[New] Star Dishes Prepared by The Yes Chef Experience @cheflyfe15 @thug_dizzle

Victoria Wilson & Zakeya Cheeks introduce the world to “The Yes Chef Experience”. These two ladies develop star dishes while making sure they stay true to their element. Take a look at their promo and watch what “The Yes Chef Experience” can personally prepare for you.


Chef Victoria Wilson along side chef zakeya cheeks. Have been long time friends as well as chefs. Recently they have decided to venture out and start their own kind of cooking show. A show with a little more swag then any other cooking show you have ever scene. Stay tuned to see more from these two amazing chefs.

In this video they prepared a pan seared Duroc pork chop with two different sauce.
Chef Wilsons’ pork chop comes with an apple cranberry chutney.
Chef Zs’ pork chop is served with a Hennessy reduction
Both chops come with maple sweet potato mash as well as garlic green beans

Victoria Alyssa Wilson
Ig: cheflyfe15
Fb: Victoria Alyssa Wilson

Zakeya cheeks
Ig: thug_dizzle
Fb: Zakeya Cheeks
Phone: 864-386-3277

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The Quest Chronicles: Realistic Handout

The Quest Chronicles

#GetSOM #TQuestGLM

They say one hand washes the other but when I look at it, sometimes it may seem that one ends up being cleaner than the other. We’re supposed to be helping each other out but many don’t pull their weight on their end which can cause a problem. I’ve always been the supportive type and always willing to help. As I got older and became a full time entrepreneur, being so helpful had to be minimized. Always being there for people and helping out for free does not pay the bills.

Not saying that everything I do should be compensated but at least most of it. If people can’t contribute financially, you shouldn’t feel no type of way. If someone respectfully tells you that they can’t help especially not for free; It’s not always personally. In many cases it’s just business or their personal reality.

Let’s be real, people always looking for a helping hand and as soon as you need them, they’re nowhere to be found. Not saying everyone is like this but it is common. I like to treat everyone and every situation differently. For example: I am a voice over specialist, I get paid for my services but many still try to receive my work for free. My price, based off what of many you  make is no compassion but you still trying it get a hand out.

It’s sad but that’s just people for you. Instead of getting in my feelings or simply just tell them no, I try new tactics. If it’s a foreigner looking for Dj drops & I know their currency is different, I bargain with them. I have them download my mobile app, ask them to tell their friends to do the same, have them share my content and stream my music. Most are so grateful that they’re happy to do it. No money exchange but a win win on both ends. Cases like this doesn’t work for everyone or every scenario, but the purpose of this example is to help you open your eyes to how to handle situations differently. Especially if it can benefit you. Don’t lose the sale, find a way to still get it.


Email me topics to discuss & QUESTions you may have. To learn more about me or to hear about certain topics in dept please download my “T-Quest” app in your google play store & visit my website

To support the brand Cashapp $TQuestGLM or Paypal

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2Fli Spotlight: Precious Stansberry

Precious Stansberry aka “The One and Only Baroness” is based in NC. She’s the proud mother of 3 children. As the CEO of Baroness Promotions and Entertainment she provides artist mgmt, development, promo, marketing etc. She’s also a club promoter, host, public figure as well and has worked with major artists such as Kevin Lyttle, Baby Cham, Elephant man to name a few and Talent Scouts in various locations. Also she’s the CEO of Baroness Boutique where she provides all the latest fashions for men, women and children. She also owns a travel business called Baroness Vacations, specializing in all types of travel needs. Precious Stansberry is proud to be a part of the Fleet Family. #SOM via @djmizzofficial
Here are my links to follow Ms. Stansberry.
Precious Stansberry/FB
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