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Brian Angel Releases [New Single] “Vegas”

Brian Angel Vegas
Stream now on all Digital Platforms

Brian Angel, former member of Day 26 releases his highly anticipated new single, “Vegas” off his upcoming EP ” Brian Who.”  The project comes after the R&B singer made the decision to go solo; Departing from his long time group who recently went on tour. Vegas is one of the first singles off the new project. The sexy, seductive track takes you on a melodic ride through the Vegas skies landing in a pile of sex and romance. Sure to spice up any evening this is a must for R&B lovers. Angel has been wanting to discuss topics as a solo artist that he has not been able to do in a group setting. He states “he has no hard feelings and wishes the rest of the group well.” However, he is excited to go on this journey. “Vegas” is now streaming on all Digital Platforms.  LISTEN NOW

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DJ Samore Top 5 @ BET X 2018

Check out whats the latest on the urban radio charts according the mediabase and bds. This recent episode features new music from Luke James, Mika Means, and west coast based singer/songwriter Andre Writer. DJ Samore was covering reporting live from the BET Experience this year, check out her recap of the BET Awards X Experience this year.


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New Episode: DJ Samore Top 5 w/ @taylorgirlz

It’s been a while but DJ Samore is still releasing a new episode of the DJ Samore Top 5 show, each week on the Innovative Black Station Network; This week’s episode; DJ Samore catches up with Taylor Girlz, they talk about pranks , new goals, and hot new single #onepercent feat Kap G. DJ Samore also gives you the weekly update on the happenings in the Atlanta Streets during the Hot in the Streets segment. Spotlight new music from Verse Simmonds and girl group NLA feat B Smyth “Tomorrow”. You can Watch the episode here.


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I Dream Of $ Jigi $ by DJ Layne Luv

…And just like the Jeannie from the tv show her “image” caters to the fantasy of the male wishes (and some females too lol) but seriously that is not any of her concern. The true business woman from Dayton Ohio is focused on the check daily and very little else in the way of drama or negativity. Her name is Jigi Deniro as in Spanish currency. Her movement you ask? Pretty Pesos. The rest is self explanatory.

These days everybody says they’re about the check, but what caught my attention was Jigi’s consistency. It’s one thing to constantly flood a social media timeline, but to do it in a versatile way that shows your skills, grind, hustle, and doesn’t bore the audience…now that’s saying something. For example, early risers can catch her on Wright State University’s Hip Hop WakeUp Radio on 106.9fm bringing sunshine to her loyal listeners and informing them on all the latest happenings with Ohio Hip Hop artists. You might also see her at a fund raising event empowering the youth to stay in school. And for the people involved in the night life, Jigi heavily promotes Plush Adult Night Life ENT. 

Being that she was from Ohio, I wanted to do more than interview her, I wanted to be a part of the Jigi Deniro brand. So, I called her up one day and asked her if I could have the number to her manager and the information on who does all of her marketing and branding. She replied “You’re speaking to her. That would be me, me & me” LOL! I also asked her if she wouldn’t mind being a part of a worldwide organization that promotes a represents artist in every state (Fleet DJs). She said “Are you kidding me or what?…yeah I’m down.” After speaking with Aaron and presenting her artist press package, it was a go. Jigi became an official Fleet Artist. 

But please don’t judge her by what you see on the surface. Jigi is from good stock and receives love and support from her parents and the rest of her family. I asked her if her folks were ever uncomfortable about her promoting adult entertainment (dem skrippers) and she stated “Of course, any parent wants to protect their child from the pitfalls of this world, but they know that Jigi is grown at the end of the day, that means Jigi got her own bills to pay.” …she adds “But I receive so much love and support from my family, my mother especially”

What most may not know, is that even though Jigi is from Ohio she developed her HU$TLE down south at good ol Tennessee State University. She says “Attending school down there really opened me up to diversity and life outside of my Ohio bubble. When you’ve got all that talent in one area from New York, Chicago Atlanta, and California, different personalities are going to influence creativity and you give some and you take some, but it’s all there to develop what you’re trying to become.” I want to give a shout out to my HBCU family because I still carry those connections to this day….

She’s very witty. I asked how she feels when she thinks people might think she’s doing too much…and already speaking in third person she responds…“Jigi got a whole lotta Plan A’s “ I bust out laughing. “No for real…All my Plan A’s bring in some sort of revenue or income stream for me” 

She has a single out now entitled Y.E.S. being pushed by The Fleet DJ’s however, please go to her youtube channel and check out her other two hot songs “Lost Count” and “Lingo” ft D. Seanny 

Be sure to follow her on all of the social media sites because her star is rising and she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.





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[Web Series] DJ Samore Top 5 : Episode 61

New episode, new week, DJ Samore step out and let her Godsister , Keisha (#datgurlkeisha) host the top 5 this week. She countdown the top 5 songs on the urban radio charts, according to mediabase and bds reports, the streets, and what’s that next record. On Episode 61, DJ Samore left #datgurlkeisha with the notes, on the songs, hot in the streets, and top headlines.  DJ Samore was in the studio chopping it up with the H.o.b.b. Club member , New Yonkaz, as he talks about his new record “Gang Gang”. Watch the episode here.


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[Web Series] DJ Samore Top 5 w/ Ali Amin Carter

Check out episode 60, DJ Samore Top 5, DJ Samore count downs the top 5 records on the urban radio , according to mediabase/bds charts, the streets, and her radio music knowledge. This week she spotlight new music from Traci Braxton and Janelle Monae. Also she had Ali Amin Carter who plays the role of Keith in the Set it Off Live Stage Play. Watch the episode here.


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