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Young Buck & Tricky P release “Rent Due”

Young Buck and Tricky P have released a song together entitled “Rent Due” and the music video hit YouTube last night.  Young Buck has steadily stayed in the media headlines throughout his career and has been recently in a beef with 50 Cent. The two have gone back and forth on social media posting cartoons and funny pictures. Although the two are beefing they have managed to keep their fans entertained though the process.  Through all the media attention, Buck’s undeniable talent  has managed to preserver through it all.  His new release “Rent Due” is just another display of the Young Buck we all know and love.

“Rent Due” Young Buck & Tricky P

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NBA Goes into 4th Overtime in Playoffs for the 1st time since 1953

Tonight was a epic game between The Denver Nuggets and The Portland Trail Blazers to say the least. It was impossible to say who dominated the game. The entire game was back and forth by only a few points. Both teams kept their stamina through the 1st overtime, second over time, third over time and even pushed through harder in the fourth overtime. The Trail Blazers won 140 to 137. It was very clear how much heart and soul each team poured out on the court tonight. The next game will take place this Sunday May 5th which is not much time for both teams to recover. It is safe to say that this was a very exciting and fun game to watch which had all fans on the edge of their seats the entire game. I truly feel privileged to of watched such a amazing game.

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Joyner Lucas Releases “Devils Work” Sending a Very Deep Message

I have to admit that Joyner Lucas has released a song that really hit home for me. Several years ago my husband died. We had grown up together since age 12 and were inseparable . He was a very good man. Unfortunately I watched him pass away slowly and painfully from cancer. I later ended up in a abusive relationship and as much is I do not want to admit it I was angry. I felt god had taken such a good man and I was left with nothing but a sea of bad people. I had to ask god why? I think this is a question most people in this world ask. Joyner Lucas has no problem addressing the issue publicly in his new song “Devils Work”.  He actually asks god to take certain celebrities and bring back others. As controversial as the song may be I feel like it address a lot of thoughts that people have, but are to afraid to admit. I think these feelings are very common among those who are mourning. I love how Joyner Lucas makes music with such deep thoughts and real messages. He always leaves me amazed and his music videos always capture the audience as if watching a complete movie. He has captured this yet again. Be sure to check it out.

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Mozzy Creates Chill Phellipe Challenge

Mozzy is ready to respond to Philthy Rich and  his track “Troublesome” but in a unique way that I have never seen done before. Mozzy has released a instrumental and is asking his fans to rap how they feel about it. Not only is he reaching out to his fans he is also offering 5 people to win up to $2000 in the Chill Phillipe Challenge.

Do you have what it takes to win?? Go to for the instrumental. Make sure you tag @mozzy and hashtag #chillphillipe. As much as I love both artists I must say this beef is beginning to be very entertaining.

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Einer Bankz And YG Go Hard

If you don’t know who Einer Bankz is then you need to get familiar. The crazy talented ukulele player and producer is from San Francisco the Bay Area  and is known for his videos featuring major artists free-styling while he plays the ukulele .  I am always extremely excited whenever he posts something new and  I was especially excited to see that his new video features the one and only YG. The duo goes hard in the video and it sounds amazing. Makes sure to check out all of his videos on his Instagram @einerbankz . He gives the hip hop industry a unique flare and I am loving it!

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Philthy Rich Fires Back At Mozzy

Today Philthy Rich threw gas on the already burning fire of beef between Mozzy and him. He released his new single entitled “Troublesome”

This track fires major daggers at Mozzy claiming the artist was run out of Englewood and also accuses Mozzy of passing out herpes at Coachella. Philthy Rich also warns Mozzy in his Instagram heading stating “ Tiny Tim better chill on Phillipe”. Philthy got extremely personal and disrespectful on this track and we will see if Mozzy shoots back in response.

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Mozzy and Philthy Rich Beef

I can not tell you how many times a day my playlist plays Prezi “Do Better Remix” featuring Philthy Rich, Mozzy and OMB Peezy. This song has to be one of my favorite songs and for good reason, the collaboration of artists is spot on. It was surprising to me to find out that Philthy Rich and Mozzy had beef. I remember the moment I first heard each one for the first time.  I was on a video shoot with Philthy Rich in 2010 for the song “Let The Money Talk” which was shot in Denver with artists Young Doe, Innastate Ike and Freeway Ricky. The first time I heard Filthy Rich I was actually watching him spit lyrics onset in Park Hill. The first time I heard Mozzy was three years ago with “Beautiful Struggle” which I instantly fell in love with. His off the hook lyrics and witty verses had me hooked right away and I have been a fan of almost every song since.

The beef between the two artist has fans all over social media and as I scrolled through Facebook today I noticed so many people debating between the two artists. Oddly enough I had a hard time finding anyone who did not choose a side while also sending a respect shot out to the other artist. As I went through the comments on my friend Rocca Solo’s page I realized how many posts said they like both artists. I feel like if you are a Mozzy fan you are most likely also a Philthy Rich fan and vise versa.

The debate came about after Mozzy signed Philthy Rich’s rival enemy Messy Marv. Philthy took to the mic recording his single to Mozzy entitled “Don’t Forget” where he expresses he was the man who put Mozzy on and how he feels stabbed in the back. I feel like Philthy’s single is one of the most clear and mature dis-tracks I have ever heard. He clearly states his issues direct and to the point. Mozzy took no time responding with his track ” Chill Phillpe” which I could not help but giggle at the funny title.  This dis was impossible for me to not rock my head to. His beat and lyrics are fire. Its clear to see on both tracks how talent both artists are and the feud has fans upset as most fans are true fans of both artists. Hopefully the beef can end and the artists can “Do Better” again.

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Game 7 won by Denver Nuggets

I had butterflies in my stomach as I read the Floor Seating sign at the Denver Pepsi Center. I fallowed the Nuggets cheerleaders into the arena into my seats as I looked up to the screaming fans. Last night was game 7 between the Nuggets and the Spurs; whoever  lost was out. The fans intensity grew as the arena lit up with fire, loud music and sparkling lights while announcing the Denver Nuggets Players onto the court.

The game was pretty dominated by the Nuggets until the last 5 minutes when the Spurs almost tied it up. I could hardly stay in my seat as I screamed and jumped up and down at every basket made. The very end of the game was intense and luckily my home team the Denver Nuggets won! It was a incredible game to watch floor side.

After the big win the Pepsi Center bar which is decked out like a mountain ski lodge was packed with fans celebrating the big win. After ordering a drink it was cheers with all the fans and cheers to our Denver Nuggets, congratulations on your big win!

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Dave East Highlights 4/20 Edition AF1 Shoe

After a long morning of nonstop running yesterday I decided to take a break and mindlessly scroll through the abyss of 4/20 advertisements all over my Instagram feed. As I scrolled quickly from one advertisement to another, I ended up catching a glimpse of  a shoe. This shoe was something I had never seen before and it looked as though it was a Nike AF1 with what looked like weed as the swoosh symbol. I quickly stopped scrolling and had to click on the video Dave East had posted on his Instagram just minutes before. After watching the video a couple times I finally grasped the concept that the weed was in fact real weed on the side of the AF1-420 concept shoe. Further research led me to know each shoe contains 3.5 grams of weed on each side of the swoosh symbol. This very high demand shoe is beyond unique and  I am loving the way it looks. I think the most exciting aspect of this shoe is that it is coming out of Harlem, so of course the Harlem native Dave East is on board representing.  Dave East tagged the video with @allharlemworld which has the slogan of Everything Harlem, From Harlem, For the World. The shoes can be pre-ordered now  from visiting @futuresoriche on Instagram.

Link to Video

Link to All Harlem

Link to Futuresoricher


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