[MODEL] Tizita Zerihun is Miss Queen Ethiopia

Tizita Zerihun is an international model and humanitarian from Ethiopia. We met through a mutual friend on social media, Kate Citrone
Tizita Zerihun has participated in many fashion shows, television ads, magazine works and entertainments and international pageants.
Tizita knows that modeling is a powerful means to educate, help and change peoples lives.
The more successful I become, the more inspired I will be. – Tizita Zerihun
Tizita’s main goals are to become one of the best international models and help people who are poor and underpriveleged. Tezita Zeruhin wants to see kids basic needs fulfilled such as having a proper education.
I want to see gender based violence stopped. I also want human rights of my people to be respected and protected. – Tizita Zerihun
For me beauty is ones pride, success, kindness, reaching out to the poor. – Tizita Zerihun
Contact Tizita Zerihun on Facebook searching for or by her user name Tizita Zerihun Betty Hammer.
She also told us that her best photo shoot was for ZOMA magazine in London promoting an Ethiopian cultural dress.
 Educational Background – EGSEC in 2010C
Work Experience and Achievements –
Miss Addis Ababa 2012 – Miss Culture – Miss Ethiopia top 10 finalist – Miss World Ethiopia Online top seven finalist in 2015 – International Human Right Commission Youth Ambassador 2016 – Miss Queen Ethiopia in Pakistan 2016 – DDEA Humanitarian Award USA 2017 – Certificate from Addis Ababa Women’s Federation in Community Mobilization – Certificate from Addis Ababa University Female Student’s Association – Ms Hammer and Miss Jinka Children Ambassador – Certificate of Award for Peace, Trust Building and Sustainable Development 2016 – Certificate of Award from Mice West Africa Forum & Expo in 2017, Accra, Ghana – Certificate of Award from Culture Tourism Government communication in 2018. – Certificate of Award in contribution to sustain good culture in 2018. – Certificate of appreciation from Ethiopian Community in Dubai in Participating on Fashion show in March 02, 2018. 
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Queen J


 Queen J is a blogger and will have podcasts aired on DA FRONT PORCH RADIO Wednesdays at 8pm est.

Live link and app downloads available at 

What is your name and where are you from? Jayla Perry from Ft. Worth, TX

How did you get into poetry? I started going to poetry slams when I transferred to UNT and it became an outlet for me.

Where is your favorite place to chill and relax? If I’m not in bed or sleeping I love to be on the beach or with my sisters. I’m always at work!

What got you into blogging? A few people from school told me that I would have good content for YouTube (since people always watch what I do anyway) so I tried it out to see how it would go!

What got you into blogging? I’m currently trying to get back into modeling and acting. I try and update my YouTube as often as possible

How can people find you on social media? Twitter; XOQUEENJ_

  Snapchat; jayla_reneeee

    Insta; badgyal.jayla


What is your definition of a hustler? A hustler to me is anyone that goes after what they want without letting anything hinder their vision. To be a hustler you gotta be dedicated, goal oriented, motivated, strong, and positive. There will always be people and obstacles trying to distract you and tear you down but it’s how you avoid it that matters. 

Besides your cellphone, what are two things you can’t live without? First and foremost I could not live without God. I couldn’t live without Cranberry Juice and Water. It’s all I drink! I also couldn’t live without music and my journal. It’s a true outlet that helps me through everything. 

What is your favorite color and why?Pink and Yellow are my favorite colors. They not only look good on me but they’re truly how I feel! If colors were an emotion those would be mine all the time. I’m a positive person who’s generally always happy. 

What would you like to see changed in your community?  In the black community, I would love to see more love. Everyone else hates us so much for just being alive, we shouldn’t have that from one another. 

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Ft. Lauderdale rapper K Dash is not playing games. She is breaking open the game and giving you the life of a South Florida real bitch with her vibe. Her flow so disrespectful it makes you replay. The South Florida emcee’s body is that of a goddess. K Dash just wants the right person to give her a chance.

K Dash has S. Florida checking for her hella hard with her single Another Rack.

Her favorites 3 female rappers are Lil’ Kim, Foxxy Brown and Florida’s own Jackie-O

Follow her on IG

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Miami’s actor, singer, songwriter, producer Razor made a wet track with Bootyful.

The smooth instruments with the city lyrics makes a hot and intimate vibe from the bedroom to the stripper pole.

Bootyful is one of those tracks you want on your playlist when the baddy with the long hair comes over.

Razor is giving us that Miami Trap – N – B.

The A.S.A.S.N. E.P is on the way.


Connect w/ Razor:

@305Razor on ALL Social Media Platforms
Booking Info: (305) 741-5881





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Precyse is the real deal. The 3x 106 & Park freestyle champion that also was on the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher just dropped a surprise mixtape with bangers while working on her upcoming album set to be released on or around Labor Day. She grabbed some of the hottest songs that people can’t stop streaming and put her own splash on em’.

Barbells doesn’t sound like someone just rapping over someone else beats. Its sound like the evolution of the bar god Precyse.

The DMV rapper is keeping busy with shows and festivals and understands the importance of giving visuals to connect with her fans and to reach more people. She is snatching summer 2018 and ain’t giving it back.

Below is the link to Precyse – Barbells mixtape.

Follow her on IG @realprecysedmv


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Rozay…Rick Ross… The Boss is back with some straight Florida heat. As the first released track from his 10th album, Port of Miami 2: Born 2 Kill, Rick Ross slid to Broward County to scoop Kodak Black and bounced to Tally-O to reach out to T-Pain for this major hit “FLORIDA BOY,” produced by DougieOnTheBeat. Port of Miami 2: Born 2 Kill will be released on Maybach Music/ Epic Records. Rick Ross is keeping his name in discussion as one hiphop’s greats as a lyricist, hustler and emcee.




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WAVE is an unsigned rap artist repping New Jersey/ DMV area. The repper brings you the streets with his play on a finessed success from a gritty grind. His new music video “PHONE POP” is filmed by 2Hot 2Heavy Productions based out of West Virginia. Wave brought along the gooney Duke for a dope infested verse. This is a track for the gangstas and hustlers in the trap bagging up bands. Click below to watch full video.


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NaRey of Washington D.C. made a choice to share her voice ever since she was a little girl. Check out this 1 on 1 with NaRey Perez on DA FRONT PORCH for STRAIGHT OFFICIAL.


1. Can you tell us your name and where you are from? The name is NaRey.. NaRey Perez – Born and raised in Washington, D.C.

2. When do you decide you wanted to sing professionally? As a little girl, I’ve always loved to sing. I sang in church, at school, at cheerleading practice.. lol.. EVERYWHERE! I knew at a young age that I wanted to be remembered for something when I left this world – why not it be something I love?? Which is entertainment in its’ entirety, acting as well.

3. What music of yours would you suggest someone to listen to? That’s  always a hard question for me, but I love, “NO MORE”, “SOMEBODY”, “THE MOTIONS” and “AGAIN” .. Sorry, told you it’s a hard choice for me! lol Just go DOWNLOAD ALL of them while it’s still FREE!
(Until the end of 2017)

4. Who are some of your musical influences? My musical “Idols” coming up were Aaliyah and Selena, but I have a true love for powerhouse singers such as Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Tamia and KeKe Wyatt to name a few. Beyonce has shown she can get up there too!

5. Can people find you online? “Yaaaaassss!” lol Please do find me and tell somebody else to find me too! lol <3

LADIES, I’m keeping an eye out for y’all!! I need more beautiful ladies on my page representing!!

6. What’s your definition of a hustler? My definition of a hustler is someone who is getting it in every aspect of their life. If they don’t have the means, they find it or they find a way to get it done regardless. I think it’s a person who knows how to get results, but also understands how to ALWAYS work SMART so the “HARD” doesn’t seem so difficult. Not saying hard work isn’t necessary because it definitely is, but you can lighten your load if your go about your moves in a smart way.

7. What do you want to see changed your community? I would love to see younger generations care more about their lives and other’s lives.. not all, but most seem so lost in a fake image. I’d love to see our Black community (yes, I’m mixed) continue to come together to raise our people up. I’d love to see way less violence, and the understanding that a lot of times issues can be hashed out like adults, if only everyone would take off the “tough masks”, and give patience and understanding a try – it’d go a long way.

8. What is a week in your life like? Man, a week in my life?? *sigh* Right now, there’s so much going on.. planning, writing, recording, filming, traveling while maintaining regular life.. it’s a lot. So let’s just say my weeks are currently like whirlwinds – I love this industry though!!

9. Any shoutouts? Yes please!
I’d like to shoutout DUDS DEVENEIR – who is a producer and artist himself. He worked with me on my singles, “AGAIN”, “WATCH ME MOVE” and “GOT WHAT YOU NEED”. He’s from Houston, TX and a very talented artist.
I’d also like to shoutout KYONTE & M. QUEST who are two amazing artist & producers whom worked with me on the original version of “THE MOTIONS” (watch my very first video on my website from a few years ago to hear the original version), and shouts out to “BUBU THE PRODUCER” who remixed the updated version of “THE MOTIONS” (which is available for download now) and also is the producer who recorded the song, “NO MORE”
– Thank you BuBu!! <3
Ok, two more shoutouts and I’m done! lol
Shout out to “GOTTIROCKSOLID” for this upcoming project (COMING SOON)!! This man is amazing at his craft and has major credits in the industry, be sure to keep a lookout for all of his projects, and our upcoming project together! It’s going to be AMAZING! Last, but not least.. I also want to shout out my future manager who is going to help me stop playing 7 roles in my head.. I don’t know who you are yet, but hey, shout out to you dude.. Shouts out to you!! LOL 🙂

10. What would you tell to someone who wants to use his or her original creativity but is scared to give it a go? I would tell them to RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. Know what you’re doing and getting yourself into. Have a solid package and preferably a budget. NETWORKING is everything, so is promotion and marketing. If the entertainment industry is your passion, please understand it takes a special individual to be successful in this business.. there are ALWAYS more “No’s” than “Yes”. It’s hard, mean and can be unfair, but if it’s truly what you love and you truly have the talent.. be ready to grow some tough skin and go for it! <3


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