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[FITNESS] Weight Lifting!

Today, I’m touching on a subject that really needs to be talked about: Fitness. Let’s face it, many people today don’t think about how crucial staying in shape really is. Not only does working out keeps you looking sexy, it keeps away MANY avoidable health conditions. There are so many exercises you can do. You have  cardiovascular exercises,  body weight exercises, and my absolute favorite: weight lifting. A weight lifting regimen can vary from basic workouts to bodybuilding to Olympic lifting, CrossFit, and so forth.

Me personally, am bodybuilding along with strength training. If you’re a beginner, then this may be tough for you at 1st, but stick with it! if you’re experienced, then you know how much fun and rewarding this is! Depending on the intensity of the training, you can almost bet you will feel sore as a beginner and might wanna quit but Don’t. Proper form is key when exercises are performed.

If you want more aerobics along with your weight lifting or if bodybuilding is too monotonous, then CrossFit is for you. If you don’t know what CrossFit is, then I will keep it simple: you will be flipping tractor tires. No Seriously, along with other super fun things to that will keep your workout interesting. Oh yeah, dont forget proper form is key to success!

If you REALLY want a challenge, and  look cool at the same time, then Olympic lifting is for you. YOUR BODY MUST BE ON POINT BEFORE YOU BEGIN DOING THIS! TAKE HEED! I hope you’ve practiced your form with the previous 2 because proper form is VERY CRUCIAL with Olympic lifting IN ORDER TO PREVENT VERY SERIOUS INJURY TO YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU! Now that is out of the way, if you’re really ready, go for it!

That’s it for now. I will be posting health articles more often so make sure you follow me!

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[GAMING] Sega Genesis

What’s up everyone? How have y’all been? Me? Oh, I’ve been in the lab very heavy lately, but that’s not important right now. It’s time to go down memory lane a bit! No, not that far into the 60s. Let’s just go back to the early 90s: the time of 16 bit gaming, or “not 3D yet” for the non-tech savvy. As everyone knows, we basically had 2 choices: the Super Nintendo, or the Sega Genesis. Let’s talk about the Genesis.

Small, black, cartridges as the medium, rf switch (if you don’t know what this is, you are too young for me), big black controller with 3 buttons (or the smaller, yet cooler, arcade controller with 6 buttons), game genie, getting your ass kicked by Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat….brings back memories, right? I knew it would. You have to give it to the Sega Genesis: the game library was huge. Not only huge, there’s LOTS of fun games to choose from…

….like this one. If you don’t recognize this game, then please hit the reset button on life. If you have seriously never played Sonic the Hedgehog before, start from the very 1st one, then work from there. You really want an adventure? Hook up Sonic 3 on top of Sonic And Knuckles. That’s how it’s MEANT to be played.

If you like side scroller beat-em-up games, then the Streets Of Rage was your choice. Everyone who has played this one knows that it starts of easy. Next thing you know, you’re ready to throw your entire console in rush hour traffic. Up next..

Mortal Kombat. Need I say more?

And last but not least: Vectorman. Don’t sleep on this game. It’s one of the most fun, yet interesting games. Like adventure? Like sci-fi? Like shooting? There you go. If you ever get a chance, play it. Trust me.

See y’all next time!

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Since the dawn of Anime, or Japanese animation, quite a few have gained a cult following. Myself, I watch many different animes. Some people might just stick to one particular series. From only watching it on certain days on tv in the past, to being able to just YouTube many today, the excitement for it has never faded, well, at least to cool kids like you and I. Some classics from the 1980s are still very enjoyable to this day, as well as some newer animes that have caught my attention. Here’s some of my favorites.


Released in the 80s, This one is an eternal classic. The graphic content, the storyline, the suspense, everything is perfect!!!!! The animation in Akira has set the standard for most anime that you see today! If you’ve never watched this one, you are seriously tripping. Akira and chill, anyone?

Dragon Ball

The entire Dragon Ball series needs no introduction. Everyone knows the entire series is freaking awesome! Well, apart from Dragon Ball GT, who wrote,or even thought of that crap? I’m so glad Akira Toriyama had ZERO parts of that monstrosity. Anyway, GT was not canon,but Dragon Ball Super is! I can’t wait for the tournament of power to happen!


Believe it or not, I’m just now getting into Naruto. So far, I’m quite impressed with the story line. I wish I could write more about this one, but I have to continue watching.

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Before, I’ve covered DAW programs. To recap, DAWs are Digital Audio Workstations, and they are used from making beats to recording songs. Now, I am going to cover VST plugins. VST, or Virtual Studio Technology, has been the future for some years, if that makes sense.

VSTs serve a very wide range of purposes. One main purpose producers use them for is to lay unique sounds on beats. Engineers may use VSTs with the mixing of vocals. Some creators use them for both of the said purposes. Me personally, I use them for any purpose, depending on the situation. I will cover the use of VSTs when recording on another day. In a producer’s world alone today, VSTs are the bread and butter.


This has to be my favorite VST today. The VST itself has to be around 70 GB alone, but it is all worth it. I literally haven’t been through all of the sounds this one has, not to mention newer expansion packs are being released. If you want that unique sound, get this one.


This VST comes in second place in my book. Since the early 2010s, you have heard this one in many hit tracks. Although this VST is aging, it still serves its main purpose. If you’re a trap rnb, or edm producer, this one is for you.

Those are the 2 I’m covering today. See you next time for more.

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[420] Green Crack and a Surprise

Ok. Before we get started with this review, let me give you all a disclaimer. THIS STRAIN IS FOR WAKE AND BAKE ONLY! Now that is out-of-the-way, let’s begin.

With a name like Green Crack, a normal person (bud toker only) would be like “ehhhh…nah.” Trust me, there’s no cocaine and baking soda in this. The smell is oh so lovely, fruity, and a bit earthy. The fruity smell alone has lured me into giving this one a try. The buds I’ve had required the use of a grinder. My choice of ingestion was, of course, an organic hemp raw paper.

I’ll describe the 1st pull of smoke as this: OHMYGODTHISTASTESSOAMAZING! Very fruity taste and the classic pungent smell that makes people stop in their tracks and say “someone is smoking pot somewhere.” After around 8 – 10 minutes, I wasn’t feeling anything. Nothing. Not a thing. I said to myself “no, this can’t be disappointing…”, and then it hit me. Zero couch lock, heavy cerebral effects, strong euphoria, and, read this: VERY SHARP FOCUS! After my joint was done, I just wanted to keep myself gainfully employed. I cleaned my house, did laundry, and began making beats from 11pm until 10am the next morning! If you are a creator, this strain is for you! Speaking of those beats, you can listen to part 1 of my Spring 2017 beat collection, trap/drill edition below! If you are interested in using any of these beats, contact moi at .

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

The high typically lasts around 4.5 hours if you just had one session. Let’s revisit the disclaimer. DO NOT SMOKE THIS STRAIN AT NIGHT UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DO OR SOMEWHERE TO GO! WHY? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! YOU WILL NOT GO TO SLEEP! YOU WILL BE MAD AT YOURSELF! Other than that, happy toking!

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[420] Pipes, Bongs, And Beyond

In this segment of 420 with Tylenol 3, we are going to visit one of my favorite methods of bud consumption: pipes and bongs. No matter what anyone says, this method is awesome. I’ve pretty much smoked bud in anything from the grandaddy pipe (which is awesome on its own level) to a 4 chambered chest kicker. With that being said, some devices are perfect for beginners, while others are not for the ones with virgin lungs. These days, there are millions of different types of pipes, but here’s my favorite types.


Ahhh, the bong. The perfect friend to have after a long day at work, or the perfect host for a kickback. One man-sized hit, or a few little boy sized pulls will definitely get the job done. Want less choke and more toke? Add some ice in the water. The little bongs are cool, but I love the taller ones. Wanna go to sleep? Just load a bowl of your favorite indica, take 1 man-sized hit, and just sit back.

One Hitter

In my opinion, this is the handiest pipe ever made in the course of human existence. Do you have square family members visiting? Go outside and smoke your one hitter. Do you want a quick and inconspicuous buzz on your lunch break? Smoke your one hitter (I neither endorse nor shun getting lifted at work). Do you have a flight to catch, but don’t want to hassle with yourself smelling like gelato walking through TSA checkpoints? Smoke your one hitter and leave that at home (I DO approve of being high on an airplane).


Ooooooooh. The bubbler. You just feel like somebody when you smoke a bubbler. Never smoked a bubbler before? Just imagine yourself at an upper class formal dinner, and you’re in the smoking section listening to classical music as you pull. Yeah, nice isn’t it? Go buy you one. I triple dog dare you.

420 is in 2 days! No matter what you use to consume cannabis, just do it!

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[420] What’s Your Favorite Rolling Paper?

In the last rolling article, I discussed different types of cigars to enjoy your 420 experience. I know, not everyone smokes blunts. A lot of people who I know, including myself, enjoy smoking papers as well. Rolling papers are meant to be enjoyed as a solo session, or with a very close friend. Papers, in my opinion, deliver a different type of high. Depending on the brand of rolling paper, you can either taste the flavor of the paper, or you can taste your buds in full glory, only second to the pipes of course. I will discuss pipes next time. For now, heres a few favorite papers of mine throughout my 420 journey.


This has to be hands down my favorite brand of rolling papers. The classics are always great, but I prefer the organic hemp. Slow burning, mild smoke, and the cherry tend to stay even with these. I highly recommend these papers as an everyday smoke. For the best experience, use a filter. Trust me on this one.

Zig Zag

The iconic orange package. No 225. Everyone knows what a zig zag is. These papers are usually consumed by experienced smokers. The smoke can be kinda strong, but it’s an appreciated extra choke with the pull of choice buds. If you roll your spliff a little fat, you are sure to enjoy this brand.

Juicy Jay’s

If you want a little flavor in your life, Juicy Jay’s are the way to go. This brand, to my knowledge, is almost always organic hemp. When found in a smoke shop, the variety of flavors is always vast, so you might have a bit of a problem choosing a flavor within the 1st 3 minutes. My personal favorite is blueberry. If you wish to smoke and drive, black magic is the way to go, and you will smell why.

Roll you up a fat ol doob, and enjoy your wake and bake!

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[420] Bouncing On The Moon

What’s up guys? It’s been a little while. Between my Las Vegas trip, then coming back to Texas hitting the ground running with adulting, I’ve been pretty busy indeed. Now it’s time for another review. In Sin City, cannabis is legal, and I’ve had the pleasure of trying out this coveted gem: the Moon Rock. To who doesn’t know what a Moon Rock is, it’s usually Girl Scout Cookie buds dipped in cannabis oil, then rolled around in kief. I’ve heard many stories about this scrumptious creation, good and bad. Well, me being me, I had to try it myself. My best friend met me at the airport, and of course, he had a man-sized joint of it ready as soon as we hit I15. Do not smoke and drive like we do. OK, do what you want, but be safe.

Anyway, to the review. Keep in mind it was mixed with Presidential Kush, which I will review in a separate post. From the very 1st pull, right before the wonderful choke, I tasted nothing but grapes! I knew my cannabinoid receptors were in for it from that moment. 5 minutes into the freeway smoke session, I was, how do you say, lit. Surprisingly, I did not begin to feel lazy at all. In fact, I wanted to get into some mischief once I lay my bags down at the homie’s house. 10 minutes after ingestion, I was ready! Ready for what? I’m so glad you asked. I was ready to see the city then dive my snout into some Fatburger!

As for the high itself, if you don’t smoke anymore after a lunar session, it lasts around 3 – 4 hours, depending on how much you smoke regularly. Moon Rocks are not for the novice smoker! If you aren’t quite sure how much to smoke, simply grind a tiny bit in with a strain of your choice, then work your way up from there. Moon Rocks are best enjoyed with very good friends! Speaking of bud, I’m tired. -lights bowl then crashes.

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[420] Favorite Cigars

A favorite bud smoking delivery mechanism has been in debate for as long as I can remember. Some people love papers; some people love pipes, some people love dab rigs, some even love edibles. Today, we are going to focus on cigars. Of course, cigars are unhealthy, but they do give a certain level of highness that’s satisfying. Some cigars are simple to roll; some require a certain degree of skill. I’m going to name a few of my favorites.

Swisher Sweets

Depending on where you are from, this is either a classic you can’t go wrong with or a cigar you wouldn’t dare touch. For me, this cigar is one of the best created to roll up with. Although this brand has many different flavors and sizes now, I usually go for the first sweets. Here’s a pro tip: roll it inside out, it will burn slower.

Dutch Masters

This is also one of my go to cigars. The vanilla dutch masters are my absolute favorite flavor, with the sweets coming second. The leaf always burns slow, and now that they are in foil packs, they are almost always fresh, instead of the crapshoot years ago with the plastic wrap. This cigar is best for smoking and driving if you’re brave.


This is a cigar that requires a unique skill to roll up with. Once you have the skill mastered, you will never turn back! Always slow burning and satisfying, Backwoods are a brand that you absolutely cannot go without! The sweets and the honey bourbon are the best ones in my opinion.

Game by Garcia Y Vega

These cigars have gained fame in the past few years, especially in the Baton Rouge area. Of course, being by Garcia Y Vega, these are always slow burning, smooth, and satisfying. The scent of the cigar does blend in with the bud well. These cigars are best for backyard BBQs or kickbacks in my opinion.

What’s your favorite brand?

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[420] God’s Gift Strain Review

So, my homie hit me up earlier and told me he had got hold of “God’s Gift,” so I wanted to give it a try since I haven’t smoked this strain before. God’s Gift is an Indica strain whose parents are OG Kush and Granddaddy Purp. When I grabbed the buds, they were dense and hearty, with a sweet fruity scent. Now that I’m off work, which is the perfect time to try this strain, I’m rolled up and ready to go! -Lights Zippo.

The taste is lovely! The sweet classic OG Kush flavor is slight, along with the grapes that remind me of home in Louisiana. The scent carries well in the wind, as purple should. The aftertaste is a mixture of Earthy and Grapeish after tones. The smoke is nice and milky, which gives you a nice cough. This is perfect for an Indica strain!

As I’m typing this review, I’m halfway through this Swisher. The onset of the high has a gradual transition, which should hit you just nicely after about 9 minutes. Euphoric and relaxing, all I can think about doing is eating a Craig-sized bowl of cereal, showering, eating, and letting Dragon Ball Super end up watching me. Homie, this is going to be some good sleep.

Overall, I give this strain 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend smoking this bud as a daytime smoke. Why? I’m glad you asked, young Grasshopper. You’re not gonna wanna do ANYTHING. As for chilling out before bedtime fresh out the shower with your significant other, your TV, or both, I give this a greenlight! Throw away those sleeping pills and keep this in your nightstand! I’ll see y’all later though. -Goes to pantry.

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