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Brazil Hill Aims for the Clubs with New Single “Beat It”

When it comes to music you never know what vibe you are going to feel until the beat drops and the lyrics come in. One thing we do know is that music has a way of changing and shaping moods. Usually if you are looking to feel a certain way, you may already know what song you want to play. So, if you want to feel that club vibe then the song to play is Beat It

Representing Mobile, AL Brazil Hill is that artist who gets you in that vibe effortlessly. Hill connects with producer BeatDemon, combining her lyrical style with raw drum patterns. What you get in the end result is her new hit single titled Beat It.

The song is fun and could be played just about anywhere! Whether you’re trying to get your body moving, or if you just want to have fun with your significant other.

On top of such a dope song, she drops the official video for the single. It’s in the visual where you pick up Yacht vibes during the day and night. No matter what time it is, the beat is appropriate for the vibe!! There is nothing like a visual to give you the full picture of how great the song is.

Stream “Beat It by Brazil Hill available on YouTube now.




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CEO Verse talks Nice To His Lady with ‘Drive Me Crazy’ Single

#GetSOM via @tampamystic

In the world of relationships, you will always hear everyone needs a better half who understands them and rides for them no matter the situation. Your better half will have you feeling and doing things you would not expect because you have finally realized that you’ve found the right one.

Ceo Verse aka Mr. Love Doctor is a Richmond, Virginia artist who may have found his better half and he describes that feeling with new single Drive Me Crazy. With production from Donn Suave, he explains how the way his lady treats him, knows him, and understand who is all while playing her position “Drives him Crazy”. Ceo Verse is used to the world seeing him as famous or someone they envy because they cannot have his success. In this song his lady is exactly what he needs and as he mentions in the song You ain’t even treat me like I’m famous

The engineering, production, lyrics, and vibe of the whole song is official! If you a fan of dope, well put together music then this song is a must listen! Get tuned in with “Drive Me Crazy” by Ceo Verse available on all digital platforms.





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Take a Trip with Maniac Blac to The Concrete Island

#GetSOM via @djspins

Recently we took a trip with Los Angeles based recording artist MANIAC BLAC to get the inside scoop on his journey through his recent project The Concrete Island. This trip would prove to be one dope ride!


DJ Spins- What is your Stage Name? Tell us where you’re from and what first got you interested in the entertainment industry?

Maniac Blac- I’m Maniac Blac and I’m from West LA. I started getting interested in the industry when I was 15 years old cutting vocals for homeboys in West LA.

DJ- Who and/or what inspires you to create?

 MB-Well my inspirations can come from anywhere or anything or anyone. I just go by feel. So usually my music is a direct reflection of how I’m feeling.  

DJ-How would you describe your sound?

MB-As a “breath of fresh air”… But you never know what you’re going to get, but the drums always gone slap!

 DJ-So what is your creative process like?

Well every process is different, so I just go with the flow of energy. But you never know where the flow is going to go. 

DJ-What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?

MB –Akil from Jurassic 5 who I did recently do a track with called “Jesus Than Jacob”, Kanye, Dr. Dre, Jadakiss, Ludacris, Erica Badu & Kehlani.

DJ-If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?

MB-Snoop Dogg.

 DJ-What is one message you would give to your supporters?

MB-Three things. Put God first, show love to one another, and give back. That’s why we will be donating a portion of the proceeds from my new EP, “West Coast Islanders Concrete Island” to support BCRF for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

DJ-What is the most useless talent you have?

MB-Man that, that would be probably be skateboarding.

DJ-What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music?

MB-I would be hustling or trying to find a way to do something with my life.

DJ-Who are some artists you admire and why?

MB-Kanye West, Jay Z, Rihanna, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and Ludacris because they were able to cross over into other lanes to grow their brands. Whether it was film, shoes, perfume, they didn’t stay stagnant and expanded. 

My inspirations can come from anywhere, anything and anyone. I just go by how I feel, so usually my music is a direct reflection of that.

Maniac Blac

DJ-What is the best advice you’ve been given?

MB-The way you become successful is by what you choose to ignore, and when you put in the footwork along with prayer God will bless you.

DJ-If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

MB-I would change the respect level between labels and artists and make sure that only fair and good business is done. Also, stop the biting that be going on.

DJ-What’s next for you? Where would you like to see yourself in the next year?

MB-What’s next for me is a new album called First Man On the Moon and God willing I would be touring by then. But I do need a DJ. Spins where you at? (laughs)

Maniac Blac – Concrete Island (EP)

Keep up with Maniac Blac on social media! Follow him on IG@maniacblac3, Facebook @maniacblac3, and online at


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SOMag Presents “The Fleet Files” With Fleet DJ’s: DJ Mannie Faces | @djmanniefaces

For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Name: DJ Mannie Faces

FLeet DJ Since: 2021

Location: Indianapolis, INdiana

Region: Midwest Fleet DJ’s/Indiana Fleet DJ’s


Born in Indianapolis, Indiana DJ MANNIE FACES is a relatively new face to The Fleet DJ’s. Joining the coalition in August, he admits that while he hasn’t had enough time to grasp everything. But, he’s never been more ready to shine for his city. During his teenage years, Mannie almost gave up on becoming a DJ for other visions. “I quit DJ’ing when I was 14 and started rapping because me and my friends saw Krush Groove and thought that we were going to make it big.”

The decision to get back on the ones and twos came after surprising one of his friends with his talent. “One day I went over to my friends’ house. He had some tables so I decided to mess with them for a little bit. This friend in particular never knew I was a DJ, so in shock he’s like “Bro, I had no idea you could spin!” He’s one of the inspirations that got me back spinning.”

Born Herschel Kirk, DJ Mannie Faces may also have a familiar face to some of you movie buffs. Back in 2000 when he relocated from Indiana to California, he threw his hat into the acting circle and found success initially. “When I moved to Oakland for a little bit, I got the chance to act in a movie called Consequences in which I played a decent role but, I was killed in the movie,” he laughs about now today. Mannie then moved back to Indianapolis, where he settled down to marry the love of his life and raise his three children.

I got the name Mannie Faces from a friend of mine. We were over to my cousin’s house and he had some tables so I gave him a little taste. He only knew me as a rapper, so it amazed him to where he began calling me Man E. Faces, meaning a man of many talents. I just changed the spelling to Mannie Faces.

Mannie Faces on how he got his name


Even though Mannie is fairly new to Fleet, it hasn’t hindered him in wanting to grow in his craft. I asked him who’s currently in his playlist. “Right now honestly the current songs in my playlist are all Fleet DJ exclusives and anything on the Fleet DJ radio network. I’m soaking up all this game because you can never stop learning when you’re spinning. There’s always something that you can add to your technique.” In balancing work and a personal life, Mannie is also the owner of Strong Side Radio as well as getting ready to drop a new project for 2021. “I have a project called Crowd Control that is scheduled to drop on September 24th that features various artists from the Midwest that are bringing that HEAT!”

DJ Mannie Faces-Crowd Control (Photo Cred: Dj Mannie Face IG)
(Photo Cred: DJ Mannie Face IG)


With anything in life, there will be some setbacks in the journey to your path. I asked Mannie about any experiences that stuck out to him. He recollected on a moment that gave him hindsight. “One of my worst experiences was when I was booked to do a show and when I arrived, there was already a DJ there! I was told that it was miscommunication on my end, which wasn’t the case at all. The biggest takeaway from that situation for me was to ALWAYS secure a deposit to avoid messes like that.”

On the flip side, Mannie said his greatest experience was being accepted by Fleet and gaining his peer’s respect. “Anyone can give themselves the title of DJ, but the honor is really bestowed upon you once you earn it from your peers. Putting in the work will always get the desired results and I am ready to show and prove for my team and my city!”

Having a team like Fleet has enabled me to build on my dreams, live a healthier life and strengthen my relationships with others.

DJ Mannie Faces on his position with Fleet DJ’s


DJ Mannie Faces is a great addition to a growing coalition. The love is in fact there as he expressed to me in closing. “Much love to my Fleet Nation! Strongside Radio, Dj Headrush, DJ Bigtymer, DJ Tone, DJ Chill, DJ P- Money, Dj WillyBangz, Klassik Ceo, DJ Baby G, DJ Hot1ne, DJ Mos Precious… I can keep going!! Love to the whole Fleet Nation and thanks to Jay Mill (TenthLetterMedia) for the interview. My Famous words…. Lets Get it!!!

You can follow DJ Mannie Faces on Facebook and be sure to follow Strong Side Radio on Facebook as well. Check him out on Instagram & Twitter at @djmanniefaces.

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Big Daddy Kane & KRS-One Are Next Up For a Verzuz

#GetSOM via @TenthLetterMedia

Big Daddy Kane & KRS-One Verzuz Flyer (Photo Cred:


Hip-Hop pioneers BIG DADDY KANE & KRS-ONE have been announced as the next two artists to face off in the next Verzuz! Pitchfork reports that the battle will go down Sunday, October 17th at 9pm EST from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

These unique battles have helped to engage fans of Hip-Hop and R&B alike. They’ve provided memorable entertainment amidst the ongoing pandemic. Spawned by legendary producers Swizz Beats and Timbaland, these impromptu battles of artist catalogs have reinvigorated our love for the culture and music as a whole.

Big Daddy Kane & KRS-One (Photo Cred: Getty Images)


Revolt reports the two producers wanted the fans to guess on who the next two combatants would be. The prize for a correct guess would be a pair of tickets to the event! The initial post on Instagram received over 15,000 guesses! The fans would only have silhouettes to use as a hint, with most of us being able to guess right away!

(Photo Cred: Verzuz IG Page)

This battle is sure to be as legendary as the artists who are performing! You can purchase tickets NOW through and you can watch exclusively through both Triller & FITE TV. Billed as “TrillerVerz III Weekend”, the festivities will kick off on October 16th. Fans will be treated with a performance from Jamaican DJ Super Cat at 8pm EST. The official battle between BDK and KRS will take place the next day.

Be sure to get your tickets NOW and tune in on Sunday, October 16th to catch all the festivities! Who do you think will win this Verzuz battle? Who would you like to see in the next Verzuz? Let us know down in the comments below! As always, we thank you for rocking with TenthLetterMedia & Straight Official Magazine as we celebrate Hip-Hop, lifestyle and culture!

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Lady Loe Reintroduces Herself To The World


#GetSOM via @djspins

Recently I got the chance to chop it up with Virginia’s own LADY LOE as she’s on a mission to let the world know that “She Did It.”

DJ Spins- What is your Stage Name?

LADY LOE- I go by the name of Lady Loe.

DJ- Please tell us where you’re from and what first got you interested in the entertainment industry?

LL- Born in Brooklyn, Bred in Queens. My mom and dad loved “oldies but goodies” music. My dad was a R&B singer in a group. I would listen to the oldies but goodies and rap to those songs while imaging I was on stage performing.

DJ – Who and/or what inspires you to create?

LL- Life, really. Mine and other people’s situations inspire me to write and create. I’ve written songs about homelessness and domestic violence as these things happened in my life, which touches the lives of others who experienced the same or similar situations.

DJ- How would you describe your sound?

LL- Most people say I sound aggressive when I’m rapping (laughs). Everyone says they love my voice and that my voice is unique. Cool from Cool and Dre (Platinum producers) said that I don’t sound like no other female which was dope!! He continued by saying that I sound like a female version of Busta Rhymes! That was a huge compliment!!

DJ- What is your creative process like?

LL- I’m very picky when selecting beats! (laughs) The beat is what moves, directs, and shapes my vision. I write to video in my head. I’ll freestyle, not with words, but with patterns to create my cadence and how the flow would go.

DJ- What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?

LL- Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Meek Mills, Queen Latifah, Lauren Hill, Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Rakim, and Roddy Ricch to name a few.

DJ- If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?

LL- Definitely would have to be Jay-Z

DJ- What is one message you would give to your supporters?

LL- Never give up on your DREAMS!

I’m very picky when selecting beats (laughs). The beat is what moves, shapes and directs my vision. I’ll freestyle, not with words but with patterns to create my cadence.

Lady Loe on her creative process

DJ- What is the most useless talent you have?

LL- Dancing! (laughs)

DJ- What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music?

LL- If I wasn’t in the music industry I would be involved in social work.

DJ- Who are some artists you admire and why?

LL- Fat Joe because he put on a lot of artists and they are now superstars. I would also say Jay-Z because he built an Empire.

DJ- What is the best advice you’ve been given?

LL- Never try to change any situation that you can’t control. I am only in control of myself and my actions and behaviors.

DJ- If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

LL- I would like to see more opportunities presented to female artists.

DJ- What’s next for you and where would you like to see yourself in the next year?

LL- I would like to chart on the Billboards.

Lady Loe Latest Single We Did It Featuring J Hood

You can follow Lady Loe on IG/FB/Twitter: @LadyLoeTheUnit. You can check out her website at or you can Google her (Lady Loe).

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Cam Dolla Drops His Official Video ‘Trap Hours’

#GetSOM via @TampaMystic

Cam Dolla is an artist in Atl who is gaining attenion in the music industry . He also makes beats and engineers. Cam has over 2 miliion views on Spinrilla, over 3 million streams on Soundcloud, and he also has over 700 thousand streams on Youtube with 7 videos! Cam Dolla has worked with big artist such as Lil Baby, NBA Youngboy, 21 Savage, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Lonnie, Blac Youngsta, Bun B, Starlitto, Foogiano, Pooh Sheisty, Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Dee Mula, Quando Rondo, Mango Foo, JayDaYungan, Kevin Gates, Webbie, Big Krit, Yung Bleu, and Zed Zilla

Watch on YouTube

Instagram: @camdollaa

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Dead Silence Releases “Need To Go” Single | @deadsilence9

#GetSOM via @TenthLetterMedia

Dead Silence (Photo Cred: Dead Silence IG page)

DEAD SILENCE released his new single “Need To Go” last week to rave reviews and replays. The Indianapolis artist and songwriter has been on his grind and the payoff has been spectacular to say the least! With his music being heard on popular TV shows such as Growing Up Hip-Hop on We TV as well as on ABC News and HBO, he is showing and proving that being an independent artist does have its rewards.

Dead Silence- Need To Go Artwork

An entire vibe in itself, “Need To Go” is a track that reflects his thoughts on the fake love and attention that runs rampant nowadays. Along with releasing a clean and explicit version of the single, he released the official music video on Friday and from the looks of the visual, you can tell this was a fun shoot! But don’t take my word for it, you can see the excitement on the faces of everyone in attendance!

Dead Silence on the set of the “Need To Go” music video shoot (Photo Cred: Dead Silence IG page)

You can check out the official music video for “Need To Go” down below. As always, we thank you for rocking with TenthLetterMedia & Straight Official Magazine as we celebrate Hip-Hop, lifestyle and culture! If you’re an artist that would like to be featured in SOMag, then check out the flyer below for more information.

Stay tuned in for more dope content and remember, it’s the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!!!

Dead Silence (Photo Cred: Dead Silence IG page)

“Need To Go” is available to stream and download NOW and you can get your issue by clicking here. You can follow Dead Silence on Instagram at @deadsilence9 and on YouTube at Dead Silence.

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Meet the Artist: Zell’s World

Zell's World

Marzell Martinear, an artist known as Zell’s World, has been passionate about music since he was a teenager. In the past few years, Zell has taken this passion and created a style of music that he loves today. He credits his years of experience to the growth he has made in the music industry. He’s been able to study changes in music and use this knowledge to release songs that cater to everyone. 

Zell’s World is an independent artist and has described his life as “born in Chicago, raised in Cincinnati, by way of Atlanta.” He developed a strong foundation in Cincinnati, studied the business of music in Atlanta, and has since been traveling between states to broaden his audience even further. His goal is to reach an international level and release music on every platform.

The key to Zell’s success? Staying humble and continuing to perfect his skill. When complimenting his progress, Zell tends to think, “I don’t think I’ve done enough,” which he believes motivates him to keep going until he is exactly where he wants to be, at his standards. When asked what advice he’d give to new artists, he gave a valuable message:

“Don’t give up, always be consistent, quality over quantity, and never wait for anybody.” 

I would ask people to listen, share, like, etc… anything to support and some just wouldn’t. Some of my closest relationships have changed yet, people I’ve never met bought and shared my music as soon as its released.

Zell’s World’s view on challenges in the music industry

Being in the music industry does have its challenges. Zell’s view on relationships has changed since he began his career. Zell gave a personal shout-out to his brother, Keith Marshall a.k.a. Keef N Nem, and his producer Evan, known as MamaNamedMeEvan. Keith is Zell’s closest friend and has been there to motivate and push him to be his best. When it comes to who he’ll be sharing his success with, Keith is at the top of the list. Evan produces a majority of Zell’s music including “All Hustle No Luck” by Easy Lantana, Pusha T, Bun B, Yo Gotti, & “Blessing” by K Camp, and “Get Right” by Sammie. 

Even through Covid, Zell has successfully released his album, Zell’s World the Album, and his single, “Put it 2getha” with YDN. “Put it 2getha” is a trendy sound for hip hop. The style, the swag, the overall message is unique,” Zell explains. It was originally a YouTube beat that Zell wrote lyrics to, connected and mixed with YDN in Atlanta, and then his brother, Keef N Nem, recreated the whole beat, and essentially “put it together.” Zell’s next steps are to get “Put it 2getha” on an international platform. 

Check out this banger and all of Zell’s World music on Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok at @itszellsworld!

#GETSOM via @Miya

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YouTube Removes Misinforming Vaccine Videos

#GetSOM via @TenthLetterMedia


YouTube has announced that they will begin to remove any misinforming content surrounding any approved medical vaccinations from their platform. Bloomberg reports that the site is forgoing their usual hands-off approach to this topic. The video platform will extend their policies against any form of misinformation conveyed on their site.

A division of Google announced that the ban will include any media claiming that vaccines are dangerous or will lead to chronic health outcomes. Over 130,000 videos that broke the new rule have been removed from the site. These numbers will rise as the pandemic goes on.

One year ago, YouTube began banning videos that were critical of Covid-19 vaccines. Seeing early on the policy had limitations, YouTube enforced this policy after creators found ways around it. Making claims about the vaccines without mentioning Covid-19 directly was one way creators went about it.

Matt Halprin, VP of YouTube of Trust and Safety (Photo Cred: Wikipedia Commons)

We can imagine viewers then potentially extrapolating to Covid-19. We wanted to make sure that we’re covering the whole gamut.

Mark Halprin on YouTube’s New Policy


YouTube faces some of the same political pressures as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, YouTube is also being accused of censoring speech by political pundits. The platform faces scrutiny for what some believe is labeling and inadequately policing vaccine skepticism and falsehoods.

Halprin said, “The company will allow ‘scientific discussion’-videos about vaccine trials, results and failures.” YouTube will continue to permit personal testimonies. Parents will be able to talk about their child’s experiences getting vaccinated. “If videos aggregate these testimonials into one clip or make broader claims questioning vaccine efficacy, then they will be removed” Halprin said.

(Photo Cred: The Guardian Nigeria)


Within the caveats of YouTube’s new policy, the platform categorized certain health videos and in some cases, reduced their ability to show up in specific searches. Bloomberg reports that the company will treat certain health videos as “borderline”, which decreases the appearance in search results.

“It’s only when somebody then generalizes, ‘It’s not just about my child’. Obviously there’s a line there”, Halprin said. What do you think about YouTube’s new course of action? Let us know in the comments down below!

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