What’s good, we back up and running. Its your girl NaeNae with #NaeNaeOnTheScene. You girl was on the scene at the Emerson Theater for the Young God Fest Vol II with Indianapolis own Sidmfkid (now living in Denver, CO). Enjoyed every minute of the high-energy show. Sidmfkid started rapping back in 2015 and have gained a huge fan base within a first couple of years. He says his writing style is ‘always find the best beat, and then let the beat guide the lyrics and overall vibe of the song. Everything I write about is real with no exaggeration. All of the people are real and all of the verses are real.’ Some of Sidmfkid’s biggest influences are Jim Morrison, Drake, Eminem, 50 Cent, Post Malone.


Some of his fans might be surprised as to what Sidmfkid would be doing if he weren’t doing music, he said he studying neurology and stem cell research at med school. ‘Music isnt all I love to do, you may see me doing a lot of different stuff in the future.’ His motto in life is ‘THE DEPTH OF YOUR STRUGGLE WILL BE THE HEIGHT OF YOUR SUCCESS’.

Until next time, its your girl NaeNae as always bringing you #NaeNaeOnTheScene with Straight Official.

Follow NaeNae on all social media: @fieryscorpio81


Take a look at his performance from Young God Fest Vol II.




To hear more from Sidmfkid:


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This year I had the honor of meeting talented performer, singer-songwriter, poet, actress, & model Denae Joi. In October I did a radio interview with the rising star which was syndicated on many radio platforms including Straight official radio. Denae Joi has ended the year of 2017 with a bang. She released her first official single ‘Shake It’ a record produced by DJ Nicki Nice & Ebrill to iTunes, Spotify, & more worldwide. Since then her single has been picked up by various radio stations across the country with positive reviews; building momentum towards her much anticipated EP ‘Misfit’ due for release January 2018. I recently sat down with Denae Joi once again for a fun QA regarding her life & music career. Check out our Q&A interview below!

DJ Jay Erica Intro: Firstly, thank you, Denae Joi, for sitting back down with me again to discuss your music career. It was great speaking with you previously. You’ve have had so much progress since our last conversation. I want to ask you a few more questions regarding your career as a rising performer and discuss your upcoming EP project ‘Misfit’ if that’s ok?

Denae Joi: Of Course it’s okay and thanks so much for speaking with me again today.

Q: You are welcome. Can you firstly tell the viewers where you are from?

A: I’m originally from Orlando, Fl. However, I currently reside in Atlanta, Ga.

Q: How long have you been in Atlanta & what was it specifically that made you decide to relocate from your hometown?

A: I’ve been in Atlanta for about a year and four months now. I decided to relocate from my hometown due to there being more opportunities for me to progress as a performer in the city of Atlanta.

Q: Can you specify exactly what you mean?

A: Orlando is a small city and there aren’t as many opportunities for performers such as myself to pursue a career in the entertainment business successful. The networking space is limited, unlike Atlanta which is a much larger city with a bigger entertainment scene to network and progress as an independent artist.

Q: How do you like Atlanta?

A: I love it. It has been very conducive to my growth as a performer & person.

Q: How so?

A: Personally, I feel the environment has allowed me to be more expressive artistically due to the various networking events with people of similar & different walks of life; which has given me artistic inspiration overall developing me to who I am today and whom I’m continuing to grow to become. I’ve learned more things about myself because I’m out here on my own. Specifically, I grew up very sheltered so moving to Atlanta has allowed me to explore myself more then I have before because I had the family to depend on prior to me moving on my own. So now I do everything on my own and have now further developed as a woman through me relocating alone and depending solely on myself. I’ve learned who I am as a woman and accept myself and who I’ve grown into and not trying to be. I’m not so focused on trying to fit in an image of what the world finds acceptable for me or wants me to be.

Q: Well that’s tough sometimes being an artist your often under the watchful radar which can make you a direct target for rumors & criticism negative criticism more so I’m speaking of specifically. How do you handle that?

A: I’m still learning how to deal with it. However, I love myself so much so I understand I cannot control what others think or say about me be it negative or positive comments or criticism. As long as I know the truth about me I have no need to even address rumors put out  there.

Q: Ok, Now let’s get back to the music because that’s the main reason you are here; tell me Denae Joi how long have you been pursuing your career as a performer and when did you start taking it seriously?

A: I’ve been pursuing my career as a performer for about 3 years now. I started taking it more seriously after completing college around 2015.

Q: Whose your influences?

A: I’m a fan of old school RnB. Sade, Xscape, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston & Lauryn Hill. New up to date artists I’d say; Drake, Sza, DJ Khaled & Jhene Aiko.

Q: Ok nice selection.

A: Thanks!

Q: Let’s talk about your music. Let’s talk about your new single ‘Shake it’ that has hit the airwaves a few months ago and it has been picking up steadily landing you appearances at different events & being interviewed on the various stations since our first sit down. What was the concept & inspiration behind the record ‘Shake It’.

A: The concept behind ‘Shake It’ was to just have fun. I really wanted anyone who heard the song to have a good time and get lost in the music. (Stream now on iTunes, Spotify, & Everywhere worldwide)

Q: What’s coming for next year starting out 2018?

A: You’ll get the release of my new EP entitled ‘Misfit’ coming January 2018.

Q: Ok, so that’s truly top of the year like next month. What are you bringing fans musically with this project?

A: Musically, I’m going to be sharing a lot of my ideas the way that I think. My fans will also get a taste of my signature that I’m bringing to the table when it comes to my writing style.

Q: What else is in the works for you artistically any acting roles or performances coming in 2018?

A: Yes, Actually in 2018 I will be performing at the Fashion Gala Awards in Orlando Fl. Acting wise I will be starring in a play with a feature role entitled ’12 Women in the same black dress’ also due out in January 2018.

Q: Wow you are on the roll entering 2018 with a bang!

A: Thank you (giggles)…

Q: Where can the public find you on social media to continue supporting you and everything you do?

A: You can find me on social media worldwide @denaejoi & for bookings send emails to!

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[Events] Chante Moore Meet n Greet @ DBS Sounds Atl

Photo on 10-30-17 at 5.55 PM

Last week Chante Moore was at DBS Sounds record store in Riverdale, Ga doing a meet n greet album signing. There were fans that brought every Chante Moore cd album to get signed to those who bought multiple albums to get them signed for the whole family! My new buddy Tall Boy, from Tall Boy Tv got an exclusive interview with Chante talking about the new album “Rise of the Phoenix” and what’s up with the “Real One” in her life. Check out the interview here.

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Master Class: Duane DaRock by DJ Layne Luv

Duane DaRock Long Way

Napoleon Hill goes on record with his book Think And Grow Rich telling the reader the very day he was sent on a mission to seek out the most successful people in the nation at that time, and develop a formula for how they became that way. The proposition was set by steel giant Andrew Carnegie. The two things I took from that fateful encounter is that successful men act quickly and change their minds slowly. 2nd, is belief,  will take you further than you can ever imagine. My point is, had Napoleon Hill let the knock of opportunity pass him by, by not recognizing a jewel (opportunity) handed to him from greatness, he might have robbed the world of some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time inspired by his book. In July of 2017, in a conference room in Raleigh North Carolina, filled with DJ’s and radio personalities, I also felt the knock of opportunity when I heard the story of Duane DaRock…as told by Duane DaRock, and my journey has not been the same since. When he told the story of being homeless, I was at the time on the verge of being homeless and I didn’t know how I was going to get to North Carolina, let alone eat while I was down there. But one week before his breaking point…his life changed. One chance meeting with a legendary rapper solidified his place in music history. Ladies and Gentleman… Legendary Producer Duane DaRock.

SO: Mr. DaRock, so glad you could join Straight Official today. When you spoke at the Fleet Music Conference this past summer, you had something different to say vs, just talking about the music business itself, you wanted to drive home positive energy and vibrations. What made those things the forefront of your message?

DD: Well I’ve known about the power of vibration since I was 4 years old and the gift that came with that was being in tune with the vibrations of the universe and whatever you think about you bring about. The game changer for me was when my grandfather died when I was 12, that’s when I jumped in the music business which makes 32 years being in the music game. I will solely accredit the things I’ve accomplished in this business based on it being all about positive energy, good vibrations.

SO: So where did determination play a factor in your will to make it in the music business?

DD: Like I said I knew at the age of 12 what I wanted to do, so I let nothing or no one take me off of that path. So in 93′ I started producing records with the help of a man by the name of Steven Brown. He was a jazz musician. What happened was, I couldn’t find anyone to make beats for me being that I was from the Boston area. So I learned what I could until eventually I became self contained until the fateful day I met Big Daddy Kane. From there I started producing beats for Digable Planets, Kool Moe Dee, Rakim, LL Cool J and the list goes on.

SO: I know the story , but for those that need to hear this, tell the inspiring story of how you met Big Daddy Kane.

DD: Ok so I was homeless. My girl kicked me out and I was bouncing from place to place and I was starving. I was starving to the point my homie said I needed to go get some food assistance. I got all the way there and something came over me and I said NO! I’m dope…I’m dope. I went home to make some rice because it’s all I had to eat….as I’m pouring the rice in the pot, a jar from the cabinet falls and breaks into the pot of rice. I pick out the big pieces but mind you the little pieces are still in there, I literally ate glass that night. This sparked not only a fire but a fearlessness in me. About a week later, I went to the Big Daddy Kane concert on a mission to let Kane hear my beats. I tell the security that I’m one of Kane’s dancers. Security wasn’t having it. So as fate would have it, a fight broke out distracting security and so I ran. I didn’t know where I was running to, but I ran right into the back of Big Daddy Kane. I told him what I did and he listened to the beats. While he’s doing this, I can see security coming to get me. And in true Kane cool fashion. He gives this look to say, “Can’t you see he’s with me?” The very next day I’m in the studio with Kane and I’m officially in the music business. But let’s be clear…I’ve been homeless even two other times after that. I’ve made money, lost it, made it again. It was a clear lesson from God to stay humble. The Lord giveth and he taketh away.

SO: You and Jadakiss seem to have a trusting working relationship. How did that come about?

DD: I met Jadakiss through the actor Duane Martin. I did a song for a movie called Hustle and Heat. Duane Martin and Jadakiss both played in that movie, so through working together, we just kept building until eventually we ended up doing the song Letter To Big with Faith Evans which ended being the main song on the Biggie movie. But let me backtrack. I met Faith one night because I was hungry and I listened to my craving and went to Fat Burger. What I thought was a craving, was in fact that I was being guided by the vibrations. When I saw her, I told her about my studio, she came back and heard a couple tracks and that night I penned the hook to Letter To Big.

SO: What do you say to the theory that people sell their souls to get into the music industry?

DD: First of all, your soul is not for sale, so you can’t literally sell your soul. But I will say that when you go against who you are to gain some sort of stardom or unearned favor, you are then going against who you are morally and that’s why you see the heavy drugs and heavy drinking because some people in the industry have made deals that compromise who they were, so they drink to escape their now reality. You can be in this business without succumbing to the tricks of people trying to tap into your inner core of who you are. But thats why you have to operate on a high vibration so you can recognize and avoid that trap.

“When you link with demonic forces for superficial gain, you go against the will of God and that’s what selling your soul means to me.” -Duane DaRock

SO: Who’s responsible for how you ethically move throughout the music business and keep your integrity?

DD: HAHAHAHA make sure you put this in there. And put my laugh in big bold letter too. There so many artists today that wouldn’t have gotten where they are without the people they shitted on, pimped and played. A lot of ghost writers and ghost producers will never see the light of day. They receive no credit and are getting robbed regularly. But these are they same people responsible for the success you see in today’s artists. A lot of people at the top…stole their way to the top. There are a lot of wolves in this industry, but I consider myself a lion. A Lion moves gracefully and knows it rules that land. A Lion commands and takes what he wants when he is hungry. A wolf plots, plans and preys on anything weaker. A wolf is constantly looking to devour, a Lion attacks only when necessary .

SO: What’s your final word for today’s up and coming musicians?

DD: When you’re tapped in to your inner guidance, it will tell you what you need to do. Stop saying “I’m chasing my dreams.” If someone tells you to “Chase your dreams” smack the shit out of em. Anything you are chasing is obviously running away from you. The words you want to use is that I’m attracting my reality…I am manifesting my dreams. You’re talking about the guy that was homeless three times yet Kevin Hart used my song about struggle to be the main song for his movie. It can happen for you if you believe in yourself. I’m Duane DaRock and I stand by what I’ve said.













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[FEATURE] David Banner: 601 comes to the 614 by DJ Layne Luv

David Banner Lecture Ohio

Sept 27th 2017, Jackson Mississippi rapper David Banner calls up 106.7fm The Beat in Columbus Ohio and receives some disturbing news. He was told that a rumor circulating the city was that he would more than likely not show up to the lecture event Speak Your Truth Summit. Shortly after the interview Mr. Banner went right to Instagram to confirm that he indeed was coming to our city and that he was proud to come to our town. Within that one minute video, you saw integrity, compassion and a deep rooted southern pride to always keep your word no matter what it costs. All qualities of being a real man.

If you have grown with David Banner like I have since the hit song Like A Pimp ft Lil Flip or major production credit on T.I.’s monumental album Trap Muzik (2003), then you know that the 2017 David Banner is not the same one we know from 2003. Of course David Banner always told well rounded stories, such as Cadillacs on 22’s referencing the death of Emmett Till and other misfortunes in his home state, but after 2006, we started to see a change and conviction in his approach to music. Maybe it was those Katrina waters of 2005 that destroyed his beloved state that brought about the enlightenment. Go back in time and remember how pissed he was when the world witnessed with it’s own eyes that the President of the United States George W. Bush didn’t give a damn about the poor and disfranchised in Florida, Mississippi, Texas and of course the city hit the worst New Orleans. This was his family that was suffering and he was the only voice fit to sound the alarm in the time period to speak about his state of emergency. (pun intended)

The Great Malcolm X said in his autobiography…once the light is turned on inside you cannot turn it off. Well Mr. Banner’s light continues to shine brighter and brighter as he brings awareness to the plight of being Black In America especially in the southern states. When Straight Official caught up with Banner…I had a lot on my mind. I was extremely perplexed. I witnessed and reposted the murder of Patrick Harmon of Salt Lake City Utah on my Uptown Weekly Instagram page. Not to mention being close to the case of Timothy Davis in Columbus Ohio. In that particular situation, by all means, we are grateful that young man is still alive. However, with strain and intensity in my eyes, I told Mr. Banner…”Sir, there’s a lot of people that don’t know….but I know you know….Please shed some light on how long we have to endure these horrendous acts in front of our face as we standby appearing to be helpless.”

Understand I come to piss people off and make them uncomfortable. Because pain brings about attention quickly. Listen, a warrant, smoking weed, running, none of that is justifiable in killing someone. I’m not just talking about black people. Whatever color they are, if they are not directly posing a threat to a police officer and they’re just running away, my friend there is no reason for anyone to get shot. See, white people have gotten black people to think like them, so when we see someone jammed up by the police, the first thing we think in the back of our mind is ..damn what that n***a do? Now unless that man (Harmon) was wanted for murder, then shooting him doesn’t make any sense. You see, we also have to stop echoing their bullshit media commentary, just like in the Kaepernick situation. They wanna say kneeling is a disrespect to our troops. Well, the last time I checked, America treats it’s troops like shit. So as I’ve said on many stages, the only way to get “the power’s” attention is either by the loss of money or the loss of life.”

I spoke with David Banner for about 15 more minutes, and then it was time for him to get whisked away to the stage for his lecture. As he stood before the crowd he commanded everyone to turn off their cell phones from going live at his show. His reasoning is that he feels African Americans already give away too much for free. “We have to start getting paid for our talents and gifts” he states. He also said in front a semi-light audience “If folks wanted the experience, they should have brought their ass to the show.”

He then passed out his CD #Godbox to the entire audience, and then had enough time to play snippets from two songs for the appreciative crowd. He proceeded to break down why conscious music may not sell the way mainstream music does. “One reason muh fuchas may not buy ya shit is cuz it ain’t jammin. Just because your music has a message in it doesn’t mean it should suck.” As he states that Godbox is one of the most important albums to hip hop in the history of it, only the keepers of this culture and art form can co-sign that prediction. And just as we saw of 4:44, #Godbox did not have the nightclubs in mind this go round, but instead another project to wake up the minds.

After the show, David Banner showed true southern hospitality and shook as many hands and took as many pictures as he could with those that had to wait patiently almost two hours for the rapper/producer to take the stage. And he also gave many kudos to the organizer of the event Ms. Tomiqua Perry for her hard work and determination. 

Lastly at David Banner’s request he wanted me to quote him saying “This is the first time I’m saying this to Black America on your article brother. Don’t be afraid, they are killing us anyway so continue to stand and speak out against injustice. They’ll kill you for obeying the law, (Philando Castile) so don’t be afraid. We have been so conditioned to be afraid of white people. I’ll say this for the first time too, most black people praise white people more than they’re own religion. They’ll cheat on their wife, kill another brother, lie, steal, do everything that bible told them not to do, but will not take a stand against wrong-doing white folks. Use that, don’t take that out, quote quote mutha fucha hahahaha. Because we have to address our conditioned mentality for change to  happen as well.”

Thank you Mr. Banner for coming to our city and opening up the minds to Speak Their Truth. And be sure to pick up #GodBox on all streaming outlets (iTunes Tidal, Spotify etc)







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[FEATURED ARTIST] E-Reign: The Future Of New York by DJ Layne Luv

E-Reign NYC

When a rapper dubs themselves the “future” of anything, best believe they have the confidence to know that the energy they are putting out foretells their success among the masses to come. It’s been a long time since New York City has held the crown as the reigning capital of rap music. Atlanta has held that title for a while judging by the amount of rappers that gets top priority radio spins and project sales. Even though the public may see the likes of Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj and now Cardi B all from New York getting their shine (Shout out to the leading ladies of rap right now)….however, it’s still many miles away… in fact light years from The Golden Era where 80 % of the industry rappers during that time were from New York.

Nowadays the internet has leveled the playing field for both rappers, producers and DJ’s and artists alike. The no longer need “the industry machine” behind them to be successful. Chance The Rapper has inspired so many independent artist to stay independent and E-Reign from Queens NY is no different. His grind is definitely being noticed on the east coast and he’s hustling everyday to become known in other states across the nation. The young rapper has the business savvy to put together independent tours with him as the headliner. From high quality music videos to riot energy live shows….E-Reign will definitely have the masses paying attention real soon.

Ladies and Gentleman… E-Reign.

SO: Glad you could join us man. Let’s just get right into it. On a lot of your promotions I see the slogan “Future of New York” ..for the audience, what does that mean?

ER: My team and myself, are just trying to bring something new and fresh to the table. That slogan is meant to inspire no matter where you’re from. I know some people might see that term as something braggadocio, but I’m not just talking about myself. I’m putting on for my city but I’m putting that energy out there to the world. I’m talking about my generation, my culture. So much pressure is put on us millennials to adapt to what was…and we don’t want to be told what represents us…WE want to establish what represents us and for that to be embraced. I may articulate that in a different way as opposed to someone down in Atlanta, but we are basically saying the same thing…we are the future…hate it or love it.

SO: I’m noticing most successful independent artist have a strong team behind them. How do you keep your team focused and on the same page?

ER: Yeah man, the key to a lot of it is staying true and loyal to those you started from the bottom with. From there I tend to keep a lot of things in-house because the trust has already been established from way back. By learning each other…things gel together, like when you’re playing basketball…if I shoot that pass, I know who’s going to be there to catch it. Honesty, also goes a long way. You can’t have a lot of “Yes” people on your team. There has to be people in place to tell you the truth so you’re not out in public looking stupid.

SO: What other states do you feel like you’re getting traction in other than New York?

ER: We’re definitely making noise down in Philadelphia. North Carolina has shown me a lot of love and our new spot is Miami. We did a show down there and it was crazy so….and we continue to just keep networking with the brand so hopefully you know, by politickin wit you ….maybe we can get it in Ohio too haha. (pun intended)

SO: So what are you working on right now?

ER: So recently I just dropped my new mixtape The New York Times Vol 1., and so the team and I are promoting that real heavy,…. and then we’re also working on a single called “Whatchu Sayin” and we’re going to be shooting a video for that as well. Other than that , just continuing to tear down these live shows to give the people their money’s worth.

SO: Ok here’ s the typical cliche question LOL, Who would you say your music is influenced by?

ER: Tupac of course and Nas….Lyrical storytellers by far that not only cause you to think but through their rhymes you can see vividly the picture they are painting to the listener. And I mean of course the no-brainers being from New York…The Jay-Z’s and The Biggie’s of the world.

SO: Lastly, where can someone find your music?

ER: Very easy, go to or you can find my music on all streaming sites. iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, all the heavy hitters. I just want to show love and get some back you know?

SO: Well thank you for chopping it up with us. We are looking for gigantic things to happen for you in 2018

ER: Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. One.







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[Web Series] DJ Samore Top 5 Episode 34


Check out the latest episode from DJ Samore Top 5 Show on the Innovative Black Station. The DJ Samore Top 5, is all about the top 5 records that are on the radio (according to the mediabase/neilson bds charts), the streets, and whats that next record. DJ Samore also recaps the top headlines going on in music/film/tv/entertainment. Episode 34, spotlights new music from Chivonne SayWhat, Sza, and Chris Brown. Check it out here.

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[NEWS] “Suge Knight” Hires New Attorney to Represent Him


Former rap tycoon Marion “Suge” Knight hired a new attorney Monday to represent him against accusations that he criminally threatened the man who directed “Straight Outta Compton.”

Knight’s decision to hire criminal defense attorney Dominique E. Baños to replace Matthew Fletcher — who also briefly represented Knight in his ongoing murder case — cleared up a potential conflict of interest in the criminal threats case.Last month, prosecutors filed a motion saying they’d gathered evidence of possible witness tampering, bribery and obstruction of justice by Fletcher in the murder case and asked the court to conduct an independent inquiry into whether his representing Knight in the threats case was a conflict of interest.

According to the motion filed by prosecutors, Fletcher had conversations with Knight and two others that showed the group understood “they were going to assist the defendant in procuring witnesses for his defense, which included payments for fabricated testimony.” Fletcher denied wrongdoing at the time, telling The Times that prosecutors had taken his words out of context.

Hip Hop of that era has been on trial for Twenty years this is the last Cowboy standing . Life in prison looks to be his fate ; Now cooperate gangters do the same and worse and spend not a day in prison. Suge is still innocent until proven guilty .


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[Entertainment] “A Humbled Nicki Minaj”

Nick Fox

We all have heard many words to describe Nicki Minaj, but humble is not one that comes up in conversation too often.

Minaj has a pretty lengthy list of public beefs including on going war for rap queen with fellow female rapper Remy Ma, initiating back in 2007, when Minaj was first gaining momentum in her rap career. Since then the shots have been fired from both sides, giving us great beef tracks such as Minaj’s No Frauds and Remy’s Shether.  Others who join Remy on Minaj’s long list of beefs are Lil Kim, who has always felt that Minaj needed to pay homage as she claims Minaj has stolen her style which made her Queen B in the 90’s. Taylor Swift who found herself on the wrong side of Minaj’s tweet addressing unfair practices in the music industry. And of course who can forget Minaj confronting Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs, “… and now back to this b**** that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press, Miley, what’s good, ” after Cyrus commented on Minaj and Swift’s twitter feud to the press.

While we have all enjoyed her sassy clap back ways, it must be admitted that in moments of humility Minaj seems to truly shine and captivate her fans.

First paying the ultimate homage to legendary Lauren Hill by bowing down to the ground in her, what I can only imagine to be, overwhelmingly awesome presence. Video captured Minaj’s sincere words, “I’m in love with you… I’m in love with your spirit, your mind, everything about you,” clearly expressing the honor she felt in meet her idol.

Minaj has now displayed her admiration for female rapper Foxy Brown. On Brown’s 39th birthday Minaj admitted proudly, ” I may have never even started rapping if it wasn’t for her,” on her Instagram page.  She went on to say, “She’s still the only thing I compete w/when it comes to precision of flow, delivery & execution.”

Not sure if Minaj has turned over a new leaf  or if she is simply giving props where they are deserved. Either way, these moments give us a well rounded view of the hip hop superstar.


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