[TV] “The Get Down” Season 2

Yaass The Get Down is Back! The popular Netflix Series set in the late-1970s South Bronx focused on six gifted kids at the forefront of the hip-hop revolution. As Hip-Hop Legend  Grandmaster Flash serving as an associate producer, the second season is set in 1978 with the same all-star cast featuring  Jimmy Smits, Justice Smith, Shameik Moore, Herizen F. Guardiola, Skylan Brooks, Jaden Smith, T.J. Brown Jr. and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.  The colorful multifaceted coming of age story highlighting the DJ culture premieres April 7th! – BooM




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[NEWS] Kevin Gates Facing More Charges and Extradiction

The controversial Louisiana rapper, Kevin Gates was set to be released from a Florida prison today, March 24th after serving 180 days (6 months) in jail for kicking a female fan in the chest at a concert; he claimed it was self defense.  However, looks like the rapper’s release has been postponed due to a out of state warrant stemming from felony weapons charges he obtained in Illinois .

Gates has a hearing today where he can either agree or disagree to go to Illinois’ Cook County to face the charges, which possibly could include aggravated unlawful use of a weapon or appeal the extradition. Although the rapper received quite a bit of  backlash for the incident his debut album “Isiah” went certified platinum last year. – BooM


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[NEWS] Karl Kani Accused of Rape?

Karl Kani was at the head of early 90’s Hip-Hop Fashion. As one of the founding fathers of urban wear  Kani was a staple in HipHop in the Mid 90’s and paved the way for many other urban designers. However, recently a young model from LA who goes by the name “Lovely Movely” on Instagram has accused the designer of some heinous crimes, similar to what we’ve heard about Bill Cosby over the last year. The model is accusing of Kani of not only drugging her but raping her as well.  She originally went to the police April 2016 but after they said there was nothing they could do for her she took to her social media and explained in detail what happened.

“Lovely Movely” has also planned a walk for today, March 24th to bring awareness to her issue. Who knows what the truth is but Rape is a serious allegation and hopefully justice is served in a timely matter but let’s remember “innocent until proven guilty“. At this time no one from Kani’s camp has come forward with a statement, but see below what “Lovely Movely” has to say about the incident.

“First & foremost, saying this is not easy. But if this is going to bring me justice one day then so be it,” she begun in an Instagram post, with a photo of Kani she labeled “RAPIST” in all caps.

“The man you see in this picture raped me. I was drugged and raped with no recollection of what happened the night of. Only bits and pieces. I have been in an ongoing case since 4/18/2016. I was told today 3/21/17 by the district attorney (Teresa De Castro) that my case is now CLOSED and not going to trial. Why? B/c there was not enough evidence to prove that I was unconscious at the time. My detective on this case (Detective Fairchild) told me she cannot do anything else to pursue this b/c of what the DA said. HIS DNA WAS FOUND ON MY BODY. This man admitted to the police that we had “consensual sex” which is completely false. And since he’s done this before, he knows how & what to say & do. If he would have told police that we did nothing, my case would still be open b/c of the evidence provided. But since this pig simply said we had mutual sex, my case is closed & thrown w/ the rest of the cases that no one cares to look into b/c there are “bigger” things in the world happening. I was told this is a he said/ she said scenario. I was told by the DA that my case is closed unless this happens to someone else. THE FUCK!?!”


“I’ve had so many people looking up to me & proud of how far I’ve come w/ pursuing my dream. Now I have everyone asking me where have I been. I closed out. I wasn’t me. I stopped modeling. I stopped trusting. I put my life on hold because I didn’t know how to deal with something I’ve never had to deal with before in my life. I didn’t feel sorry for myself. I really didn’t know how to cope in that moment of “Why? How? What happened to me?” I had a professional meeting (fitting) with Karl Kani & his team & I also brought someone with me. The next time he asked to meet at a restaurant & next thing I know, I wake up in this man’s bed naked right next to him with no memory of how I got there, how I got naked, how I got in his bed, or how the f**k I even got into his home! Half of my toenail was gone with dry blood on me. I had scrapes on my legs. I was paranoid & confused..continuing in comments.”

The woman also announced a rally to be held this Friday, March 24 at a location in Downtown Los Angeles. In a since-deleted post, she also wrote that “His face will be plastered EVERYWHERE until I get the Justice I deserve.”


Sources: HipHopDX, Google.


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[MUSIC VIDEO] Did Nicki Throw Shots at Remy in “Swalla” Video

Oversized Lollipops, sprinkled candy lips and Derulo Twinkies all in the middle of a rap war between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma? Unbeknownst to the Pop Star Jason Derulo  had no idea his new song “Swalla” would become a part of an ongoing beef between 2 of the hottest female rappers. Jason had this to say about it.

“You know, it’s kinda crazy because I didn’t even expect that,”Derulo admitted. “[Her dissing Remy] didn’t even cross my mind. I didn’t [put two and two] together. To be honest, I don’t think anybody on my team or my label put that together, either. But I guess it was a combination of [“Swalla”] and the other song [“Make Love” with Gucci Mane]. I don’t really know the whole joint but I do know that her coming back with those three records was unbelievable. That’s some legendary shit.”

“Swalla” Jason Derulo ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla Sign

I thought the battle was over but Nicki might not be lettin go so easy “I gave theses bitches 2 years now ya times up” Maybe she was or maybe she wasnt but my feeling is  it definelty not over between these two = BooM

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[TV] TIME: ” Kalief Browder Story” Jay-Z Produced on Spike TV

It’s no secret our criminal justice system is heavily flawed and if Kalief Browder’s story doesn’t reinforce that then I don’t know what will. His story has got to be one of the most heart breaking stories I have ever heard in my life. The 22yr old Bronx native was unjustly arrested when he was 16yrs old over a stolen backpack. After spending 3 years at Rikers Island 800 days  of them in solitary confinement Browder became mentally unstable. He was tortured, beaten, and starved but was never actually convicted of any crime and once released committed suicide by hanging himself from an AC unit in his home because he was haunted by his experience and eventually succumbed to depression.

Watching last night’s episode I was literally in shock and dismay. I can not fathom what Kalief must have been feeling to watch his life go from normal to being tortured daily just because he refused to lie.  Because he refused to admit to something he didn’t do. Browder was adamant about maintaining his innocence and was ultimately punished for it. This story isn’t just about the unfair, unjust mistreatment of a young man but more so about the lack of empathy, fairness and humanity within in our quote unquote justice system.

Hip-Hop Mogul Jay Z, collaborated with Spike and The Weinstein Company to produce the compelling six-part documentary TIME: The Kalief Browder Story. Jay described Browder as “a modern-day prophet; his story a failure of the judicial process.” The 6 part docuseries airs on Spike TV Wednesdays at 10pm Est time. Unjust incarceration is an no doubt an ongoing problem in this cou
ntry. Statistics are staggering one showing that of the 7,500 people detained at Rikers Island, almost 80 percent have not yet been found guilty or innocent of the charges they face. The are many problems facing our justice system too many to name but the main problem is once arrested you are deemed guilty even if you have never or will ever be charged! Your picture plastered on the front page of the Daily News before you ever see a judge. Kalief’s mother,
Venida Browder also endured her own torture as she had to witness not only Kalief but her other son experience his unfortunate experience with law enforcement. The mother of 6 eventually died of heart complications at St. Barnabas hospital in the Bronx. President Obama was so touched by this story he banned solitary confinement

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[MUSIC VIDEO] Snoop Dogg vs. Donald Trump “Lavender”

Fucking Tangerine Tanned Muskrat scrotum skin, Lacefront Possum fur Wig wearing, Alternative fact,Atomic Dog diarrhea face ass man” Yup these are the words Atlanta rapper T.I had to say about Donald Trump after his remarks criticizing Snoop’s career  after Snoop  Dogg did a mock assassination in his new video “Bad Bad Not Good”. With actor Michael Rapport playing the lead is in a clown costume portraying the president. There are quite a few themes going on in the video but the controversy lies in Snoop shooting “the Clown” at the end but it wasn’t violent and vile so I don’t really see what the big deal is, pretty entertaining if you ask me : ) but the “the Clown” was not happy bout this and of course tweeted. What do you think, did Snoop go to far?- #BooM 

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[NEWS] Fabulous Gets Keys to Brooklyn

Brooklyn born and bred rapper F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s has been in over drive lately featuring on almost every NY rapper’s song out right now! Fab has always heavily rep for BK and never stopped grinding in the 20 plus years he’s been in this game and it has not gone unnoticed.

Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams awarded the rapper the keys to the borough March 9th which was also the day the borough celebrated the life of Biggie Smalls another prolific hiphop  figure from the borough. Fabulous will also have a street named after him later this year after his government, John David Jackson. Congrats to Loso well deserved! – #BooM

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[TV] Fox “Shots Fired” Premiere

Shots Fired Fox TV

Thursday evening the cast from Shots Fired came out for a red carpet and preview of the new Fox TV Series “Shots Fired”. The show is directed by husband and wife creators/executive producers team Reggie and Gina Bythewood (Love and BasketBall). The show centers around the aftermath of two racially motivated shootings by law enforcement in a small southern town and with an all-star cast led by Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James, Mack Wilds, and Helen Hunt it’s sure to be a hit. Catch the 10 part series Premiering Wednesday, March 22nd on FOX. – BooM

Photography: Jebel Jones



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