De La Soul announced the episode with an Instagram post on February 18. The clip features cartoon Pos facing the octopus-looking alien and screaming, “Yo! We can’t let them take our music! Dave, sonic blast now!” From there, Pos’ headphones turn into a weapon and Dave shouts, “YooooooooooOO” in an attempt to defeat the imposing monster.

The Teen Titans show up and are blown away by seeing De La Soul in person but as Plug One points out, he’s too busy being attacked to engage in any fandom. The alien manages to escape with all of their music, but the Teen Titans vow to help them get it back. This sounds like fun but in real life its nothing but as the trio has lived this. De La Soul has been battling former label Tommy Boy for rights to thier catalog.

Stay Tuned! -Boom

“Make sure y’all check us out in #TeenTitansGO Saturday on #CartoonNetwork at 9am and on the CN App #delasoul.”


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