B2K Talk To Ebony Magazine About Being Back!

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B2K are definitely making headlines with this millennium tour. It is a real experience for them, and they sat down with Ebony to talk about it. From the fans that grew up with them, their kids excited to watch them do their thing, the growth they see themselves as professional performers, to the vip b2k “Club B2K” experience after the show. Watch the interview here.

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Wu-Tang Clan is embarking on a sizable worldwide run this summer in support of the 25th anniversary of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The celebrated Hip Hop collective announced a string of U.S. tour dates (which yes, is in North America) via Instagram on Tuesday (February 26).
“Wu-Tang Clan is going worldwide!” the caption reads. “Catch us this Spring/Summer in the UK & EU on the Gods of Rap Tour with Public Enemy and De La Soul + come celebrate 25 years of Enter The Wu Tang: 36 Chambers as we make our way across The States.

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Anadolu Agency’s Best Pictures of 2016

JOAQUIN GUZMAN Loera is going away—potentially forever. El Chapo was found guilty today, February 12, on 10 federal criminal counts. The Former DRUG LORD will die in prison. He left the court in good spirits while his family was in tears. The DEA and FBI for years let the Drug Cartels do busy and make it seem like they are fighting crime while they just let the drug crews buy old guns and kill eachother in third world countries. “El Chapo will rot in prison now; The F.b.i. will create another mega Drug Lord to take down and have another show and pony show in the next couple years.

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Straight official sits down with Kimbretta

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you from, where do you reside etc? My stage name is my legal first name-Kimbretta.  When your mother makes up a name that no one else has thought of and you’re the only one in the world, you stick with it.  I’m from Lakeland, Florida and I currently reside in Jacksonville, Florida.
  2. Why did you decide to become a DJ/ Artist/ Entertainer?
    As far back as I can remember I’ve always been an entertainer.  It took me some time to find out how exactly I want to express that in the world, I think I’ve discovered it-for now.  I became a Fleet Host, because Hosting is a talent I have naturally.  A great host sets the atmosphere, directs the flow and engages an audience the entirety of a set, a great Host is a leader and that’s me all day. 
  3. Who and/or what motivates you?
    I’m self-motivated for the most part.  Getting things done, accomplishing my goals and seeing my vision become reality all motivate me to keep going.  At the core of that motivation is me always wanting to be an example to my daughter of what she can do-no matter what.
  4. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?
    My biggest accomplishment to date is becoming a mom and managing to keep my daughter safe, healthy, and be there for the first phase of her life.  Oh yeah, I self-published my first book too.
  5. What projects currently working on?
    I’m currently working on my second book.  I’m also building a team to help me do my first book tour.
  6. What changes would you like to see in the music/entertainment industry?
    We don’t have the time to talk about the changes I want to see in the music industry.  I am extremely passionate about performing arts and all things music, particular vocal artists; and there is a ton of change that needs to happen in the industry-a ton.
  7. What makes you different from other artist?
    I have an uncanny ability to bring order to chaos.  I’m charmingly flawed and simultaneously exquisite all at the same damn time.  I am your next best decision-period
  8. What crews, company’s are you apart of why did you join the Fleet Djs?
    I own my own company, I’m also a part of women’s entrepreneurial support group.  I joined Fleet with the primary goal of continuing to develop my hosting, and speaking skills.  I my second goal, was that I hoped it opened doors for my daughter who is an aspiring R&B/Soul Singer.
  9. What other skills/talent do you have?
    Other than being a writer, I’m a certified life coach with a concentration in business, I’m a creative director, and I have great knack for connecting with teens and young adults (mentorship).
  10. What do you do in your free time? Any Hobbies?
    I love listening to music, watching TV/Movies, reading, researching and dancing.
  11. Anything else you want to add/ Any Shoutouts? your Social Media?
    I want to shout out Fleet DJ’s for all the work they do, to give others opportunities experience and grow within the entertainment industry.  I want to shout out Women by Choice my support group, my daughter for keeping me on toes and Superman (not Clark Kent) for saving the day-everyday.

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What In The Figgity?! [W_Z_R_D]


Quarters2Commas and Straight Official are proud to present another up and coming local artist on the rise representing Indianapolis!

Despite his normal laidback demeanor, the stage explodes with energy with a performance from W_Z_R_D! (Wizard)

Victor Hutchison II adopted the name Wizard in middle school and later changed the spelling to W_Z_R_D. Given his ability to leave his fans mesmerized it’s safe to say the name fits. W_Z_R_D has been making music since the young age of 12 and has found influence from his late uncle Markus Steward (Stew), Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, XXXtencion, and ski Mask. He began to perform and record professionally two years ago and has hit the ground running.

W_Z_R_D released his first studio album, titled “Dreams to Reality” in December 2016. His follow up single “Jungle” was rewarded with blog appearances, local performances, and recognition within the Indianapolis music scene.

In early 2017, he released his first EP, “Play Me“. W_Z_R_D’s hard work and dedication to his craft has caused him to grow quickly as an artist. His May 2018 single “Right” has seen a lot of success via internet radio, bookings and blog postings.

Following the release, W_Z_R_D was a featured artist at The Green House Affect Open Mic in Indianapolis, the Sunspot Music Fest in Morristown, Indiana, Stonetree Studios in Indianapolis, the For The Fans Music Festival in Muncie, Indiana, the Mesa Music Festival in Arizona, and has opened for Rich the Kid & Jay Critch.

Currently, W_Z_R_D was named a finalist in the Hot 96.3 Santa Slam Opener Contest, where the winner opens for The Migos. He is also set to release his next projectLate” in Spring 2019 along with visuals for two singles from the project, “Day One” and “Old Days”.

W_Z_R_D is definitely an artist to look out for. His music may currently be found on SoundCloud, Spotify and Reverbnation and is soon to hit all major platforms.

Thank you and stay tuned in 2k19 as Straight Official and Quarters2Commas bring you the figgity right to your face about music, sports, gaming and more!

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What In The Figgity?! [NBA MVP – Earned or Given?]


Now there is no doubt that the NBA is in hot water with all the boiling talent on the rise this year, not to mention the red hot vets who been snubbed for the last few seasons.

Now i know some viewers may disagree but Lebron James has to be the obvious choice right?

But with Anthony Davis, The Beard, Kyrie and The Greek Freak leading the way in the Player Efficiency catagory. How can Lebron win MVP so far down the list?

Can we speak facts though for a moment? As we all see, the Cleveland Cavaliers are the leagues worst team without The King and the Lakers (Top 10 worst teams last season) are sneaking in the backdoor of the Western Conference.

What else is MVP worthy from a player who has been snubbed the last 5 seasons after taking his teams to consecutive Finals?

This isn’t all about Lebron though. The question remains, Is the MVP Award earned or given? Are we going solely on stats? Or is it marketing? Of course they are great athletic superstars, but is there a list who gets it next unless something unanimous happens?

What are the factors that really makes a player the Most Valuable? Feel free to comment and let me know what you think about the MVP race. Who you think should win right now and why. I say Lebron, because of his ultimate and visible impact to the game and recent snubs; taking nothing from Westbrook or Harden.

Stay tuned as All-Star Weekend approaches. Be sure to go to http:/ and vote for your favorite players to be entered into the weekend’s events.

Thank you and stay tuned in 2k19 as Straight Official and Quarters2Commas bring you the figgity right to your face about music, sports, gaming and more!

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What In The Figgity?! [ Niques’ Crown Jewels]


As the last hours of the year tick away and we begin to bring in 2019. Quarters2Commas and Straight Official are happy to shine our light on NiquesCrownJewels.

IG: niques_crown_jewels

Nique, an Independent Jewelry Consultant, has a growing base with an increasing inventory. Niques Crown Jewels offer exciting, glamorous jewelry for only $5 catering to just about every culture while maintaining a safe and appealing product.

FB: Niques $5 Bling

With multiple series in the collection, NCJ offers other elegant type pieces for the true bling queens at heart. Not only targeting the woman, Niques Crown Jewels also has a selection for men that compliments any style just as well.

Nique also offer the opportunity to join her team and learn how to be a Bling Boss! Don’t miss this opportunity in 2019! Look out for her and have a Happy New Year !

Thank you and stay tuned in 2k19 as Straight Official and Quarters2Commas bring you the figgity right to your face about music, sports, gaming and more!

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Rising Artist Alert! [ABG Deoun]


Quarters2Commas and Straight Official are pleased to introduce to you, ABG Deoun. One of the best new rappers on the rise to represent Chitown and the 317.

Reigning mainly on Soundcloud (@ABG Deoun), The Chicago native, Coming out of Naptown delivers on any instrumental with the best of both worlds type of feel, while having a sound and originality compared to none.

IG: abg_deoun_abg

Not shying away from the gang culture, expect raw lyrics coming from one of the rawest places to flourish out of.

Giving us one his latest releases Through The Storm , he continues to hit us with straight hardcore bars following with a XXXTentacion dedication.

Keep an eye out for ABG Deoun and the Gang in 2k19.

Thank you and stay tuned in 2k19 as Straight Official and Quarters2Commas bring you the figgity right to your face about music, sports, gaming and more!

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What In The Figgity?! [Heaven’le Crystal]


Quarters2Commas is proud to present to you, Heaven’le Crystal (@heavenle_angels), who is among the top femcees representing Michigan. Rising out of Grand Rapids, she definitly reveals a unique sound from the North.

Figgin’ on instrumentals with a smooth, melodic flow, laced with passionate lyrics to captivate you into visualizing what she is saying.

Heaven’les 1st single “F*ck Relationships” released in the summer of this year.

she touches the hearts of the females who love hard.

F*ck Relationships: Heaven’le Crystal

Following behind is an album titled “After Pain” released in October, which men included can relate to.

After Pain: Heaven’le Crystal

She now gives us a sneak peak leak off the latest album “In My Bag” set to release January 2k19.

With a growing platform, her album “After Pain” and upcoming can be found on all major streaming services. Check out Heaven’le Crystal’s content below.

Thank you and stay tuned in 2k19 as Straight Official and Quarters2Commas bring you the figgity right to your face about music, sports, gaming and more!

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DJ Samore Top 5 “Run Up” on the Project Girls Club


DJ Samore Top 5 , count down the hottest jamz blazing the radio airwaves. She also introduce new records from major and indie artist coming on the scene as well. Before we recap the top 20 songs of 2018. Check out this episode with The Project Girls Club. The project girls club is a collective a dope female creatives that get together and make dope “lit” music. The Girls Club consist of Shanell Snl, Mika Means, D Woods, and Princess from Crime Mob. They have a dope single “Run Up” buzzing out in these streets, and awaiting of the soon to drop music video;  DJ Samore got a top 5 interview with the ladies check it out here.

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