2fli Spotlight: Meet Mz HunnyLee

I’m originally from Cincinnati Ohio I moved to Atlanta back in 2012 to Pursue my music and ended up getting into modeling as well. I started my first business back in 2016 goddesslifeboutique then launched my own hair line back in 2017 GoddessLifeVirginHair hair which had been growing every year. My focus is really branding last year on Mother’s Day I lost my best friend my mother and it sent me to a very hard and dark place so in her honer I started a catering company AnitaLouiskitchen. I’m very excited about this venture because cooking is also a passion outside of music I love creating and it’s something that makes me feel close to my mom. I also put music on hold for a while while dealing with my loss but I’m ready to get back to it working on a new project and so much more so stay tuned everything is under my own brand Goddesslife. To order From HunnyLee her website is



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2Fli Spotlight: Ms. TIP

Ms. Tip is an upcoming Female Rapper from Columbia, SC. She specializes in TrapGirl Music. She began her rap career in June 2017.She defines Trap Music in a different way; she used it as an outlet to the obstacles and pain endured as a young girl. Running away to the rough parts of town in a rant against drug addicted parents and abuse really let her see a lot- maybe too much. Music is going to be her way of getting away and being able to tell her story and help children that came up like her.

She has grabbed attention with her street single, “Run It Up” and has currently released her project “Life of a Boss Bitch”-Tha Mixtape. Her single,”They Said” is digitally distributed and campaigning radio airplay. Ms.Tip is influenced by artist like Trina, Khia, Remy Ma, and Diamond.  She has gained nicknames like, “The Female Gucci Mane” and plans on conquering the music industry by boosting the confidence in female rappers in a male dominate field.


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Kimbretta – ” My Fashion”


Woo-Hoo!  I love fashion ‼️I believe fashion includes not only clothes and shoes, but also hair, nails and facial grooming.

“I have so many styles, I am a group”.

Like, I don’t have one way of dressing or one style I wear in my hair; me personally, I like to switch it up!  And I also tend to dress how I’m feeling at the time….so if it’s a chill, bum mood kind of day, I honor that sh!t by fully committing-Ball Cap over un-styled hair, sweats, old ratty tee shirt and flip flops. When I’m feeling bright and chipper, or cool and rhythmic, I typically honor those vibes with flowy maxi dress or skirt.  Jeans!  Jeans can be rocked any day and anytime, for any mood, dressed up or down.  MmmmKay!  I also love statement pieces;  the kind of clothing items that are memorable and unique.

I feel sexy no matter what I have on, so I don’t have a go to style for that.  You know what though, the one style that really makes me beam with pride and feel absolutely untouchable…is when I’m in Office Professional attire-That is by far my FavoriteBut the way this FL heat is set up, I ain’t just jumping into no slacks & blazers-all willy nilly…I don’t care how much I love it. 

Fashion is also my most favorite area in life to “push the envelope” or “break the rules”….by like not being so matchy-matchy or mixing opposite prints, like stripes and polka dots.  I love the edge of doing that.  However, LADIES, when it come to undergarments there are Rules that should NOT be broken.  HUGE pet peeve 👀to see a lady in a nice ensemble and then she passes and you see she has on the wrong underwear.  #EpicFail #FormerLingerieStoreEmployee

My leader advice plug for today…

$Free.99 Fashion Tips —


*Chapstick/Lip Moisturizer = Fashion Must

*Fingernail & Toenail grooming = Fashion Must

*Your shoes do not always have to match your shirt.  They should however, match your belt (if you’re wearing one).


*A good bra ain’t never hurt nobody 

*There is a such thing as dressing your body type in a complimentary way.

*Just because you got older, doesn’t mean you have to dress “old”.  Stay fashionable and sexy all the way out pretty lady. 

*Follow famous women on social media, who’s body shape is close to yours and soak up free ideas for style choices.  After all they pay a stylist for their looks, you can get inspired for free. 


No matter your style, be comfortable, have fun, and feel good about your choices!  

Kick it with Kim and follow me on social media- @kimbretta across all platforms.

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Kimbretta Clay “Music For the Soul”

By: Kimbretta Clay

Oooooooo…lalalaaaaa,dada da…DoReMeFaSoLaTiDo

I loves me some music y’all, all kinds of music!
The beat, the way it makes me feel, the way it causes me to remember a particular time period, the way a hard core rap or rock song can make you feel like you’re strong and can beat anybody’s ass! lol….then there’s the message music that makes you say “Amen” or “Hell Yeah” because you was thinking or feeling that same way or it just spoke to your soul…and ooooowwwwweeee, the songs that make you sing out loud with all your heart, because they tell a story that is so close to home.

Fun Fact: I think it is the most adorable, cutest thing to see a Man who “can’t sing well” singing a good old song out loud with no shame.  (my brother does this all the time with his ol non sanging a***)
Sorry, not sorry ladies but I do not get the same fuzzy feeling when you do this. I love you tho

Okay, it’s only so much you can write about music, you really have to hear it. So, I’ll just list some of my favorite songs (no particular order), a couple of snapshots of what I name my playlists and some funny videos (Judge yo Mama)

Speechless- Beyoncé
Any man of Mine – Shania Twain
Slow Motion – Juvenile
Yes – Shekinah Glory
For your Glory – Tasha Cobbs Leonard
Dirty Deeds – ACDC
Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood
Cherry Bomb – The Runaways
Hail Mary – Tupac
Shake You Down – Gregory Abbott
Deja Vu – Avion Elisse feat. Simpo
I wanted you – Avion Elisse
I wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston
Scarred- Uncle Luke
Something About the Name Jesus – Kirk Franklin
Can I take you Home – Jamie Foxx
Ne Me Quitte Pas – Nina Simone

Okay, I gotta stop, because I could go on and on those are just what came to mind while typing.

My leader plug for today…Music is healing, it’s therapeutic, it’s been found to sharpen the mind. I offer you this, make it a part of some part of your day-I bet you feel better. You may not have a need for music daily, which is understandable…heck sometimes I break away from the tunes in my headset to listen to comedy, podcasts or self love videos…BUT don’t deny yourself completely, Music Is….it truly is a continuum and I absolutely love that it’s also a conversation. Hmph, If I send my Guy a song he’d better listen to every word, because I’m talking to him through the power that is music.


Stay up!  Follow me on social media @kimbretta across ALL platforms.

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2Fli Welcomes Fleet Model Lesha Bey

Lesha Bey began her modeling career in Durham NC. Participating in Durham’s first fashion week as well as several hair and fashion shows over the years. Keeping her portfolio fresh by working with all the top photographers and artists in the area, Lesha’s artistic influence has graced the pages of several southern mens and style magazines. Working locally and entertaining bar and restaurant patrons as a Music Bingo Host, Lesha continues to grow and expand as a model and host. As a member of  charlotte’s own homegrown burlesque troupe Lesha continues to expand artistically as well as growing as an entrepreneurial marketing powerhouse. Now working with brands from NYC to CLT, Lesha brings her sexually artistic expression to the Legendary Fleet Brand

Instagram: @l.beyall2019

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2Fli Spotlight: Precious Stansberry

Precious Stansberry aka “The One and Only Baroness” is based in NC. She’s the proud mother of 3 children. As the CEO of Baroness Promotions and Entertainment she provides artist mgmt, development, promo, marketing etc. She’s also a club promoter, host, public figure as well and has worked with major artists such as Kevin Lyttle, Baby Cham, Elephant man to name a few and Talent Scouts in various locations. Also she’s the CEO of Baroness Boutique where she provides all the latest fashions for men, women and children. She also owns a travel business called Baroness Vacations, specializing in all types of travel needs. Precious Stansberry is proud to be a part of the Fleet Family. #SOM via @djmizzofficial
Here are my links to follow Ms. Stansberry.
Precious Stansberry/FB
Baroness Promotions and Entertainment/Baroness Boutique/ FB
Baroness Vacations/FB
Baroness Boutique 2019/IG
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2Fli: Welcomes DJ Mizz Official as Their Newest Manager

Chandra “DJ Mizz Official” James


DJ Mizz Official is one of the Newest Member of 2Fli the Female Division of the Fleet DJs from Newburgh ny. She’s a graduate of Newburgh Free Academy class of 2009. Also a graduate of University of South Florida class of 2013. Her music career expands over 10 years. With a introduction to music in her years of attending Ebenezer Baptist church at a young age. She has studied different genres of music throughout her musical career. She graduated college with her Bachelors degree in audio production and Business management. Some of her achievements are nominated for 845 DJ of the Year, Former Newburgh/Highland Falls NAACP Youth and College Division President; and selected as S4L Entertainment Director of Sound Technology. She is currently The Official DJ for The We Are Newburgh Organization. Which is a Organization that gives back to the Newburgh Community Through Toy Drives, Back to school and many other events. She is the DJ and Co-Founder of In The Field Radio on 91.3FM. She’s the former Assistant Manager of the Female Division of the WorldWide Fleet DJs. Chandra is someone who gives back to her community without hesitation. You can hear Chandra saying God gave her the gift to do what she’s doing with her DJ Talents. Why not use it to better my community. She trusts the Process that God has put in place for her and looks forward to all the other blessings that God has for her.

You can Follow Mizz Official on

FaceBook: DJ Mizz Official

Instagram: DJMizzOfficial

Twitter: DJMizzOfficial

Catch DJ Mizz Official

Monday Nights 9pm on 103 Blazin Hitz:

Saturday 4p on 101.1 The Fam


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2Fli:Welcomes DJ Ms Tan as their Newest Assistant Manager

Tanya “DJ Ms Tan” Haynes-Cummings


Mommy, DJ, Actress, Recording Artist Manager, podcaster, mentor, and music enthusiast alike, DJ Ms. Tan hails out of Jacksonville, Florida via Riviera Beach Florida. Holding Bachelors degree in Mass Communications and working in a Radio station as an Announcer helped to build her love of djaying.  Having spent many years playing at all kinds of private parties she branched out to events and major local nightclubs (alongside local hard-hitters and national acts alike). Tanya has had a lot of time to develop her talent, which is very unique. It has been said that a good Djay plays music you want to hear DJ Ms. Tan plays music you didn’t know you wanted to hear. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself dancing.For her, it’s all about mood and a deep, groove… playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date. The gist that DJ Ms. Tan possesses is she can read her crowd, which is a very important trait for a good Djay. When not djaying, she spends her time reading, traveling and listening to music aided by over a decade of djaying and an upbringing in a very musically influenced home. DJ Ms Tan is starting to build a series of MixTapes which will help promote underground talent that is often overlooked. The mixtape series will be call DJ Ms Tan Presents!

Ms Tan can be followed on

Facebook: DJ Ms Tan

Instagram: DJMsTan

Twitter: DJMsTan


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