The Quest Chronicles

Like, Share but No Support


Do it for the gram, do it for the gram, today’s society is all about the LIKES! Drop that pic, the LIKES start flowing in! Drop that track, they’ll scroll right pass. Post something ignorant, it gets all the attention. Post your business, you won’t even get a SHARE. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

I work hard & so proud of my own accomplishments, but let me post it on social media and it ruins everything! I can announce something amazing happened but as soon as I’m about to post a product for purchase… crickets. All the people who rooted for me to get the business started, all of a sudden is silent when it comes time to support & purchase.

I started monitoring a few of my Facebook friend’s pages to see if what I believe is true. One guy post silly memes all day long and get tons of LIKES & laughing emojis. As soon as he post something serious, supporting another business owner or post good music… his likes MAY reach 3. I ask again, what’s wrong with this picture?

One day I posted about my clothing line, new music & my radio show… a few likes, NO Shares, no customers.  Many SEE the posts, but choose to not respond. I post a meme about what’s your Wokanda name… 105 comments, 57 Likes & 17 shares. Let’s ask again, what’s wrong with this picture?

Remember my blog is about life from MY perspective & my experiences so many things may not apply to all. For certain people, social media works for them & they may have the right followers/fans & supporters/customers. For the average up & coming entrepreneur especially in the entertainment field, it’s not always the case. I constantly see posts about “Zero support” & how it makes them feel some type of way which I can understand.

So instead of ME answering these next QUESTions, I ask all of you!

  • If you are part of the group who complains about no Likes, Shares, or Support, how many times have you actually, Like, Shared or supported?
  • Are you apart of the group who are friends with entrepreneurs but rarely show up, click purchase or help promote?
  • Are you the ones who continue to say, “I see you doing your thing” “keep up the good work” “I’m proud you” “you always have my support” yet put NO action behind it!
  • Or are you the type of person who act like you don’t see anything at all especially when confronted?

Let’s talk about it! Please feel free to comment below & tell us your opinion or personal experience with this topic. I want to hear from YOU!!!

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The Quest Chronicles: DM’s & Receipts

DM’s Receipts

It goes down in the DM & I have receipts to prove it! You can easily unfriend & unfollow but those messages are forever there! How well do you trust people? How comfortable are you to speak to others? If the relationship goes wrong, will screenshots be presented?

As a female & public figure people assume my DM’s are flooded constantly.  From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat! Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my share & usually slight irritated especially if it’s not about business. Social media platforms were made to socialize & to NETWORK so I focus more on the networking part. Guys would send me their dating profiles as if we were on POF or E Harmony! Wrong platform baby boy! Enough is enough but you can’t get mad at them for shooting their shot with someone they’re interested in.

Now I must admit, let it be a cutie then I’ll allow him to converse with me a little longer than others. Hey, I have to be honest. When I first signed up on social media I was a new up and coming artist but at the same time, I was slowly breaking out of my shell as a young woman. I was a nerd in school & not use to talking to guys so it was fun for me.  I even started to slide in their DM’s. As I got older, I usual slide for business but when my flirtation side comes out, I will still use business as my initial conversation starter. It’s all a game and you have to know how to play it. But in the midst of all the fun and games, reality sets in and everything changes.

As usual, I do self reflections. Would kind of message am I portraying when I’m sliding in DM’s & Flirting? What happens if I think it’s all fun & innocent then next thing I know it’s actually someone’s wife or girlfriend typing to me. Not a good look at all. Even if you think you’re close enough to someone & have that type of relationship where you can be silly or a little flirtatious, at a certain age whether single or not you still have to be mindful. Something so innocent can cause so much chaos.

Looking at this topics from a business aspect, it does have it’s advantages. There were times I would be in a meeting or on a conference call talking about business & the other party act like they don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s cool, let me pull up my receipts & refresh your memory. It would be in those moments I either relay back to a contract, an email, message or text & highlight said part to let them know, I have proof of said discussion. Verbal agreements are just not cutting it anymore because we live in a society where everyone has amnesia when it comes to them getting called out on their nonsense.

I want to have some fun on this topic because many can relate in different ways good or bad so I ask you all, what were some of your most interesting DM encounters? Have you ever slid in someone’s DM & it worked? Have you ever had to pull out receipts on anyone either personal or for business? Do you believe it’s somewhat childish?

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The Quest Chronicles: Awakening


Awakening: An act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something. When was the last time you were awakened?

5 4 3 2 1….  Happy Birthday!!!! Yes, October 20th was my birthday & I feel great! I received exactly what I wanted which was to be happy. Simple request but not always the case. Last year, 30 was supposed to be a turning year for me & it was but not as I expected it to be. I looked at it as a TEST year. I ended up looking at every section of my life in a new perspective. My relationships with my friends, family & others have changed. Going into age 30, I was excited until others knew what age I was going to turn. I expected them to say, “Girl, welcome to the next bracket, 30 is the new 20, time to see life get REAL but in a good way of course! But NOPE, that’s not what I heard! I kept hearing them say, “this is when life gets hard, you probably gonna cry & you’re going to think you didn’t do much with your life, trust me, we all been there!” I was so aggravated from all the non-stop negativity as if 30 was a cursed year to dread. I honestly felt it brought a dark cloud over my year before it began. Like the bible says, ” Power of life & death is in your tongue” & boy did I feel that!

Their words came to LIFE! Ever since then, I knew 30 was going to have me on a roller coaster. It was so bad, I had to QUESTion so much & QUESTion a lot of people.  I came to realize that even when I give people the benefit of the doubt, some will find a way to let me down. Not always on purpose but still tiring after the 10th let down. Through it all I made it to my 31st year, I stayed strong, got through the chaos of 30 & that dark cloud started to fade away.

A few weeks before my birthday I went on a cruise to relax, have fun & to clear my mind. I sat on my balcony, looked at the water & my thoughts went to work. I reflected on my life, where I was & where I felt I should be. In that moment I knew it was time to take drastic measures.  I AWAKENED & realized that even though life was good, it wasn’t great as it should be. I was uncomfortable with my reality & it was time for a change. I desired to take everything to the next level and with that comes sacrifice, determination & risks! I quit my 9p to 5p, re-branded my own businesses & started packing my stuff & now moving away for a fresh new start! I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders because I’m finally about to live my dream as a full time entertainer. No job or no one holding me back. I’m young, single, successful & ready to live my best life. Yes, some may look at me crazy but this feels right. I have a concrete plan & its already in the works. You have to believe in oneself and take a leap of faith to live out your purpose. So here I am! It may be difficult but I’m ready to take on all challenges. I know my purpose in life so I shall walk in it!

So I ask you, are you woke? Are you still dreaming? If not, what was your awakening moment? Please comment below.

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The Quest Chronicles: Babies… Overrated???

Babies… Overrated

Are you a parent? Were your children pre planned? If not & had the choice to not have children, would you do anything different? Weird question to ask especially after having the bundle of joys you love so much. Emotions & detachments aside… think about it.

It’s that time of year where I celebrate the most important day… MY Birthday! October 20th to be exact. Happy New Year to ME! Time to celebrate, correct? Yes, but for me it’s time to reflect. Time to think about the year that has just went by, what have I done, what have I accomplished, how comfortable am I with myself today going forward into my new year. The average person is so quick to “Turn Up” when it’s their birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an entertainer & I love to celebrate ME but at the same time, I always make time to see what’s going on with ME.

A few weeks ago, I was in the recording studio with my best friend & engineer catching up on old times. Our birthdays are a day apart so we were talking about plans & then started to catch up on old times. We noticed that we’ve changed over the years but not only in the physical sense but mentally as well. We got on the subject about relationship status & babies. We noticed we’re all single & none of us have children as of yet. We must have been in-sync because we grew up wanting children but now questioning are they even in the cards anymore.

I was the young girl who wanted to get married, have 4 children (2 boys, 2 girls) big house, white picket fence & a golden retriever. Now at age 30, with a growing entertainment career, relationship status of single & don’t even date, things have change. There’s many steps to take before entertaining motherhood & when it’s time, would I even want to become a mother anymore? I’m still growing myself, learning myself, establishing myself. Relationship/Marriage to the side, am I financially stable, mental prepared & ready to have this major change in life? Yes, if it happens to happen I’ll just do what I’m suppose to do and be the best mother ever but while it’s still an option, do I want to have children or even one child?

Many young adults I spoken to around my age, had a similar vision growing up but now realize they’re not ready or never will be. Some feel that they are too selfish, don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night having to go to the hospital if the baby is sick or having to deal with the responsibility of getting their child ready for school every weekday morning. Some don’t even want to have to 2nd guess taking a trip out of state to an island if the opportunity presents itself. Right now, there’s no one holding them back but if a child is involve, they have to be considered in every decision they have to make from here on out.

So my QUESTions to you are: With your biological clock ticking, are you nervous? Would you feel less of a woman never conceiving?  As a man, are you ok with not having someone carry your last name? If you’re the type to want to wait until a serious relationship or marriage, are you concerned about the complications of having children at an older age? Could your future mate convince you to change your mind? What was your vision growing up verses where you stand today on this topic?

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The Quest Chronicles: Relationships in 2018


RELATIONSHIPS!!! Boy have they changed over the years. From the way men court woman, to the importance of a relationship status, to playing with emotions as if they don’t matter.

This is an ongoing topic so I with tease you all with a few highlights & please feel free to comment afterwards.

There’s a hashtag that circulates all over the internet including memes which states ” Relationship Goals (RG’s)”.  RGs are ideals, lessons, values or experiences to aim for in your intimate partner relationship. Instead of being unattainable, it should be inspirational.  RG’s varies from Barack Obama & Michelle to Jay-Z & Beyonce & one of my favorites Papoose & Remy Ma just to name a few. Who wouldn’t want to be a power couple? Beside couples, when referring to values & lessons I ask you, what are your RG’s as a single person? What’s are you RG’s as a couple? ( Please Comment Below)

Throwback: I remember when a man use to approach a lady he found attractive and would ask her out on a date then start courtship to see if things can go any further between the two. Many don’t even know how to ask a woman out properly anymore. How many of us have heard, “What’s good with you? What’s up? You tryna get up?  Netfix & Chill perhaps?”  It became so bad, guys don’t even bother to ask for phone numbers anymore. They ask for your Instagram name. This can’t be reality. I met a man at a lounge a few months ago, we conversed for a while and when he asked for my phone number, it was so foreign that I was turned on. How refreshing was that? What is social media doing to our culture, our society, our relationships? Living in the world of “Trending” is not looking so good. But let me shout out the men who were taught right, who still have old fashion values, who still have respect for woman, who still court. Everyone has not been brainwashed by the negativity of today’s society.

Ladies, you are not exempt from these behaviors because many of us have been not playing our parts neither.  This topic I shall go further in dept at another time so please stay tuned.

Taking it back to relationships: I remember being asked on many occasions, how important “titles” are when it comes to relationships. To me personally, I believe they are very important. In a way, it’s a sense of security in ones mind. If both parties agree to not have a title but a clear understanding to what’s entailed when it comes to their as I say “Situation-ship” then they’re fine. On the other hand, without proper communication & just going with the flow, problems have a possibility of growing. If I’m playing the role as a girlfriend without a title TECHNICALLY he’s not mines. If he wanted to talk to other females or date them, can I really get mad if we didn’t decide what this is between the two of us? Communication is key!

Like I stated earlier, this topic is broad and I can go on forever. I appreciate one of my readers suggesting that I speak about this. Keep them coming! There’s so many things I can discuss & break down so let’s have some fun. Comment below your feedback on the topics I spoke about above as well as give topics you’ll like me to address. Keep in mind that I will soon bring my blogs to my up & coming podcast & radio show. With that being said, you all have to continue to follow me to keep up with all the latest!

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The Quest Chronicles

The Quest Chronicles-tquestglm (1)

It’s Tuesday, T-Quest Tuesday that is! I go by the name T-Quest & welcome to my world. Love, Life Music & More from MY perspective. I would like to thank Straight Official for having me apart of the team. As a blogger, I will be allowing you all into my world, my adventures, experiences & more. For those who are new to my world, let me give you an insight to who I am and what I’m about. I’m what you call  an overall entertainer! A music artist, party host, radio personality, comedian, fashion designer & the list goes on.

Being involved with many aspects of the entertainment industry, it allows me to not only be in the forefront but behind the scenes as well. If you’ve seen any music reality shows excusing the “scripted parts”, you would see that everything of the industry is not glitz and glam. Fans look up to us in admiration but tend to forget that we’re human too, Which means, we cry, get angry, have confrontations, stress and anxiety just like everybody else. We’re more relate-able than the average person may believe. For example, I personally feel fans get a better understanding and a more realistic love for celebrities  when they watch their “Behind The Music” specials, listen to certain radio interviews, watch biopics & read their auto-biography’s  because that gives celebrities the opportunity to connect with you and show a more vulnerable side once the camera is off, the mics are off and the wigs are off.

Imagine knowing your favorite music artist goes through the same pain you do. Imagine your celebrity crush having more in common with you than your best friend. Imagine your quirkiness and unique style is actually cool to the same people you look up to. Just because you see them on the tv, watch them in concert & hear them on the radio doesn’t make them that much different than the average person. Let’s make the connection.

As you take a QUEST through my world. You would read about my perspective on many topics.

LOVE: My favorite subject. From time to time, I will answer QUESTions from my fans about their relationships or lack there of and give my opinions only to help not to enable.

LIFE: It can be hard especially juggling the many dynamics of it but I am here to give advice & tips to make it easier. Whether it’s about family, finance, business, etc.We’re a village to let’s help one another.

Music: The true love of my life & a soft spot because this is not only my profession, it’s my passion, my escape & happiness. I love to help those coming up with me & make them aware of certain things they may have not been taught. This new generation is emulating social media & lacking true teachers to properly guide them the right way through this industry so here I am!

MORE: The most exciting portion of this blog because this section may be filled with fashion, radio, SEX & just imaginations running wild! Mature audience is advised! lol

Let’s have some fun together. Email me topics to discuss & QUESTions you may have. To learn more about me or to hear more about certain topics in dept please dowload my app “T-Quest” & visit my website

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