pesos. The rest is self explanatory.

These days everybody says they’re about the check, but what caught my attention was Jigi’s consistency. It’s one thing to constantly flood a social media timeline, but to do it in a versatile way that shows your skills, grind, hustle, and doesn’t bore the audience…now that’s saying something. For example, early risers can catch her on Wright State University’s Hip Hop WakeUp Radio on 106.9fm bringing sunshine to her loyal listeners and informing them on all the latest happenings with Ohio Hip Hop artists. You might also see her at a fund raising event empowering the youth to stay in school. And for the people involved in the night life, Jigi heavily promotes Plush Adult Night Life ENT. 

Being that she was from Ohio, I wanted to do more than interview her, I wanted to be a part of the Jigi Deniro brand. So, I called her up one day and asked her if I could have the number to her manager and the information on who does all of her marketing and branding. She replied “You’re speaking to her. That would be me, me & me” LOL! I also asked her if she wouldn’t mind being a part of a worldwide organization that promotes a represents artist in every state (Fleet DJs). She said “Are you kidding me or what?…yeah I’m down.” After speaking with Aaron and presenting her artist press package, it was a go. Jigi became an official Fleet Artist. 

But please don’t judge her by what you see on the surface. Jigi is from good stock and receives love and support from her parents and the rest of her family. I asked her if her folks were ever uncomfortable about her promoting adult entertainment (dem skrippers) and she stated “Of course, any parent wants to protect their child from the pitfalls of this world, but they know that Jigi is grown at the end of the day, that means Jigi got her own bills to pay.” …she adds “But I receive so much love and support from my family, my mother especially”

What most may not know, is that even though Jigi is from Ohio she developed her HU$TLE down south at good ol Tennessee State University. She says “Attending school down there really opened me up to diversity and life outside of my Ohio bubble. When you’ve got all that talent in one area from New York, Chicago Atlanta, and California, different personalities are going to influence creativity and you give some and you take some, but it’s all there to develop what you’re trying to become.” I want to give a shout out to my HBCU family because I still carry those connections to this day….

She’s very witty. I asked how she feels when she thinks people might think she’s doing too much…and already speaking in third person she responds…“Jigi got a whole lotta Plan A’s “ I bust out laughing. “No for real…All my Plan A’s bring in some sort of revenue or income stream for me” 

She has a single out now entitled Y.E.S. being pushed by The Fleet DJ’s however, please go to her youtube channel and check out her other two hot songs “Lost Count” and “Lingo” ft D. Seanny 

Be sure to follow her on all of the social media sites because her star is rising and she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.





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[Web Series] DJ Samore Top 5 : Episode 61

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New episode, new week, DJ Samore step out and let her Godsister , Keisha (#datgurlkeisha) host the top 5 this week. She countdown the top 5 songs on the urban radio charts, according to mediabase and bds reports, the streets, and what’s that next record. On Episode 61, DJ Samore left #datgurlkeisha with the notes, on the songs, hot in the streets, and top headlines.  DJ Samore was in the studio chopping it up with the H.o.b.b. Club member , New Yonkaz, as he talks about his new record “Gang Gang”. Watch the episode here.

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Fleet DJs of Georgia Media Pass Ep. 5 Artist Bio: Kronic aka Yung Fresh

Kronic YungFresh

The Fleet DJs of Georgia aired their monthly show The Media Pass Episode 5 on March 27th, 2018 that specially featured the upcoming rising star Kronic, aka Yung Fresh. He has a new single called “Suh (Sis)” that Fleet DJs Georgia will consistently promote.

Kronic, aka Yung Fresh, is an up-and-coming artist from hip hop’s notorious Dirty South. His name is derived from the Greek word chronikos, which means “lasting a long time.” Kronic plans to do exactly that in the world of hip hop. Hailing from Tunica, MS, a small town located on the Mississippi Delta, Kronic didn’t let his circumstances or post code deter from his grind. He’s been writing and rapping since the age of 15.
Kronic is inspired by rappers who came before him and from his impactful life experiences. He uses his music to connect to his listeners, assuring them that they are not alone in their daily struggles. Kronic has dealt with adversity himself. In 2002, he lost his mother to a car crash. The loss was devastating, but Kronic music has provided a creative outlet and platform to share the message that anything is possible with God, hard work and dedication.

Kronic has opened for numerous major artists such as Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Pretty Willie, Lil Boosie, and Plies. Kronic’s goal is to become a multiplatinum artist and to making “chronic” music. His latest project “Audio Diary,” hosted by Bigga Rankin, is available on MyMixtapez and Spinnilla. He is currently releasing videos from the mixtape and recording Audio Diary 2. Not only does chronic does “persisting for a long time” – it means constantly recurring and difficult to eradicate. Kronic is living up to his name and is here to stay.
Follow Kronic on Instagram @kronicyungfresh and stream his music at

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Fleet DJs of Georgia Media Pass Ep. 5 Artist Bio: V.V.S.


The Fleet DJs of Georgia aired their monthly show The Media Pass Episode 5 on March 27th, 2018 that specially featured the upcoming rising star V.V.S. He has a new single called “When the Feds Came” that Fleet DJs Georgia will consistently promote.

V.V.S. is an acronym for “Very Very Slightly,” a way of describing the clarity of a diamond that is nearly flawless. When deciding on a rap moniker, that’s what Tennessee rapper V.V.S had on his mind: building a “flawless” career in the music industry. Born BJ Arnold in Haywood County, Tennessee, V.V.S. first decided to dabble in the rap game after encouragement from a childhood friend. Following the blueprint of his influences 3-6 Mafia and Master P, V.V.S. built his own recording studio and learned the nuisances of audio editing.

V.V.S also graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Entertainment and Music Industry. “I always had a business mind so I bought my own equipment so I wouldn’t have to be on a time limit in the studio. I like to cut the middle man out,” says the self-taught rapper. “I wanted to do a mixtape but hosts were charging too much so I learned how to chop up songs just like they did and put out my own mixtape series called Pimp Edition. I hosted several up and coming artist’s mixtape from my area.”

The Pimp Edition mixtape series earned V.V.S. a Knockdown Entertainment award for Mixtape Artist of the Year in 2011, and several other awards over the next few years. Currently, his hot record “Mac’N” is spreading through the Southeast and Midwest regions. With the clothing line to match, V.V.S. is building a major brand. His goal is to establish his own label, M.I.M Entertainment Publishing Company, all while continuing to hone his craft. He has accomplished that goal in the state of Tennessee as an audio engineer, ghostwriter and rapper.

His current single “When the Feds Came” depicts a common narrative in the streets: the Feds invading his community and hauling people off to custody. Lyrics like “Snakes in the garden, rats in the kitchen” allude to another urban trope: someone close snitching and being responsible for starting the federal investigation in the first place. The content and feel of the song resonates with urban communities that have witnessed this same narrative. “When the Feds Came” is the lead single for V.V.S.’s new Ep “Righteous,” set to release summer 2018.

Follow V.V.S. on Instagram @vvs_mcn and watch the video for “When the Feds Came” at .

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Fleet DJs of Georgia Media Pass Artist Bio: Da Foundation

Dafoundation EPK 2-page-001

The Fleet DJs of Georgia aired their monthly show The Media Pass Episode 5 on March 27th, 2018 that specially featured the upcoming rising stars Da Foundation. They have a new single called “Ammo” feat. Future that Fleet DJs Georgia will consistently promote.
Da Foundation is a hip hop/rap duo comprised of brothers Mustaiin (“Mu”) and Malcom (“Casso”) Lawrence that formed in summer 2009. Mu considers himself a thinker, the quiet one with an uncanny militant streak that demands attention. Casso, on the other hand, is dynamic, active, and always ready for a challenge. But make no mistake – Casso is an amiable and approachable guy. The pair’s personalities complement each other brilliantly, creating a powerful energy that propels them toward success.

Mu and Casso were drawn to the art of hip hop, an enticing tableau of music, hustle and freedom from debts and destitution. In a matter of months, and with the collaboration of various booking agencies, Da Foundation went from performing on open mic nights to winning showcases to headlining their own shows. “We grind from a state of poverty so we give you our all. The people should know we took no shorts and never considered ourselves too big for any opportunity,” says the duo. The release of “Alleyway to Broadway” encapsulated the hustle and hype that defines their musical journey They moved up the hip hop charts with their award-winning single from the project, impacting radio with worldwide airplay and earning a spot on the Top 50 Independent Artists in the U.S.
Da Foundation released their EP entitled “MoneyNevaSleeps” on April 8, 2016, following the release with a self-funded promo tour of the same name. Despite their rapid rise in the music industry, the brothers remember that nothing came easy for them.

Dedication, faith, strength and talent have formed the rungs of the ladder to success. But one thing is clear: Da Foundation doesn’t care about the fame. They simply want to spread their inspiration.

Follow Da Foundation on Instagram @alleyway2broadway and stream their music at .

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Fleet DJs of Georgia Media Pass Ep. 5 Artist Bio: Ursula


The Fleet DJs of Georgia aired their monthly show The Media Pass Episode 5 on March 27th, 2018 that specially featured the upcoming rising star, Ursula. She has a new single called “Never Gonna Change” feat. Fabulous that Fleet DJs Georgia will consistently promote.

It is the fate of all prolific songwriters to trade pen for microphone and become the voice for their own lyrics. California-bred singer-songwriter-vocal arranger-producer Ursula, known as the apt UrsVerse, is one of the most sought-after multihyphenates of her time and has racked up three Grammy nominations to prove it. Her pleasing melodies, soothing sound, and hypnotic lyrics have seized radio waves all over the world. You’ve probably heard this virtuoso’s catchy tunes and heartfelt hooks – Ursula has helped solidify the careers of Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Tamar Braxton, Musiq Soulchild, Chante Moore, Mario, J. Holiday, and K-pop sensation Miss A, just to name a few! Her impact on pop music has translated into more than 10 million albums sold.

Now signed to a publishing deal with hip-hop music mogul L.A. Reid, Ursula is on her way to becoming an artist of her own with her much-anticipated single “Never Gonna Change” feat. Fabulous. This follows her first single, “Down With Me” which instantly gained traction on airwaves worldwide. The track was played in heavy rotation in major metropolitan and international stations such as Urban AC, Top 40, and Rhythmic Radio Satellite. Ursula’s signature sound skillfully fuses hip-hop, R&B, and pop.
Ursula’s authentic soulful voice and unique lyrical style make this multiplatinum singer-songwriter an undeniable talent. Her ability to convey heartfelt messages of love, hope and despair over pop and hip-hop beats resonates loud and clear with a generation that looks to music to express the words they can’t say.

Follow Ursula on Instagram @ursverse and buy her single “Never Gonna Change” on iTunes

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