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Rashad McCrorey has taken over the internet a few times with his business called Africa Cross-Culture. This unique business is a travel company that focuses on sending Black Americans to African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria,Rwanda, and Egypt.  Rashad McCrorey was born in Harlem. His parents were originally from South Carolina but later moved to New York where they raised Reshad. His experiences with racism while growing up helped fuel his business idea later in his life.

Africa Cross-Culture has been in operation since the death of Eric Gardener back in 2014. Rashad can contest that regular trips to Africa can promote healing for Black Americans. One thing he loves about the experiences of traveling there is the fact that he is just a man. He isn’t a black man there. He is just simply a man and can escape the systematic oppression and racism of America. His trips offer many different experiences depending on the country the traveler chooses to visit.

Egyptian Tour 

The Egyptian tour focuses more on astrology and spiritual downloads. This year August 7th through August 13th they are offering a special trip that is built around the Lions Gate Portal. This is a cosmic alignment over the Giza Pyramids with the earth, sun, and the largest star in our solar system called Sirius. This event happens every year in the 8th month on the 8th day. This event is suppose to bring creativity and manifest power to people. Rashad can contest that every time he takes people on this trip he will get great ideas just a few weeks later.

Ghana Tour 

His trip to Ghana is more focused on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade but also focuses on culture, history and traditions. This trip allows travelers to visit the Elmina and Cape Coast Slave Dungeons. Travelers can also walk through the Doors of No Return. This trip can be an enlightenment of the West African Slave trade.

Kenya Tour

Choosing the Kenya experience will have travelers enjoying safaris and learning about animals but it doesn’t stop there. The Kenya experience also offers education on the East African Slave Trade. The often forgotten slave trade is also referred to as the Indian Ocean Slave Trade. It was responsible for sending African slaves to the Middle East. This trip will also touch on the Rwandan Genocide in which 100 days of slaughter killed over 600,000 member of the Tutsi Tribe during the Rwanda Civil War. Rashad says he also has a lot of connections in Uganga and this trip also offers education there.

Booking a trip with Africa Cross-Culture can educated Black Americans and help them escape the stresses of racism. Rashad has been living in Ghana for over a year now after the pandemic hit while on a routine trip. This prompted Reshad to say he wanted to stay in Africa. He wasn’t in any rush to get back to America and he has just stayed. This choice had his story go viral. He was written about in Forbes Magazine, re tweeted by T.I and Meek Mill, and he was even on World Star. He hopes his story can influence other Black Americans to do the same. He explains how escaping the daily stress of racism in America can be life changing. Even though there is an escape of racism, there is however  a ranking of social class in Africa. “The rich get richer, the poor get poorer” Rashad explains. The good news is, American dollars are worth more in Africa. This moves the traveler up a class which has Rashad living pretty sweet there. One of these trips are sure to be an experience of a lifetime and may just have you making relocation plans too.

If you are interested in booking a trip visit

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As everyone noticed yesterday, the stands were filled with cardboard people for Super Bowl LV.  YG’s cardboard figure was in attendance as well as many other celebrities.  The Compton hip hop artist posted his seating position on his Instagram. He was hilariously sat next to a cute little toddler girl. She has cute chubby cheeks and a big bow in her hair. Her cardboard figure is shoulder to shoulder with one of Los Angeles’s hottest hardcore hip hop artists. He posted the picture with the caption  “I’m at the game by this baby smelling like straight Tequila.” The funny comment and seating position will be forever remembered for Super Bowl LV’s funniest moments. Sometimes you just have to laugh during this pandemic. Thank you to YG for sharing this funny seating arrangement.

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I had the privilege of chatting it up with Atlanta hip hop artists “Twenty 4 Kay”.  He is now calling Germany his home while he is in the military. As I woke up early and poured my coffee, he was already heading into the evening. The military has a thriving musical industry within it and I was excited to talk with him about it.

Are you originally from Atlanta and did you get to see Atlanta turn into the new hip hop Hollywood? 

I grew up around Atlanta my whole life. I watched everything blow up. It was inspiring seeing everyone blowing up in Atlanta. I seen people like Lil Baby go from selling drugs, getting in trouble, to what he is now. I watched artists get famous from just putting up videos on YouTube. This is what had me thinking about doing music. If they can do it , then so can I.

What was your biggest inspiration to do music?

I think my biggest inspiration is my team. I am in the military stationed in Germany right now. When I got in the military I realized a lot of people were doing music. A few people in my team had studios and recorded. I decided to record one day and realized my song didn’t turn out to bad. So I tried again and again. I started getting better and better. Now my tracks are fire.

Is the hip hop industry a lot different in Germany than it is in the states?

Oh ya! That’s why I am ready to get back to Atlanta. That way I can actually do my music the way I want to. The rap here is more drill and they rap in German so it’s way different from what I do. I am not saying it is bad but I am just not a drill artist.

When did you start in the military and when will you be going home?

I honestly do not know when I will be able to travel back to the states because of Covid. I did join the military in 2019 and I am suppose to be here for two years. So hopefully i’ll be back in the states soon because my time is almost up.  Everything in Germany is shut down right now though. They are not even allowing more than two families in the same household. So it’s really shut down here. There are no parties or anything like that. You are suppose to be alone which is really depressing.

How would you classify your music and what do you want it to say to people?

The way I do my music is to give a different theme or mood in every song. Not everyone is always happy or always sad, and not everyone is always angry. I try to make a song for each different type of vibe I can think of. Anytime an idea hits my head I go and record it right away. I don’t write any of my lyrics. As soon as I’m feeling a way I just go record so it sounds natural.

What is it like having to try to build your music career being so far away?

It is really hard mainly because of the time difference. I work all day and when I get off I can’t really contact anyone because they are all asleep. I need to be able to contact people during the day in their location but its 3 am in my location. I can’t tell you how many times I have not slept at night trying to make moves. The good thing here is my team though. In the military there is a brotherhood. I have been more supported by people I have known for two weeks, than I have been by people I have known my whole life. My team is going to the states one by one and I am excited to get back and work on music with them. I have also taught myself how to use all the equipment to record while I have been here. I bought my whole set up and then taught myself how to use it. I could see the progression in each one of my songs. Each song gets better and better because I learn more. So I am doing what I can to be productive here.

When you get back to the states what is your dream collaboration? 

I want to collaborate with LiL Durk but I would also love to make a song with Lil Baby as well. I have a few collaborations I want to line up. I know the talent I bring to the table and they just don’t know it yet.

If you could change anything in the hip hop industry what would you want to change?

I would say getting the violence out of the industry. As soon as an artist blows up, he gets killed. I would also take the drug addiction out of the industry. All of these harsh man made drugs are taking away a lot of good talent.  I like how NLE Choppa is on this positive vibe and actually trying to do something about it. The world is really messed up right now and people really need that positive energy right now. The industry has a lot of demonic things in it and I am a Christian so I appreciate positive people. It’s a fight with the devil all the time but I am not going to lose. I am steady making my music and I am ready to take over the rap game.

Thank you for talking with me today and I will be excited for your return to Atlanta

Thank you.


Twenty 4 Kay’s music can be downloaded on all major platforms. Look out for his upcoming shows once he touches back down in the states. Thank you to him and his service in our military.

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The Chelsea -Elliot Houses are a housing project on the west side of Manhattan. They are located between 25th and 27th street and 9th and 10th avenues. Home to over 1400 residence, a good majority of famous rappers have come from the projects of New York. “Jay 4” is no exception. He grew up on 26th street in the Chelsea Projects. He says the culture of hip hop was heavy there and inspired him to want to do music. The talented rapper says he was just playing around with music for awhile. Last year was when he chose to put his shoes on and walk this rap game heavy. So, he developed his name which is his legal name “Jay” and his high school football number 4.  His wants his music to be relatable and his fans to hear themselves through his lyrics. His music in the last year have proven to be exactly that for his fans. When asked how he has completed so many hit songs in just one year he explains that  “never getting completion” is his slogan for his work ethic . He strives to be better at his craft everyday and never feels his mission in the industry is complete.

Jay 4’s dedication of this year has exposed his god given talent as an artist. His hit single “Baller” ft. CJ proved he was in the game to take over. He kept to his slogan and kept moving forward to release his record “Spinnin” which dropped in December.  He then followed up with “Pray to the Lord” which is a really inspiring track about his road to success.  He says his next aspiration is to drop a track with “Dave East”.   Jay 4’s music can be found on all major platforms and he has visuals to his records available on YouTube.  The New York rapper has made his mark in the industry and is obtaining hip hop fame straight out of the Chelsea Projects.

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The new Clubhouse App has become an extremely popular social media outlet. The app allows its users to have live conversations in real time. Users can build chat rooms and discuss an array of topics. Grammy nominated song writer, actor, producer and artist Kia Shine also known as Kinfolk has created his own room called “Coffee with Kinfolk”. The room starts right in time for your morning glass of coffee at 8:00 am EST. Kinfolk refers to himself as a faith walker and hosts the room for anyone who wants to hear and discuss God. The room is extremely uplifting and gives the users the experience of a session in church. This is especially important during the pandemic because so many people are unable to attend church regularly. People are struggling to stay positive and fight depression. Coffee with Kinfolk is the perfect answer so, if you’re on the Clubhouse app make sure you tap in.


Kinfolk Instagram @kinfolk_kiashine

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OG HOODRICH has a long list of success in his career, after all he was destined to be great from the day he was born. His amazing story started out in New Orleans where he was born. His father is Edgar “Big Boy Mike” who started his musical career in 1950. He was a saxophonist and vocalist in the musical group Sha-weez. When OG HOODRICH’S mother (a white woman) gave birth to him, people wanted to lynch his father and kill him when they realized she was not having a fully white baby. His birth certificate even indicated he is a white male. In order to save their family, OG HOODRICH’S father made a hard choice and gave up his musical career to save his family. They fled from the south and moved to New York. This move proved to be a very big asset to OG HOODRICH’s later career. He was able to grow up in New York during the birth of Hip Hop and this gave him the opportunity to help shape it.

Some of his first big accomplishments were achieved before he even graduated high school. One of these accomplishments included touring with Soul Sonic Force. They had the number one record called Planet Rock at that time. He toured all over the country and they even did a record with James Brown called “Unity”. After that Harry Belafonte invested for them to do the movie “Beat Street” which was a movie on the culture of hip hop. It featured break dancing, djs, and rapping. The movie came out during the election of president Regan and this gave OG HOODRICH’s dancers the chance to dance for President Regan at the White House. The movie also gave him the chance to network and build relationships in the industry with celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Mr. T, Michael Jackson and many more. After “Beat Street” he had a television show called “Graffiti Rock” which focused more on hip hop and hosted upcoming talent. This was the beginning and a short list of a long successful carrier for OG HOODRICH.

After his movie “Beat Street” he moved back to the south where he continued to build his empire in Atlanta. He is currently the CEO of Hoodrich Films which has built over 800 websites, does major DJ email blasts, a podcast, radio station and shoots some of the biggest music videos in the industry today. His list of accomplishments in the industry are endless and he has worked to help build the carriers of many celebrities. He brings his knowledge and his elder OG skills to his business today for everyone to benefit off of.


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I had the pleasure of chatting  with the official Dentist to the Stars, Dr. Catrise Austin. She has done the teeth to countless celebrities and is most well known for fixing Cardi B’s teeth. The famous line “Got a bag and fixed my teeth” was indeed about Dr. Catrise. As soon as we started to talk, her energy was off the charts and her good vibes were contagious.


Good Morning Dr. Catrise, what is your exact title and where did you graduate from?

I am a Dentist. DDS which stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery. I attended University of Maryland, Baltimore, and University of Michigan Undergrad. I graduated from dental school in 1996.

Where is your practice located?

I have an office in New York as well as an office in my home town Flint, Michigan. I do travel back and forth but I am at my office in New York a little more.

How did you get your title of Dentist to the Stars?

When I got to New York in 1996, New York was on fire. It was the prime-time Golden Age of hip hop with Puffy running the city. We had Biggy, the Wu Tang Clan and all of these people who were really making their mark on the city. Def Comedy Jam and other comedy clubs were in their prime. Every Sunday I would go to the Boston Comedy Club. It was only five dollars to get in. Which was right up my ally in terms of budget because I was a new broke dentist. Sundays were Black Comedy Night and all these new upcoming comedians like Tracy Morgan, a young Mike Epps, a young Chris Rock and a young Kevin Heart would perform. This was my hangout spot every Sunday. As I started to come regularly, I started to meet comedians and they literally became like my family. We would do comedy on Sundays and bowling every other Monday. The cool part of all this was, comedians usually open up for musical acts. So, I found myself meeting people in the music industry. My intentions had been to stay in New York for only a year but these entertainers convinced me to stay and build my practice in New York.  This is when I developed my name DR. Catrise: Dentist to the Stars. This was before I even had my own building to practice. At that time, I didn’t have one celebrity client but as long as I was moving in the clubs and being around these entertainers they would know who I was and what my aspirations were.

“You know what, this may be my one shot to meet this legendary artist”

One day I had a big moment. There was a restaurant that Puffy use to own. He would turn it from a restaurant to a club at night. All the major celebrities would be there every Tuesday. One night I seen this legendary musical artist named Isaac Hayes sitting and having dinner. I thought to myself  “you know what, I may only have this one shot to meet this legendary artist”. So, I went over there and interrupted his dinner and gave him my pitch. I told him who I was and handed him my card. He looked at me and said “ummm, young lady I have never seen a dentist that looks like you”. He then invited me to sit down and by the end of our conversation he decided he was going to be my client. He also decided I would be in his entourage and he was going to take me everywhere. He took me to the Grammy’s, the Black Film Festival, he was on the radio and would do promo for me, and eventually I got an office space. That is how I got my start.

After that point I decided to get a publicist. At this time having a publicist was not very popular and a dentist having one was unheard of. My mom told be to call Eddie Murphy’s publicist Terry Williams. I called her and she was really nice. She loved the idea but she explained that I wouldn’t be able to afford her. She did however give me the number to her friend Rene Foster. She said I can probably afford her. I called Rene and she actually needed dental work, so we made a barter. I gave her dental services in return for her being my publicist. She put me out there publicly and that really took my career to the next level.

When did you really feel like you really made it?

Once you get one celebrity on your roster it just gets easier and easier. I ended up getting Mona Scott Young as a client. At that time, she was managing all the major hip hop artists and she started sending all her artists my way. That is how I really grew my clientele over the years.

About 20 years later Cardi B was on Love and Hip Hop, everyone was talking about her smile and how bad it was. Mona called me and said “we have got to get Cardi B’s smile together”. That relationship from 20 years ago turned into the greatest life changing makeover ever. Cardi B even rapped about it in her song. The line “Got a bag and fixed my teeth” forever changed my life. After that song hit number one, I had TMZ calling me the next day. I called my mom and told her “I made it!”. This is a testament of how important relationships are and treating people right. You just never know how it can come back and completely change your life.

You have a training program correct? Tell me all about that

Yes! When the pandemic hit last year I started noticing a lot of people were struggling. So, I wanted to teach something that I know can help people start businesses. The teeth whitening business is a 11.4 billion dollar industry. As of 2015 the industry opened up to non dental professionals. I started to notice that non dentists were learning it from other non dentists. I felt if people are going to learn the business they need to learn it from a dentist and the best. That is me! So I made a program that takes you from A to Z of the business. I have the courses online and you can also do them in person in either of my locations. You get me for 8 hours and you walk away with your equipment and everything you need to start your business. The online course is $497.00 and the in person is $1,897. I am also a wholesaler. I sell everything my students need as well as have my own product line. I also give people the opportunity to sell my products for their businesses through their own website or shopify. There are so many different revenue streams that someone can get out of this program.

This interview really left me with so much information and inspiration. Her story is a true testament of relationships and is an excellent example of why valuing relationships in the industry is so important.  Make sure you check her out on social media and her website links.

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I had the opportunity to chat it up with “LIL QUE” a hip hop artist coming out of Alabama. His positive vibes were inviting as we talked about this recent fame in Alabama.

Lets start with the basics, what part of Alabama are you from?

I am from Birmingham, Alabama

What attracted you to being an artist in the hip hop industry?

Coming up, my uncles and my parents loved music. I love all types of music from R&B to country to rock, I love it all.

How did you start your path in the music industry?

I was never really focused like that. My cousin use to have a studio when we were like 20 years old. We use to record and stuff like that but I never stayed focus.  I use to get myself involved in the wrong things. I was involved in the streets for a long time. This year I ended up taking my music seriously and had major results. So now I am like “I don’t really wanna be in the streets no more”.

What was it that made you take music more seriously this year? 

Knowing why I am doing it. A lot of folks are doing it for the  money and fame. I’m trying to give my people a different route. I’m trying to let them see stuff they have never seen before. I want to get them away from Birmingham because it’s a wicked city.

Where do you think you will be with your career in 10 years?

In 10 years I want to be able to give back. A lot of people don’t want to deal with people from Alabama but we have a lot of talented artists here. I want to be able to give other artists that come from here a chance. I want to give them a better opportunity than the streets.

So what were some of your biggest challenges going from a street life to a new life and how did you maintain?

Its hard to get accustomed to a regular job when you are so use to having so much money and it’s fast money. Money plays a huge part in this music life and not going to get money that you know you can get, that’s a big hardship. You just have to stay focused and don’t get to discouraged because it turns around. I got people now that just come out of the woodwork. I got my manager “shot out to Tony”. He heard my music and now he rocks with me.  You just got to stay focused while transitioning. I am making it work, I am keeping God first.

“I don’t really wanna be in the street no more”

Do you feel going down the non street path has helped lead to your music blowing up?

I do. I feel like god got his hands on me right now. I feel like I am one step away from being the biggest artist to ever come out of this city.

What advice do you have for other artists coming up?

I would tell them to keep pushing. Don’t try to be who everyone is portraying to be. Focus on what you can do and just keep being you. Watch the people you are around. Don’t be around folks who are just leaching and taking away from you. Don’t associate with “yes men”. Get people around you who are going to tell you things to better your career.

Thank you for chatting with me today. What music do you all have out now?

Thank you for having me, all of my music can be found on all major platforms. I have also dropped music videos back to back. I am real impatient and I want people to see me as much as they hear me. I have this new song 3 AM. People are loving this music video. You can check that out on YouTube and it’s also on all platforms.

LIL QUE was a joy to interview. His outlook proves that it’s not just where you end up but how you get there also matters. If you can stay focus you can also go from the street life to the rap life.

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It has been a long road of sexual allegation in the hip hop scene, starting around 2013. It seems with every passing year more hip hop artists are accused of rape, sexual assault, and human trafficking. In 2013  “Young JBay” a Oakland rapper was ranked the most dangerous human trafficker in America. He has since been convicted and is now serving his time in prison. His brother “Philthy Rich” was accused of helping him by using his celebrity status to reel girls in so they could be pimped, although he was not charged. This case had unbelievable charges with things like torture, disfiguring of body parts, pimping girls under 16 and much more.

As much as rappers are exposed for sex trafficking, woman of the hip hop industry have exposed their experiences in human trafficking. In 2019 Love and Hip Hop star “Alexis Skyy” had revealed that she was human trafficked at the young age of 15.  She said she had guns put to her head during this time. She also revealed that she was being sold and forced into sexual activity to the highest bidder. The Love and Hip Hop star also states that she was rescued by a man that she has not been able to find again or properly thank.


The world was shocked when artist R Kelly was exposed for his array of sex crimes. The artist had gotten away with years of abusing young women. In the 2019 the Netflix documentary called “Surviving R Kelly” featured victims of his sex crimes. These victims described how they were kidnapped, held in homes unable to leave, the sexual acts that he did to them and more. R Kelly was even labeled as having a sex cult which he brain washed young girls and basically stole their lives turning them into sex slaves.  Parents experiences were also documented. These parent had searched for their young children and were unable to find them or contact them. One parent even knew their child was in a hotel room with the artist but was unable to convince their child to come home. He is now serving his time in prison for his outlandish crimes of human trafficking and sexual crimes.

Hip Hop artist T.I and his wife Tiny Harris are now in the public’s view for accusations of rape, drugging and human trafficking of women and underage girls. The events of allegations started January 26 2021 when a friend of the couple Sabrina Peterson tweeted about T.I. holding her at gun point and abuse that took place. Tiny was quick to respond in her husbands defense stating that she has receipts of Sabrina still being cool with the couple recently. This seemed like the end of the allegations until Sabrina fired back with over a dozen receipts of women claiming they had been sexually mistreated, drugged and trafficked. There are claims that Tiny is the ring leader of the entire situation. The stories of the couples acts have been flowing in and are all very shocking. The concerning part of these allegations is that these stories seem to be very similar. Most of then are basically repeated event over and over. T.I. has finally made a public statement on his Instagram claiming that these women are “Clout Chasing”. He says his wife is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. He also goes on to say that any sexual activities that have happened have all been with consensual adults over the age of 18. Many tweets and messages from women are dismissing his claims of innocence.

” There are a lot more victims and they’ve shared their stories. Check out @theglamuniversity stories on Instagram to read more.”

-@lovejiggles on twitter 

These few stories in this article are just a small sprinkle of sex trafficking claims in the hip hop industry. As @JadeForeverr stated “Crazy part about this TI and Tiny situation is, they aren’t the only ones”. The allegations are starting to pile and leaves the public wondering “Is hip hop used for sex trafficking?? The evidence would suggest this is a reasonable question. More information to come on this subject as well as the issue T.I and his wife Tiny Harris are facing.


Writer @dalia_koca for @straughtofficialmag #GetSOM #Kocasworld

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Dr. Dre is reported to of been rushed to the hospital by ambulance on Monday. He was immediately admitted into the ICU where he still remains Tuesday. According to TMZ the 55 year old legendary hip hop artist has suffered a brain aneurysm. Their sources say he is stable and lucid as of right now. It is unclear what has caused the bleeding and he is undergoing tests. We will keep you updated as more details become available.

Information via @tmz

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