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Sundays are meant to be a chill day before the start of a new week. Alongside Straight Official Magazine, we like to set your week off right with a feature we like to call #NewMusicSundays where we bring you new music from the Hip-Hop sector of Indy and all points abroad.


This week we have a staff favorite in EPHECT hitting us up with his 4th visual project this year from The Nphection album released this year. The producer and songwriter from the Circle City is a vested artist who’s independent movement has helped to shape the landscape of Hip-Hop in Indy.

Ephect- The Nphection EP

The interlude single “Hindsight” is a testament to the trials of life and how we bounce back from adversity with the lessons learned from living it. Check out the dope visual directed by Ephect down below and be sure to cop The Nphection which is available on all streaming platforms.

Ephect-Hindsight Single

We thank you for tuning in to TenthLetterMedia & as we capture the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop and remember, it’s the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!



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Redman-Black Man in America (photo cred. YouTube)

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One half of Hip-Hop’s most notable duos is back with a new single that highlights the plight of the black man in America. Gilla House MC REDMAN stepped back in the booth recently to release a new single titled “Black Man in America” in which he teams with Pressure to hit us with that Brick City spit that only he can deliver!

Redman (photo cred.

The single was released yesterday and is already making noise! Check out the visual for “Black Man in America” directed by Reggie Noble down below and thanks for tuning in to TLM & for your issue to the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop!

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The start of another week looms but on this and every Sunday, the team of TLM & Straight Official Magazine look to set off your week off right! With our #NewMusicSundays feature, we bless you with new music from the vibrant Hip-Hop scene from the nineteenth state and all points abroad.


Coming out the Circle City, FEERAY is an artist that has aided the cultivation of Hip-Hop in Indianapolis. Originally from Chicago, IL the producer and writer has vested over a decade into his craft and the result is a delightful audible to the current plays being ran in the game.

Feeray performing at the Thunderbird- Chreece Hip-Hop Festival (photo cred. All317HipHop)

The Broke Street Billionaire/BeatMafia owner is on the move. He’s riding the wave of his 5th project release, a stellar performance at the 5th annual Chreece festival and an upcoming tour to promote More Than Enough it’s safe to say Feeray is a busy man!

Feeray-More Than Enough

The album More Than Enough is a dope project that features production from Feeray and Sonny Paradise. You can check out 3 tracks from the album down below for your listening pleasure. The project is available on over 40 platforms and is well worth the listen!


We thank you for rocking with TLM & as we capture the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop! And remember, it’s the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!!!




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Summer is coming to an close and as the season begins to change, we along with Straight Official Magazine remain the constant in capturing the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop with our weekend presentation known as the #SaturdaySpotlight where we cast our collective light upon the landscape to showcase emerging artists from across the land.

Danny Brown (photo cred. website)

This week we have DANNY BROWN in our crosshairs as he just released a new single titled “Dirty Laundry” from his upcoming album uknowhatimsayin? slated for release next month.

Danny Brown uknowhatimsayin? Album art (photo cred. website)

The anticipated project features production from ATCQ’s Q-Tip and the hot single “Dirty Laundry” is a solid lead off track that will debut their collaborative efforts.

(Photo cred. website)

The visual for “Dirty Laundry” is CRAZY! It compliments Brown’s lyrical tendencies and unique storytelling ability. You can check out the visual for “Dirty Laundry” directed by Simon Cahn down below. As always, we thank you for rocking with TenthLetterMedia & for your issue to the lifestyle & culture of Hip-Hop and remember, it’s the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!!!

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Labor Day weekend is upon us and we hope that yours is both a fun and safe one! We along with Straight Official Magazine are back at you with our weekend demo known as the #SaturdaySpotlight where we shine our collective light upon the Hip-Hop landscape of the nineteenth state and all points abroad! If you’re an artist who’d like to be featured, then contact us for more information.

T. Harris (photo cred. T. Harris FB page)

This week we have Haughville’s own T. HARRIS blessing us with a preview from his upcoming Revenge mixtape release. The veteran artist, engineer and songwriter presents his level of creativity and evolution in the industry with the hit single “Dior.”

T. Harris “Dior” Single

Check out the single “Dior” down below and stay tuned in to T. Harris as his mixtape release draws closer. We thank you as always for rockin’ with us and as we capture the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop, and remember that its the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!!


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Chreece (photo cred.

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The capital city of Indiana is heralded for spectacles in racing and legends on the hardwood and gridiron, but when it comes to Hip-Hop, Indy has lived up to it’s nickname of being a nap town in regards to being slept on as a region for talent. As a former independent artist and lifetime resident of Indy, I can attest to the abundance of talent that runs rampant here as well as the plethora of pitfalls that await an artist seeking the spotlight in the genre.

From Left: Jay Brookins, Oreo Jones, DJ Indiana Jones (photo cred.

Through the collective visioning of Oreo Jones and Jay Brookins, they created Chreece with the intent to alter the landscape of arts & entertainment in Indy with an all-day festival committed to the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop. It would serve as a platform for native artists here who for years could only be heard by either word of mouth or by association. They felt it was time that the Circle City was recognized as a region in the Midwest with the potential to be the next mecca in the movement.

Chreece Line-up 2019 (photo cred. Chreece FB page)

Held in Fountain Square, located just south of downtown Indianapolis, this area was once seen as an eyesore, complete with run down buildings and illicit drug use. The present day Fountain Square exists due to the influence of Chreece as over time, several businesses in the area now thrive due to converting their establishments to include a stage for artists to perform live. Eight venues in all house the annual event with all aspects of Hip-Hop on full display. 

This year the event featured over 70 acts including two dance battles and performances from Griselda Records, Sadat X and headliner Talib Kweli. As a Hip-Hop head, it was sensory overload in terms of trying to figure out how could I see Kweli perform but also catch my favorite Naptown emcees.

Fountain Square Theater packed to capacity for Talib Kweli (photo cred. Chreece FB page)

Chreece also featured original compositions from both DJ’s and producers that filled the ears of all present on Fountain Plaza. With it’s growing list of sponsorship and backing from the city, it’s no secret that there’s more than corn in Indiana and the stock of Hip-Hop here is rising to unbelievable heights.

For more information on Chreece and to see the sights of this year’s event, please visit their website and follow Chreece on social media:

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After an almost 5 year hiatus, Wu-Tang / Almighty affiliate M-EIGHTY emerged from his behind the scenes role as an A&R / Executive Producer for the likes of Ghostface Killah, Kxng Crooked, E-40, Kurupt, Killah Priest, Hus Kingpin, Planet Asia, Benny the Butcher and dozens more to return to the mic for the August 30th release of the “Toledo” EP.

M-Eighty a product of Toledo, OH views this project comprised of all Toledo, OH emcee and producer features alongside the former Guinness World Record Freestylist as his follow up to 2012’s Glass City “Home Grown Internationally Known” which paid homage to his hometown throughout with a heavy emphasis on the golden era soundscape that raised him.

Markoff also has plans in the next year to come to bless the world with additional titles as an emcee including the 3rd installment of the Almighty saga “The Holy Trinity“, follow up from 2013’s Almighty “The 2nd Coming” and more.

M-Eighty “Done Done It” (Courtesy Facebook)

The first single “Done Done It” (prod. Vherbal), the Toledo mainstay best known for his work alongside Wu-Tang, Vinnie Paz, Diabolic and more, features hometown battle rap icons Fif Element and Ghiftd in an all out lyrical onslaught reminding onlookers to “check the resume” for those needing a reminder to not only M-Eighty but the collectives vast contributions to Hip-Hop on all sides of the coin.

Listen to “Done Done It” off the “Toledo” EP here:

Visit http://WWW.TOLEDO8GOD.COM now for all CD x DIGI x MERCH Pre-Orders.





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This past Sunday the newest entrepreneur from Indianapolis, Indiana released his anticipated line of bowties to the public. WILLIE VIVERETTE threw his designer hat into the fashion realm circle with his line of VIVERETTE TIES and to celebrate, he took over the Bella Marcia Event Center and invited every dream chaser in the city to not only celebrate his achievement, but to jumpstart their respective journey into entrepreneurship.

Viverette Ties Release Party Flyer

I spoke with Willie about his line and how he got the inspiration to create this unique line of bowties. Being a fashion connessuer, Willie got the idea while preparing to attend an event. “One day I was getting ready for this party that A Few Good Gentlemen we’re doing when I wanted this specific type of tie. I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything. A little voice in my head said “ Create it!”. I started the process and here we are now.”

Viverette Ties Logo

Willie also shared how his upbringing played a role in his decision to create Viverette Ties. “I grew up with no mom, no dad, no sisters or brothers, so my resources were limited. In my younger years, I’ve never really had anything to call my own or nothing that I felt like I could be proud of. When I use to go school, people would crack jokes on me because my clothes were old and outdated.” His love for fashion grew into a personal mission to be the freshest person in the world.

Willie Viverette

The name Viverette is not only his last name but is also French. “I’ve always been told that I have a unique last name but I never really entertained the thought of actually having something unique enough to carry the name. Once I started designing my bow ties, I then knew that this was a perfect opportunity to brand me and my son’s legacy for future generations to come.” The ties are made from a premium velvet and includes a lapel pin, cuff links and a pocket square.

I asked Willie what will make Viverette Ties stand out from the competition. The process and production are just a few of the selling points he spoke on. “Viverette separates its self by a number of reasons. One being the fabric quality that we use. We choose from over 75 different fabrics which means that we are hands-on with the designs. There are a lot of other people and companies that hire some one to do the choosing and I feel like that takes away from the innovation of the overall brand.”

Midwest Fashion Week (Photo Cred. Pride Photography L. White)

With his line already making huge noise at Midwest Fashion Week, I asked Willie about his future plans with Viverette Ties. Without hesitation he replied, “My plan for Viverette Ties is world domination! I don’t want anyone wearing anymore neck ties. Those are a thing of the past!” One of his visions was seeing his line featured overseas and this month, he will see another vision come to life as Viverette Ties will be featured during Midwest Fashion Week in Paris, France next month.

You can own your own Viverette Bowtie by using the following links below to place your order and you can follow Viverette Ties with the preceding information.

Willie Viverette (left)

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On this day back in 1973, a movement was created that would forever change the landscape of both the music industry and our society. Hip-Hop was born on this day courtesy of a “school jam” held in a rec room by the legendary DJ Kool Herc. With it’s humble yet brash beginnings, the genre would evolve into the most influential of it’s kind.

Advertisement for DJ Kool Herc BTS Jam (Source Magazine)

Spanning over four decades, Hip-Hop has given us more than just hard baselines and dope lyrics. It has given the world first-hand knowledge of the situations and factors that expedited its rise to power. It’s cultivation included a plethora of MC’s, DJ’s, breakers & graffiti artists who would serve as its curators. In it’s early inception, Hip-Hop was ruled out as a fad that would not last ten years by some of the music industry’s poignant acts.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith with Run-DMC’s Joseph Simmons, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell on March 9, 1986, the day of the recording in New York City. (Danny Sanchez, Washington Post)

The paradigm shift would occur in 1986 when Run-DMC & Aerosmith released Walk This Way, thrusting Hip-Hop into mainstream light. From there the movement made it way to the West coast and once the South got it’s hands on it, the genre evolved into a mainstay that produced several subcategories that would solidify it’s foundation in the music industry.

Hip-Hop shows no signs of slowage as it reaches the age of 50. As correspondents of this movement, TenthLetterMedia & Straight Official Magazine acknowledge the soul day of Hip-Hop and will be at the ready to capture and cover it for years to come!

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Setting off your weekend like only we can, we welcome you back to the #SaturdaySpotlight where Hip-Hop is both captured and covered by us and the great folks at Straight Official Magazine. If you are an artist who would like to be featured then reach out to us for more information!

Zachery Le’on

This week ZACHERY LE’ON is blessing us with a new single from his upcoming project Ion-6 Part 2: The Adventures of Team Alpha which is set for release this fall. Le’on has been hard at work, touring and opening for artists such as Juvenile & The Ying Yang Twins. His consistency, style and delivery is what has made him both a staff favorite as well as one of the more consistent artists from the Circle City.

The hit single “MidWestCoast” is a dope track that highlights his allegiance to his region and tells the story of growing up young and fast on the westside of Indy. You can stream and download the single via Spotify & Apple Music.

Check out the visual for “MidWestCoast”, which was filmed by Eli Productions down below and stay tuned for the release of Ion-6 Part 2 this fall. We thank you for rocking with TLM & as we continue to capture the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop and remember, it’s the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!!!

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