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Dave East & Harry Fraud have joined together to create a new project entitled “Hoffa”.  This morning they dropped an epic visual for the first single off the  project entitled “Diamonds”.  The visual produced by FTD Films and directed by Will C. & Crowned TB was written by Dave East himself.  The visual has a mob feel and features Dave East having to be carried to an SUV after to many drinks. Fans are loving the visual and responding on  you tube with favorable reviews.

Dave will go down in history 🏆🔥 Respect from Libya 🇱🇾
Harry Fraud is a dope producer let’s keep it 💯 what he did on the last two years has been fire eg Currency, Jim Jones and Dave East one word Fuego! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dude Taste Testing The French Fries and Fried Chicken!!!!! LOL! I almost fell out!! Haha! Hilarious

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Yesterday (June 13th) Fivio Foreign sent out two tweets casually letting his fans know he is now free from jail.  The first tweet was a picture of an unlocked lock that simply said “free”. The second tweet said ” Summer Jam??” He is  clearly excited about his release from jail and is ready to start back up where he left off. The New York rapper was arrested back in April of this year for “possession of weapons for unlawful purposes, resisting arrest, eluding officer, possession of a defaced firearm, unlawful possession of weapons without a permit and fugitive from justice.”  Fans were excited about the news of his release and expressed their excitement on his twitter. It is unknown if the artist is playing summer jam but fans are ready to buy the tickets if he is.

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Compton artist Snoopy Badazz released his new movie entitled “Bomb First, A Letter To The Industy Bloods” today.  Fans are wondering if the new release is directed at fellow Compton artist YG. The two artist seemed to have beef after YG released his song ” Gangsta” featuring Mozzy. In the song YG has several bars that seem to be directed at Snoopy Badazz. One of which YG says  “You Hollyhood, you aint gangsta bi**ch yo hood disown you.” YG’s diss track was written to 50 Cent’s Wangsta beat. Snoopy Badazz didnt take long to record his response track as well as this movie. Snoopy Badazz clapped back with his remix of  “Bomb First” by 2 Pac right in time for 2 Pac’s birthday today. Check out the Movie and leave your thoughts on this Compton beef in our comments.

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Fans are loving the collaboration between Tory Lanez and Da Baby. Their new song “Skat” just dropped two days ago and the visual is now out. Tory Lanez was quick to let fans know about the new release in his post that stated ” F**k it…Outside is back open… It’s time to f**k the world up… The artists is clearly excited about the drop as well as their fans. Social media is filling up with comments on how well the two two collaborate together and are hoping for more in the future.

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Kendrick didn’t hold his feelings back while on ESPN today. He was direct with his feelings and thoughts that Quavo had snuck dissed him in previous Twitter posts.  He took the opportunity to defend his playing skills and call Quavo out.  After Kendrick voiced his opinions,  the two then proceeded to argue until ESPN staff had to jump in and tell the two to “squash the beef”.  It was clear that ESPN knew nothing of the beef and was unaware that Kendrick as going to speak of it.  Do you feel Kendrick handled this situation appropriately? Leave your thoughts in our comments.


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YG & Mossy just dropped their new single “Gangansta” off their collaboration project Komunnity Service last night. The single features Mozzy & YG  on  50 Cent’s Wanksta Beat. The single although catchy, has people questioning YG’s verse as the Compton artist seems to be referencing someone very specific. His target of the verse seems to be none other than Compton rapper Snoopy Badazz. Fans and bloggers have all started to circulate the question “Is Snoopy Badazz the artist being talked about?” As many people know, Yg’s homeboy and Snoopy Badazz have had some problems with each other over the last few years . This may be the motivation for the dis. The lyrics of the dis track seem to be pretty clear as the say  “You holly hood you aint gangsta, bitch yo hood disown you.” This reference seems to be a clear shot at Snoopy Badazz considering he is from Holly Hood and has had a set of issues with that in the past. The one thing that is unclear is if Mozzy knew about the dis or not. What is clear is that Snoopy Badazz isn’t one to get dissed and not shoot back. Surely he is in the booth preparing a response  now.


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I got a chance to sit down and interview Cuban Dvenci. As I prepared my questions, I was curious to know what made him different from other artists. I did my usual research and found several things about him that I found very interesting. Naturally when it was time for the interview, I was excited to overwhelm him with questions.


Where are you originally from and did living there influence your start in the music industry?’

I’m originally from Coatesville, Pa right outside of Philadelphia. It did definitely influence me on wanting to rap I been around the business since I was kid because of my dad being in a band.

You have a unique name, how did you end up with it? 

Well I used to draw when I was younger and when I got to graffiti a little my tag name was Dvenci. I was a fan of Leonardo Da Venci. I knew that using that name would definitely mean I was well created.  I got the Cuban part for my love of Scarface and learning of the Afro Cubans heritage.
What came first in your career, being an artist? a manager, a producer or a  podcast owner? 
Well I was an artist first I always thought if I told my story people would love to hear it. I didn’t start being a producer until 2010 when I was managing one of my long time friends in the business and then he just up and left. I have put out my group album which is called The Fast Five in 2016 and my solo album which is called The DVenci Code in 2012. I became radio and podcast host back in 2012 because I needed my music to get heard so I started doing my research on the internet. When I came across how to get your music on a radio I decided to do it myself  and help other artists out as well.
When you first started in the music industry what was your ultimate goal?
My main goal was to own a label because I didn’t want to rap no more. I saw there was more money on the business side of things. With some adjustments I decided the only way for it to get off the ground was for me to rap and put it out there myself.

What drives you to work so hard?

I like to be in competition with myself first and foremost before I’m in competition with anyone else. So if I put out a good project then I want the next project to be better than the next one. Also it makes me a better businessman and a producer to help other artists out in the long run. I do a lot of watching mainstream artists as well that I admire and see what and how they came up on YouTube.

Tell me the style of music you produce..

I produce Hip Hop

Tell me about your record label…
My label is called 6 N Belmont Production created by me. The name 6 N Belmont comes from a street that I used to hustle on back when I was kid. My label is an independent record label we dropped 3 albums on so far from myself, Guiseppe Myartt and the group Fast Five. We recently have built a marketing team up and a plan for artists to reach more fans and followers. Hopefully next year we can start signing more artists and building them up and getting them the exposure that they need.
Tell me about your podcast…
My podcast I just started this year which is called Underground Hype. I was doing the blogtalkradio for years and one of my friends told me that I should get into podcasting since everyone was listening to it. So I took the same concept that I had before on my radio show which is to help other artists get heard and give advice on the music business. Also we are going to be flying to artists interviewing them about their music and so on. We just don’t interview just artists but anyone from a clothing line to a business to politics. So we are on spotify where you can listen to us at and we have our own playlist where artists can submit their songs. That is called the Underground Hype Playlist.
What was your biggest hurdle in your career?
My biggest hurdle in my career was being locked up and coming home trying to rebuild everything back up again. I’ve lost friends and business people that I started out with so that was a lesson that I had to learn. I had to tell myself I did this on my own without anyone before.
Tell me a personal fun fact that not everyone knows about you?
I like to be going to different states and partying with people I work with and just letting loose for the time I’m there. That’s how I get creative when I write songs nowadays I want people to relate to it or say yeah we did that.
What are your future aspirations in this industry?
I want to grow as a person and as a businessman to help artists achieve the goals that they want out of this business. Hopefully in the future I want to be able to have the first and biggest Internet label that people know of.
After the interview, I could see his work ethic and passion in the industry really set him apart. There was only one more thing left to ask him,
Where can we find you and all your work?
ou can find me on my social media
Twitter: @Cubandvenci
Instagram: @Cubandvenci
Podcast on Spotify: Underground Hype
Spotify: Cuban DVenci
Apple Music: Cuban DVenci
Youtube: Cuban DVenci






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The new remix of “Tack Star” was set to drop last night but Mooski was running a little late. He posted his appologies for the late drop on his instagram and assures fans the new hot single will be released this morning at 9:00 am. The remix has an amazing line up of artists which includes  Mooski, Chris Brown, A Boogie wit da Hoodie , and Yung Bleu. The original “Track Star” was released in 2020. The music video for the orginal was released over a month ago and has had 15 million views so far.  The new remix has the line up to surpass his original but only time will tell. Let us know what you think of the new remix.

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Atlanta rapper Lil Gnar has just uploaded a photo of himself on oxygen to his instagram. The capton reads only a few words “Pray for Lil Gnar”. The photo has fans wondering if the artist may be suffering from Covid 19. More details to come as more information is realeased. Our thoughts are with Lil Gnar at this time.



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