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SAINt JNH is currently on his Ghetto Lenny’s Ignorant Tour. He has been international and will soon be in the states. Yesterday (March 7th) the hip hop artist preformed in Auckland New Zealand. He has upload a clip from the concert to his instagram today. The clip is nothing short of amazing.

The stage presence from the artist is impeccable. The clip starts off with him preforming his song “Trap” as the artists jumps up and down his fans are in complete unison with him. The music then cuts off and his fans continue with the song. SAINt JNH then jumps in and goes A Capella with his fans. The connection he has with the crowed in remarkable. The clip is truly inspiring.

Carlos St. John is SAINt JHN’s birth name. The 33 year old artist was born in Brooklyn New York and is not only a rapper but a singer and song writer as well. He started his career back in 2010. During those earlier years he racked up many song writing credits form other artists. Around 2016 he started to focus more on his independent material. Since then his music has grown in popularity. As we can see in this video his fans are very loyal. That was clear to see when the entire audience could go A Cappella with the artist knowing every word.

Video Link:

Video via @saintjhn. information via All Music   writer @dahlia_koca   magazine @Straightofficialmag


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We are all use to Moneybagg Yo’s amazing diamonds sparking in his mouth. His Grill has been one of the flashiest ones I think I have ever seen but a few days ago the artist posted a picture of his new pearly whites grill free. When it comes to artists having grillz they have a few options. One option is to have a gill made that is removable. The grill can simply snap on and off the teeth. Is it easily removed when eating, sleeping or brushing teeth. The other option is to have the teeth permanently altered and crowns made that look like grillz are installed. This option is more permanent. Many artist feel this is the real way of getting a grill. Several years ago a trend of having a permeant grill swept America. Moneybagg Yo’s grill has always been dazzling in phots, videos and in person.

Even though sparking grillz are exciting and flashy, a lot of artists are going back to their white teeth. This is no easy task though. In order to go back all white teeth, new crowns that look like teeth are made. They are then swapped out in place of the old grill. The plus side to this allows the artist to have an unnaturally white set of teeth that look perfect. I would say that is the result of Moneybagg Yo’s trip to Columbia to get his new million dollar smile. His beautiful sparkling white teeth are just as eye catching as his grill was. Even though grillz are striking and beautiful. A set of pearly whites never go out of style.

Check out his new teeth at:

Social Media: @moneybaggyo @dahlia_koca @straightofficialmag

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New York Fashion Week showcases some of the most cutting edge fashions currently out. Celebrities are always trying to wear a fashion that will have people amazed and the media talking. It is safe to say that hip hop artist Mariahlynn accomplished this task. Her amazing see through lace jumper was sparking with rhinestones. The design she entitled in a post as “Caged”. I think this was the perfect title to call the amazing design.

With the help of Kendra Boutique she matched the show stopping design with an extremely long blonde pony tail that was half straight and half curly.  The outfit “Caged” is a Amiri design and styled from Joe Exclusive. The design was absolutely breath taking in my opinion. It showcased the small frame of Mariahlynn and her show stoping personality. Her outfit was by far my favorite during NYFW. You can see more of her style by clicking the link below.

Information and photos via Instragram @mariahlynnboss outfit @ Amari @sirjoeexclusive Hair @kendrabotique

writer of GrittHouse: @dahlia_koca




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Jay-Z has responded to the claims that he and Beyonce were protesting by sitting through the National Anthem during this years Super Bowl. Jay-Z has explained this was not to protest the National Anthem. He also explained that his family and him were basically just watching the show. He spoke about some of the things they were talking about and thinking while the Anthem was on. This is what led to the not standing during the Anthem. He has spoken out in order to clear up any misunderstanding. It is good to know that the family was intently enjoying and watching the show. Often times celebrities are criticized for not doing everything that society expects. Celebrities are human and sometimes they are just simply enjoying the moment.

Information @tmz Writer of Gritt House @dahlia_koca magazine @straightofficialmag


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In a post made just minutes ago artist Casanova posts a video of him carrying his friend on his back after his foot was stomped allegedly by a Miami stripper. The post reads “Im still out here looking for that hoe that took my boy off the count”. In the video you can see they have been having a ton of fun. Everyone is smiling as Casanova carries his friend on his back out of the club. Da Baby is laughing. The video can be seen on link bellow.

Information via instagram @casanova_2x Via @dababy  Writer: @dahlia_koca Magazine @straightofficialofficialmag



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K-Fonk will be dropping his self titled album King Fonk this week. The artist is originally from Oakland California and has been working the last ten years on the movement West Oakland 2 Queens. He has also been steadly working on the brand Fonk Unit which is a joint business venture between him and long time G Unit member Tony Yayo. His new music video KWII (Know What It Is) which available on You Tube gives us a taste of what this weeks album release will contain. The video was shot in Queens New York over the artists birthday celebration. The video has amazing shots of the city. The beat has that G Unit flow that fans have loved for years. K-Fonk is lyrical and his raspy voice is addictive. His music video is overall excellent. Be on the lookout this week for his album King Fonk on all major platforms to enjoy more of his music.

Music Video:

Instaram: K-Fong @kingfonk Tony Yayo @tonyyayo Writer: Dahlia Koca @dahlia_koca Magazine: @straightofficalmag

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Yo Gotti has finally dropped his new album entitled “Untrapped”. The album has been long awaited. Was the wait worth it? I would say the wait was well worth it. The artist clearly poured his heart into this album. Yo Gotti expressed his reasoning for the wait in a instagram post that explained he didn’t want to take short cuts and he wanted his album to be real and felt by fans. Yo Gotti relates to his fans about real life in this album. The messages are raw and the insane lyrics are cutting deep to the hearts of its listeners.

Many hip hop fans and artists have made it clear that hip hop has lost its realness in its lyrics. Artists are mumbling and rambling with no direction in their messages. The music is not speaking to the listeners the way it once did. Although it has been entertaining, maybe it is time to bring realness back to the art of hip hop. Yo Gotti has captured this in the release.

The album “Untrapped” not only brings its fans real lyrics but is also brings fans 15 songs all unique and all have endless replaying power. The album features artists Lil Baby, Megan Thee Stallion, Moneybagg Yo, Rick Ross, Estelle and Lil Uzi Vert. The music video for the song “pose” ft. Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Uzi Vert is now out. The Album “Untrapped” can be dowloaded on all major music platforms.

Music Video “Pose” Link:

Information via @yogotti Writer Dahlia Koca @dahlia_koca Magazine @straightofficialmag

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This morning Curtis Jackson also known as 50 Cent stood proud at his Walk of Fame Ceremony. The ceremony unveiled his Walk of Fame Star which reads Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. The event highlighted many of his accomplishments throughout his career. Dr Dre and Eminem were by his side along with other members of G-unit. Eminem also gave a very heart felt but funny speech. He started the speech by stating he does not remember much of 2002 but he clearly remembers 50 Cent. He went on to explain that he knew 50 Cent would be a star because he was the full package. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson clearly has proven to be that full package with all his many accomplishments. He will now have his star in Hollywood among the many elite celebrities on The Walk of Fame.

Ceremony Video Via @Kingfonk


Link to Eminem Speech Via @tonyyayo

Writer: @Dahlia_Koca Gritt House @straightofficialmag



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All nine victims of yesterdays tragic helicopter crash have been identified. Kobe Bryant was very fond of the use of his private helicopter. In many interviews the legendary athlete explained that it helped him balance his career and time with his family. Unfortunately the yesterday the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter that was carrying 9 passengers went down in Calabasas California. All passengers perished in the crash. The list of victims are described below.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was a shooting guard for the NBA team the Lakers. Kobe’s impressive career has made him one of Americas favorite NBA players. He was a 5 time NBA Champion. He was NBA’s MVP twice. He was also a 18 time NBA All Star. This is just to name a few of his accomplishments. He was also a family man who was married Vanessa Bryant. Kobe and Vanessa have four children. Kobe Bryant was also known for his work in the community. He mentored youth and had his own youth basketball team. He also was known for his many inspirational quotes. The legendary basketball player was 41 when he passed.

Gianna “Gigi” Bryant

Gianna Bryant was also known by the name “Gigi”. She was the second oldest daughter of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant. Gianna was a dedicated athlete just like her father. She was inspiring to fallow in her dads footsteps and be a professional basketball player. Her father Kobe made it clear in his interviews how much he believed in her talent. The close relationship her father and her had was displayed regularly. Gianna was only 13 at the time of her passing

John Altobelli 

John Altobelli was the coach for Orange Coast College Baseball team for 27 years. He went to the University of Huston. He was the coach of many major league baseball players. One of these players included Aaron Judge a New York Yankee. Orange Coast Baseball had just won the state championships last year. John was reported to of been ready and excited to start another year in hopes of victory again. Johns brother reported on the nature of his brother stating John was a demanding but a very caring coach.  John Altobelli was 56 at the time of his passing.

Keri Altobelli 

Keri Altobelli was married to John Altobelli. The couple had two daughters. The oldest named Alexis and the younger named Alyssa. The family resided in New Port Beach. The age at the time of Keri’s death has not been reported.

Alyssa Altobelli

Alyssa Altobelli was the daughter of John and Keri Altobelli. She was also friends with Gianna Bryant.  Alyssa was a player on Kobe Bryants youth basketball team. She played alongside Gianna Bryant and Payton Chester. Alyssa was the young age of 13 at the time of her passing.

Christina Mauser

Christina Mauser was a basketball coach for Harbor Day School in Newport Beach. This is the school that Gianna Bryant attended. She was married and also had children. Christina’s age at the time of her passing is unknown.

Sarah and Payton Chester

Payton Chester was also a player on Kobe Bryants team. She played alongside Gianna Bryant and Alyssa Altobelli. Her mother was Sarah Payton. It s unknown the age of Payton or her mother Sarah. We do know Payton was in middle school at the time of her passing.

Ara Zobayan 

Ara Zobayan was the pilot of the helicopter that crashed. He was said to be a cherished friend and c pilot for the Bryant family. He has worked for the Bryant’s for several years. He was loved by the aviation community and was instrument rated which indicates he was skilled to fly in foggy or cloudy weather. Ara Zobayan was 50 years old at the time of his passing.

The world is experiencing a devastating loss. Not only have we lost many athletes but have also lost children, parents, friends and mates. Kobe Bryant was excellent at inspirational quotes. His words can be read and heard all over social media. One of these quotes stood out for me and reads ” The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they do”. The world has lost truly nine inspiring people. May Kobe’s words bring inspiration to more.

Information via New York Times, CNN, CBS News

Writer: Dahlia Koca @dahlia_koca magazine @straightofficialmag

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It has now been reported that 9 people have lost their lives in the deadly helicopter crash that took place today. Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter Gianna also known as “Gigi”, Orange Coast College baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife and daughter Alyssa were all passengers on the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter. The aircraft went down today in Calabasas California. The aircraft has been reported to have no survivors. There is still no word on if some of the other passengers may be family members of Kobe Bryant. The crash is still under investigation and we will further report as new details are released.


information via @tmz writer @dahlia_koca @straightofficialmag

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