After a long break due to site updates, we are finally BACK! First and foremost, we want to take some time out to acknowledge Hip-Hop’s official birthday last week. With the genre turning 44 this year, the movement continues to flourish and remain one of the world’s most influential forms of music.

Better late than never, we alongside Straight Official Magazine are changing the style up a bit and hitting you with #FlashbackFridays where we take a look back in the day at album releases from some of the genre’s most renowned artists. We hope you enjoy our new look of the site and stay tuned with us each and every Thursday as we dig in the crates to highlight the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop #GetSOM #DueSeason #LEGGO


August 16th 1994: Organized Konfusion Releases Stress: The Extinction Agenda

The duo of Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch would combine to form Organized Konfusion and would bless us with their sophomore project under Hollywood BASIC/Elektra Records. With production from both Rockwilder and Buckwild, the album would receive great reviews and in some circles it’s considered an underground Hip-Hop classic. Singles such as “Stress” and “Let’s Organize” would propel the album to #28 on Billboard Top 25 R&B/Hip-Hop charts and the true lyricism of both Po and Monch would be on full display.


August 17th 1999: Mobb Deep Releases Murda Musik

The most infamous duo from Queensbridge would return to the booth for their fourth album under Loud/Columbia Records. While the saying is “third time’s a charm” is common to most artists, Havoc and the late Prodigy were anything but common. With a plethora of producers including The Alchemist, T-Mix and Epitome this project would go on to debut at #3 on Billboard Top 200 but reach platinum status in just two months after it’s release. The iconic single “Quiet Storm” is a beautiful blend of Smokey Robinson and Grandmaster Melle Mel samples with the gritty flavor of Hip-Hop that only Mobb Deep could give you. A must own album for those who love Hip-Hop!


August 17th 1993: Scarface Releases The World Is Yours

Back at the plate for his second album, Scarface would avoid the “sophomore jinx” that has plagued other artists with a solid effort under Rap-A-Lot Records. Though some felt that this album wasn’t as great as his first, the numbers don’t lie as the album crept into the Top 10 of Billboard 200 and secured the #1 spot on R&B/Hip-Hop charts respectively. The lead single “Let It Roll” was a classic and Billboard Top 100 felt so as well as it snagged a spot on the list. Face would only further cement his legacy in Hip-Hop with this album and add to his impressive catalog.

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[INTERVIEW] Young Bleed-Feet On the Ground via @TenthLetterMed


Hip-Hop made its way past the Mason/Dixon after the stint out west in the 90’s and the genre and culture would once again evolve to greater levels. The Dirty South would rise to power with institutions like No Limit Records leading the charge for supremacy in the industry. Amongst the loaded roster of NLR, an MC would debut with the label and captivate the masses by asking a simple question…how you do that?

Young Bleed is a musician that has been regarded by many as a pioneer of Southern underground Hip-Hop. His hit single alongside Master P would be slapped in clubs and trunks of vehicles for years. His debut album My Balls and My Word is an undeniable classic and in some circles, ahead of its time.

Since 1994 he has and continues to go hard for the love of the music. His recent album Livin’ is out in stores and he recently finished the Hard Work Pays Off tour that hit in over 30 cities. We had the opportunity to link up with this legend and chop it up about his moves and what we can expect moving forward.

The album was released in February of this year and features a collective of Hip-Hop’s veteran MC’s that Bleed holds to a degree higher than just fellow artists. “I went old school far as tracks and I am connected with so many guys over the years. Legends, before my genre as well.” You can expect to see some reunions like with Mo B. Dick and hear that original No Limit sound. “One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Karma” and everyone that hears it says it’s a phenomenal song.”

Longevity is key in life and in music and Bleed still holds the love of music in high regard. “I come from a blues and gospel background, along with being born in a musical family, it’s always been a way of life so when it became about business, it just came natural.” Bleed intends to build on the foundation and legacy that he’s worked a lifetime to establish. “Long as I feel the love of music I’m going to continue to whoop it up.”

Young Bleed is now under Trap Door Entertainment and the album Livin’ is available now through Apple Music and Spotify. To check out the rest of our interview, click on the link down below and you can find out more about Young Bleed at

SO Mag Interview-Young Bleed

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[MUSIC VIDEO] Omega-Jonesin’ via @TenthLetterMed


TenthLetterMedia and Straight Official Magazine are coming back at you with #MVM (Music Video Mondays) where we show love to Hip-Hop’s growing scene in the Circle City.

This week we take a look at a new single from Omega titled “Jonesin” which is one of the jewels from his upcoming album Back From the Future. Check out the dope visual down below and stay rocking with us as we continue to bring you the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop! #GetSOM #DueSeason

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[MUSIC VIDEO] Spacedad-Slap Bacon via @TenthLetterMed


Welcome back to #MVM on TLM! We alongside Straight Official Magazine like to kick your week off with some dope visuals that compliment some of the hottest Hip-Hop acts both independent and national.

This week we take a look at the newest single from Spacedad and this one does SLAP!! Check out the video for “Slap Bacon” down below and stay with us as we continue to bring you the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop! #GetSOM #DueSeason

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[MUSIC VIDEO] Ephect- Call Me Ephect via @TenthLetterMed


We are still going strong for #MVM (Music Video Mondays) here at TLM. Alongside Straight Official Magazine, we like to show love to Naptown artists who are cultivating the scene in the Circle City.

This week we shine the light on Ephect and his new single “Call Me Ephect” from his upcoming album the Nphection. Check out the video down below and make sure you support INdependent music and stay tuned with us as we continue to bring you the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop! #GetSOM #DueSeason

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[MUSIC VIDEO] Devon Golder- Ride Wit Me via @TenthLetterMed


We hope that you had a great weekend and shouts out to all the father’s who were celebrated this weekend! With Monday upon us, what better way to kick off the week with a little #MVM (Music Video Mondays)!

This week we got a hot joint from Devon Golder. This single is called “Ride Wit Me” and is a dope groove to ride out to! Check out the video down below and stay with us as we continue to bring you the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop! #GetSOM #DueSeason

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[MUSIC VIDEO] OG SLIM- Heart Cold via @TenthLetterMed


Welcome back to #MVM on TLM (Music Video Mondays) where we alongside Straight Official Magazine like to set your week off right with visuals that compliment the hottest Hip-Hop tracks from Indy’s hottest artists.

This week we shine the light on Naptown’s own OG Slim as he and Coleone Big Dog team up for this single from Slim’s newest mixtape titled Ric Flair, which is available for download at Here is “Heart Cold” and stay tuned with us as we continue to bring you the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop! #GetSOM #DueSeason

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[THROWBACK THURSDAY] Hip-Hop Milestones via @TenthLetterMed


The genre of Hip-Hop is not only filled with rhythm and rhymes but also several milestones. Birthdays for example are abundant during this time of year. Shouts out to MC Ren, 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Krayzie Bone, Freddie Gibbs and Ice Cube as they celebrate their respective soul days this month. Cube is also celebrating another milestone as he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week! Now that is DOPE!!

TenthLetterMedia and Straight Official Magazine love to highlight these and many other achievements in this movement. Fresh over hump day, we are back on our #ThrowbackThursday hustle as this week we take a look at a few albums that were released during this time. Be sure to check in with us each and every Thursday as we dig in the crates to give you the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop….LEGGO!!!

Three 6 Mafia Releases When The Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1

In June of 2003, the thugs that tore the club up would bless us with their fourth studio album under Loud Records. Known by many as the innovators of Crunk, Triple 6 would further the advancement of Southern Hip-Hop. Produced by DJ Paul and Juicy J, the album boasted 4 hit singles that would propel the album up the Billboard charts (#6 on Billboard 200 & #2 on Top Hip-Hop/R&B). “Sippin on Some Syrup” and “Who Run It” were classics and geared the project for platinum certification in December of 2000. The album also had great features with UGK, Project Pat, Young Buck and No Limit Soldiers Fiend and Mr. Serv-On.

Slum Village Releases Fantastic Vol. 2

The collective unit of Illa J, Elzhi, Baatin and J Dilla would form Slum Village and on June 13, 2000, they would double up on something fantastic with their sophomore effort. With production from Jay Dee, D’Angelo and Pete Rock this album would thrive amidst the heavy bootlegging of music that took place during this time. Despite not having great accolades in sales, the impact this album had on the underground circuit was monumental as the excellence of the late J Dilla was on full display. Some would even go so far to say they were the torchbearers Once A Tribe Called Quest left the scene, and we couldn’t agree more!

Quasimoto Releases The Unseen

With June 13th 2000 being a recurring date this week, this day and time would also feature the debut of Madlib. Under his alter ego of Quasimoto, the artist and producer would provide us with a unique blend of jazz, soul and electronic funk that has made him a mainstay in the genre for years. While it was documented that he was under heavy influence of mushrooms during production of the album, the result was a masterpiece featuring co-production from Kut Master Kurt and Peanut Butter Wolf. Tracks like “Basic Instinct” and “Come On Feet” are memorable and should be in the collection of any true Hip-Hop head.

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[MUSIC VIDEO] Roj Mahal-Cage Free via @TenthLetterMed


Welcome back to #MVM (Music Video Mondays) on TenthLetterMedia! This is the start to your week and we alongside Straight Official Magazine like to kick you off right with visuals from some of the hottest artists from Indy’s growing Hip-Hop scene.

This week we take a trip through the Circle City and end up in the realm of SPAWGEL where the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop thrives. Here is Roj Mahal and he is for YA’LL!! Google him and check out this single titled “Cage Free” available at the following link and right here with Straight Official Magazine and TenthLetterMedia #GetSOM #DueSeason


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[HIP HOP VERSE OF THE MONTH] BIG K.R.I.T-Mt. Olympus via @TenthLetterMed


Out of the five elements that connect like Voltron to form Hip-Hop, the MC is without a doubt the head. The lyricism and delivery of a hot 16 can do anything from storytelling to persuasion and in some cases, create mass hysteria.

Over its 40-plus year odyssey, Hip-Hop has made its presence not only felt but respected as a genre of music unlike any other. Through metaphors, entendres and raw spit, a dope MC can make proclaim their dominance from even the highest mountain.

In that collective spirit, TenthLetterMedia and Straight Official Magazine present the HIP-HOP Verse of the Month where each and every month, we will spotlight bars from some of our favorite MC’s. This month we’re headed across the Mason/Dixon line to check out Big K.R.I.T. and his vicious verse from the bonus track “Mt. Olympus” off the Cadillatica album.

While the song itself is one of my favorites from K.R.I.T., it was difficult to narrow down just one of the two verses of the song. After much deliberation, verse one sets this track off amidst the orchestral backdrop that hits you from the jump. K.R.I.T. uses the beginning to address the light that was shined on him from the “Control” track from Kendrick Lamar:

All this attention
I don’t even know what I might even do with it
That Control beat is like an ugly bitch that everybody done fucked raw
Maybe you hit it
Aw man, I’m more concerned why niggas been textin’ my cell
Callin’ my phone
Ask me about this Kendrick shit
That he ain’t even really even diss me on

K.R.I.T goes on to display his lyrical fortitude that in his words was passed up on for the status quo within the industry (trap, bass, molly & drank). He began to tear into recycled artists from the South and the tactics used to mislead fans all while shouting out a pioneer in Southern Hip-Hop:

I ain’t drawn to all this propaganda
Rap shit ’bout as real as Santa
Now I’m lyrical all of the sudden
Well last year they claim they ain’t understand me
I’m buryin’ this (Yeah ho)
And pissin’ on they graves
Another nigga, other nigga name on your chain
And they call me a slave
Niggas scared of this country boy, lord forbid I catch a body
In the studio tryna calm your soul
Lookin’ at your manager, I think Krizzle got me
I put you in the trunk with these subwoofers
5th wheel in my shottie
I’m so prolific with these scriptures they might give me a Bible
Page 1, come here son
Mind your manners, just be cool
I know you lame when you was in school
The little fame you ain’t used to
And it was easy for you to move through
English class put you off these swords
Like one of these days I’m gonna be a rapper
But all my verses gonna be borrowed
So I’ma take from all these Southern artists
That mainstream never heard of
Recycle all of they lingo
And make sure I screw my words up
Bravo for your swagger-jackin’
I’m overwhelmed by your dedication
You actually fooled these people into thinkin’
That your music was innovative
Rap battlin’ never got me out of no public housin’
You tellin’ me I can be King of Hip-Hop
And they wouldn’t give it to Andre 3000?

Krizzle ended this first verse with a revelation unlike any other while quoting himself from another dope track entitled “I Got This”. He then goes into a chorus that continued to blister those who decided to pass the Southern MC by:

Nigga please, this award ain’t got shit to do with us
God could physically come down and say “he the greatest
My favorite, y’all should listen, he have potential
To outlive the heatwave I’ma send through this motherfucker
And rebuild for a whole ‘nother other culture”
And that wouldn’t be enough
So fuck these haters and fuck these hoes
Damn right I still mean that

Check out the video to Mt. Olympus below and stick around for the second verse to see just how difficult it was to narrow this down, and stay tuned with us here at Straight Official Magazine for more Hip-Hop Verses of the Month.

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