Memoirs of the Vixen

Slim 400 Back In the studio

Slim 400 shows off his amazing recovery on Instagram today. The Compton rapper was reportedly shot 8 times in Los Angles a little under 3 weeks ago.  He took to instagram today showing himself doing well in the studio and creating new music. The rapper seem to of made a remarkable recovery after his shooting that only happened a few weeks ago. We are pleased that the beloved rapper is doing so well and I am sure his fans are eager to hear the new music he will be coming out with. CCC3998E-8A09-4FB3-9E75-D7511CEBDE10

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Vicariously Volume 1 Mr. Adore & Mr. Smile Part 2

The vicariously series are true factual accounts of sexual encounters I’ve had with artists, professional athletes, public figures etc… Names are changed and small details are changed to protect the celebrities identity. These accounts are in no particular order of each other and span over years. This blog is in no way intended to expose famous people but is intended to allow people who want to live my lifestyle but can’t bring themselves to actually do it. They can live through me and my stories, Vicariously❤️ I have grown to care and enjoyed every moment with every man in my memoirs.

I hung  up the phone and hopped out of bed rushing to the bathroom. I hopped in the shower as quickly as I could. My hair was a mess, my makeup was worn off and I was looking rough to say the least and I knew Mr. Smile would be there soon. I had no time to wash my hair but as I scrubbed my cotton candy smelling soap all over me I could feel the bubbles drip down my back while I debated if telling Mr. Smile to come was a good move or not. His brothers image popped in my memory and I could envision his hands all over me from only moments before. I simply adored him and had since I was a young girl and first saw his music video on MTV.  He was truly my Mr. Adore. The debate quickly left my head as I hopped out and dried off while digging through my makeup bag as quickly as possible.

I finished my final coat of mascara as I heard a knock at the door. I had butterflies in my stomach as I slowly walked closer and closer to the door knob. I twisted the knob and there he was in front of me, smiling. He stepped in and before I knew it I was in his arms for a hug and I could smell how good his cologne was. I closed the door quickly and again looked at the small couch in the living room area as we walk by it into the bedroom. As he set on the edge of the bed I realized I had not even straightened the bed from all the recent activity, “So my brother already came?” Mr. Smile asks.  I am not sure how he will react so I just shake my head yes.  I start thinking this is a bad idea and can’t stop replaying Mr. Adores comment about not hooking up with his brother out of my head but as we start talking and laughing I start feeling more comfortable remembering how we had talked everyday for so long.

As we are sitting on the bed talking about random life he starts to rub my leg and slowly creeps his hands to my panties and starts rubbing me. His touch feels so good yet I’m still so reserved I can’t help it. He finally asks ” what’s wrong? You don’t want to do this?” I look at him him for a second but his touch feels so good it’s hard to concentrate. As I close my eyes in pleasure I finally let the words slip from my lips ” your brother said not to give you my pussy, its his” He completely stops and I open my eyes having my mind quickly come back to me. He laughs and says “Wow! He needs to remember your my girl! He’s the one that is fucking what’s mine.” I set there a moment and contemplated that. As I looked  at him I realized it didn’t matter. We had been talking for months we were the ones who had made plans together. He came in to kiss my neck and all my inhibitions melted away. We couldn’t stop kissing and rubbing our hands all over each other. He leaned back on the bed as I sucked him and he wrapped his hands in my hair grabbing a tighter grip with each twist pushing my head lower and lower on his dick. Right before he couldn’t take anymore or our experience would be over I stopped and he looked down smiling at me. I watched him walk to the couch that I had walked past so often that day. As he set on the couch digging in his pocket for his condom and I slowly walked toward him giving him a second to prepare himself. I slowly climbed on top of him and watched him moan as I set on him slowly feeling his dick filling every inch of me. He caressed me as I rocked on him harder and harder every moment. One hand slid up to my neck as he sucked my chest and I was still bouncing on him. His hand started gripping my neck harder as his other hand closed in on my neck too. He squeezed just enough to allow my breath but not enough to let out the moans and screams I had just been doing. ” your my bitch right” he said over and over. I screamed “yes” over and over as we roughly fucked the shit out of each other. I could feel his sweat dripping down his back as I held on to him and he forced himself inside me over and over as I screamed with pleasure.  I hit a point when I could barely stand another stroke and then he slowly went from wild crazy animal to soft and gentle as he finished. I relaxed on top of him as we regained our strength.

We continued talking and laughing as we both took turns in the bathroom cleaning up. His smile was contagious. He asked if I was hungry and I absolutely was after such a eventful day. We headed to his homeboys spot that owned a restaurant where he grew up. The desk clerk glared at me in disapproval as we walked past the hotel entrance and I headed to his expensive car. I wondered if his car had set in front of the hotel the whole time or if he had called valet without me hearing it. Not that it mattered but I was curious as he opened my door and I slid into the comfy leather racing style seat. The night had fallen on the sky and I watched the city lights quickly zip by and the motor screamed as we drove. I could feel his hand on my leg. He tapped my leg and asked ” you ok? ”  As I look at him I can see his huge smile seeing nothing but a insane amount of diamonds glistening. It was in that moment that I felt so alive. I felt happy for the first time in so long. I responded “I am amazing” thinking of how I couldn’t regret either brothers. I truly adored them both. I knew I would forever have the memory of living in this moment.

We had fun laughing and getting to know each other better as we drove around for endless hours and he spoiled me with anything and everything I could need. Night time started to become day as I walked past the valet guy and the snooty front desk lady back into my hotel. I kissed Mr. Smile goodnight as I went in my room and cuddled in my fluffy comforter. I grabbed the alcohol bottle of Mr. Adore and drank one last shot as I closed my eyes and thought of the night. Thought of wanting more nights and the rush I had just experienced more often.  I knew I would be on a flight home in a few hours and was disappointed that this moment couldn’t last forever.


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Vicariously: Volume 1 Mr. Smile & Mr. Adore

The vicariously series are true factual accounts of sexual encounters I’ve had with artists, professional athletes, public figures etc… Names are changed and small details are changed to protect the celebrities identity. These accounts are in no particular order of each other and span over years. This blog is in no way intended to expose famous people but is intended to allow people who want to live my lifestyle but can’t bring themselves to actually do it. They can live through me and my stories, Vicariously❤️ I have grown to care and enjoyed every moment with every man in my memoirs.

It’s 8:00am and my eyes flutter as I slowly cross over from my dream land. I could of swore the alarm to my car was going off but as I crossed over into reality I realized I was dreaming and indeed my phone was ringing. Very punctual was Mr. Smile with his regular earlier morning “talks” as I called them. In reality it was training. Training to move on. I met Mr. Smile on a fluke as I was lusting after his very famous brother Mr. Adore. It was Mr. Adore’s music that  I spent hours listening to allowing me to leave my current romantic situation which was very abusive. It was Mr. Adore who somehow caught my eye. Somehow he seemed to be the only other man on earth other than my current relationship that I was attracted to. When Mr. Smile found me and messaged me, I explained my situation. I was ready to move on. I was ready to save myself from a abusive relationship but I had one problem, sex. I couldn’t bring myself to move on sexually. I had been in committed relationships my whole life and I could count my sexual partners on a couple fingers. I wanted to make that move but was not sure how to bring myself to actually be with another man when I had devoted my mind body and soul to my abusive mate.

Mr. Smile was more than happy to call every morning and train me to move on. Our conversations grew from him talking about holding me and kissing my neck to him licking down my legs and eating my pussy. As the months grew, I became more and more comfortable. I remember it being a super hot day in summer when I called Mr. Smile and he just so happen to be at the studio recording with his brother Mr. Adore. We talked for a minute on the phone when he finally came out and said “ I know you want my brother” a statement I couldn’t deny but the truth was I wanted Mr. Smile too. He told me to hold on as he went to another room away from everyone recording so we could have one of our “talks” our talk got hot and heavy when this time he added Mr. Adore to our scenario.  I was into the moment of him talking about me giving him head when he said  “ while your giving me head my brother walks in the studio. He eats your pussy and then starts fucking you from the back.” A statement I couldn’t get out of my head and was hands down the sexiest phone conversation of my life. After that we talked and often played with the idea of all three of us together for several months until we brought the idea to Mr. Adore. It didn’t take much and I was packing my bags. It was finally time…

My stomach was in butterflies as I traveled to my hotel. I kept running through my head how I ended up actually agreeing to such madness and how I went from just wanting to move on sexually to agreeing to having sex with brothers. As much as my butterflies raced and I was nervous, I truly could hear my heart saying “ well girl you tried the relationship thing for a very long time. Might as well do it and do it big” I kept texting Mr. Smile with no response and I was upset but it was hard to stay upset when Mr. Adore was texting me over and over. I could hardly wait to see him, it had been so long and I wanted him so bad. I listened to his music, watched his live on Instagram and fantasized about this moment for so long. I hoped Mr. Smile would soon respond but as I arrived at my hotel there was still no answer. Mr Adore wasn’t waiting for his brothers response though. He called to ask what I wanted to drink as he was at the liquor store.  As bad as my nerves should have been, they were not. I was excited just enjoying the moment and letting it go however it went.

I waited at the back door of the hotel. I had to sneak him through the back avoiding any paparazzi. My heart dropped as I watched him pull up. He snuck through the door and we crept through the hallways investigating to make sure no one would see him. He jumped behind a fake tree in the pool area as a family walked in to take a swim. I had to laugh at him he was so cute at that moment. We were laughing trying to make it to the elevator undetected. It was like a childish game but the consequences were real if we got caught.  Finally we made it in the elevator. I knew I should wait because elevators have cameras but I couldn’t stand waiting anymore. The elevator door closed and I leaned my back into his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. I ran my nails down his cheek as he leaned down. I could feel his breath heavy on me as he aggressively kissed my neck. The elevator door opened and we rushed to the hotel door hoping no one would catch us.

As we walked through the hotel door we entered the living room area which is decorated impeccably with beautiful furnishings. We walk past the couch and past the wall that divides the living room and the bed area. I sat on the bed and checked my phone one more time to see if Mr. Smile had responded so he can join us. There is no response so I set my phone down and took a few drinks from the bottle Mr. Adore just opened. He took off his shirt and pulled me close to him. We kiss on each others bodies. His neck is so soft and feels so good. As I lean in to kiss his lips I stopped for a minute and remember the man who is back at home. For a quick second I pulled away until he pulled me back and started to undress me. I had waited to long to pass up the man in front of me. So I started to lick down his neck, down his chest, down his stomach enjoying every bit of the way he tasted. He slightly fell against the dividing wall as I gave him head. His moans of “damn girl” got loader and loader. I enjoyed every second as I could hear him moaning with pleasure. Just as my jaw felt like it could break and my eyes were watering he pulled out and looked down at me asking “ how long did you wait for daddy, girl?” This is a comment I would eventually hear often from artists.  I replied “Forever daddy” he smiled, pulled me up and bent me over the bed. As he slammed in me over and over he kept repeating “ that’s my pussy”  then he completely stopped  and leaned over near my ear.  I was perplexed as to why he stopped until he said “ don’t give my brother this pussy, it’s mine”. It was so sexy yet subconsciously I wondered if that was dirty talk or him being real on the issue. Whatever it was I moaned as he started pounding me from the back again and I yelled “ I would never, it’s your pussy daddy” as he kept giving it to me I felt like the old me was drifting away and a new me that enjoyed every moment of this experience was taking over. I kept looking back. I was so small compared to him and watching the man that I adored and consistently listened to bend me over was the hottest moment of my life at that point. He went faster and faster until he griped my waist as he finished. As I felt him pulsating in me I new the old me was dead and Lovely Vixen was born ❤️

I laid in bed drinking his alcohol as I listened to the shower in the bathroom. We laughed and talked over the loudness of the water but a huge rush of tiredness started to fall over me. I couldn’t tell if it was the hours of traveling or the amazing sex we just had, or both but I was fighting to stay awake when he came over to the bed to tell me he had to go to the studio to finish up a song. He kissed me, left the bottle of alcohol and oddly enough said “My brother will hit you up soon to keep you company and I’ll be back later” I watched him shut the door and I could hardly keep my eyes open and after a few minutes I fell into a deep sleep.

In my dream once again I heard what sounded like a car alarm and as I started to wake up I realized it was my phone once again. I groggily picked it up and answered. It was Mr Smile “ What you doin baby? I’m coming through to see you” at that moment all I could hear in my head was “ Don’t give my brother this pussy,” I took a deep breath and said…

To be continued






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Young Buck & Tricky P release “Rent Due”

Young Buck and Tricky P have released a song together entitled “Rent Due” and the music video hit YouTube last night.  Young Buck has steadily stayed in the media headlines throughout his career and has been recently in a beef with 50 Cent. The two have gone back and forth on social media posting cartoons and funny pictures. Although the two are beefing they have managed to keep their fans entertained though the process.  Through all the media attention, Buck’s undeniable talent  has managed to preserver through it all.  His new release “Rent Due” is just another display of the Young Buck we all know and love.

“Rent Due” Young Buck & Tricky P

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NBA Goes into 4th Overtime in Playoffs for the 1st time since 1953

Tonight was a epic game between The Denver Nuggets and The Portland Trail Blazers to say the least. It was impossible to say who dominated the game. The entire game was back and forth by only a few points. Both teams kept their stamina through the 1st overtime, second over time, third over time and even pushed through harder in the fourth overtime. The Trail Blazers won 140 to 137. It was very clear how much heart and soul each team poured out on the court tonight. The next game will take place this Sunday May 5th which is not much time for both teams to recover. It is safe to say that this was a very exciting and fun game to watch which had all fans on the edge of their seats the entire game. I truly feel privileged to of watched such a amazing game.

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Joyner Lucas Releases “Devils Work” Sending a Very Deep Message

I have to admit that Joyner Lucas has released a song that really hit home for me. Several years ago my husband died. We had grown up together since age 12 and were inseparable . He was a very good man. Unfortunately I watched him pass away slowly and painfully from cancer. I later ended up in a abusive relationship and as much is I do not want to admit it I was angry. I felt god had taken such a good man and I was left with nothing but a sea of bad people. I had to ask god why? I think this is a question most people in this world ask. Joyner Lucas has no problem addressing the issue publicly in his new song “Devils Work”.  He actually asks god to take certain celebrities and bring back others. As controversial as the song may be I feel like it address a lot of thoughts that people have, but are to afraid to admit. I think these feelings are very common among those who are mourning. I love how Joyner Lucas makes music with such deep thoughts and real messages. He always leaves me amazed and his music videos always capture the audience as if watching a complete movie. He has captured this yet again. Be sure to check it out.

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Mozzy Creates Chill Phellipe Challenge

Mozzy is ready to respond to Philthy Rich and  his track “Troublesome” but in a unique way that I have never seen done before. Mozzy has released a instrumental and is asking his fans to rap how they feel about it. Not only is he reaching out to his fans he is also offering 5 people to win up to $2000 in the Chill Phillipe Challenge.

Do you have what it takes to win?? Go to for the instrumental. Make sure you tag @mozzy and hashtag #chillphillipe. As much as I love both artists I must say this beef is beginning to be very entertaining.

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Einer Bankz And YG Go Hard

If you don’t know who Einer Bankz is then you need to get familiar. The crazy talented ukulele player and producer is from San Francisco the Bay Area  and is known for his videos featuring major artists free-styling while he plays the ukulele .  I am always extremely excited whenever he posts something new and  I was especially excited to see that his new video features the one and only YG. The duo goes hard in the video and it sounds amazing. Makes sure to check out all of his videos on his Instagram @einerbankz . He gives the hip hop industry a unique flare and I am loving it!

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Philthy Rich Fires Back At Mozzy

Today Philthy Rich threw gas on the already burning fire of beef between Mozzy and him. He released his new single entitled “Troublesome”

This track fires major daggers at Mozzy claiming the artist was run out of Englewood and also accuses Mozzy of passing out herpes at Coachella. Philthy Rich also warns Mozzy in his Instagram heading stating “ Tiny Tim better chill on Phillipe”. Philthy got extremely personal and disrespectful on this track and we will see if Mozzy shoots back in response.

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Mozzy and Philthy Rich Beef

I can not tell you how many times a day my playlist plays Prezi “Do Better Remix” featuring Philthy Rich, Mozzy and OMB Peezy. This song has to be one of my favorite songs and for good reason, the collaboration of artists is spot on. It was surprising to me to find out that Philthy Rich and Mozzy had beef. I remember the moment I first heard each one for the first time.  I was on a video shoot with Philthy Rich in 2010 for the song “Let The Money Talk” which was shot in Denver with artists Young Doe, Innastate Ike and Freeway Ricky. The first time I heard Filthy Rich I was actually watching him spit lyrics onset in Park Hill. The first time I heard Mozzy was three years ago with “Beautiful Struggle” which I instantly fell in love with. His off the hook lyrics and witty verses had me hooked right away and I have been a fan of almost every song since.

The beef between the two artist has fans all over social media and as I scrolled through Facebook today I noticed so many people debating between the two artists. Oddly enough I had a hard time finding anyone who did not choose a side while also sending a respect shot out to the other artist. As I went through the comments on my friend Rocca Solo’s page I realized how many posts said they like both artists. I feel like if you are a Mozzy fan you are most likely also a Philthy Rich fan and vise versa.

The debate came about after Mozzy signed Philthy Rich’s rival enemy Messy Marv. Philthy took to the mic recording his single to Mozzy entitled “Don’t Forget” where he expresses he was the man who put Mozzy on and how he feels stabbed in the back. I feel like Philthy’s single is one of the most clear and mature dis-tracks I have ever heard. He clearly states his issues direct and to the point. Mozzy took no time responding with his track ” Chill Phillpe” which I could not help but giggle at the funny title.  This dis was impossible for me to not rock my head to. His beat and lyrics are fire. Its clear to see on both tracks how talent both artists are and the feud has fans upset as most fans are true fans of both artists. Hopefully the beef can end and the artists can “Do Better” again.

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