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[Black Buisness] Queen of Blush


Listen ladies , I know you have been out here searching for some quality items so Straight Official is going to help you out! I had the pleasure to speak with such a young , talented and smart business owner and trust me her product is quality . Check out what she had to say !

RJ: I wanted to empower those like me and I figured what better way to influence confidence than to do it with a brand of things I love and believe in. I wanted people to have a certain feeling when they got a package in the mail from my company. I wanted them to be like 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽”yasssss, it came”. I want people to wear my dresses when they expect to see that guy they like out, and it give them the feeling of things being in their favor. I want people to wear my lashes for their glamour shots And know they nailed every pose. I want people to buy my extensions when they want reliable hair because they KNOW I invested the time, money, and energy into knowing they have a premium product shopping with me,Queen of Blush wasn’t only meant to be Eyelashes, clothing, hair, etc. It’s meant to be a brand that exudes confidence, to help build it in fellow women who you may not know but is your sister with same struggle!

What better way to put things in perspective and out there so make sure you all go shop today ! Tell her StraightOfficial sent you!

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