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The incline in America’s divorce rate has been growing massively each year since the 70’s. In 1970 the divorce rate was 3.5% and today the divorce rate stands at an amazing 39%. The divorce rate is not the only thing on an incline. The percentage of people not wanting to ever marry is at staggering 37%. Society as a whole has shifted from traditional marriage and relationships. Hip hop is a good reflection of this. Hip hop has always been known to glamorize being single, being wealthy, having many sexual partners, cheating and simply down playing love. Justin Bieber’s newest music video “Holy” which features Chance the Rapper is a unique visual that breathes a new energy to hip hop.  The refreshing and positive visual even puts an emphasis on God which is rare to find in hip hop these days.

Justin Bieber uploaded the visual “Holy” in September. The song was produced by Jorgen Odegard, Jon Bellion and the video was Directed by Colin Tilley. Tilly worked with Bieber 10 years prior on his video “Never Let You Go”. When Tilly heard the song he was instantly interested and wanted to know more about the song. When Tilly asked Bieber what the song meant to him, he replied  “I could be having the worst day in the world but what kept me going was the love I had with my wife which is the meaning behind “Holy”. He also wanted it to hit people on a real level. Before the covid pandemic the world was overwhelmed by the fast life, always busy with careers and being on the run. People had lost sight of what was really important in life. Covid caused many people to lose their jobs and people were forced to step back, rethink what life truly means and what is important to us. “Love is what is getting us through these difficult times.” Bieber says. He also stated “The idea of strangers helping each other can change the outcome of everything. That’s the light at the end of the tunnel. The visual was shot as a movie with actual scripted scenes to make it feel authentic with a clear message. It artfully shows the strength in love and sings god back into hip hop. This may just be the start of a new trend.


Written by @dahlia_koca


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Toosii has just uploaded a video on instagram confirming his new adventure with Capitol Records. The video shows him signing the paperwork. Capitol Records is an American record label owned by Universal Music Group through its Capitol Music Group imprint. Capital Records is a 50 billion dollar company making it one of Americas largest record labels.

Toosii is from Syracuse, New York but moved to North Carolina when he was 13 years old. He first debuted on Spinrilla at age 16 in 2016 with the EP “Blessings”. His 2017 album “Label Me Diverse” was also released to Spinrilla. This is when he first gained fans and major attention for his music. His singles like “Lost” and “Dreams” were major hits. The now 20 year old rapper has gained major popularity with each song released since then and now that he is signed with Capitol Records, he may just end up an unstoppable sensation.

#GetSOM @dahlia_koca


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Everyone seems to be jumping on the popular Onlyfans wagon, the app that allows its users to see exclusive continent has proved to be a huge money making outlet. Celebrities are no exception to joining. Many celebrities are using their massive followings to advertise their Onlyfans account which is generating millions for some. Tyga  joined the app about ten days ago and it appears his account is doing extremely well. For $14.95 you can enjoy this artists content. He currently has 25 posts on his account and is consistently on it. His tag line reads “I Like you I don’t give af bout yo bf”. If you want to peek into Tyga’s naughty side make sure you check his Onlyfans out.



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Cardi B has finally made it official and filed for divorce from husband Offset. TMZ has reported that the rapper Cardi B filed a dissolution of marriage in Georgia Today. Cardi B  is listed as the plaintiff and Offset is listed as the defendant on the paperwork. There is also a statement declaring the couple is separated with no chance of reconciliation. According to the court documents Cardi B is also seeking full custody of their daughter Kulture. It does not appear that the couple had a prenup as the paperwork states she is looking for an equal division of the couples assets.

It is not clear yet as to why Cardi B has filed for divorce. She has yet to make a public statement although she has dealt with infidelity issues in her relationship in the past. We will be you updated as more details unfold.

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Magan Thee Stallion shocked the world this evening when she went live and identified Tory Lanez as the man that shot her a few months ago. Megan has remained silent and somewhat private about the event and her healing process until tonight. She is clearly upset with Tory Lanez in the video but not over the fact that he shot her. She is actually upset because she says Tory Lanez is having his publicist make fake news about her. After she caught wind of all the fake stories she chose to clear the air. She not only identified Tory Lanez as the shooter but gives a somewhat detailed description of the night. Megan is a young artists and may not understand the legal issues that may result in the case from this live. We will update this story as more news becomes available.

Information via @theestallion

Magazine @straightofficail Writer @dahlia_koca

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On July 24th Skinnyfromthe9 went live on Instagram after being shot. In the live the Florida artist can be seen on the ground in severe pain while yelling “I’ve been shot”.  A few hours after the live his management team posted a message to his fans. The post read “Skinny is in the hospital we don’t know what’s going, he did get shot. Pray for him, this is not a joke.”

Two days later on July 26th the artist posted again and let his followers know he had been shot in the hip as well as having a fractured leg. The caption read “2 nights ago i was shot, got shot in my hip and i have a fractured leg… im really grateful and thankful 2 be alive and that ill still be able to walk again after all this, THANK YOU GOD 🙏🏼, cherish life because it could be gone in a second! Thank you all 4 your thoughts and messages about my recovery ❤️💯💯 and its still free my brother @joshwthe9 🙏🏼🙏🏼”.

Then on July 27th he posted his first day of physical therapy. His video shows him trying to move his legs while sitting and then shows the swelling in his knee. The caption read “Update: Day 1 of physical therapy went well still can’t walk hurts a lot to even move my foot cause of corona virus I can’t have no visitors so I have to take the vids myself 💔 thanks to everyone wishes and everyone worried ❤️ thank god I’m alive 🙏🏻 … it’s an evil world 🌎💔”

He posted again on July 30th. This post included a video of himself taking his first steps since the shooting. The caption read “Slowly regaining feeling in my leg today took my first few steps ❤️🙏🏻 can’t wait to go home thank you god 🙏🏻”. More information to come as details on his recovering become available.

Information via @skinnythe9 magazine @straightofficalmag Writer @dahlia_koca

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Megan Thee Stallion went live on instagram for the first time today since she has been shot. Her Live was extremely emotional for her but she said she wanted fans to be able to see her face. She also wanted to clear up a few things about what was circulating in the media.

On July 24th TMZ published the news on the artist getting shot. The article read,


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Artist Snoopy Badazz  had a posetively generative year in 2019 for the release of his album “Pick of the Litter”. The album swept the nation with his catchy lyrics and his iconic physical style. The Compton, CA artist is at it again with his first single “Point 3” ft. Flashy Rich off the soon to be released album “Pick of the Litter 2”. The short film starts out with Snoopy Badazz getting pulled over by a crooked cop. The cop proceeds to rob the artist for his bag and then lets him go. Snoopy Badazz then tells his hip hop associate Flashy Rich about the situation. Flashy Rich convinces Snoopy Badazz to take revenge on the cop. The short film is a tasteful depiction of the current fight against corrupt law enforcement in America. The end of the film also includes a music video scene. Snoopy Badazz showcases his cut throat lyrics while wearing his “Angelo Mafia” record label tee. Flashy Rich showcases his unique skillful flow while wearing a “Black Lives Matter” tee. With such a strong first song release fans should be eager to see what comes next from the “Pick of the Litter 2” album.

social media @snoopybadazz @_angeloftruth

Magazine @straightofficialmag writer @dahlia_koca





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Kordero Williams known by his stage name Kstylis was admitted into the hospital with a knife wound after a scuffle with his now ex-girlfriend. The King of Twerk Rapper started dating Iesha Pinto also known as Iesha Rox about three months ago. He even paid to relocate the singer from her home in Denver Colorado to his Belton Missouri residence. The couple had hopes of progressing their careers together but after several arguments Kstylis informed her that he wanted out of the relationship. Sources say Iesha Rox didn’t take this news well and demanded they talk about it. When the rapper refused, Iesha became extremely upset. She came to the couples residence after ingesting several Xanax pills and slit her wrists in front of the artist. Kstylis scuffled with her to gain possession of the knife when he obtained a knife wound to the hand. Both parties have been admitted to the hospital. Sources say the rapper’s hand was severely wounded and has possible nerve damage. It is unclear how extensive the damage is. More details to come as details unfold.


writer @dahlia_koca magazine @straightofficialmag


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Christopher Dooley, Jr. also known by his artist name Hurricane Chris has been arrested in Louisiana. The rapper best known for his “A Bay Bay” track was booked for a 2nd degree murder charge. The arrest took place early Friday Morning (June 19th 2020). Cops say he shot and killed a man at a Texaco gas station. Reports say that the artist told police he was struggling with the victim over his car and shot the man several times in self defense. Cops arrested the artist after reviewing the sevalance tape. The Shreveport PD says the tape paints a much different picture. The artist was also charged with theft after the car he was driving was reported stolen.

Hurricane Chris was raised in Sheveport. The rapper is best known for his 2007 album 51/50 that includes his hit single “A Bay Bay”.

Info @TMZ  @dahlia_koca @straightofficialmagazine

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