It goes without saying, JAY-Z is in a league of his own. While majority of the vets in hiphop are still talking about trapping, Hova is dropping knowledge for all of black America with “The Story of O.J.”

The visuals for the music video shows the harsh reality of racism in America from the slave ships and going 400 years later. Mocking the prejudice cartoons of the past, “The Story of O. J.” may just be one of the most powerful songs in hiphop this decade.

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This is what it happens when you mix the old school, east coast bee bop scene with some funky British digi-sounds.

Oliver have found the beating heart inside the dance machine. Whether moving bodies at the world’s biggest electronic festivals, or hand-crafting digital gems in the studio, the producer / DJ duo of U-Tern and Oligee are responsible for some of the funkiest, toughest, and most diverse dance music today. After spending years writing, producing, DJing and digging for vinyl, U-Tern and Oligee linked up in LA to forge something groundbreaking. They took their shared ’80s baby tastes – relentlessly groovy R&B, boombox worthy hip-hop, soaring electropop hooks – and mashed them together in remixes for everyone from Chromeo and Big Data to Foster The People and Mayer Hawthorne. With their three EP releases and high-powered collaborations with A-Trak (“Zamboni”), Alex Metric (“Motion Study”), and Destructo (“LA Funky”), there’s no telling where Oliver’s back-to-the-future sound will take them next

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The beat feels like a chevy on 28’s, just so nasty and wet. Rommel Tha Youngsta of ICESQUAD didn’t wait for the beat to build before dropping chopped up, quick flows and bars making you know they don’t like you when you winning.

“They Don’t,” is a must download/ stream. This track is straight motivation for anyone that ever had to deal with a green hater or snake.

Rommel The Youngsta straight up snapped and represented for the home team. If you like Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” then “They Don’t” needs to be on your playlist. Rommel Tha Youngsta is a pure lyricist with an electric spaz.


Artist: Rommel Tha Youngsta (From the Rap Group ICESQUAD)

City/State: Miami, FL

Record: THEY DON’T (Single)

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Album: TBA

Release Date: 04/28/17

Label: Ice Squad Ent.


Available on iTunes

Watch performance here:





​​For Bookings, Interviews, Appearances, Tours Etc. Publicist Laurell Battiste (786)-475-7035​​




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DJ HYPNOTIC from the eastern panhandle of West Virginia is a radio, club and mixtape deejay that needs to be witnessed live internationally. He’s mixing with his blasting personality makes you feel the vibe.

From spinning at colleges to the cities in DMV, DJ HYPNOTIC never forgot about keeping the clubs vibin in the smaller cities of Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.

DJ HYPNOTIC has an ear for music and has found a way to blend all genres of music to hiphop creating a wave of fans while introducing hiphop heads to others forms of Music.

That’s why DJ HYPNOTIC is the celebrity DJ.

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BOD’EM BOI ENTERTAINMENT BOSS took the indie route and invested into his own craft like most up and coming artists.

So what sets BE-YOU apart from other artists is creative approach to tracks. With a deep melodic flow, pressing play takes you back to 1999 when sounds were distinct and bars were necessary to be a respectable hiphop artist.

But hey, what is my opinion worth? Check it out for yourself?

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What’s your name and where are you from?

Mr Smith aka Bo$$ Money from Duncan Creek which is Laurens County, South Carolina.

How did you get into the music business?

In 2006 when my dj buddy from Ohio, Mike Casino liked what I had recorded for him and told me I should make a career out of it.

How does your city influence your music?

My city is my music. Every picture I paint and every story I tell reflects where I’ve came from and been through. I’m active in the streets in my city so I’m able to reflect what I see others going through also. So my music is my city.

What is the Coast 2 Coast experience like?

Awesome experience, great platform to showcase and build your brand.

What is a hustler?

Me…I’ve always worked on masterminding every move I make to capitalize and build from it. Never depending on nothing but my efforts and hard work to ensure I don’t lose. No excuses…that’s a hustler…that’s me!!!

What do you want to see changed in your community?

Young gun violence. I’d like to see our young men and women make wiser decisions and stay out of the system at such young ages.

Tell us about your music projects?

“Real Ones,” is the solo single I have which is a turn up experience.
“So Good,” is the record I have with Diamond from Crime Mob out of Atlanta which is definitely a pleaser for the ladies.

Any last words or shout outs?

Shout out to my city, all the DJ’s that support me, all my fans and family, club owners and promoters and my staff. Without the great job they all do none of this would be possible so salute to them all.

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I’m inspired and blessed to introduce you to a young black women creating positive changes in the lives of kids. Get to know Tiana Johnson.

1. What’s your name?  

Tiana Johnson

2. Where are you from?

I’m from Chicago IL.

3. How can people reach you?

You can reach me on iG @jvst_ana on twitter @jvst_askAna on snapchat @ti.aannaaa or by personal email

4. Please tell us about the non-profit business you are supporting? The non profit business that I’m not only supporting, but the CEO and one of the founders for is called “le don généreux” which means the generous gift in the French language. LDG is a performing arts academy that specializes in stopping the socio-economic hardship in poverty stricken areas. We target 11-18 y.o that have a talent in the performing arts, I.e., dance, music, theatre, art, and computer engineering. We wish to bring them in and make them more marketable to the corporate world. Since the children of these areas might not have the funds to join a performing arts school we wish to offer the services for them. I could go on and on about the things we have in the works and our mission statement but I suppose you all will get tired of reading… we are based out of Gary, IN but wish to captivate the inner talents lying beneath the hard exterior of all inner city youth who are from the poverty stricken areas. We want the children to know that their starting predicaments does not have to be and will not be their ending ones!

5. How can people help out with the non-profit? As everyone knows, non-profits run off government funds. As I said, we are just starting so we’re working extremely hard to get grant money and do different fundraisers just to start getting equipment and basic necessities for our building that will house LDG, so any form of help is appreciated. Networking connections, tips and ideas, bringing awareness, reaching out to me and my partner to just give sound advice, financial and moral support alike are our big ones. We’re only 20 years old so we don’t have it all figured out. Support is our greatest asset!

6. What goals are you working on? The goals in the works are no secret, but maybe a little on the hush and hush because nothing is set in stone. We’re working hard right now on a YouTube channel because we want to partner with MTV to get a tv show out about young African American entrepreneurs trying to build something and give back to poverty stricken areas when all you have is hardly anything yourself. My partner and I both work 9-5, I myself am full time college student as well. So we just want to show people the journey of starting the business as well as the journey of the children’s lives we will touch in the process. Also after we bring out LDG in Gary, we will be partnering with the surrounding cities, I.E Chicago and Detroit to get an organization housed in one of those cities as well. We want to partner with Chance (chancetherapper) and his organization in Chicago and hopefully raise awareness and recognition that way. A lot of people share our same ideas, it’s just a matter of working together to get our cities back to the limelight that they once were… it takes a village to raise a child.

7. What would you tell some one who needs a push of inspiration? Someone that needs a push can always hear from me, “Success takes pressure!”

8. What is a hustler? My definition of a “hustler” is someone that takes life as it comes to them but no matter what happens, they keep pushing and grinding to make sure that they reach the goals they planned in reaching. That no matter what happens in life or what tries to knock them down, they continue to strive for their goals and know that the sky is the limit as to what they can accomplish. A hustler is someone that never stops going until they feel like they can’t progress anymore… and there’s always room for progress

9. Any shouts or last words? To everyone who is actually taking the time out to read about our goals and dreams and aspirations here at LDG, we thank you! It’s not easy coming into the entrepreneur world because not everyone is going to be on your side and it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistency to make sure that your hard work pays off. I want to thank God first and foremost for using me to do his work and for giving me the strength to continue going on after so many no’s and naysayers. I know what we’re doing is going to be big, I’m just waiting on everything to be revealed! Thanks again for reading guys! ❤️


All the Best

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I was searching on Facebook for inspirations and stumbled up Motivational Aspirations by my friend Alicia Fleming.

In today’s society, mentoring services are needed more than ever. I’m calmed from the choice Alicia made with her choices in life to be a voice and productive person in society.

Below is general info.


Mentor Program
Empowering your mind, body and heart!
Empowerment + Motivation + Support =
Positive Change


Communication skills
Relationship Building
Balance work, life & family
Goal Clarity​
Career Planning​
​Strategic Planning
​Self Confidence
​Learning Skills
Life Coaching
and more….


Mentoring Program to empower and inspire all individuals to pursue experiences that make a positive change in their personal lives.
I will be touching various topics and issues to address the needs and interests of people while in the process empowering their mind, body and heart. I plan to impact individual lives, goals, aspirations and ways of communicating with others.
Here are a few important points that will be included in the mentor program:
Understanding personal desires
Acknowledging conflicts of interests
Addressing open questions
Giving insightful feedback/offering advice when needed
Building confidence / positive relationships
Sharing personal obstacles
Increase in overall communication
To get involved in Motivational Aspirations mentoring program sign up by contacting me via email, Facebook or here


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