Rozay…Rick Ross… The Boss is back with some straight Florida heat. As the first released track from his 10th album, Port of Miami 2: Born 2 Kill, Rick Ross slid to Broward County to scoop Kodak Black and bounced to Tally-O to reach out to T-Pain for this major hit “FLORIDA BOY,” produced by DougieOnTheBeat. Port of Miami 2: Born 2 Kill will be released on Maybach Music/ Epic Records. Rick Ross is keeping his name in discussion as one hiphop’s greats as a lyricist, hustler and emcee.




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WAVE is an unsigned rap artist repping New Jersey/ DMV area. The repper brings you the streets with his play on a finessed success from a gritty grind. His new music video “PHONE POP” is filmed by 2Hot 2Heavy Productions based out of West Virginia. Wave brought along the gooney Duke for a dope infested verse. This is a track for the gangstas and hustlers in the trap bagging up bands. Click below to watch full video.


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NaRey of Washington D.C. made a choice to share her voice ever since she was a little girl. Check out this 1 on 1 with NaRey Perez on DA FRONT PORCH for STRAIGHT OFFICIAL.


1. Can you tell us your name and where you are from? The name is NaRey.. NaRey Perez – Born and raised in Washington, D.C.

2. When do you decide you wanted to sing professionally? As a little girl, I’ve always loved to sing. I sang in church, at school, at cheerleading practice.. lol.. EVERYWHERE! I knew at a young age that I wanted to be remembered for something when I left this world – why not it be something I love?? Which is entertainment in its’ entirety, acting as well.

3. What music of yours would you suggest someone to listen to? That’s  always a hard question for me, but I love, “NO MORE”, “SOMEBODY”, “THE MOTIONS” and “AGAIN” .. Sorry, told you it’s a hard choice for me! lol Just go DOWNLOAD ALL of them while it’s still FREE!
(Until the end of 2017)

4. Who are some of your musical influences? My musical “Idols” coming up were Aaliyah and Selena, but I have a true love for powerhouse singers such as Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Tamia and KeKe Wyatt to name a few. Beyonce has shown she can get up there too!

5. Can people find you online? “Yaaaaassss!” lol Please do find me and tell somebody else to find me too! lol <3

LADIES, I’m keeping an eye out for y’all!! I need more beautiful ladies on my page representing!!

6. What’s your definition of a hustler? My definition of a hustler is someone who is getting it in every aspect of their life. If they don’t have the means, they find it or they find a way to get it done regardless. I think it’s a person who knows how to get results, but also understands how to ALWAYS work SMART so the “HARD” doesn’t seem so difficult. Not saying hard work isn’t necessary because it definitely is, but you can lighten your load if your go about your moves in a smart way.

7. What do you want to see changed your community? I would love to see younger generations care more about their lives and other’s lives.. not all, but most seem so lost in a fake image. I’d love to see our Black community (yes, I’m mixed) continue to come together to raise our people up. I’d love to see way less violence, and the understanding that a lot of times issues can be hashed out like adults, if only everyone would take off the “tough masks”, and give patience and understanding a try – it’d go a long way.

8. What is a week in your life like? Man, a week in my life?? *sigh* Right now, there’s so much going on.. planning, writing, recording, filming, traveling while maintaining regular life.. it’s a lot. So let’s just say my weeks are currently like whirlwinds – I love this industry though!!

9. Any shoutouts? Yes please!
I’d like to shoutout DUDS DEVENEIR – who is a producer and artist himself. He worked with me on my singles, “AGAIN”, “WATCH ME MOVE” and “GOT WHAT YOU NEED”. He’s from Houston, TX and a very talented artist.
I’d also like to shoutout KYONTE & M. QUEST who are two amazing artist & producers whom worked with me on the original version of “THE MOTIONS” (watch my very first video on my website from a few years ago to hear the original version), and shouts out to “BUBU THE PRODUCER” who remixed the updated version of “THE MOTIONS” (which is available for download now) and also is the producer who recorded the song, “NO MORE”
– Thank you BuBu!! <3
Ok, two more shoutouts and I’m done! lol
Shout out to “GOTTIROCKSOLID” for this upcoming project (COMING SOON)!! This man is amazing at his craft and has major credits in the industry, be sure to keep a lookout for all of his projects, and our upcoming project together! It’s going to be AMAZING! Last, but not least.. I also want to shout out my future manager who is going to help me stop playing 7 roles in my head.. I don’t know who you are yet, but hey, shout out to you dude.. Shouts out to you!! LOL 🙂

10. What would you tell to someone who wants to use his or her original creativity but is scared to give it a go? I would tell them to RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. Know what you’re doing and getting yourself into. Have a solid package and preferably a budget. NETWORKING is everything, so is promotion and marketing. If the entertainment industry is your passion, please understand it takes a special individual to be successful in this business.. there are ALWAYS more “No’s” than “Yes”. It’s hard, mean and can be unfair, but if it’s truly what you love and you truly have the talent.. be ready to grow some tough skin and go for it! <3


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[NEW ARTISTS] SLYM B. – Die Fa Mine LaFamilia


Slym B. is from Northeast Louisiana in the city of Jonesboro. You can reach him online at  Twitter: @SlymB / Instagram: @SlymB

Slym B. “Die Fa Mine LaFamilia” has drops of jewels to keep your mind focused of staying alive, getting your money right and getting your life insurance if you’re gonna be in the streets because caskets ain’t cheap.

“The song and music video came together naturally based on my life beliefs and what I stand for, the music video just showcases radical and raw energy.” – Slym B.


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Yeeeeeee. The Gods of Hip Hop have spoken. P. Diddy is back to Puff Daddy. Puff Daddy dropped to new tracks on OVO sound on Saturday. It was just a matter of time before Puff connected Biggie Smalls and Rick Ross.

And to take it to the next level, Watcha Gon’ Do? had that original Bad Boy sound.


And Watcha Gon’ Do?Dre Day took off to the Nothing But A G Thang’.


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Cassandra Quinonez (Red Velvet) is an inspiring model/ actress with a story to tell about survival in the streets of Miami.

With what your eyes have seen, what do you want to teach all the girls?
I would love to teach the young girls and young ladies coming up in this generation to always keep your self-respect & remain humble with a heart full of love! Create your own path, your own route in life….never let other people cast their failures and fears upon you..what God has for you will always come to you with no effort!

What message do you have for guys that use vulnerable women in weak moments?
Men that use women at their most vulnerable moments to me are actually not healed themselves! & weak..the way you treat a woman in those times of vulnerability means everything to us…we feel comfortable, with our insecurities that others will never see or know about execpt for that one guy that we trust, but when a man can turn that into a time to manipulate us and use us to submit to you because they know it would be a little easier, not only submit to sexually, I mean in every aspect… becuase we as women sometimes long for any type of comfort in those moments…sometimes we’re blind.. I have no respect for a man that can play with a womans feelings especially when she needs him out of all people the most!

When is your birthday. My birthday is December 15th.

What color represents you?
The color red represents me the best.

Tell us about the struggles in your life?
In my life, I’ve seen more pain than peace..I was adopted at birth, birthed by a woman named Daisy Quinonez, a crack/cocaine addict. But to me she’s a woman who fell short and decided to give me to safety, someone who would raise me.. The level of respect I have for this woman is raised high regardless! I was in foster homes and group homes until the age up 8. That’s when Courtland & Linda Bullard adopted me and gave me a home, a real life.. The system is what made me strong..actually growing up under the supervision of the state/dcf was a tough one, but as a kid all we think is that it’s normal until holidays came around…imagine a group home full of boys and girls crying, wondering why nobody showed up with gifts, wondering why nobody hugs us like the little kids in the movies. That pain runs deep and sticks with you your whole life…right after graduating high school I went straight into the strip clubs, modeling. I just wanted my freedom. I didn’t want to listen to rules. Iwent down the wrong oath. I was homeless sleeping on everyones couch, I slept on the trains all day, I starved, I’ve slept on baseballs parks, etc. I’ve been abused in relationships, mentally and physically.. I started escorting and stripping to support myself. I’ve done drugs that could’ve killed me. Ive faced 8 to 15 in prision..It really messed me up mentally…It broke me…I’ve recently lost my best friend Sarina Crawford (Bubbles). That is a real soft spot for me. She was my go to! It broke my spirit. Her death and all of the pain I’ve been feeling has been a roller coaster. But I had to pick myself up. It all gave me motivation to gain stability, grind hard and get this money. My focus is different. My aim is different.

What is your dream goal?
My dream goal is personal…my dream goal is to meet my biological mother and hug her for the first time! Other then that my dream goal is to be a humanitarian!

How can people find you online?
I’m building up my social networks right now..but for now I’m on facebook Briana redvelvet Bullard and IG redvelvet_miamI

Where does your confidence come from?
God gives me confidence over all! My past struggles is what pushes me….to become a greater and greater woman day in day out.

With all the pain you’ve endured, why do you keep hustlin?
Why with all the pain I’ve endured. The reason I keep hustlin is because I know God loves me and I have a purpose. I had to get through all the bullshit first to get to the treasure..pain don’t last forever..I have a whole life waiting for me plus I deserve everything coming my way. And to prove all these haters wrong…

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Get to know Miami producer/ songwriter Audio Jones. He is the songwriter and producer for Trina’s new song “Situation” featuring Lil Wayne on her upcoming 6th solo album THE ONE. His production credits extend from Pusha T to Gunplay. Audio Jones is just a Carol City kid living his dream.

1. Audio Jones…how did you come up with that name, it’s hella catchy?

Thanks, honestly me and boy Dopexgold was sitting in the studio chillin and he out of no where started talking bout how his name going to be Sanchez Mora so I said shit imma change my name too and then came Audio Jones lol.

2. How did you end up working with Trina? And what was that experience like?

Well that’s  a long story…but I was once part of a production Duo called Snatch & Grab who was being managed by Kd s/o Kd btw who works with Trina. After the break of the production team I stayed working with Kd and it led to me getting placements as Audio Jones starting with her single from 2013, “Back 2 business.”

Over the years I kept consistent with submitting material and led me to making a placement on her upcoming Album “The One” producing a track I wrote, produced and featured on called “Situation” feat Lil Wayne. The experience of working with Trina is amazing. She is so cool, I mean down to Earth, funny and likes to enjoy herself every session. Every session is full of good times, jokes, good company and all other ingredients for a good time lol. Over all it’s humbling. I’m a kid from Carol City and living my dreams.

3. What’s one jewel of advice for up and coming producers?

Get Hot! Build your demand. The more you are in demand the more leverage you have.

4. What artists have you worked with and what projects are you currently working on? I’ve worked with Trina, Ice Billion Berg, Gunplay, Pusha T, Emilio Rojas, Lecrae, Joe Budden and Brianna Perry to name a few. Currently I’m working on a production album full of different collaborations and features. I just started but presume to work on this for the year. I’m looking forward to releasing music as a producer.

5. How can people find you online?
@audiojones twitter and IG and to hear more production

6. What’s your definition of a hustler? A mover, a shaker. Someone who putting this with that and making it happen.

7. Any shoutouts? S/o Kd management s/o my business partner Othagod And the Behindthescenekings and shout you guys out for shining light on the producers thanks.

8. Can you tell us a lil bit about where you are from? I was born in Miami, raised in Carol City. I come from a multicultural ethnic background being half Latin and half African American. I started as a singer and was signed to a couple independent labels like Circle House with Abebe Lewis then I was signed to independent label “S.G.S “which was heavily Affiliated with Zoe Pound s/o Blind and during that time I had a single as an artist named Prince Ty which featured Trick Daddy called “So Ghetto. Unfortunately that didn’t pan out for me and I had to reinvent myself and so forth. I started producing.


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What is your name and where are you from?. Blak Luck aka Luchyano aka Jimmie Mac straight from the whole East Coast (New York, New Jersey, D.C., Baltimore).

Can you give us a run down of what you have done so far in the entertainment business? Been on over 25+ official dj mixtapes , shade 45 , foxxhole radio, hosted from my hood 2 your hood pt 20, dropped 6 mixtape solo albums independently…

What was it like the first time getting on a stage? Don’t really remember but remember my first time being on the Mic at neighborhood pool party back n 1998 freestylin n ended up battling an older nigga in front of the whole hood..

Instagram @BLAKLUCK

YouTube – Blak Luck

Twitter @ItsLuchyBaby

Google – Blak Luck

What do you want to accomplish before the year closes out? Dropping my project and going on tour.

Do you have any shoutouts? Shouts 2 all the djs that play my shit and everybody in the struggle.

Can you tell us 3 hiphop artists that influenced your original creativity? Hard to say but definitely the ones before me who put me on game was Mobb Deep, Biggie and Redman!! But the west and south were and still in rotation but these were who I could relate too the most.


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I’m French Montana is back with his sophomore album JUNGLE RULES. The line up is stacked with Max B, Chinx, Future, Quavo, Weekend, Travis Scott, Swae Lee, Pharrell, Ziico Niico and T.I., Young Thug, Marc E. Bassy and Alkaline.

The sound of this album is hella wavy from the C.O.K.E Boys, Bad Boy, Maybach Music Artist. French Montana found away to harmonize that auto hood with a hood bounce. If you like the single Unforgettable ft Swae Lee, then this album gots to find your way to your playlist.

Production credits: Harry Fraud, Scott Storch, Detail, London on da Track, Mike Will Made It and others.

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If you enjoy spoken work and the sounds of 90’s  hiphop then you should press play! Get ready to become inspired.

1. What is your name and tell us about where you are from? -I’m Timothy Payton, a.k.a. TIMM’S, Mr. Poetry, and I’m from Martinsburg, WV.

2. What is your connection to hiphop and spoken word? I remember at the age of 6 I would listen to the radio, listening to breakdance & at the time, hip-hop was just starting to gain notice, I remember groups like U.T.F.O., Whistle. My favorite song was “Bite It!!! It had these sounds and beat and rhythm that got me hooked!! It amazed me how people would be rhyming over the beats!!! Right then, I wanted to do what I was hearing & rhyme to blow people’s minds!!!!!

3. How can people find you online? You can find me on Facebook under my name Timotht Payton, Payton’s Poetry Productions, Instagram, twitter #allthisworld, also timmsworld76@gmail and

4. What do you what people to get from your poetry? I want people to feel my word’s & for me to touch their lives & family, this is why I always say “Payton’s Poetry Productions- food for the mind, heart and spirit,” because that’s what I represent!!! I’m in the business of changing people’s lives!!! Im a light worker!!!

5. Who inspires you to do music and poetry? In music, KRS-ONE, RAKIM, RUN-DMC and BEASTIE BOYS!!!! Plus many other great legends, I studied there delivery, wordplay & flows, most importantly lyrics & content!!! This is why I wanted to write. Lyrics is poetry too, an expression of words, turnt into art!! I always wanted to have a voice to be heard & felt. So is the beginning of my lyrics and poetry.

6. What do you want to see changed in your community? The community needs a change, a positive change!!! A voice & action for the people to feel!!! Yes there is still good still here, we as people need to unite, help make a difference!! There is a very bad and destructive epidemic of drug’s in the community, mainly heroin and pills, that is and dropping people at a alarming rate, that needs to stop!!!! This is why I do my part, to help, to try to use my words & music to hopeful help or change someone’s mind & life, not just here, but the world!!!! One person at a time.

7. In your own words, what is a hustler? A hustle to me is life, a movement, a pursuit of obtaining a certain prize or possession!! My hustle is poetry, music, the spoken word’s to make a difference & do this till I’m making a living on my word’s & music.

8. What is your dream goal with your poetry and music? My dream or should I say vision is to be known worldwide for my poetry & music & when I pass on, leave a mark & legacy behind so my vision will continue to live on & keep touching lives!!!!

9. Any shoutouts? I have so many!!! My members on p.p.p. & mostly my team, my poetic society!!! Chad Banks and Stephen Smith a.k.a. Aysavvy of Martinsburg, WV. Kasandra, Kay Phoenix of Riverside, Ca. CLARENCE Ferguson Jr., Of Brentwood, TENN. Angela Gurung of Leicestershire, UK,  Lisa C Carroll of Becliff, TX. Helen Povey Wade of Auckland, New Zealand, Shannan Williams of Victorville, Calif. Patrick Daniel Read of Indianapolis, In. & of course!! You Hursh Vick Ricks (DA FRONT PORCH) of Martinsburg ,WV and da front porch radio on tunein!!! And remember!! Payton’s poetry productions, food for the mind, heart and spirit!!! And as always: be humble & stay hungry!!! God bless

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